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3 Chlorine Tabs For Pools

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Main Uses Of Trichloroisocyanuric Acid

  • Disinfectant. Trichloroisocyanuric acid 90 is widely used as a disinfectant for swimming pools and spas, industrial water, drinking water, hospitals, tableware, etc. Therefore, it has a broad prospect for development and utilization.
  • Printing and Dyeing Industry. Used as a bleaching agent for the bleaching of cotton, hemp, wool, synthetic fibers and blended fibers. Not only does it not damage the fiber, but it also outperforms sodium hypochlorite and bleach.
  • Rubber Industry. Used as a chlorinating agent in rubber industry production.
  • Industrial oxidizer. It can be used as a high quality oxidant instead of hypochlorite.
  • Food Industry. It can be used for food disinfection and its effective chlorine content is three times that of chloramine T. It can also be used as a decolorizing deodorizer for dextrin.

Is Chlorine Bad For Septic

Chlorine bleach in moderate amounts isnt as bad for a septic system as you may have heard. But even a little drain cleaner may be terrible. One study found that it took nearly two gallons of liquid bleach but only about a teaspoon of chemical drain cleaner to kill the beneficial bacteria in a septic tank.

How Many Chlorine Tablets Do I Need For A 6000 Gallon Pool

tabletspoolgallonspoolgallonswouldchlorine tabletspoolgallonschlorine tablets

. Furthermore, how much chlorine do I need for a 6000 gallon pool?

Maintain chlorine at a minimum of 1.5 ppm and up to 3 ppm. The more swimmers you have and the warmer the water is, can double your pools chlorine consumption. Add whatever amount of chlorine it takes to maintain a 1.5 ppm chlorine.. Oxidize weekly using 1 lbs. of Burn Out 35®, per 6,000 gallons of water.

Also, how many 1 inch chlorine tablets do I need for a 1000 gallon pool? A general rule you can follow when adding chlorine is 1/2 ounce for every 500 gallons of water on a weekly basis. If you have a 1,000 gallon pool an ounce a week should be enough to effectively sanitize the water.

Besides, how many chlorine tablets do I need for a small pool?

There are 2 sizes of chlorine tablets: 1-inch and 3-inch. Unless you have an extremely small pool, which size of tablet will depend on the type and size of the dispenser. For small pools, the 1-inch tablet are generally sufficient. Dispensers may hold one or more tablets.

Can you swim with chlorine tablets in pool?

In most cases, youre best off with 3-inch chlorine tablets, as one single tablet can treat up to 5,000 gallons of water. On the other hand, 1-inch tablets contain far less chlorine , so theyre better suited for smaller indoor pools and spas.

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How To Clear Cloudy Pool Water

Without a doubt, you have watched plenty of movies that feature stunning pools that look amazing theyre just right to take a swim in them. What if we told you that you could achieve this by purchasing chlorine tablets?

You should know that cloudy pool water can occur due to a number of aspects, namely the improper balance of chemicals and chlorine, very high Calcium Hardness levels, imbalanced alkalinity and pH, faulty filter, ammonia, early stages of algae, and the buildup of debris.

Taking this into account, the following steps should help you clear cloudy pool water. Its best to address each aspect, to determine whether it applies in your case or not.

  • Balance the levels of chlorine
  • Get rid of ammonia
  • Track and balance pH and TA levels
  • Correct the levels of calcium hardness
  • Replace the filtering agent or backwash the filter
  • Eliminate foreign particles and have the pool adequately scrubbed and vacuumed

The Composition Of The Tablet

Pool Chlorine Tablets Swimming 3 Inch Tabs Sanitizer Clarifier ...

Depending on the manufacturer, chlorine tablets might contain different chemicals. Before purchasing something, though, you should be 100 percent sure that the tablet contains roughly 90 percent chlorine. The disinfecting properties of chlorine are highly acknowledged.

This will make the tablet highly efficient at killing viruses, bacteria, fungus, algae, yeast and other naughty elements that might be present inside your pool water.

