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4 Person Hot Tubs For Sale

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CO-Z 4-Person Inflatable Hot Tub Review

The Coleman SaluSpa inflatable hot tub is an affordable alternative to a professionally installed hot tub, offering stability, durability, and a host of features to rival its more expensive counterparts.


  • Claims to fit six, but that would be a squeeze

  • Heater and bubbles won’t work simultaneously

Nothing beats the feeling of sinking into a warm, bubbling hot tub at the end of a busy working day, and now you can enjoy your own spa-style hot tub at home thanks to the Coleman SaluSpa.

Offering enough space for up to 6 people, the Coleman SaluSpa comes equipped with 140 air jets to give your aching muscles an invigorating soak. Simply select the water temperature and jet pressure using the digital control panel and let the jets get to work. Whether youre after a blissful evening soak or a full-on pummeling, this hot tub can do it all.

Dimensions : Diameter 77″, Depth 28″

Max temperature: 104 degrees F

Number of jets: 140

Energy Star Certified: N

Easy to set up and operate, the Coleman SaluSpa is inflated or deflated using the pump provided, while lift handles make moving it about your deck or yard a breeze. At 88 lbs, its lighter than many inflatable hot tubs. It can also be folded down and stored away when not in use.

Hygiene concerns are not a problem either. The Coleman SaluSpa also comes with a chemical dispenser attached to the inside of the hot tub, dispersing a stable level of chloride to keep germs at bay, and water clean and healthy.

Comparison Table: 4 Best Hot Tubs Just Plug In And Start

  • The safest for skin and hair safe due to hard water treatment system
  • Has easy to control panel
  • Provides powerful, vibrant water pressure to relieve your painful muscles
  • The most relaxing for your sore muscles due to 120 bubble jets
  • Allow you to set the temperature in advance
  • Provided with multi-function spa pump to move water through the hot tub filters and keep the filter system clean
  • Has the most outstanding self-controlled hydrotherapy jets and Ozonator
  • The most efficient work in cold weather
  • Has waterfall with upgraded multi-color LED-backlit
  • Provides 100% water filtration
  • Has the most convenient digital command center
  • Has additional foam insulation of walls and protective cover to maintain the water temperature
  • Includes underwater, multi-color LED light system
  • Provides your whole body with instant muscle relaxation due to 13 hydrotherapy jets
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Bestway Saluspa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub 4

This tub comes with a digital control panel that allows you to change the water temperature and flow of the jets without stepping out of the tub. A power saving timer can automate the temperature of the spa up to 72 hours in advance. A disclaimer provided by the company states that this spa cannot be used in temperatures less than 39 degrees Fahrenheit. This product scored 4.3 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

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Price Drop These Are The Best Outdoor Hot Tubs To Buy Right Now


  • SILive.com eCommerce Writer

Hot tubs are a great addition to any patio, and when you get one not only will your backyard thank you but so will your family.

Whether youre looking for something inflatable and portable for temporary summer fun, or if you plan on keeping it as a solid foundation to your backyard area, there are a ton of hot tub options to shop. We have rounded up some of the best-reviewed options from Wayfair and to tempt you with hot bubbles.

Outdoor Chaise Lounges & Daybeds

4 Person Hot Tubs For Sale Near Me

Costco offers an amazing selection of premium hot tubs and spas in numerous colors, configurations, and price points, so you can find one that perfectly suits your needs. Hot tubs, commonly referred to as a spa or Jacuzzi®, offer a multitude of health benefits, while also providing a fun and relaxing way to connect with family and friends. Whether you want to ease sore and tired muscles or simply unwind at the end of the day, a new hot tub will be a welcome addition to any outdoor space.

