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Above Ground Pools Kansas City

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Leisure Time Spa Chemicals

MODERNIZING our Intex above ground pool

For more than 25 years, Leisure Time® has been the premier name in spa water care. The Leisure Time® brand continually improves its product line, program and packaging that elegantly wraps up years of innovation. Plus, Leisure Time® spa offers its Simple Spa Care® program, an easy-to-follow spa care routine that allows spa owners to spend more time in their spas and less time maintaining them.

Shipping Times For Swimming Pools

We typically ship all swimming pool orders out in 1-3 business days. Transit time can vary depending on your location . We only ship to the 48 Contiguous United States. We do not ship to Hawaii and Alaska.

Northeast Region Shipments: 2-7 business days

Southeast Region Shipments: 6-10 business days

Midwest Region Shipments: 5-10 business days

Southwest Region Shipments: 7-10 business days

Rocky Mountain Region Shipments: 10-14 business days

Pacific Region Shipments: 10-14 business days

Due to overwhelming demand, shipments to certain areas in the U.S. may experience additional delays during transit. Swimming pools are shipped with a freight carrier because they are too large to be shipped through UPS, Federal Express, or the USPS. When the shipment arrives at your local terminal, the carrier will call you to make an appointment before making the delivery to your home. Please ensure your phone number is up to date. The trucking company will not call you if your order is shipping to a commercial address .

Above Ground Pools Freezing

Paradise Pools Mart. We offer many sizes , shapes and styles of above ground pools including the next gen Paradise Pools

With the Paradise above ground pools we can made a pool to your specifications. These pools are also much stronger than your typical above ground pool with steel walls and a thin vinyl liner making them suitable for use with dogs and other wild life, as well as for commercial use.

Paradise Pools Mart. We offer many sizes , shapes and styles of above ground pools including the next gen Paradise Pools

With the Paradise above ground pools we can made a pool to your specifications. These pools are also much stronger than your typical above ground pool with steel walls and a thin vinyl liner making them suitable for use with dogs and other wild life, as well as for commercial use. We can provide you with a quote for the pool that you want, if you do not see it here. We do not charge extra for custom made pools.

Paradise Pools Mart

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Our Most Affordable Steel Pools

  • Rating: 2.5 Stars
  • 20 Year Warranty
  • Shapes: Circles and Ovals 52in Deep
  • While this is our most affordable pool, it is still top quality. Familiar to many, ownership requires more hands on.
  • 20 Year Warranty
  • Shapes: Circles and Ovals 52in Deep
  • While this is our most affordable pool, it is still top quality. Familiar to many, ownership requires more hands on.
  • 20 Year Warranty
  • Shapes: Ovals 54in Deep
  • While this is our most affordable pool, it is still top quality. Familiar to many, ownership requires more hands on.
  • 35mill scratch proof, puncture resistant liner
  • Top Quality Paradise Pools
  • Any length up to 100ft an width up to 50ft
  • Any depth up To 60in
  • Round, Rectangle Oval, Lazy River
  • No extra cost for custom pools

Above Ground Pools Kansas City is known for producing quality products and affordable prices, and so are we with our Above Ground Pools. State is one of our busiest states and lots of your neighbors have our pools in your back yard. We have logistic centers all over, especially right in the heart of Above Ground Pools Kansas City We would like you one of our customers and we appreciate you and stand ready to serve all of your above ground pool needs

A Solution You Can Depend On

Cabana Js pool service

Our mission from the very outset has been to get the soothing, health-giving properties of warm water to those suffering from pain and mobility issues.

We stand behind our pool with a , and boast an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for our outstanding customer service.

As a physician with a board certification in four specialities including pain management I am reminded daily of the importance of physical fitness for many reasons not limited to health and longevity as well as stress relief. You have an amazing, cost-effective product that I am happy to endorse and only wish that more people had access to it.