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In The Swim 3 Inch Pool Chlorine Tablets

In The Swim 3 Inch Chlorine Tablets are thicker than other pool chlorine tablets, allowing them to dissolve slower and protect your pool water for longer. Moreover, 3 inch chlorine tablets are the ideal size for your floaters or automatic feeders. These industry-leading chlorine tabs have 90% available stabilized chlorine for long lasting sanitizing power. floaters or automatic feeders. These industry-leading chlorine tabs have 90% available stabilized chlorine for long lasting sanitizing power.

How to use chlorine tablets:

Add 1-2 chlorine tablets to every 10,000 gallons of pool water.

For best results, we recommend testing the chlorine level once per week.

Increase dosage after heavy use, rain or warm temperatures.

Powerful Sanitation

  • 3 Chlorine Tabs weigh 8 oz. each and are slow-dissolving
  • Powerful 90% available stabilized chlorine
  • Perfect size for floaters or any automatic chlorine feeder
  • Tablets are individually wrapped, in easy-open bags
  • 99% Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione

How To Choose The Right Chlorine Tablets For Your Pool

Chlorine tablets come in one-inch and three-inch sizes. We recommend the three-inch tablets because theyre easier to handle and, depending on their popularity in your area, might even be less expensive than the one-inch version.

We also recommend the three-inch chlorine tablets because they provide sanitation for 5,000 gallons of water per tablet, meaning you can use fewer of them, which can also save you money.

To know how many tablets to use, youll need to know your pools volume. If you dont already know how much water your pool holds, use this pool calculator to quickly and easily figure it out.

To use the right number of tablets, always round your pool volume up to the nearest unit of 5,000 gallons. For instance, your pool has a capacity of 20,000 gallons, you would add four chlorine tablets. But if your pool holds just 16,000 gallons, youd still use four, three-inch chlorine tablets. Its that easy.

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Chlorine Tablets

How often doI need to test my pool water?

Many people dont have an idea regarding how often they should check the pH level of their swimming pools.

It would be good if you can check it weekly, but testing the pH level twice in a week would work best for you. To maintain a consistent level of pH, you need to chlorinate your pool timely.

How muchchlorine should you use?

The dosage of chlorine in your pool actually depends on the size of the pool. It also depends on what type of treatment you need to have for your swimming pool.

It will be great for you if you read the instructions given in the manual section of the purchased products as well as it will give you the idea of the proper measurement.

What is the difference between stabilized and un-stabilized tablets?

Stabilized tabs: They are suitable for the outdoor swimming pool. They are exposed to sunlight because of the more sunlight, the better result. These can clean the pool even better.

Un-stabilized tab: These are perfect for indoor pools. Their power decreases as they cant work properly when they are exposed to the sunlight directly.

Why do Ineed chlorine tablets?

Chlorine tablets are mainly used in the pool to sanitize the water. On the other hand, the chlorine problem has a direct connection with the pH level of the pool.

How dochlorine tablets work?

Moreover, itis very simple to use these tabs as it gets dissolved in water just within afew seconds after being released into the pool.

Chlorine Tablets Vs Granules

In the Swim Pool Chlorine 3 Inch Tablets

Chlorine tablets are is simpler and more convenient to use the chlorine granules which is why most prefer the tablets instead. The tablets dispense chlorine at a steadier rate to spread evenly across the pool than pouring a few scoops of chlorine granules into the swimming pool.

Chlorine granules are the powered or crushed version of the tablets. Once turned into granules, you sprinkle or pour in a few scoops of it directly into the pool water. The amount you put in has to be measured right which is an added work again. The granules also have a tendency to bleach your liner or damage the equipment if there is too much build-up in one area.

Overall, chlorine granules are a less effective option to the other ways of dispensing chlorine evenly into the swimming pool.

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How Often Should You Add Chlorine Tablets

You typically will only need to add chlorine tablets one time per week. It is best that you pick a day that you will be able to perform some weekly maintenance and replenish chlorine tablets on a set schedule. This will become routine and make your pool care much easier.

If you have a 16,000 gallon pool, you would need to add 4 tablets one time per week. When you add the tablets each week it is also a good time to clean your skimmer and pump skimmer basket if you have one. Check to see if you need to clean your filters or backwash your pool and take care of all your pool care at once including testing your pool water.

