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Chlorine Granules For Hot Tubs

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Setting Up Your Shiny New Hot Tub

Adding Chlorine to a Hot Tub

When a hot tub is filled with fresh water, it is important to add a sufficiently high dose of sanitiser. This can be done by adding 60g of chlorine granules per 1,500 litres of water to start the sanitation process and allowing the level to drop to 3-5mg/l before using your spa.

To dose your hot tub ready for use, we advise using chlorine or bromine granules. Then, ensure your spa water is at a normal level of 3-5 parts per million for free chlorine and 4-6 ppm for bromine before taking a dip.

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Pool Chlorine Granuless And Phrases Differ From Each Other

It depends on what you want to achieve when selecting a pool chlorine granules type. The small size of pool chlorine granuless makes them versatile. It is possible to carry small items in pockets. My pocket did not fit it, despite its size.

With wide margins, you can roll down a page easily. Poor-quality pool chlorine granuless have no place in search engine optimization.

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How Much Can You Afford

When buying hot tub chlorine granules, consider your budget first. Think about how much money you want to spend on hot tub chlorine granules and what type of return on investment you want from it. For example, if you buy a cheap hot tub chlorine granules that breaks down quickly, your ROI will be very low perhaps even negative! But if you buy a good hot tub chlorine granules in the first place, they may last longer and provide more value over time. This may seem obvious, but many people dont think about these things when shopping for things like hot tub chlorine granules.

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Is There A Difference Between Pool Chlorine And Hot Tub Chlorine

Unfortunately, pool chlorine and hot tub chlorine are not interchangeable. Liquid chlorine designed for pools should never be applied to a hot tub.

Here’s why:

  • Pools have a large volume of water so they can withstand a dose of concentrated liquid chlorine because there’s much more water to dilute it. Hot tubs are much smaller, which means liquid chlorine can actually cause damage.
  • Hot tubs are generally hotter than pools , which causes liquid chlorine to dissolve much more quickly and unevenly.
  • Pool chlorine contains certain additives to stabilize it. The stabilizers found in pool chlorine can actually affect your hot tub’s water chemistry, especially its pH, and cause it to drift out of the hot tub’s safe range.

How To Add Chlorine To A Hot Tub

Chlorine Granules

Now you know what type to use and how to measure out the correct amount, Ill go over the process of actually adding the chlorine to your hot tub.

  • Turn your spa pump on so the water is circulating. This helps to distribute the granules so they can dissolve evenly.
  • Slowly pour the chlorine granules into your hot tub as the pump is running.
  • Let the water circulate until the chlorine has had time to dissolve, usually around 15-20 minutes.
  • Test the water to ensure it is in the appropriate range for safety and comfort. The recommended level is 1-4 ppm.
  • Chlorine can be toxic if handled incorrectly, so its important that you follow these instructions carefully. You should wear protective gloves, avoid mixing the chlorine with anything besides adding it to your spa water, and not store chlorine directly next to other chemicals as this could create a fire hazard.

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    What If You Add Too Much Chlorine To Hot Tub Water

    Adding too much chlorine to a hot tub can cause burning, irritation, and even vomiting.

    If youre using bleach as your chemical of choice for shocking the water, its best to do so in the morning before people use the tub later that day. This way, there isnt any residual chlorine lingering around when someone gets into the water.

    Can You Put Chlorine Granules In A Floater

    It isnt recommended to do this. Pool floaters or dispensers were built with chlorine tablets in mind. They were designed in such a way as to allow chlorine tablets to dissolve slowly. Most chlorine granules dissolve rapidly, so putting them in the floater can cause you to run out of chlorine faster.

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    How Much Chlorine To Add To A Hot Tub For The First Time

    Buying a hot tub is a large investment so its important to take good care of it. Chlorine is something you will need to add frequently but adding too much chlorine can make your skin itch and give you a rash.

    The first time you fill your new hot tub with water, how much chlorine should you add? Do you need to add chlorine at all? After all, you just filled it with city water that is safe for you to drink!

    Getting chlorine levels right on the first setup of the season is important, especially if you have a new hot tub or it has been empty for a while.

    In this post, well discuss how to get your hot tub set up for the first time, including achieving the correct chlorine levels and the other chemicals, as well as how to take care of it to keep it at its best all season long.

    The Best Hot Tub Chlorine Granules Buying Guide

    Chlorine Tablets v Chlorine Granules? Do Both!