Hot tubs use a soothing combination of hydrotherapy jets and heat, which helps increase blood flow, reduce inflammation, and encourage the healing of injured muscles and tissue. Additionally, the waters buoyancy gives much needed support and relief to your joints and limbs. Regular use of a hot tub can improve your overall health by reducing your stress levels and encouraging better sleep. They also help relieve symptoms of common health conditions like chronic back pain, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. Although it is a substantial expense, the therapeutic and social benefits far outweigh the cost of a hot tub.

If youre not sure where to place a hot tub, simply find a solid level surface like a patio or deck. For a little shelter, place your hot tub under backyard & outdoor structures like a gazebo or pergola. And for a more private experience, consider placing it outside a master bedroom.

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Hot Tubs For The Relaxation You Deserve

Transform your backyard into an outdoor space that will revitalize your home, encourage time with family and friends, and promote health and wellness. Watch your living space expand as you relax in your PDC Spas hot tub in any season, built for economical and reliable operation year round. When surrounded by all the comforts of home, it is easier than ever to treat yourself to rest and relaxation or entertain for a night of fun! When you choose PDC Spas, you buy with confidence and own with pride, American made for six decades.

Prepare to experience a lifetime of health and wellness benefits with a PDC Spas hot tub. Combining comfort features and performance technology, every seat in your spa provides advanced hydrotherapy to improve your well-being. Sensibly placed hydromassage jets deliver a warm water massage to tense muscles, lowering blood pressure and reducing stress. Relieve joint pain and muscles aches at home as you relax with oxygen bubble therapy or spend quality time with loved ones reconnecting. No matter your reason, PDC Spas hot tub collection offers a variety of model sizes, lounge seat styles and luxury features to perfectly fit your home and lifestyle.

The ultimate hot tub experience with enriched performance and exclusive features. Choose from five body cradling designs with Airassage air therapy, EverPure ozone, Halo LED lightingand a trio of cascading water spouts, backed with a 35 year warranty.

Best Saltwater: Calderaspas Martinique 5

Caldera Spas

  • Foot ridge has great design

  • Not very many jets

  • Salt water system adds to cost

If you are specifically looking for a saltwater option, look no further than The Martinique 5-Person hot tub from CalderaSpas. It comes with the FreshWater Salt System that keeps the water clean and clear up to a full year without additional treatment. This system also monitors the water of your hot tub and provides details and instructions on the attached screen.

The jets in the hot tub are also great, although there arent as many of them as in other hot tub options. The jets that are part of the foot ridge are notable as they can provide comfort to your calves and feet. The hot tub also comes with a cover that is custom-built for each hot tub and has a child lock.

Dimensions:89 x 76 x 34 inches | Shape: Square | Voltage: 230 | Water Capacity: 285 gallons | Number of Jets: 34

Our top pick is the Aquarest Spas 5-Person 29-Jet Plug and Play Spa it offers an excellent water filtration system, comfortable seating options, and is easy to set up. If youre looking for a more roomy option, the Jacuzzi Large Comfort Open Seating Hot Tub is a great value for its size and can seat 6-7 people. It also offers entertainment, smart home, and cold weather packages at an extra cost.

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Alfi Wood Fired Portable Hot Review

3.2 Stars

For some, the look of a hot tub, its style, and the impression that it creates are critical factors when deciding what to buy. A portable hot tub, after all, is really a piece of furniture. It can blend with your current décor or it can create a visual accent. Something that stands out and sayss look at me.

The ALFI wood-fired portable hot tub definitely stands out wherever it might be situated. In the garden or on the patio, its got loads of visual appeal. With bright colors, interesting shapes, and an appealing mix of vintage and modern. These things are fun and they just scream good times.

The design elements in this hot tub are excellent. Its modular in design and features:

  • Moulded handgrips, making it easy to move.
  • A heavy-duty clear acrylic cover, with chrome handles. Good for heat retention.
  • Built in drinks tray and bottle holder.
  • An efficient wood fired water-heating system

There is only one model to choose from but it does come in a variety of eye-catching colours.