Seth Kaufmann, MD, American Board of Hospice and Palliative Care, American Board of Pain Medicine

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Above Ground Pool Sales Kansas

Atchison | Bonner Springs | Lawrence | Leavenworth | Olathe | Ottawa | Paola | Kansas City | Shawnee | Overland Park | Roeland Park | Overland Park | Shawnee | Overland Park | Hiawatha | Holton | Junction City | Manhattan | Marysville | Topeka | Fort Scott | Baxter Springs | Chanute | Iola | Pittsburg | Emporia | Concordia | Arkansas City | Augusta | Derby | El Dorado | Newton | Pratt | Wellington | Winfield | Wichita | Independence | Coffeyville | Parsons | Salina | Mcpherson | Hutchinson | Great Bend | Hays | Colby | Goodland | Dodge City | Garden City | Liberal

Our pools for sale in Kansas range from small above-ground pools with soft sides to large pools that can be built partially in-ground. Pool lights and are popular options. We offer the latest technology in saltwater pool systems. Enjoy the deep discount pool and pool supply savings with our everyday online sales prices and free pool shipping. Make Pools And Stuff your online pool and pool accessory dealer. Why pay high pool prices at a Kansas retail store? Our prices may be cheap, but our best quality pool chemicals and pool accessories are an excellent value.

Application For Permit Plans Required Approval

Application for construction and maintenance of a private swimming pool shall be made to the City of Gardner by the owner of the property or by the contractor who is to construct the swimming pool. The application shall be accompanied by a duplicate set of plans, specifications and plot plans of the property. The plot plan shall show the accurate location of the proposed swimming pool on the property together with any proposed bath houses or cabanas. The plot plan shall also show the location, type and height of fencing or enclosure as may be required in GMC 15.60.050.

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‘ X 33’ Oval 52 Whispering Wind & In

The Lomart Whispering Wind II Pool combines an attractive cream colored frame with a Monet-styled taupe-colored pool wall pattern for a designer look that compliments any backyard setting. It features wide 8″ top seats, a trimline spacer saver oval support system for extra yard space, and tru-lock wall closure system for extra support.

The Whispering Wind II can be fully recessed in the ground and purchased with an integrated step giving the appearance of a traditional in-ground pool at a fraction of the cost. If your dream backyard includes an in-ground pool but your budget won’t allow, the Whispering Wind Two is the perfect solution for you.

5 Questions asked on 18′ x 33′ Oval 52″ Whispering Wind & In-Wall Step

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Glb Calcium Hardness Up

$30,000 above ground pool has St. Louis woman drowning in debt

GLB Calcium Hardness Up increases water hardness to prevent foaming, equipment corrosion, and scaling. Keeping your pool water balanced is an important step in getting the most out of and preserving the life of pool equipment. This product is easy to apply, just pour it directly into the pool. This product is compatible with chlorine, bromine, ozone, salt water pools, and biguanide sanitizers.

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Trust Us As Your Pool Supplier

We are Kansas City Northland’s largest retail pool and spa showroom. We specialize in above-ground pool sales, in-ground pool aftermarket, and Sundance® Spa hot tub and service. We are concerned about your satisfaction and won’t compromise on the quality of our services. Reach out to use when you need quality pool or spa sales and services. As the preferred pool supplier in Kansas City, our expert team is ready to help!

Your Ideal Hydrotherapy Setup Begins With The Fitmax Therapy Pool

Everyones needs are differentbut your ideal aquatic therapy pool can start with the Fitmax Therapy Pool! Any pool you buy comes brings some options and choicesOur Fitmax Customer Success Representatives specialize in helping you figure out just what youll need to have the ideal home hydrotherapy solutiontailored to your specific wants and needs! Were here 7 days a week, standing by to answer all your questions just click here to contact us!

If youd like help on which type of heater to buy how to best locate your pool which accessories you may want or anything else feel free to ask!

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Connection To City Utilities

All private swimming pools connected to the sewer system and/or the water system shall be under the strict supervision of the City and said swimming pools may be filled or emptied during such time and hours as authorized by the City. All piping, drains and water purification equipment shall be installed in accordance with the provisions of the plumbing codes of the City. No source of water other than that secured from the City water distribution system shall be used. All electric wiring shall comply with City and the adopted codes.

