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Can Loop Loc Pool Covers Be Repaired

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What Is A Loop Loc Pool Cover

Loop Loc Safety Pool Cover Anchor Basics

Pool CoversLOOP LOCLOOPLOClockpoolPool Cover

All custom Loop Loc covers are hand made to your specifications, and pool shapes and sizes vary greatly. Generally, custom covers cost anywhere between $1200 – $4000, with smaller covers costing somewhat less, and larger, more complicated covers costing somewhat more.

Subsequently, question is, how long do Loop Loc covers last? But it is also important to remember that price is a relative issue. A LOOPLOC safety cover is built to last many, many years. In fact, LOOPLOC covers often last many years longer than their 15-year warranty. Over that period of time, you would purchase and discard three or four ordinary pool covers.

Regarding this, can Loop Loc pool covers be repaired?

In most cases LOOPLOC covers can be repaired, but in order to make the determination the cover must be evaluated at LOOPLOC to determine the extent of damage, along with the cost of the repair. For holes 3″ or smaller, LOOPLOC sells Self-Adhesive Patch Kits.

Should pool cover touch water?

Maintain the proper water level in the pool.At the same time, ideally you don’t want the water to touch the underside of the cover under general conditions as that contact will create a wet spot where debris will accumulate.

We Are An Authorized Dealer And Installer Of Loop Loc Safety Covers The Best Quality In The Industry

When using Sweeneys Pool Service Inc. you can be rest assured that a licensed professional will be servicing your pool. This is so important because it verifies that our technicians are trained the correct way and can handle any situation that comes up. Safety covers have become more affordable in the past few years, giving homeowners the option to upgrade from their old water bag covers.

Water bag covers are extremely dangerous, especially for families with children & pets. They are costly because many times the cover will only last one season before the material splits and allows all the pool water to rise on top of the cover. They also require water bags to be placed around the entire perimeter, which also break each season from animals damaging them and from the harsh winter elements.

Once these water bags break the cover will potentially fall into the pool when snow or heavy rainfall arrives. This could cause thousands of dollars of damage to your pool liner while making it unsafe for your family. Therefore, if you add up over a 10 year period of replacing the cover each year or every 2 years along with the water bags, you could have purchased a Loop Loc safety cover which can last up to 15 years when maintained properly. It doesnt matter what the shape of your pool is, we can design a custom cover to fit your swimming pool and protect your most valuable investment your family.

Age Of The Pool Cover

If your pool cover is only a couple of years old, and shows no other signs of deterioration , then you may want to consider patching it, especially if it was an expensive cover, with a long warranty. Speaking of warranty, about the only valid warranty claim is a pool cover that has separated along the seam, for floating type pool covers. Most everything else is either an Act of God, or neglect . But if you have an actual defect in materials or workmanship, by all means contact the dealer you purchased your pool cover from, with your purchase information. Safety covers typically have a 10-12 yr warranty, and can last much longer. But again, it doesnt cover tree branches, or snow loads, which tend to cause the most damage, with punctured material, or broken straps.

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How Much Is A Hard Pool Cover

A mesh cover costs between $1,200 and $3,000, depending on the shape and size of the pool. A solid cover costs between $1,800 and $3,600 for the same shape and size as a mesh cover, about $600 more on average. Initial installation of any cover will cost between $500 and $1,000 depending on the size of the pool.

Does Water Seep Through Pool Cover

Safety Pool Covers

A mesh cover allows rain water and snow to seep through cover and into your pool. A solid cover requires a pump to take the water off the cover.

To add a pop of whimsy try out a acrylic dance floor above your pool. Since pool covers are designed to accommodate any theme imaginable, no need to worry about pool covers being an eyesore. Since no two pools are exactly alike no two pool cover are either.

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Safety Pool Cover Repairs

Contrary to popular belief, mesh covers wont unravel at the first little tear. The interlocking weave will prevent spreading in most cases. A hole in a mesh safety cover can grow slightly larger, however, as the ends of the polypropylene threads fray and degrade in the sun and snow. Speaking of snow, a large amount of it, centered over a tear in a mesh safety cover, can cause a rip to grow larger. Solid safety covers, made of PVC-reinforced vinyl, almost never expand, even if left unpatched.

Patching your safety pool cover is always a good idea anyway, if for nothing else to keep sun and debris from falling in the hole. If the hole is very large, over 3 inches in diameter, or more than 6 inches long, a sewn patch or a panel replacement is probably in order.

To send a safety pool cover in for repair at the end of the season, clean it off well and remove all of the springs. Circle any repairs needed with chalk and roll up the cover tightly. Box it up and call your favorite safety cover dealer for estimates on repair pricing and where to ship the cover. After your cover is received, an exact quote is created, which you can then approve.

For smaller rips or tears to mesh safety covers, you can use two pieces of the safety cover material, sandwiched on both sides of the cover and adhered using rubber contact cement.