Best With Lights: Bestway Saluspa Paris Inflatable Hot Tub With Led

Cancun by Bestway 2-4 Person Inflatable Heated Hot Tub on QVC

Courtesy of Walmart

For a surprisingly affordable price, this inflatable hot tub has it all. It seats up to six peoplealthough four are more comfortableand has 68 air jets. What really sets it apart, though, is the LED light display that can change colors via a wireless remote. If you want to create just the right ambiance within your hot tub, the Bestway SaluSpa Paris model is a great choice.

Dimensions: 71 x 26 inches | Shape: Circle | Water Capacity: 264 gallons | Number of Jets: 68 | Maximum Occupancy: 6 people | Maximum Temperature: 104 degrees | Pump Included: Yes

Our top pick is the Intex PureSpa 4-Person Inflatable Hot Tub . It has plenty of space for four people, massaging water jets, and even includes cushioned headrests. The built-in water softener should please people who want the most luxurious spa experience. For a high-end option, we recommend the Bestway SaluSpa Helsinki AirJet 7 Person Inflatable Hot Tub . With easy access controls, you don’t have to leave the tub to change the jet settings.

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If This Product Isn’t For You

If youre after an inflatable hot tub with more of a wow factor, check out the Bestway 54190E SaluSpa Helsinki . With an ultra-stylish wood paneling design and seven seats, this hot tub brings a touch of Scandi-chic to any backyard.

For hot tub lovers who want more of a pool party vibe, the Intex PureSpa Portable Bubble Jet Spa features comfortable headrests and LED lights, with space for up to 4 guests.

If a romantic evening is more your style, the Aleko 130-Jet Inflatable Hot Tub is suitable for up to 2 adults and comes complete with an in-built drinks tray. Just right for kicking back with your other half and watching the sunset.

Aqua Rock Monterra Portable Spa

  • Size: 2-3 people
  • Features: lounge seating, 14 jets, lighting, waterfall with lighting
  • Warranty: Lifetime Limited

The Aqua Rock brand is a popular choice as they offer a great variety of spa sizes and features for long-lasting comfort. This option fits 2 to 3 people and includes both lounge seating and comfortable upright areas to relax in. The 14 hydrotherapy jets are placed for maximum body massage as well.

Underwater LED lighting and a waterfall helps create a relaxing atmosphere as well. To help keep costs low, the model is sold without the filtration system, but it is ready to work with an ozone system of your choice to keep the water clean and fresh.

Pro Tip

This is an excellent hydrotherapy option for single person relaxation. It also serves as a perfect getaway for two with plenty of legroom and space to take advantage of the space provided.


The Rock Solid Simplicity plug and play design by Lifesmart is a 4 person, bucket seat design complete with 13 high therapy jets. The rotary water pressure is controllable via top-side comfort valves to adjust how much water and air is mixed for your own personal preferences. Highly portable, this is a great choice for indoor or outdoor use.

It also comes with LED lighting with added accessories to provide interchangeable mood lighting caps. A waterfall provides a gentle flow of water even when the jets are off. The locking top keeps your tub clean and safe.

Pro Tip


Pro Tip


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How Did We Choose

  • In the first place, my team and I looked at the highest-rated plug-n play hot tubs in various categories of contrast ratio.
  • We found 10 affordable models which are in huge demand.
  • The next thing we did, we selected 5 models for a detailed review .
  • Then after that, the team of researchers and I analyzed more than 100 customer reviews.

This approach is in handy to find out what plays a key role for plug-and-play hot tubs users. During our methodological analysis, we highlighted the best criteria which stand out for each model. After comparing our results, we selected the top-4 high-quality hot tubs that just plug into regular outlets. Please, take a look at our calculation method in the picture below.