Pro Tip! When it is your weekly schedule to add more chlorine tablets, look at how much chlorine is remaining. If the total amount of tablets equal 1 tablet by estimate you can count that tablet. Therefore if you add 4 tablets each week, you can add only 3 to bring the total back up to 4 making your chlorine last longer during the season. During the cool months when you water is cooler, this may occur from time to time. When the water gets warmer, chlorine will be dissolved at a much quicker rate.

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Organic Or Inorganic Chlorine Tablets

Organic chlorine tablets contain stabilized chlorine. That is, they have cyanuric acid that acts as a stabilizer. This stabilizer slows down the reactivity of the chlorine and thus has a more even and slower effect.

Inorganic chlorine tablets, on the other hand, are very reactive, but contain no cyanuric acid. For example, due to increased water temperature, UV radiation, or increased use of the pool, these are reduced quite quickly. This means that frequent post-chlorination is required and you should check the water values daily.

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What Chlorine Tablets Are Used For

Chlorine tablets are a safe, effective, and affordable way to sanitize your pool. Theyre designed to gradually dissolve, releasing chlorine into your water as they get smaller and smaller.

Theyre a popular choice amongst pool owners because of how easy they are to use. For the most part, its as simple as putting them in your water and leaving them to do their job. Of course, where you put them matters, hence this entire post.

Unlike granular or liquid chlorine, theres no precise measuring involved with tablets. So its much faster. Just add the right amount of tablets for your pool size, and your good to go in just a few seconds.

BUT, as we mentioned earlier, there are right and wrong ways to use chlorine tablets, which well be getting to in just a minute.

For now, lets talk about the different types of chlorine tablets youll find at the pool store.

Chlorine Tablet SIZES

Chlorine tablets come in two main sizes: 1 inch and 3 inches

In most cases, youre best off with 3-inch chlorine tablets, as one single tablet can treat up to 5,000 gallons of water.

On the other hand, 1-inch tablets contain far less chlorine , so theyre better suited for smaller indoor pools and spas.

Chlorine Tablet INGREDIENTS

Beyond size, there are also a few other differences between chlorine tablets when it comes to ingredients.

For instance, youll notice that certain tablets are labeled as either stabilized or unstabilized.

If your pool is outdoors, choose stabilized chlorine tablets.

Inch Vs 3 Inch Chlorine Tablets For Pools

3"  Chlorine Tabs 25 Lbs

Chlorine tablets commonly come in 1-inch and 3-inch sizes. The most common and conveniently used are the 3 inch chlorine tablets mainly because its ideally cheaper when you think about it.

One 3-inch tablet per 5000 gallon pool = 3 of 1-inch chlorine tablets. 1-inch tablets tend to break easily while in storage which makes it harder for you when trying to use it your medium of dispensing the chlorine.

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Stabilized Vs Unstabilized Chlorine

Depending on what type of pool you have or when you are adding chlorine, youll want to choose either unstabilized or stabilized chlorine. So, I made sure to include options for both types here. For more information on the key differences, read my full article on unstabilized chlorine vs. stabilized chlorine.

Pool Chlorine Floater Dispenser Fits Up To 5 Pieces Of 3

$as of February 10, 2022 4:09 pm


  • Keep Your Pool Water In Good Condition All Summer Long Using a chlorine float is one of the easiest ways to keep the water in swimming pools maintained.
  • For Small To Large Pools The pool chlorine float has a large capacity and is able to hold up to 5 pieces of 3-inch chlorine tablets. 1 tablet is generally used for every 5,000 gallons of water. Note: Chlorine tablets are not included.
  • Easy Flow Control Our pool chlorinator is equipped with multiple vents. You can easily adjust the flow of the chlorine to be released, depending on your needs to prevent any waste of chlorine.
  • Designed to Last Several Summers This floating chlorine dispenser for pools is made using premium quality plastic materials. This helps it withstand harsh sunlight and adverse weather all year round.
  • Secure & Easy to Use Simply open the pool floater and put the chlorine tablets inside. The lid closes securely so you wont have to worry about the tablets falling out. Adjust the vents as needed.