    You may have a special project that requires a hot tub chlorine granules. If you dont already know which is the best one, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the selection available. Were here to help! Weve compiled this buying guide, which has everything you need to choose the right product for your needs. Read on to discover the best and how to spot a fake.

    Here are a few tips to consider before making a purchase:

    • Find a good quality product: The quality of the product is important. You want to ensure that it will work perfectly and last for years, so buy high-quality products only.
    • Take a close look at durability: If the product doesnt last long, then whats the point of buying it? You need something that will last for years, so look for user experiences and build.
    • Does the brand have a good reputation: Many brands are selling similar products, but it is important to know which ones are reputable and have good customer service if something goes wrong.
    • How do users feel about the product: Look at other users feedback on their experience with hot tub chlorine granules. This will give you an idea of how well it works and whether or not they think it was worth the money they spent on it.
    • Warranty policy: A warranty is a guarantee that if anything goes wrong with your product within a certain period. You can get it repaired or replaced without having to pay any extra charges or only pay a small fee.

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    When Should I Add Chlorine To My Hot Tub

    You should generally add chlorine to your hot tub every 1-3 days depending on usage. A typical use of one person taking a 15-minute soak once a week might only require adding chlorine every 2-3 days, while more frequent use can mean topping up the chlorine every day.

    Another factor that contributes to how often you need to add chlorine is the total amount of bathers in your hot tub at one time. If there are more people using the spa then it will become dirtier faster and need more frequent sanitizing since the effectiveness of the chlorine becomes diluted with each person added.

    Essentially, you need to measure how much chlorine is in your spa daily using so youll know how often to put more in.

    It doesnt really matter what time of day you add chlorine, but just know youll want to wait around 30 minutes before getting in the hot tub after you do.

    Generally, Id recommend adding chlorine right after using your hot tub so it can get to work eliminating any bacteria or other potential contaminants that were introduced. Its also a good idea to avoid adding it in direct sunlight, because UV rays can drastically reduce chlorines effectiveness.

    Top Rated Chlorine Granules For Hot Tub Reviews

    Since weve mentioned 10 different models of Chlorine Granules For Hot Tubs on the above list, it may be difficult for you to find the right one for your needs. This is why we listed the key features of each of these Chlorine Granules For Hot Tubs below:

    • Acts as a sanitizer and an oxidizer no need for two products
    • May be added directly to spa, no predissolving needed
    • Add as needed to maintain 3-5ppm
    • Acts as a sanitizer and an oxidizer no need for two products
    • May be added directly to spa, no predissolving needed.
    • Quick dissolving

    Product Highlights:

    • BENEFITS: Destroys organic contaminants to maintain clean, clear, sanitized water helps control algae growth
    • USE: Specifically formulated for spa and hot tubs can be used as a shock treatment
    • COMPATIBILITY: Chlorine sanitizing systems

    Product Highlights:

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    What Happens If You Put Too Much Chlorine In A Hot Tub

    If your chlorine level gets too high, it can irritate your skin, eyes, and respiratory system. It can also damage your hot tub by corroding its components, or bleaching the shell.

    Since you can’t exactly remove chlorine from a hot tub once it’s been added, you might find it easiest to just wait until the level lowers naturallychlorine dissipates on its own pretty quickly.

    But if you’re impatient, there are a couple of things you can do to speed up the process:

    • Leave your cover off for couple hours: This will allow more water to evaporate into the air.
    • Replace some of the water: You don’t need to drain all of the waterjust remove enough to allow for a couple inches of fresh water to be added. This should be enough to get your chlorine levels down.

    Whether you decide to try these suggestions or just wait it out, you should avoid using the hot tub until the chlorine levels have come down enough to be safe.

    Did you know? Chlorine should have barely any odor if used correctly. ‘Swimming pool smell’ is actually the result of chloramineschemical compounds released when the sanitizer mixes with unwanted contaminants.

    If you ever experience a chemical odor from your chlorine spa that smells overpowering, it’s a sign you need to shock your water. This will kill the contaminants your chlorine has encountered, and convert it back to ‘free chlorine’ so it can be effective again.

    How To Use Chlorine In A Spa: The Ultimate Guide

    Rendezvous Granular Hot Tub Chlorine 4.5 lbs.

    As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

    Chlorine is a chemical that helps kill bacteria and other contaminants in your hot tub. When you add chlorine to the water, it has a sanitizing effect that can last for daysbut it will eventually dissipate, and then you’ll need to add more to keep the hot tub clean and safe.