How To Inspect Your Pool Cover For The Winter

If the temperature dropping and the leaves falling into your yard hasn’t gotten the message across, it’s definitely time for you to close up your pool for the season. As veteran pool owners can attest to, it’s best to get your pool cover onbefore the leaves really start coming down to avoid cleaning them out of your pool . If you haven’t already decided to put your LOOP-LOC pool cover on for the season , there are some things you should do to ensure its longevity and continued use.

Aside from routine checks and maintenance, you should also remember to never let your children or pets onto your pool cover. As demonstrated, LOOP-LOC pool covers cansupport the weight of an elephant, but this is only to show the pure strength and durability of a LOOP-LOC brand pool cover. By letting children or pets walk onto your pool cover, you run the risk of creating a rip or tear . This is why it is always important to never let unsupervised children near a swimming pool, regardless of whether it is covered or uncovered.

If you have any questions regarding the integrity of your LOOP-LOC pool cover, pool cover maintenance and repair , don’t hesitate to contact your local LOOP-LOC pool cover and liner dealer or feel free to contact our LOOP-LOC customer service specialists who are more than happy to help.

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How To Install A Loop Loc Safety Pool Cover

The Loop Loc Safety Swimming Pool Cover can be installed on inground and above ground swimming pools. The Loop Loc Cover provides and additional level of safety to people in the area of your pool during the closing season or when the pool is not in use. The Loop Loc cover can be installed in anywhere from 2 10 hours depending on your skill level and the size of the Loop Loc Cover. The swimming pool shape can also offset the time it takes to install the cover as custom shape covers will take longer to install.

Of you are installing a new mesh Loop Loc cover you will also want to remove some water from the swimming pool so when it rains or snows the swimming pool wont over flow. Mesh style Loop Loc Safety Covers allow the water to drain through the cover into the swimming pool. If you leave the swimming pool at the normal water level with a mesh Loop Loc cover and your area gets a lor of rain or snow, your swimming pool could fill up with excess water and over flow. So its best to remove some water to make room for the rain and snow.

Measuring The Swimming Pool

The first thing you will need to do before you can install your new loop loc cover is to measure the Loop Loc cover and then measure your swimming pool to make sure that the cover you ordered and received is going to fit on your pool after it is installed.

Making Sure You Have All The Loop Loc Parts & Installation Accessories

Installing Brass Anchors Into Concrete

We Repair Duplicate And Make New Loop Loc Pool Covers Call Us Today Toll Free At 1

Loop Loc Safety Cover Removed From Pool

We repair and duplicate Loop Loc Pool Covers, directly through Loop Loc, or through one of our other partner manufactures. No obligation free quotes including free shipping both ways is available.

Bill Donaton co-invented the safety pool cover in 1957, and Loop Loc covers have been sold in every country except Antarctica! Loop Loc covers have been tested by Underwriters Labratories, and have earned the UL seal.

We work directly with Loop Loc, so you are not dealing with any middle men. We can give you a rough quote by phone for repairs or duplication, or you can also send pictures and a description of the repairs you need HERE. Speak with one of our repair experts today at 1-888-389-5065.

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What Is A Pool Safety Cover

Safety CoverspoolSafety CoversSafety Coverspool

Engracia Camacho

How to Build a Pool Cover From PVC Pipe

  • Put on all protective gear.
  • Measure the width and length of your swimming pool with a measuring tape.
  • Lay out the necessary PVC pipes that will make up the length of the swimming pool cover.
  • Dry-fit the pieces together.
  • Cut the pieces of 1-inch PVC pipe for the width of the pool.
  • Aiguang Fadiga

    Should I Remove Pool Cover Water

    It is vital to remove excess water from solid tarp style winter covers, commonly used on above-ground and some in-ground pools, to avoid damage to the cover and the pool. This can easily be done with a submersible pump on your pool cover whenever temperatures are above freezing, and liquid water is present.

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    Solid Pool Cover Repairs

    Solid pool covers, those that float on the water, are much less rip resistant than safety pool covers. And because they float on the water, small rips can contaminate the pool water or the pool water can flood the cover, making removal with your cover pump impossible without pumping out the pool at the same time!

    Similar to safety covers, a rip in your solid pool cover wont begin to unravel and leave you with a pile of floating polypropylene threads. The tight weave and the impregnated layers prevent spreading in most cases.

    Nonetheless, patching holes in your solid cover should be done ASAP to prevent the problems described above. Large holes or small separations along a seam can also be patched, but the likelihood of it being a permanent patch decreases. Holes of up to 12 inches in length are usually quite successful and can last for several seasons.

    If the hole is near the edge of the pool and your cover is a bit oversized , you may be able to shift the cover so that the hole is not in contact with the pool water, but is either over the deck, or in the area where the cover rises from the water to the edge of the pool coping. For aboveground pools that use an air pillow, positioning the air pillow under the hole can keep it safely up out of the water.

