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Best Prices On Hot Tubs

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Bestway Saluspa St Lucia Airjet Inflatable Hot Tub Spa

23 Crucial Things to Know Before Buying a Hot Tub


Why You Should Get It: This sturdy inflatable option is an affordable way to enjoy the hot tub experience.

Keep in Mind: Theres only a 1-year warranty on the pump and a 6-month warranty on the spa liner.

The excellent Bestway SaluSpa St. Lucia AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub Spa is the best way to get your very own home hot tub without breaking the bank. This portable and inflatable option has impressive features, and the installation process is simple, with no tools required.

With 110 bubble jets all around and a maximum temperature of 140°F, this hot tub provides a soothing and relaxing hydromassage experience. It also comfortably fits up to three people. The kit comes with a pump featuring the control panel, a hot tub cover, a filter cartridge, and a chemical dispenser that evenly disperses the correct level of chlorine to keep the water at optimal cleanliness.

Though its made from a durable, UV-, stretch-, and puncture-resistant material, theres also a Freeze Shield that automatically heats the tub when the weather gets chilly to protect the machine from any damage. The warranty could be better, but the hot tub is designed to keep its shape, inflation after inflation, so it should last you a good while.

Price at time of publish: $520

Product Details: Dimensions: 67 x 67 x 26 inches | Water Capacity: 160 gallons | Occupancy: Three people | Included Accessories/Features: Cover

Which Hot Tubs Have The Best Warranty

Investing in a hot tub for your home will bring boundless fun and relaxation into your home, but how can you feel reassured about your purchase for years to come? A sturdy warranty will give you peace of mind when it comes to your tub, and mean that theres help on hand if you run into a range of issues.

In the top-rated brands we looked at, warranties can stretch from one year to 35 years and often, the type of warranty attached to a tub will depend on how high-end it is. For example, a luxury range of tubs within the PDC brand has a 35-year warranty to back it up, so that you can feel reassured when splashing the cash that theres a hefty guarantee to back your purchase up. Other brands offer a blanket warranty on all of their models, such as ThermoSpas, which will provide cover for ten years after purchase.

Taking the plunge and installing a hot tub is a major financial decision, so its well worth factoring in a good warranty for your purchase. Be sure to look at the small print of any guarantee too and suss out whether it covers the shell, plumbing parts, or the whole model.

Hot Tub Brand #1: Maax Spas Maax Spas

Maax spas is a huge manufacturer and group that started in 1987 making bath tubs. In 1997, Maax entered the hot tub world buying Coleman and Cooperage spas. Since then, Maax has been producing hot tubs and has grown an extensive dealer network that includes some of the largest box stores in North America and around the world. Maax continues to expand its hot tub brand by purchasing other top end hot tub brands, and by 2007 became the fifth largest manufacturer of hot tubs in North America.

This brand continued their growth with the acquisitions of LA Spas and Vita Spas between 2009 and 2014. With these acquisitions, Maax became the third largest supplier of hot tubs and spas and one of the best hot tub brands in the world.

Maax Spas Two Brands

In 2018, Maax took yet another direction in the hot tub spa world, announcing their new brand American Whirlpool. So, with all that said, Maax Spas is now both an American Whirlpool and Vita Spa with the rest of the brands purchased going by the wayside.

The newly branded American Whirlpool will have both hot tubs and swim spas. Many of the models will look similar to Maaxs former models. With seven swim spa models available, customers will be able to pick and choose the best set up for their needs. With 21 hot tub models to choose from, you cant go wrong in this category either!

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Hot Tub Brand #1: Caldera Spas Caldera Spas

Founded in 1977 when Watkins Manufacturing first started the program, you simply cant go wrong with Caldera Spas! Now heading into 2022, Caldera Spas focus is a perfect trifecta of balance between comfort, design, and performance. We at The Cover Guy and our customers agree they are hitting all three of these elements extremely well.

Caldera Spas Offers a Diverse Range of Hot Tubs Suited to Your Intended Us

Caldera produces hot tub models spanning from 2-seaters to 8-seaters to suit a variety of uses, whether youre hoping to use your hot tub with the family or a social gathering spot. There are three different entry points into the Caldera Spas line, each with a range of options for different shapes and sizes suited to your needs. The Utopia, Paradise, and Vacanza Series from Caldera will check all your boxes within your budget.

With a great line-up of dealers throughout the world, purchasing and ongoing service is not an issue. In addition, Caldera repair parts are readily available, so along with the top side mount giving you an updated error code readout if youre having any issues, maintenance is easy and beginner-friendly.