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Hth Pool Care 3′ Chlorine Advanced Tabs For Swimming Pools 5 Lbs

HTH Pool Care 3′ Chlorine Advanced Tabs for Swimming Pools, 5 lbs

Protect your swimming pool against bacteria, algae and other organisms and enjoy clean, clear pool water with these convenient one-dose tabs. Sun protected for longer chlorine life, HTH® 3 Chlorine Tablets Advanced 5lb dissolve slowly and last up to one week. HTH® Chlorine Tablets Advanced are great for all swimming pool types, including vinyl-lined pools and salt water systems.

How to Use 3′ Chlorine Tablets Advanced 5lb Simply place one slow-dissolving pool chlorinator tab in your skimmer, floater or feeder. Do not add tabs directly to the pool as this could damage surfaces. The convenient 1-week dosage treats 10,000 gallons.

  • Sanitizer, clarifier and algaecide
  • Use in floater, feeder or skimmer basket
  • Tabs last up to 1 week
  • Clear Blue Water

This advanced formula sanitizes, clarifies and kills algae for beautiful, clean and clear water all season.

About HTH® Pool Care

HTH® was developed with the pool owner in mind. We know that maintaining your pool water can be a lot of work. Thats why were here every step of the way, helping you clear the uncertainty from pool care. With economical, easy-to-use solutions, HTH® is designed to work hard so youre prepared to tackle whatever life throws in your pool. From balancing your water to treating green water, we offer a full line of products to keep your pool water healthy and your swimmers happy.

Slow dissolving, long lasting

How Many Chlorine Tablets Per 10ft Of Swimming Pool

How to Use Chlorine Tablets, Brought to You by HTH

10 feet in length is not an actual measurement of the swimming pool. Square feet does not make sense either as this does not tell you how deep your pool is.

The deeper the pool, the more there is water in it which requires MORE chlorine.

The recommended dosage is 5000 gallons of water per 3-inch tablet.

How do you find out how many gallons of water your swimming pool holds? Its basically length x width x height Use this pool volume calculator to find out.

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How Chlorine Tablets Work

Pool chlorine tabs dissolve slowly in water, releasing chlorine gas into the pool. The pool chemicals kill bacteria and microorganisms that may be in the environment.

The chlorine tablets for swimming pools prevent the water in the pools from stagnating and above all to always maintain a good chlorine level. These tablets, while dissolving slowly in the water of the swimming pools, slowly but regularly increase the chlorine level so that the microorganisms present in the water can oxidize.

The tablets must be placed in the dispensers, which can be baskets , lapping, or floating ones. Meanwhile, the latter is the most popular because they offer an excellent quality-price ratio and much more immediate use.

Chlorine is a chemical that kills the growth of bacteria and microorganisms both inside and outside the body. Therefore it is a toxic substance and harmful to health.

What happens is that the chlorine when it gets into the water, forms calcium hypochlorite and hydrochloric acid. These acids are toxic. In case of poisoning, you should go to the emergency doctor immediately.

For this reason, great care must be taken when dosing chlorine in swimming pools. It is advisable to read the product instructions first.

What Are The Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Pool Chlorine Tablets

To choose the best chlorine tablets for your pool, here are some important things to consider.

Tablet Size and Pool Capacity

To choose the best chlorine tablet for your pool, you need to know the pool capacity and choose the appropriate size tablet for the pool. These two works together to ensure that you get the results you desire. Chlorine tablets for pools are majorly available in two sizes 1-inch tablets and 3-inch tablets. The 1-inch tablets are suitable for small pools with a water capacity of fewer than 5000 gallons. This means you can use them in your hot tubs and spas. The 3-inch tablets, on the other hand, are more suited for bigger pools however, they dissolve much slower.

Tablet Dissolution Speed

Another important consideration that must not be ignored when choosing chlorine tablets for your pool is the dissolving speed of the tablet. 3-inch sized tablet, as stated earlier, dissolves at a much slower pace than the 1-inch tablet however, the speed of dissolution is not limited to the size alone it can also be a factor of the method of application you choose.The speed of dissolution of the chlorine tablet has to be just perfect. If the dissolution speed is too fast, it will shock the water and make it unsafe to swim until the chlorine dissipates completely. At the same time, too slow a speed will lead to a chemical imbalance and disproportional distribution of chlorine in the water.

Tablet Composition

Tablet Packaging

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