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3 4 Person Hot Tubs

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Standard Hot Tub Dimensions And Sizes

Corsica 3 Seater Compact Hot Tub

The first thing you need to know about hot tub sizes is common dimensions. Hot tubs typically range in width from 5 feet to 9 feet, and range in height from 29 inches to 39 inches. Sizes and dimensions can vary depending on the hot tub manufacturer.

It is helpful to think in terms of three standard hot tub sizes small, medium and large. Small hot tubs accommodate between 2 and 4 guests, medium hot tubs seat 4 to 6, and large hot tubs can comfortably accommodate 7 or more.

The Winner Is The Intex Purespa Plus Bubble Massage Set

We independently research, test, review, and recommend the bestproductslearn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

The Spruce / Laurey W. Glenn

From the campsite to the privacy of your own backyard, a top-quality inflatable hot tub lets you enjoy a relaxing soak wherever you choose to set it up. We spent hours researching the top inflatable products available online, evaluating ease of setup and use, durability, temperature control, noise level, and value.

Our favorite inflatable hot tub, the PureSpa Plus Bubble Massage Set, has 140 high-powered bubble jets, a built-in hard-water treatment system, and seats four people comfortably.

Here are the best inflatable hot tubs.

Why Should I Buy It

You should buy this hot tub if you lie in any of the categories:

  • Want to save a lot of money from your pocket.
  • Looking for a hot tub that gives you the most peaceful hydro-massage.
  • Dont want too much energy consumption.
  • In need of Hot tub for all in one purpose.

If you are feeling yourself in any of these classes, this Hudson Bay 14C is made for you.

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The Perfect Patio Spa

Our original Barrel Shaped Hot Tub is perfect if youre looking for something with an authentic Canadian feel.

The Seabreeze is our only round Hot Tub and has always been a firm favourite for customers over the years.

Last Model Remaining!

Dimensions: 192 x 192 x 92cm

  • Internal Shell Colour: Sterling Marble
  • Ultra Insulated Cover
  • Air Injectors and Diverters Upgrade
  • 50sqft Hydro Cyclonic Commercial Filtration System Best in Industry
  • 3 Multi-Coloured LED Safety Light Upgrade
  • Full Foam Insulation For Lower Running Costs Upgrade
  • 21 Adjustable Hydrotherapy Massage Jets
  • Dual Pump System
  • Local Delivery / Installation
  • Chemical Kit & Filter Included

Delivery & Installation:

Local Delivery & Installation is included within a 30 mile radius of our Towcester Showroom .

Any Delivery & Installation which exceeds the local delivery area will be priced separately as an additional charge. If you think you may be out of area please contact us on 01327 359191 for a bespoke quote.

Groundworks / Electrics:

We would recommend a 32amp electric supply for this spa. Electrical Specification can be provided upon request.

You will need a flat, solid base for installation. a 6-8 reinforced concrete base is recommended. You can also install the spa on a supported deck, or level patio.

Hot Tub Seating Options

FS3.1 FusionSpa Hot Tub 3

How do you know how many seats you will need for your hot tub? It may seem obvious. However, always remember the amount of seats impacts the hot tubs size. Larger hot tubs require more electricity to run, space in your yard, and usually, a higher quantity of jets. Take a look at what to expect when choosing between different hot tub sizes and seating options.

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The Easiest Hot Tubs To Own

Hydropools industry exclusive Self-Cleaning filtration technology set the standard for ease of maintenance. This unique filtration system requires only minutes of maintenance per week giving you more time to enjoy your new hot tub!

Learn more about Hydropools exclusive Self-Cleaning filtration technology here.

Best Overall: Intex Purespa Plus Bubble Massage Set

Who else recommends it? Insider, Reviewed, and Bob Vila also picked Intex PureSpa Plus.

What do buyers say? 85% of 1,400+ Amazon reviewers rated this product 4 stars or above.

