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Can You Buy Replacement Liners For Intex Pools

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The Complete Guide To Above Ground Pool Liners

Overlap replacement liner over an intex pool 18×48

Its finally here. The day you walk outside and realize your above ground pool liner has become a mosaic of patches and quick fixes. And not in a pretty design, either. Its time to give in and get a new liner.

When you bought your above ground pool, it likely came as a packagethe frame, the liner, and maybe even the pump, ladder, and cover. You didnt have to make any decisions about those individual components. So how do you choose a replacement liner? And how do you care for it to make it last longer? Its just a matter of learning some terminology and a few maintenance tips, and youll be back to backstroking in no time.

Above Ground Pool Liners: Hard Side Or Soft Side

First things first. Soft-sided pools, such as Intex pools, are made of a single piece of material that serves as both liner and pool walls. Thats not what were talking about here.

Hard-sided above ground pools use liners. They offer some support to the liner, so the vinyl doesnt need to be quite as heavy duty as it is for a soft-sided pool. Unfortunately, the reduced durability can make the vinyl more vulnerable to damage, which eventually leads to the need to replace the liner.

Swimming Pool Vinyl Liners & Replacements

At 1st Direct Pools, we know how crucial a swimming pool liner is to both the look and functionality of your swimming pool.

Thats why we offer a range of quality swimming pool liners for both above-ground and in-ground pools at amazing prices! To make things even easier, we also offer a Swimming Pool Liner Calculator service so you can find and fit your swimming pool liner hassle-free.

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Protect Your Pool With A Safety Cover

Keep your family, friends, and pets safe this winter with a Safety Cover. A Safety Cover is the easiest, safest, and most economical choice over time. It makes closing your pool a breeze. Our covers are made in Canada with safety first in mind. Manufactured with lightweight, BioShade MeshTM material, our Covers offer a user-friendly design thats easy to handle, use, and store. The simple anchoring system lets you take your cover on or off with ease using the included installation bar.

Whats Included With Your Safety Cover?

Your new Safety Cover comes with a box of hardware that will be used during installation. The items included in these boxes are specific to each pool owners unique shape and specs and include:

  • Custom measurement to provide the best possible fit for your pool
  • Spring loaded anchors
  • Installation bar
  • Allan key with handle
  • Ability to cover pools with jump rocks, stone waterfalls, sheer descent waterfalls, and almost any other feature
  • Available in four great colours – Tan, Grey, Green & Blue

Can You Paint An Intex Pool Liner

Replacement Intex 14ft X 42in Round Prism Frame Pool LINER ...

Though some pool paints are manufactured solely for use on in-ground pools with concrete sides, some pool paints can be used to cover vinyl pool liners like those used to keep the water inside most above-ground pools. When choosing a paint to cover the liner, look for one formulated to adhere well in moist conditions.

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Above Ground Swimming Pool Liners

A new pool liner is a great way to update the look of your above ground pool. With loads of different colors, designs, shapes, and sizes to choose from, a pool liner from Dohenys can really brighten up your backyard. We carry a huge selection of overlap liners, beaded liners, overlap expandable liners, rectangular flat-bottom liners, and j-hook unibead liners.

What Is An Intex Metal

This 12-foot by 30-inch round Intex pool was the perfect fit for this family.

First things first, lets talk about what this swimming pool is. Designed to be solid, easy to assemble, and easy to maintain, Intexs metal-frame pools, like the 26710EH Prism, are the hybrid of a fixed-in-place, above-ground swimming pool and a temporary, removable swimming pool.

Constructed with a 3-ply, durable, puncture resistant liner that is held up by a powder-coated steel, rust-resistant frame, the pools can be purchased with or without a cleaning filter pump; although all of the Intex swimming pools come standard with filtration hookups and tubing so a pump can be added later, if desired.

Available in a variety of sizes and prices ranging from a basic 8-foot by 20-inch round pool at a cost of $109.99, all the way up to a 32-foot by 16-foot by 52-inch rectangular pool with a sand filtration system for $3,149.99, there are plenty of sizes and filtration options between that make it easy to find the perfect pool to suit your specific need.

Intended to be assembled and then maintained in place for extended periods of time, Intex metal-frame pools lend themselves to the concept that you can obtain the benefits of an installed swimming pool without the pricey expense of one.

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Above Ground Overlap Expandable Swimming Pool Liners

51 Item

  • $475.85Was$527.99FREE NEXT DAY

    The Pool Supplies Superstore is pleased to offer free next day delivery at no additional charge to most of the US for many of our most popular swimming pool supplies. Next Day Delivery Service does not mean Next Day Air, but simply that your qualifying products will be shipped from the warehouse closest to you resulting in delivery the next day. We do have a shipping charge of only $9.99 for orders under $100.00.