Why Buy From Us

Natural Swimming Pool/Ponds

Recreation Wholesale is fast becoming known for being a leader in the Above Ground Pool Market. Because we are a member of the Millennium Group, we have access to factory-direct prices from the top-of-the-line manufacturers. We currently offer above-ground pools that feature state-of-the-art chemicals and cleaning systems you may not be seen in other stores. If you want an above-ground pool that uses 70% less power than typical poolswe have that. If you want an above-ground pool in Kansas City that uses 70% less Chlorine than typical poolswe have that. If you want an Above Ground Pool that can filter without having to backwash once a weekwe have that. If you want an above-ground pool that positively CANT rustwe have that.

Our Above Ground Pool filtration systems will use up to 70% less power than most competitive filtration systems while eliminating the need for throwing 10,000 gallons of water in your yard in backwash mode.

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Shocking Your Above Ground Pools

The final step in the process is to shock the pool. The addition of shock products breaks down the chloramines and destroys them. When there are organic products in the pool, chloramines can occur. Organic compounds can be things such as suntan oils, cosmetics, perspiration, etc. These things combine with the chlorine residual in your pool water.

The resulting chloramines provide no sanitizing function and can cause problems like:

  • strong chlorine odor
  • eye irritation,
  • feed bacteria and algae

Weekly applications of Shock will reduce the chloramines and keep your pool functioning at top levels.

Use with care and disperse them around the pool. Do not dump it all in one place. We do not recommended to pre-dissolve the shock in a bucket of water, as you will have in your hands a HIGHLY caustic substance

Custom Above Ground Pools Kansas City

We have a distribution center in your city and we can ship anything to your door, in a matter of days. We ship all around the country and we deliver in your area ,Paradise Pools Ships From Long Beach And Compton Colorado, Chicago IL, Okeechobee Florida, and Saint Louis Missouri

Your city is home to many Custom Made Pools . And we know you would love to have one of ours in your backyard or business.

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Find Everything You Need For Backyard Leisure

When it comes to transforming your backyard, turn to our trusted hot tub dealers. Above & Beyond Pools and Spas has been serving the Kansas City metro area for over 20 years. With our team handling your installation, you can be confident that youre getting the best price, quality products, and attentive customer service.

Here at Above & Beyond Pools and Spas, we specialize in providing you with the perfect pool, spa, or hot tub for your individual needs. Weve handled countless projects just like yours, and have no doubt that youll be impressed with our services. Call us today at 249-2014.

What Makes Fitmax Pools Different From Other Above Ground Pools

How It’s Made: Above-Ground Pools

The Fitmax pool is far more durable than other brands it is constructed with up to 5 layers of river rafting material which reduces the chance of having a leak. This means that you can leave it set up year round, including in areas that experience freezing. It also is constructed with a galvanized steel frame which allows for it to have a more compact size than other above ground pools.

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Q Can I Stop My Above Ground Pool From Collapsing Or At Least Limit The Damage

I just checked my pool and the pillow has popped and the snow/ice build up was bringing some of the sides in. I released the cover to help with the pressure. The water inside is frozen. One panel wall is bent alittle and the liner is out, another panel has released itself from the top rail, its about two panels down from the first one. Is there anything I can do to save it from collapsing before I can get a pool guy out? Thanks.

Leavenworth County’s Pool Pros

Oasis Pools & Spas builds and remodels eye-catching inground pools, spas and saunas for residential and commercial properties. Established in 1984, Oasis has more than 30 years of experience in the Kansas City metro. We are experts in building the custom swimming pool you’ve been dreaming about! We also specialize in pool and spa equipment installation, repair, or replacement. Oasis Pools is family-owned and operated and is located in Lansing, Kansas.

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How Is Covid

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, several government agencies and courts across the country have temporarily closed their offices. While HomeAdvisor will continue its background check program to the extent possible, these closures could prevent some background checks from being performed. Please be advised that, during this period, if we could not perform a background check, HomeAdvisor will allow the business into the network and match the business to consumers. As affected government agencies and courts begin to re-open, we will resume our program in those jurisdictions. As always, we encourage consumers to perform their own research, to the extent possible, before hiring any business.

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