Best Inflatable: Intex Purespa Plus Bubble Massage Set

22 Best Hot Tubs Reviews 2020 &  Consumer Reports
  • Limited temperature options

  • Shell can puncture

The PureSpa Plus from Intex is a large inflatable hot tub with plenty of great features. It has a 6.4-foot diameter and 140 jets. It works with most budgets and is a great option for those who arent ready to invest the money or space in a permanently installed hot tub. It also has two included headrests and a built-in treatment system for hard water so you dont need to worry about anything beyond plugging it in, filling it up, and getting ready to relax.

Like most inflatable hot tubs, it is more fragile than its cabinet-based counterparts. You should be careful with sharp or metal objects to keep from puncturing the plastic shell. It also has temperature limitations and should only be used in temperatures above 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

Price at time of publish:$1,140

Dimensions:77 x 77 x 28 inches | Shape:Round | Voltage:110 | Water Capacity:210 gallons | Number of Jets: 140

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How Big Should A Hot Tub Be

Make sure you choose the right hot tub size by considering, firstly, how many people will be using it, and secondly, the space you have available. Small hot tubs will fit two-three people larger hot tubs can fit eight or more. Most hot tub manufacturers websites list both the dimensions of each hot tub and how many people can sit comfortably within the tub, so you can be sure you’re picking the right size.

Get A Wholesale Priced Spa Or Hot Tub Today

Add the luxury of a brand-new spa, or hot tub to your home today. Between our great prices, wholesale options, stellar customer service, and easy to navigate website, its never been easier to get your hands on these products. Simply start adding items to your cart or contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to helping you achieve the lifestyle of comfort that you crave.

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How Much For A Hot Tub All Comes Down To Unique Differences

All hot tubs are not equal, and there are many options and variations in todays market. While that may seem overwhelming to consider, its actually a huge benefit since you can get exactly what you want!

As a good first step, lets break down a few key areas that determine the price of a hot tub, included below.

Bigger hot tubs cost more to manufacture than smaller hot tubs, so larger spas will be more expensive. If you arent sure what size youll need, think beyond your immediate family, and consider how often youll invite people over to dip in the tub! .

Thanks to technology, todays hot tubs have some amazing features. We will dive more into these later, but its important to note that many desirable spa features, like lots of powerful jets, touch-screen control panels and improved filtration systems, are already built into the cost since they are now standard features included on premium and luxury spas.

Depending on your wants and needs, there are various add-on accessories and options that could affect the total purchase price for a hot tub. However, if these options can enhance your overall spa experience, its a good idea to look into these offerings.

The look of your desired hot tub is completely up to you, as there are so many options to choose from! In general, hot tubs with a leading-edge design will be pricier as they are usually made with more expensive materials.

The Lifesmart Spa With 14

Best Hot Tubs 2023 | Top 10 Best Hot Tub Buying Guide

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How We Chose The Best Hot Tub Brands

There are many factors we considered when reviewing a hot tub brand and its products for consideration as a best hot tub brand. Providing quality hot tubs, a range of products and options, and ease of purchasing the products were key factors. While many of the hot tub brands only sell through local dealers, there are some that sell through online sellers as well.

Plus, since the available space, budget, seating needs, and preferred design style of hot tub shoppers varies greatly, we wanted to be sure to include brands that delivered high-quality products at a range of prices.

Hot Tub Deals Under 500

Lay-Z-Spa St. Lucia 3 Person Inflatable Hot Tub | £360 at B& Q Even without it being in the sale, this inflatable hot tub is one of the cheapest we’ve found. It’s small, with just a 605L water capacity, but if there are just the two of you sharing, then this bargain 110 air jet hot tub delivers the outdoor spa experience at a very reasonable price.

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The Best Hot Tub Brands

Sundance Spas has a fantastic selection of the best hot tub features, from standard built-in smart capabilities to its adjustable Fluidix jets. Most of the Sundance models are designed for the premium and luxury market, with a variety of shapes and sizes on offer for those who like to customize their hot tub .

However, Sundance Spas does offer a few entry-level hot tubs, which can range up to $7,999, and some mid-level spas, which would cost roughly between $8,000 and $11,999. Even these less expensive models will come with multiple shell, cabinet and cover color options. You’ll also be able to experience premium features such as UV-C water sanitation and waterfalls and it’s worth mentioning that many other companies will charge these as upgrades.

We found that the features offered by Sundance Spas help set this brand apart from the competition. Some of our favorite features include the patented Fluidix jets, which don’t have moving parts this makes them less likely to break down over time. Users are able to control the jets in order to personalize their massage. Meanwhile, the Silent Air Injector jets are designed to add fragrances for aromatherapy without compromising the water quality.

Ultimately, we think that Sundance Spas offers a fantastic set of features for people who want a high quality hot tub. However, if you’re on a budget, then you might want to look elsewhere.