    Some details regarding this service:Other than for Pleasant Prairie, not all products are stocked at all locations and therefore not available for next day delivery. Only those items with a Next Day Delivery designation on the product page can be expected to arrive the next day and orders must be placed by 4 PM CT .

    If you reside in the next day delivery area served by our Pleasant Prairie facility, order in-stock products and place your order by 4 PM CT you should receive your order the next day . This applies to products even if they do not have a Next Day Delivery designation.Because next day delivery is not guaranteed for standard service and residential deliveries are made only Monday through Saturday though Saturday delivery is not guaranteed, there is a chance that our product will not arrive the next day. While we try our best, unexpected demand can cause products to occasionally be out of stock or create a warehouse backlog that also can prevent shipment the day of the order.

    Out of stock

  • In Ground Pool Liners

    installing an overlap expandable liner in an intex/coleman type pool part 2

    Make an old pool sparkle with one of our manydesigner style vinyl liners available in heavy 20, 25, 27, 28 and 30 mil thicknesses. Manufactured from 100% virginvinyl, these quality custom in ground swimming pool liners are made to fit your pool perfectly. Each pool liner istreated with a patented clear coat to protect it from UV exposure, chemicals, bacteria, fungus and algae.These liners are made so well they come with a 25 year warranty!

    Available in numerous shapes and sizes.

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    Add And Smooth The Sand

    If you used sand previously, check whether theres still enough to support the bottom of the pool. If not , lay enough sand to create a 3-inch bed across the entire inside of the pool.

    Level the sand bed using a push broom, then pack it down with a tamper. If you dont have a tamper, you may be able to rent a soil compacting tool from a local hardware store.

    How Do You Measure Durability

    No industry standard exists for precisely measuring the strength of pool liners, but the thickness can give you a sense of durability.

    Very thick liners can be cumbersome to install and tougher to get wrinkles out of. Poor fit or installation mistakes can affect your vinyl as well, so the thickest liner around may be only as good as its installation.

    Two units of measure refer to the thickness of above ground pool liners : mil and gauge.

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    Rectangular On Ground Pool Liners

    Our liners will fit Kayak® and Fanta Sea® rectangular on-ground pools and are backed by a 15-Year Warranty. On-Ground liners are U.V. protected and the highest quality you can buy at these prices. Upgrade your pool by installing a top quality liner this season.

    Available in Rectangle sizes for pools with 48″ walls.

    Swimming Pool Liner Information

    Swimming Pool Intex 18

    Renovate your Pool in a Weekend!

    Swimming pool liners are the most important aesthetic for vinyl pool owners, yet more importantly, they hold the water in the pool! A new pool liner and a few nice liner accessories can completely renovate and rejuvenate any tired looking vinyl pool.

    In The Swim supplies thousands of pool liners each year to homeowners just like you for DIY weekend liner installation. Choose from a wide variety of colors and patterns in several thicknesses. A thicker pool liner is less likely to puncture, hides uneven pool floor areas better, and may have a longer life span. Darker pool liners and swirl patterns tend to hide dirt and debris better than solid blue liners, and may have a small solar benefit.

    In The Swim carries all types of pool liners for aboveground pools – overlap, beaded, uni-bead and expandable liners. We stock pool liners available to ship same-day, in hundreds of round, oval and rectangular pool sizes. To fit your exact finished pool shape like a glove, custom made in-ground pool liners are fabricated from your basic pool measurements. Be sure to visit our Liner Accessories page before checkout; for new wall gaskets, floor padding, wall foam and pool cove, among other vinyl liner installation supplies.

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    Smartline Boulder Swirl Above Ground Pool Liners

    Smartline is a specialist in swimming pool liners, and its above-ground liner is one of the best-rated liners on Amazon.

    The Smartline Above Ground Pool Liner is a good-looking replacement liner for steel-sided pools. Made with heavy-duty 25-gauge vinyl, the Smartline Liner is a high-quality option that fits most pools.

    The Smartline liners come in a series of patterns and colors to spice up the look of your pool , fits just about every size pool there is, and is best installed with a pool pad that protects your new liner from debris on the ground.

    How To Clean Your Pool Liner

    Help your sanitizer work more effectively, prevent algae blooms, keep bacteria from setting up camp on your liner, and keep your water chemistry stable by properly cleaning your liner on a regular basis. And guess what? You dont have to drain the pool first. In fact, you dont want to drain the pool first.

