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Do It Yourself Inground Pool Kits

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Cheap Inground Swimming Pool Construction

Another DIY Swimming Pool Kit From – Plan Your Pool Build Today!

So, with this guide, you don’t have to rush because the making process will take a while. If you’re looking for a guide that will assist you to make an in-ground swimming pool right away, I suggest you check another guide. This project took 3 weeks to finish, and the materials cost under $2000 which is a fair price if you ask me. The rest of the making process is straightforward and easy-going.

What Is A Swimming Pool Kit

A swimming pool kit includes all of the necessary components required to install a swimming pool in a backyard. The main difference between a swimming pool and a swimming pool kit is the filter unit. A swimming pool consists of a liner, support rails and a frame. The swimming pool kit includes a filter and pump station, as well as decking or platforms to sit on the edge of the pool. Many kits also provide an access ladder to aid in the process of getting in and out of the pool.

When deciding on the addition of a swimming pool kit to a home site, the main focus should be on location. The swimming pool kit should be located on a flat area with plenty of sunlight. Installing a pool into a shady area or underneath trees will result in a swimming pool that is difficult to keep warm and requires continual cleaning. Constant and direct sunlight throughout the day will aid the pool’s chemicals in keeping the pool clean and ready for use.

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Why Choose Pool Supplies Canada

Our basic and complete pool packages are designed to create an easy decision making process for prospective pool owners. At Pool Supplies Canada we take pride in the quality of the materials, liners and equipment which make up our inground swimming pool packages. We carry a fantastic variety of designs and liners to help make a big splash with all of your friends and family!

Our inground swimming pool kits feature:

  • Top quality G235 zinc-coated 14 gauge galvanized steel wall panels with Z rib internal supports for optimum strength
  • 5 inches wide top and bottom flanges the industrys thickest and most rugged for additional support, with a standard wall panel height of 42 inches
  • Panels have 45° miter and 90° corners with gusset plates our corners are stronger than any other in the industry, including those that are overlapped, cut and bent, or welded
  • Unique, heavy-duty notched A-Frame that provides unparalleled strength and durability
  • Every steel panel and brace has 2.35 oz. of zinc galvanization per square foot to protect against corrosion the heaviest coating of zinc galvanization you can buy!
  • Straight and curved wall panels with 7 strategically located holes at both ends to ensure positive and accurate alignments
  • End panels with recessed ends for seamless panel connection

Compare our inground kits, see the difference!


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Your City Might Require It


Depending on where you live, the building codes in your city might require you to work with a professional contractor when installing a pool on your property. This isnt true for all cities, but it is an important thing to check when youre thinking about DIYing your pool.

You might not have another choice but to hire a professional contractor.

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Welcome To The Fiberglass Pool Factory

WHY FIBERGLASS? No Liner, Low Maintenance, Great Warranty, Design, Installation and Manufacturing Technology. All reasons to have a great swimming pool for your family. Over 17 years of innovation have resulted in the creation of the world’s best fiberglass swimming pool shell. Our proprietary gel coat and laminate construction ensures our inground pools withstand all climate conditions and soil types in any location – worldwide. Fiberglass Pool Shells From $7995 Call For Free Consultation 800 958 5088

Additional Information On Our Inground Pool Kits

Inground Pools vs Above Ground Pools

Whats the difference between an inground and above ground pool?

With an inground pool you can have:

  • A deep end
  • Walk-in steps, for enhanced accessibility

Inground Pool Tips

  • You can save thousands of dollars by installing your inground pool yourself
  • Before purchasing an inground pool ensure that you have ample space in your backyard and take into consideration potential roadblocks like buried gas lines or septic systems
  • When installing your pool make sure you double and triple check all your measurements
  • During installation of your pool ensure every bolt is fastened tightly
  • When installing your inground pool the ground must be properly graded
  • Inground pools with resin components can be used with a salt water system
  • Only install a slide or diving board if your inground pool has enough depth

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Above Ground Converted Swimming Pool

If you happen to already have an above ground swimming pool but you want something inground, you can simply convert your existing pool to an inground model. This takes a bit of work but it can be done by just about anyone and it saves you thousands over buying a new inground pool. Above ground pools are so much less expensive and with just a little bit of extra preparation, you can turn that cheaper pool into one that looks wildly expensive. This is a beautiful transformation for your backyard pool.