This mid-size hot tub from Intex is our top pick because it balances performance with value. It’s easy to be comfortable in this tub, with 140 jets, and water that heats up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. One of the best aspects of the Intex PureSpa is how easy it is to set up: Inflate it and fill it.

The kit includes the hot tub, pump, and test strips, as well as two headrests, a built-in hard-water treatment system, which prolongs the tub’s lifetime, and an LED light. While this hot tub is a more expensive option, its easy-to-assemble nature and built-in features make it a reliable choice.

Dimensions: 77 x 77 x 28 inches | Shape: Circle | Water Capacity: 210 gallons | Number of Jets: 140 | Maximum Occupancy: 4 people | Maximum Temperature: 104 degrees

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Best Hot Tubs For Customizable Jets: Thermospas Hot Tubs

ThermoSpas are truly committed to delivering the most customizable hot tubs to their customers, focusing mostly on hydrotherapy. Their spas have the most jets of any hot tub brand featured here. The company also offers free onsite inspections in line with their superb tailored customer service.

They only have a limited 10 models across their collection, but these are still highly customizable. ThermoSpas hot tubs have a unique feature that allows each user to have total control over their won seat.

Aqua Rock Monterra Portable Spa

Jacuzzi® J 315⢠| 3 Person Hot Tub – Ozone Recreation
  • Size: 2-3 people
  • Features: lounge seating, 14 jets, lighting, waterfall with lighting
  • Warranty: Lifetime Limited

The Aqua Rock brand is a popular choice as they offer a great variety of spa sizes and features for long-lasting comfort. This option fits 2 to 3 people and includes both lounge seating and comfortable upright areas to relax in. The 14 hydrotherapy jets are placed for maximum body massage as well.

Underwater LED lighting and a waterfall helps create a relaxing atmosphere as well. To help keep costs low, the model is sold without the filtration system, but it is ready to work with an ozone system of your choice to keep the water clean and fresh.

Pro Tip

This is an excellent hydrotherapy option for single person relaxation. It also serves as a perfect getaway for two with plenty of legroom and space to take advantage of the space provided.


The Rock Solid Simplicity plug and play design by Lifesmart is a 4 person, bucket seat design complete with 13 high therapy jets. The rotary water pressure is controllable via top-side comfort valves to adjust how much water and air is mixed for your own personal preferences. Highly portable, this is a great choice for indoor or outdoor use.

It also comes with LED lighting with added accessories to provide interchangeable mood lighting caps. A waterfall provides a gentle flow of water even when the jets are off. The locking top keeps your tub clean and safe.

Pro Tip


Pro Tip


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Best Saltwater: Calderaspas Martinique 5

Caldera Spas

  • Foot ridge has great design

  • Not very many jets

  • Salt water system adds to cost

If you are specifically looking for a saltwater option, look no further than The Martinique 5-Person hot tub from CalderaSpas. It comes with the FreshWater Salt System that keeps the water clean and clear up to a full year without additional treatment. This system also monitors the water of your hot tub and provides details and instructions on the attached screen.

The jets in the hot tub are also great, although there arent as many of them as in other hot tub options. The jets that are part of the foot ridge are notable as they can provide comfort to your calves and feet. The hot tub also comes with a cover that is custom-built for each hot tub and has a child lock.

Dimensions:89 x 76 x 34 inches | Shape: Square | Voltage: 230 | Water Capacity: 285 gallons | Number of Jets: 34

Our top pick is the Aquarest Spas 5-Person 29-Jet Plug and Play Spa it offers an excellent water filtration system, comfortable seating options, and is easy to set up. If youre looking for a more roomy option, the Jacuzzi Large Comfort Open Seating Hot Tub is a great value for its size and can seat 6-7 people. It also offers entertainment, smart home, and cold weather packages at an extra cost.