    Draining your above ground pool can leave the liner vulnerable to damaging ultraviolet rays. It may also affect the integrity of the walls, or even cause your pool to collapse. Unless youre replacing the liner, dont drain your pool.

    When the time comes to replace the liner, be sure you know how to drain a pool before you start. Youll save yourself a lot of headaches and avoid costly mistakes.

    Youll need a few things to keep your liner clean.

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    Blue Wave Bead Liner For Above Ground Pools

    With an average 4.6 rating on Amazon, these Blue Wave Beaded Liners are a fast, efficient, and effective way to repair and improve your pool liner.

    They come in packsmeasure the circumference of your pool and load up accordingly. They can be cut and trimmed to fit, and when you install them, there is a comforting click that happens to let you know that the liner is in place.

    Made of long-lasting and durable PVC that will take a beating and can shore up your pool quickly and efficiently.

    Should You Buy The Intex 26710eh Prism Pool

    Expandable overlap liner in a Coleman/intex type pool update

    Is a metal-framed pool in your summer plans?

    Maybe. Do you like to swim? If so, then yes.

    The pool is large enough for my whole family to enjoy and durable enough to handle it. We are having an amazing time building lasting family memories, and it keeps my kids busy for hours a day; something that most parents would consider priceless.

    The pool does require maintenance in the form of testing and treating the water, as well as the ongoing expense of purchasing pool chemicals and replacement filters, but its all at a fraction of the cost of a more permanent pool, while still hitting the mark in providing most of the same benefits.

    But, and this is a big one, before jumping into your own Intex above-ground pool , you definitely need to consider the safety issues the pool may pose to young children, and whether your local rules and regulations allow pools of this design and size.

    I also cannot stress enough that Intex metal-frame pools must be set-up on ground that is extremely level and that attaining this may require extra work and costs.

    But, if these consideration boxes are easily checked off in your situation, then I wouldnt hesitate to add an Intex metal-frame pool to your summer plans.

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    Remove The Old Liner And Accessories

    Keep the top rail installed so it stabilizes the pool walls. Remove the skimmer and return, using a screwdriver and pliers.

    Using a utility knife, cut the liner a few inches below the top rail. Cut the liner into smaller pieces, so its easier to remove and discard.

    Remove the liner pad and coving, if you have them, so youre left with bare sand or dirt inside the pool walls. If you dug a hole to drain excess water, fill it in now.

    Different Types Of Liners

    Above ground pools will use one of three different types of liners. They can either be an overlap, unibead, or a beaded liner. If you are looking for an overlap liner, you will not need to know the height of your pool. Overlap liners come with extra material that will hang over the pool wall and will work for pools that are 48-inches to 54-inches in height. If you are replacing your liner with a unibead or beaded liner, knowing the height of the pool is absolutely necessary. These types of liners are made to fit the height of the pool exactly.

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    Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center

    For kids who are looking for a little more water action, theres this bright, inflatable play center that will keep them busy for hours. It comes with a water slide, wading pool, ring toss game and a ball roller game, complete with balls and rings. It also comes with a water sprayer, which can be attached to a garden hose, for extra wet fun.

    It measures 15.98 x 15.98 x 5.51 inches and holds up to 77 gallons of water. Recommended for ages 3-7, theres room for several kids to play at a time. Customers rave about this product and say its easy to set up and kids love it.;

    Whats Under The Above Ground Pool Liner

    UPC 078257312634

    Whoa, there! Before you just throw a new liner in the pool and call it good, make sure you also get a hiqh-quality liner pad. Its a protective layer that goes between the ground and the pool liner. It helps prevent punctures and lumps youd get if the liner were just sitting on bare ground.

    Liner pads are made from two materials.

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    Our Above Ground Swimming Pool Liners Feature

    Pool Warehouse carries only the best Above Ground swimming pool liners, our liners are the perfect addition to any above ground swimming pool. Each replacement vinyl pool liner is hand made and built to provide years of use. All of our above ground pool liners have been carefully designed to retain the maximum amount of pool water, create a protective barrier for the structure of the pool, and assist in maintaining structural integrity.

      • Made of 100% Virgin Vinyl Material: Our swimline solid blue Overlap above ground pool Liners are made of extra heavy duty, 100% Virgin Vinyl material that is super strong with its double welded seams to last long winters and hot summers.
      • Protected Against Chemicals and Fading:Our Swimline pool liners protect your above ground pool from damage from pool chemicals and UV fading keeping your pool kit looking new and lasting longer.
      • Cold Crack Resistance: Swimline pool liners have the best cold crack resistance in the industry. This means that your Solid Blue Overlap Above Ground Pool Liner is harder to break or crack in the cold, harmful weather.

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