    How Do I Repair A Tear In My Pool Cover

    How to fold a Loop Loc pool cover

    4.8/5How To Repair a Pool Winter Cover

  • Clean the area in need of repair with rubbing alcohol.
  • Measure the length of the tear and cut the patch 2-3 inches larger than the tear.
  • Use a pair of scissors to round the edges of the repair patch.
  • Remove the adhesive backing on the patch.
  • Basic covers can often be repaired with a DIY kit you can purchase in stores. Automatic or retractable pool covers, however, should probably be looked at by a professional especially if you suspect the problem is with the motor.

    Likewise, how do you sew a pool cover? All you need to do is, bring the two torn pieces together, take a needle with an industrial strength nylon thread and start sewing them to stay together. If the tear is too big to handle, you can patch it up with a net patch. Place the patch to cover the torn area and sew it up altogether with your hand.

    In this regard, how much does it cost to replace an automatic pool cover?

    The Rest of the Story. While automatic pool covers save you in some areas with time and maintenance, it’s advisable to budget about $1,000 a year for your automatic cover. Why? When you replace your cover in usually about 5 to 6 years, it will cost you close to $5,000.

    Can you use duct tape to patch a pool?

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    Winter Pool Cover Repair

    This winter was a doozy! Tons of snow fell, and high winds threw down heavy, sharp branches on pool covers all across America.

    As the covers come off of millions of pools this spring, thousands of pool owners are facing a pool cover repair, or wondering if a repair will hold or if they should plan on buying a new pool cover in the fall.

    Pool cover repair can be successful, depending on:

    Age of the cover Repair materials used Method of repair

    Lets cover each of these areas of pool cover repair, to help you determine if a successful cover repair is likely, or if you should recycle or repurpose your old pool cover, bite the bullet, and buy a new one.

    Large Cover Holes During The Winter

    The way to repair large holes would be to obtain a larger patch to put over the hole. Depending on how large the holes are, another remedy would be to duct tape the area that is torn, if you can reach it. If it is warm enough, remove as much debris off the cover as possible. Remove the cover, lay it out in the yard and cut the size of the patch that you need to repair the large holes. Reinstall the cover. For safety covers, a panel replacement is usually done for large holes.

    Murphys law, however, will predict that a hole in your cover will be smack dab in the middle of the pool.

    If this is your situation, fold the cover on itself, so that the hole is out of the water, and any water on top of the cover is pushed to one end to your cover pump.

    Remove the cover from the pool if necessary, or you may be able to keep the pool half covered while you dry the area to be patched. To patch a solid cover, you can use rubber cement to hold two pieces of cover material together, sandwiched on both sides of the pool cover. You can also use duct tape, if you dont mind the MacGyver jokes.

    I would recommend that you use our Lightning Weld pool cover patches. The glue is formulated to hold fast to polypropylene fabric, resisting water, weather and sun, and the peel-n-stick process is fast and easy.

    Once you make it through winter, you can then decide if your pool cover is going to make it another winter, but first, you have to get through this one!

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    Pool Cover Installation Repair Port Monmouth Nj

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery except when it comes to your familys safety.

    So make sure you protect your family with The ELEPHANT Cover. The only mesh safety pool cover proven strong enough to support an elephant: LOOP-LOC. No other pool safety cover meets our quality standards or comes with our commitment to superior customer service.

    Pools & Spas Service, Inc. has been installing and servicing pool covers in the Port Monmouth NJ area for over 20 years. We are an exclusive dealer for LoopLoc Pool Covers and all of our installers are factory-trained and authorized. See our Pool Cover lines:

    Theres Only One LOOP-LOC. Here Are 14 Reasons Why:

    • Mesh construction lets rain and melting snow drain right through.
    • LOOP-LOC is so durable, its backed by a 15-year pro-rated warranty and so safe, it may reduce your liability insurance.
    • LOOP-LOC is so lightweight, putting it on and taking it off your pool is a snap.
    • LOOP-LOC blends beautifully into any backyard, with your choice of standard Spring Green or four optional Designer Colors.
    • LOOP-LOCs patented CABLE-LOC, GAPGUARD® and PROTECT-A-GAP Child Safety Intrusion Barriers close the gap created when a pool includes raised obstructions located at the covers edge.
    • The polyester bonded thread used in LOOP-LOC safety pool covers costs almost 10 times more than that used by some of our competitors.
    • Double perimeter webbing and double-thick straps give our pool covers an incredibly high break strength.

    How Much Do Loop Loc Covers Cost

    Installing a Loop Loc Pool Cover

    How Much Do These Covers Cost ? All custom Loop Loc covers are hand made to your specifications, and pool shapes and sizes vary greatly. Generally, custom covers cost anywhere between $1500 $6000, with smaller covers costing somewhat less, and larger, more complicated covers costing somewhat more.

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