Should You Build Your Own Pool Or Hire Inground Pool Contractors

Swimming Pool Kit DIY Installation Video. Pool Warehouse, Inground Swimming Pool Kit Installation.

Well, despite the world trying its hardest, we finally managed to make it to summer. The problem is, because of being cooped up inside due to COVID-19, we cant enjoy the summer favorites we usually love.

That is unless you take the pool to your backyard instead.

Installing a pool gives you a way to cool off from the summer heat without having to leave your property. The only question left is whether you should build the pool yourself or hire inground pool contractors.

Weve put together this guide to help you find out the best option for you. So lets get started!

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Diy All Natural Swimming Pond

You can build your own all natural swimming pond and share it with nature. Even if you decide to keep this one for only swimming, its a lovely pool that has such a gorgeous natural pond look. This one is relatively simple to build and you can have it completed in just a couple of weekends. This one has a solar powered filtration system and it doesnt require chlorine or other chemicals to keep it clean.

Tutorial: diyncrafts

Do It Yourself Inground Swimming Pool Kits

Medallion Pools inground pools have been sold as kits and installed by homeowners since our company was founded in 1960. Just take a look at the installation outline below to get an idea of what is involved. Please note that this page is not a complete installation manual and should not be used as such. Remember, an installation manual is included with every pool and spa kit sold and, if you have any questions, our Customer Support personnel are ready to help answer them.

Set up the walls and braces
Pour the concrete bond beam
Trowel the pool bottom

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Diy Inground Fiberglass Pools

Since were first and foremost fiberglass pool experts, we think its a good idea to start here. Its not uncommon for people to request just the fiberglass pool shell, but what does the DIY installation process entail?

1) Well, to start, it means doing your own excavation. Typically, this requires renting a trackhoe which can cost around $2,000 per week.

2) Youll also have to have the dirt hauled away unless you have space to keep it on your property. Trust us when we say its a lot of dirt. There are 1.35 tons of dirt per cubic yard . For example, a 15×30 inground pool that goes from 3 to 6 will add up to at least 60 tons of dirt.

You may opt to hire your own crew to dig the hole, who may or may not bring their own equipment and haul the dirt away for you. While you might save some money doing this part of the job yourself , you definitely wont save any time or energy.

A do it yourself fiberglass pool installation makes you the supervisor of the project, and ultimately, you are in charge of how everything turns out. When we handle it for you, you dont have the headache of worrying about whether your pool project is being done right.

3) Next, you have to install the shell. This is very important because the pool shell needs to be level. If you do this part wrong, you could end up with spider cracks on your beautiful new pool before you ever really get started.

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Building An Inground Swimming From Scratch

Inground Pool Kits Do it Yourself Inground Pools Vinyl ...

Here is another in-ground swimming pool that you can build from scratch, no pool kit used, so get ready to get your hands dirty. You’ll first sketch how you want the pool to look before digging the designated area.

You’ll need a small road construction equipment/tractor to properly give the edges of the pool hole a definite square shape. The rest of the making process is challenging, but with other hands to assist you, it’ll get easier.

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What Do I Need To Purchase That Is Not Normally Included In The Fiberglass Pool Shell Price

These expenses are usually separate from the shell purchase:

  • the equipment to complete the excavation
  • a crane to set the pool if needed
  • water to fill the pool
  • the backfill material
  • any necessary plumbing fittings and pipe
  • the pool equipment if not included

This is a very rough pricing guide to give you some concept of the expense of these items.

Equipment rental : $2,000

Crane: $400$800

Water : $700$1,200

Backfill material: $1,000$2,000

Please note that these are averages and may vary dramatically from region to region.

Diy Swimming Pools Take The Stress Out Of Buying A Fibreglass Swimming Pool

DIY Swimming Pools sells you a swimming pool kit and guarantees its delivery to your nominated address anywhere in:

  • Sydney and country New South Wales
  • Melbourne and country Victoria
  • Brisbane and country Queensland
  • Adelaide and South Australia

DIY Swimming Pools gives a 25-year structural guarantee on your swimming pool kit and our guarantee actually means what it says because we have been in the fibreglass swimming pool kits business for over three decades and we intend to be around a lot longer.