Can I Get A Four

Although most plug-and-play model spas are made to seat two to three people, you will be able to find a couple of 110 V Spa options that fit 4 people. The Bullfrog Spas X6R model for example can be custom ordered in a plug and play configuration. Keep in mind that plug-and-play spas dont have the same amount of power as other spas and, because of this, arent able to produce the same amount of massaging jet power.

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Best Splurge: Thermospas Manhattan Ii 6


If you want the ultimate customizable experience, ThermoSpas Manhattan II is the best you can find. Customizable options include five different shell colors, five different cabinet colors, different jet configurations, a touch screen panel, and Smart features. No matter which custom options you choose, you’ll get a spacious hot tub that is roomy for six adults but can seat up to eight comfortablyit even includes an extra-wide lounger, pillow headrests, and a wrap-around corner seat. The jets work to target the lumbar area and it even comes with a mobility railing to ensure that no one slips.

Because it is a custom order, it can take longer to deliver and will require professional installation. If youre willing to pay top dollar and wait for the hot tub of your dreams to be assembled, shipped, and installed, you wont be disappointed.

Dimensions:93 x 93 x 28 inches | Shape:Square | Voltage:240 | Water Capacity:430 gallons | Number of Jets: 45-125

Above Ground Vs Below Ground

The Rock 3

There’s no doubt that you’ll always enjoy soaking and relaxing in a nice, warm hot tub at any time of the year from the cold winter to the summer dog days. One of the first things you’ll have to consider is whether you prefer the convenience and affordability of an above-ground hot tub or the elegant aesthetic appeal of a below-ground model.

Above-Ground: Pros

  • Lower cost to buy and operate
  • Easy to install-most above-ground hot tubs are plugged directly into a 240V outlet.
  • Simple to cover can be fitted with an integrated cover for extra convenience
  • 30 to 1oo jets so that everyone can enjoy a soothing hydro massage
  • Low maintenance, plus easy access to weather-resistant and durable mechanics
  • Available in a variety of smooth and contoured seating surfaces to accommodate people of all heights and sizes
  • Can include extra features such as integrated stereo system and brilliant LED lighting


  • Might not be as aesthetically pleasing to everyone
  • Can be a tad harder to get in and out of, particularly for the elderly or people with disabilities
  • Not a wide range of size or shape
  • Limited options for interior surface materials

Below-Ground: Pros


  • More expensive to install and maintain
  • Limited to 5-20 jets
  • Can be difficult or expensive to find custom covers for uniquely shaped hot tubs
  • Typically have bench seating, which might be a problem for short people

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Best Inflatable: Intex Hot Tubs

Intex is widely known for its superior above-ground pools. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the company makes the best inflatable hot tubs. Their Spa lineup is a testament to the brand’s ethos: delivering the best quality products at an affordable price.

The Intex Spa lineup features several portable and top-quality hot tubs. There are a couple of color and shape options to choose from. You can also get an energy-efficient hot tub cover from their website. Additionally, their customer service is also worth pointing out as excellent.

Outdoor Chaise Lounges & Daybeds

Costco offers an amazing selection of premium hot tubs and spas in numerous colors, configurations, and price points, so you can find one that perfectly suits your needs. Hot tubs, commonly referred to as a spa or Jacuzzi®, offer a multitude of health benefits, while also providing a fun and relaxing way to connect with family and friends. Whether you want to ease sore and tired muscles or simply unwind at the end of the day, a new hot tub will be a welcome addition to any outdoor space.

Hot tubs use a soothing combination of hydrotherapy jets and heat, which helps increase blood flow, reduce inflammation, and encourage the healing of injured muscles and tissue. Additionally, the waters buoyancy gives much needed support and relief to your joints and limbs. Regular use of a hot tub can improve your overall health by reducing your stress levels and encouraging better sleep. They also help relieve symptoms of common health conditions like chronic back pain, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. Although it is a substantial expense, the therapeutic and social benefits far outweigh the cost of a hot tub.