    In this article, I’ll be discussing exactly how to add chlorine to your hot tub, some of the benefits of using chlorine as a sanitizer, and also some reasons why you might choose not to use it. I’ll also mention some alternative methods for maintaining cleanliness in your hot tub.

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    Chlorine Tablets Vs Granules The Great Showdown

    Most hot tub or swimming pool owners that we talk to choose chlorine as their main water sanitiser simply because its so effective at killing bacteria and beats harmful build-up of the unwanted bacteria in your water. Over the years, the supply of chlorine has been developed by many manufacturers resulting in some confusion as to whether granules or tablet forms of chlorine are the best products for hot tub or swimming pool owners.

    Understanding your hot tub water chemistry may seem daunting, but with our expert advice, we hope that you find out more about maintaining your hot tubs chlorine level, water temperature and the common methods used to control calcium hardness and our products used to kill bacteria.

    Should you have any questions regarding our hot tub chemicals, please waste no time and be sure to give our team a call today.

    Today, we are going to take a deep dive into chlorine looking at usage, effectiveness, cost, and safety to help you find the perfect solution for your hot tub.

    Can You Use Chlorine In A Hot Tub

    Recently, we were asked the question, “Can you use chlorine in a hot tub?” To which we replied in effect: it all depends on what you mean by ‘chlorine.’ This question often comes up when someone runs out of granular chlorine for their hot tub. They either find some swimming pool chlorine after rummaging through their shed, or purchase swimming pool chlorine with the thought of saving some money. Yes, when you look at the label found on liquid chlorine the ingredients are confusingly similar to the granule chlorine made for hot tubs. But, using this type of chlorine isn’t as easy as simply tweaking the concentrations and hoping for the best swimming pool and hot tub chlorine are altogether entirely different products. The same is true with liquid bleach.

    While swimming pool chlorine seems like it would be a budget-friendly alternative to expensive hot tub granular chlorine, going this route will cost you far more in the long run than you would expect to save by foregoing the granular chlorine designed for your spa.

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    Why Add Chlorine To Hot Tub Water

    What’s The Best HOT TUB Sanitizer: CHLORINE or BROMINE? | Swim University

    Chlorine is the most common chemical used in a hot tub, and its added for disinfectant purposes.

    It helps kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae, and other microorganisms that may make you sick if they get into the water. Without chlorine or another sanitizer, the hot tub water will get cloudy, bloom algae, and potentially mold.

    While there are other sanitizers that can be used, chlorine is a popular choice because it is cost-effective, easy to use, and great at what it does.

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    How Do I Add Chlorine Tablets To My Hot Tub

    The amount of chlorine released is controlled by adjusting the dial of a floating chemical dispenser. A little bit of trial and error might be needed at first to find the sweet spot on your chemical floater that maintains the desired levels of chlorine. However, once you have found the level that works for you it should be relatively easy to keep chlorine levels consistent.

    Can I Use Chlorine Tablets In My Hot Tub

    Its generally not a good idea to use chlorine tablets in your spa. This is because chlorine tablets are made with Trichlor, which is acidic and can cause your pH to drop. Chlorine granules are a better option because they are closer to pH neutral.

    However, if you have an inflatable or other type of non-acrylic spa, chlorine tabs are okay to use because there wont be the same risk of bleaching an unsightly line around the shell as there is with acrylic spas.

    If you do decide to use chlorine tablets, youll need to keep a close eye on your pH and alkalinity levels. You can expect these to read lower than the ideal range more frequently than if you just used granules.

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    Are Chlorine Granules Or Chlorine Tablets More Cost Effective

    The good news is whichever method of chlorine you use to stabilise the water in your hot tub, the costs are pretty similar.

    If you opt for the SpaChem Spa Chlorine Granules, a 1kg tub will currently cost you £16.92. If, however, you prefer to use the SpaChem Spa Chlorine 20g tablets, a 1kg tub will currently cost you £14.83.

    So luckily, on this occasion, price isnt a huge influencer.

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    How To Tell There Is Too Much Chlorine In Your Hot Tub

    AquaSparkle Stabilised Chlorine Granules

    Most people think the bleach smell means that there is too much chlorine in the hot tub water. In fact, the opposite is true. The characteristic smell of bleach results from what chlorine does: it is the resultant chloramines left behind, as the chlorine breaks down in the water.

    So, when you smell that bleachy smell, it actually means your chlorine has done its job and has run out.

    Always test the water to know for sure and either dilute it with fresh water or let it sit for a while and test again. You can also add a chlorine neutralizer to reach a safe level of chlorination again.

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