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Will I Need Planning Permission

The majority of local authorities do not insist on planning permission for self build swimming pools projects undertaken in the back garden of a domestic property in the UK. However, if you are considering installing pool buildings over your pool then permission is required and you are advised to consult your local authority before commencing your pool build. Even though planning permission is not normally required All Swim recommends that you contact your local authority before commencing any work in order to check the requirements of local legislation.

Additional Supplies That Youll Need

How To Build An Open Pour Top Swimming Pool Kit Tanning Ledge And Step

The liner pool kit should contain most of what you will need to construct the pool, but there are still many things that you will need to complete the installation. These include:

  • Concrete
  • Basic hand tools
  • Excavators for digging the hole

Installing a pool is a major construction project, so youll probably need many other supplies along the way. If you hire a contractor to do the installation for you, they should provide a list of the necessary materials and most likely source them for you.

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How Much Money Does A Diy Fiberglass Pool Really Save Me

This is a great question.

Be careful not to get too excited after checking the initial price of the inground fiberglass pool shell.

A lot of expenses are not covered in that price.

You want to be thorough on the front end so your budget doesn’t get obliterated by a surprise expense during the project.

To answer the question of how much do you save, let’s look at an example.

Say you have an inground fiberglass pool around 30 ft. long without any concrete patio.

For a professional to fully install this, it would normally cost anywhere from $40k$55k in our area.

A DIYinstallation of the same fiberglass pool would probably equate to a savings of $6k$10k.

These savings are typically balanced out by the time and effort you’ll have to personally expend on the project, particularly if you haven’t installed any fiberglass pool shells on your own in the past.

We no longer sell fiberglass pool shells directly to consumers, because we’ve found the risks and drawbacks to DIY fiberglass pool installation projects will often outweigh any cost savings you’ll get from doing it all yourself.

As always, we recommend working with a reputable installer with the experience and expertise necessary to install your fiberglass pool quickly and safely. You can see what a done-for-you installation might cost, with all the options and add-ons you may desire, with our Design and Price tool. Just click the button below to start creating your perfect pool:

More Fiberglass Pools 800 958 5088

Curvette Pool Scroll Down For Pricing.

About Fiberglass Swimming Pools Fiberglass swimming pools began to be manufactured in the 1950s, an idea that arose from the manufacture of boats with this material. In addition to boats, there are several other products that are made of fiberglass, such as helicopter products, medical equipment and aircraft bodies, and therefore a material that is highly resistant to temperature and pressure changes. The fiberglass pool is the one that has the largest capacity among the pool types, it is also the one that has the least time to be installed.

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Do It Yourself Fiberglass Pools: The Ultimate Diy Project

DIY Fiberglass Pools | Cost and Pricing

Since 2001 we at River Pools have installed over 1,000 fiberglass swimming pools. We get many questions every day about DIY fiberglass pool installations.

We want to address many of these questions and also provide a resource that can help you install your own fiberglass pool.

If you’re just starting your research, you’re probably thinking: “Fiberglass pools are conceptually easy to install. You just dig a hole and set it in, right?”

Well, yes, although it may not be quite as simple as it seems at first glance.

However, fiberglass pools are a perfect Do-It-Yourself project for anyone with basic excavation and plumbing experienceand, of course, time.

If you are considering a DIY fiberglass pool you probably have several questions like:

  • How much money do I save with a DIY fiberglass pool?
  • What resources do I need to provide that are not normally included with the fiberglass pool shell?
  • What are some common problems associated with Do It Yourself fiberglass pools?
  • Is there a comprehensive installation guide available that can walk me through every aspect of installing the fiberglass pool?

How To Build An Inground Swimming Pool

Round Swimming Pool Kits

With this guide, the creator had to get his hands on some building codes before he started working, you might want to do the same if necessary. The first step is like a sketch of the pool using wood, then he begins to dig and rebar.

Next, was finite, it’s not easy to do your concrete work in this size, but the creator made it happen regardless. The making process is slow, steady, and easy to follow.

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Diy Concrete Inground Swimming Pool

This is a comfortable in-ground pool built in flat ground, but you can also decide to build it in a backfilled or hole. This is a 13″x 22″X 5″ concrete in-ground pool that cost $7000 for the materials and tools. This project needs a lot of time, work, and precision.

The creator built this pool with his son, so you’ll need some extra hands to assist you to get the job done, one man can’t build this pool alone. The creator also had a retaining wall, which was an added advantage for him.

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