Best Hot Tubs And Spas For Your Outdoor Space

22 Best Hot Tubs Reviews 2020 &  Consumer Reports

Complete your outdoor living space with a soothing hot tub or spa. Hot tubs and spas are available in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes. A hot tub is ideal for much-needed personal hydrotherapy or perfect for outdoor gatherings. Read on to find the perfect one for you and your space. Learn about styles, features and hot tub accessories before you buy.

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Best Overall: Aquarest Spas Elite 500 5

  • Doesn’t have as many jets as other options

  • Might be a tight fit for 5

Who else recommends it? BestReviews and Popular Mechanics also picked the Aquarest Spas Graystone Elite Hot Tub.

What do buyers say? 300+ Wayfair reviewers rated this product 4 stars or above.

With the Aquarest Spas 5-Person 29-Jet Plug and Play Spa, you can easily and affordably convert your backyard into a fun place to relax and unwind with friends. This hot tub is great for those who want something they can basically fill up and plug init only requires a standard 120-volt outlet, so you don’t need to hire an electrician to set it up. With room for five people, it features a lounger with lumbar support and four additional seats. It also features 29 stainless steel hydrotherapy jets along with dual-side adjustable air controls, so you can customize the pressure.

This spa comes installed with two systems that work together to keep the water clean and clearthe EZ Kleen water filtration system filters 100 percent of the water while the Ozone Purification System reduces the need for chemicals. It is also designed to help you save energy with full-foam insulation and an ASTM-certified locking safety cover.

Price at time of publish:$4,300

Dimensions: 79 x 79 x 32 inches | Shape: Square | Voltage: 110 | Water Capacity: 215 gallons | Number of Jets: 29

Hot Tub Therapy Options

The number of jets in the tub, in addition to the placement and type of hydrotherapy the jets deliver are important features to think about when purchasing a hot tub. Hot tub manufacturers use different techniques to imitate a variety of massage types from deep tissue to light caress.

Some use a combination of water and air, some use high-pressure and others use high-flow jets. If you want a full-body massage, look for a hot tub with lounge seats and leg or feet jets. Some spa models combine hydrotherapy and aromatherapy for a more relaxing experience.

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How Do We Rank The Top 20 Hot Tub Brands

While there are a large number of hot tub brands available heading into 2022, youll probably want to restrict your research to the best hot tub brands on the market. Most hot tub manufacturers make a bit of something for everyone, but they all tend to have one or two things that they do particularly well. Some of the better known brands specialize in one particular thing and only look at other areas as an afterthought. After all, you wouldnt want to spend a lot of time researching a swim spa company when you are looking for a massage therapy hot tub!

If you havent done so already, read through some of our articles on getting ready to buy a new hot tub so youre ready to start researching the specific hot tub brands and models in this list. This overview will take a look at the 20 best hot tub brands available in North America to help you focus your search and save you time and effort.

First, our research comes from the number of replacement hot tub covers we make each year for specific brands. With over 30,000 hot tub covers sold per year, we have a pretty good indication on which hot tub brands are selling! Next, we rely on over 60 years of service in the hot tub industry to add our own personal thoughts and comparisons on all the hot tub brands. Lastly, we listen to our customers and the pros and cons of the hot tubs they have chosen for their backyards.

So, without further ado, The Cover Guy gladly presents a roundup of the top 20 best hot tub brands in North America!

Our Picks For Hot Tub Models

Hot Tub: Best Hot Tub (Buying Guide)

We started with a list of the 12 hot tub brands above. To narrow it down, we excluded companies with fewer than 100 total verified reviews on our site. We then ranked the remaining companies by overall satisfaction rating. Once we determined our picks for the top five brands, the ConsumerAffairs research team compared models and picked one favorite for each.

Read reviews

We like that Triumph by Hot Spring is salt-system ready, meets California Energy Commission efficiency standards and packs serious massage power. The tub comes with 27 jets total, including 18 directional hydromassage jets. Hydrostream jets provide a constant powerful flow, and directional massage jets are easy to adjust for targeted relief.

Triumph also features the Hot Spring exclusive Moto-Massage DX jet, which sweeps up and down to target your back. Plus, precision jets work together in a cluster to target the back, neck and calves.

Hot Spring includes a wireless control panel and cover. The cabinet comes in six colors, and there are five color options for the shell. Optional features include sound systems, cover lifters and steps.

Hot Spring warranty informationLike other hot tubs in the Highlife series, Hot Springs provides a seven-year warranty on the shell surface and five-year coverage on plumbing, heaters and cabinets. Theres a two-year warranty on light assembly and a year of coverage on the wireless remote control battery.

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