Has easy to control panelThe built-in hard water treatment system that makes water gentler on skin and hair Provides powerful, vibrant water pressure to relieve your painful muscles
  • Keeps your skin and hair safe due to hard water treatment system
  • It has an easy-to-use control panel and 140 high-powered bubble jets
  • Included headrests and multi-colored LED light system


  • Quite inconvenient for indoor use, because of its size
  • Not so energy-efficient due to 140 powered jets

The key thing that stands Intex PureSpa Plus and Bestway SaluSpa Miami out among other plug and play models is quick set-up in 20 minutes or less. Moreover, it consumes little space on your patio or backyard.



  • Pale LED-lighting
  • Can only place up to 4 adults
  • Inner lights are not so mighty bright

Coleman 90454 Saluspa Hawaii 71 X 26 4

Intex Purespa 4 Person Home Inflatable Portable Heated Bubble Round Hot ...

Ballin on a budget? This is the hot tub for you, according to customer reviews. It works great and is surprisingly comfortable, one review reads. Customers who have experience buying hot tubs would recommend this hot tub for starters to see if truly like it on a budget rather than spending a lot on one and not able to get rid of it after you dont like it for a year. Garnering more than 2,250 ratings, this product scored 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

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Efficient And Safe Water Heating

The ALFI portable hot tub heats water with a few simple parts and the laws of physics.

Wood is burned in a separate firebox inside the metal coil. The firebox can be raised or lowered to adjust the temperature.

As the water inside the coils heats up it creates a pressure that draws in cold water from the bottom inlet. The cold water is pushed thru the coil, it heats as it rises and gets pushed from the top outlet. This thermal circulation system is very efficient and will heat the water in an ALFI tub, in around 2-3 hours. Thats not long and you can toast some marsh mellows, roast a hot dog, or just stare carelessly into the flames.

Because it requires no electricity the AFI hot tub is quiet. No noisy pumps or blowers. All you hear is the relaxing sounds of a gently crackling fire.

No electricity of course means no bubbles with this style of hot tub but you will experience a warm and relaxing soak. The hot tub itself is a hollow fiberglass mould construction that retains heat and with a good supply of wood its possible to maintain an even temperature of around 100 degrees for many hours. The included clear hot tub cover also works well to keep the heat in and the dirt out when the tub is not being used.

There is also no built-in seating, however the shape of the hot tub creates a surface thats comfortable to recline in.

Person Round Outdoor Hot Tub Prices

The exact price of the wood-heated and/or electrically powered round tub depends on the exact configuration. The starting price has only the very base tub and some simple items included. If you wish to add in accessories and to have your round tub with stairs, with LED lighting, air and hydro massage, etc., these features cost extra. Prices of bespoke tubs start from 1,050.

No products were found matching your selection.

We are at Your service and here to help You out in any way we can.

Just contact our team for more precise answers and we will find the way to beneficially service you.

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Aquarest Spas Select 150 4 Person Hot Tub

This hot tub allows you to enjoy the luxury of a spa without occupying much space. The cabinets are constructed using rotational molding technology that ensures durability regardless of the weather conditions. It is designed for 4 people. However, some reviewers note that it would be hard for 4 people to fit in comfortably.

It is equipped with 12 stainless underwater jets that deliver soothing pressure to relax your muscles. Besides, this model is energy efficient as it features a sealing cover, full foam cabinet insulation and a heater and pump that have efficiency features.

With the 100% filtration system, you can keep easy knowing that your water is clean and free from contaminations.

The Pros of This Aquarest Spas Select 150

Cons of The Aquarest Spas

  • Shallow instructions
  • Difficult to fit 4 people comfortably

Key features of the Aquarest Spas Select 150

  • 12 Stainless Steel hydrotherapy jets: This model makes you feel comfortable and relaxing thanks to the hydrotherapy jets. It offers you a real spa experience at your own house.
  • Use less energy: You can spend a lot of time in your hot tub knowing that it uses less energy because of full foam insulation and locking safety cover.
  • Perfect for 4 people: The 4-seat hot tub is ideal for a family of three and four. As a couple, you probably donât need a lot of seats. However, if your family is growing, you should get this model.
  • It is easy to install and use

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