If youre not sure where to place a hot tub, simply find a solid level surface like a patio or deck. For a little shelter, place your hot tub under backyard & outdoor structures like a gazebo or pergola. And for a more private experience, consider placing it outside a master bedroom.

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How Long Do The Best Hot Tub Models Last

Generally, it depends on the hot tub brand and model materials, construction and maintenance. A quality hot tub should last between 10 and 20 years if it’s maintained properly. Bargain and inflatable hot tubs tend to last shorter, for 5 to 15 years. Even a used one from the one of best hot tub brands should give you at least 5 years of reliable service.

What Defines A Plug And Play Hot Tub

Top 5 Best 2 Person Hot Tub in 2020

Put simply, a plug and play spa is a portable model that can be placed just about anywhere you would like to put it within range of a standard 110/120 volt home outlet. Thats right, these products do not require professional electrical installation and are a great DIY project for most homeowners looking to add a hot tub addition.

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Best Inflatable: Intex Purespa Plus Bubble Massage Set

  • Limited temperature options

  • Shell can puncture

The PureSpa Plus from Intex is a large inflatable hot tub with plenty of great features. It has a 6.4-foot diameter and 140 jets. It works with most budgets and is a great option for those who arent ready to invest the money or space in a permanently installed hot tub. It also has two included headrests and a built-in treatment system for hard water so you dont need to worry about anything beyond plugging it in, filling it up, and getting ready to relax.

Like most inflatable hot tubs, it is more fragile than its cabinet-based counterparts. You should be careful with sharp or metal objects to keep from puncturing the plastic shell. It also has temperature limitations and should only be used in temperatures above 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dimensions:77 x 77 x 28 inches | Shape:Round | Voltage:110 | Water Capacity:210 gallons | Number of Jets: 140

Benefits Of A Plug And Play Model

If you were wondering if plug and play hot tubs were any good compared to larger, more permanent tubs, consider the following:

  • They are much less expensive overall and do not require any additional hired maintenance for installation or moving. In fact, they are an instant set-up, simply place where you want it, fill up and plugin!
  • They are wholly portable and can go just about anywhere you want them to, both indoors and out.
  • They have a much less upfront cost since there is no pre-delivery, setup or installation phase. Plus you dont have to hire an electrician for the heater or pump.
  • They come in a variety of sizes!
  • They have a lower draw of wattage overall. They may take a bit longer to heat, and may not hold heat as well in very cold weather, but they are considered efficient, plus this is also a money saver.
  • They are portable! This means you can take it with you, or move its location if needed without having to hire a professional for electrical disconnect!

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Lifesmart Spas Ls100 4 Person 13 Jet Rectangular Plug And Play Hot Tub

This hot tub with four bucket seats offers maximum relation without going overboard with your energy bill. It comes with adjustable jest, a smart digital control panel, an air control valve, and a 1.0 HP pump.

The product is made by Lifesmart, a company devoted to making durable and eco-friendly hot tubs to make it easier for homeowners to afford the luxury of a luxury spa in their own homes.

The Pros:

  • The interior texture is a bit rough
  • It does not come with a cover lift kit
  • Has no submersible bucket pump
  • Not fit for pregnant mothers

Highlighted Features:

  • Maximum capacity of 4 persons
  • Top temperatures of 104 degrees
  • Comes with thermal locking cover features

The product is durable, proven by many people who had them installed in their homes. It keeps your desired water temperature even during the winter season.

Its also pretty to look at aside from being convenient to use.

Lifesmart Spas LS100 Who is this Product For?

Many Lifesmart Spas LS100 4-Person reviews will attest to how relaxing it is to use this hot tub. Its perfect for working individuals or stay-at-home moms to cap each day by soaking in its warm water and massaging features.

This is also for people who want to upgrade their inflatable tubs or older models that consume too much electricity.

Key Features and Benefits of the Lifesmart Spas LS100 Hot Tub

  • Digital control panel: The easy-to-use digital control panel helps the users to easily control the settings for the lights, water jets, and filter cycles.

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