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Do Pool Alarms Really Work

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Types Of Pool Barriers

How Does The LifeBuoy Pool Alarm Work?

Pool barriers arent 100% guaranteed to keep children or pets out of the pool area, but they can slow down the efforts of those natural-born Houdinis to give you a little more time to react.

There are several types of pool barriers to choose from, but you should check your state and local laws before making a purchase to ensure your pick is up to code. For example, California requires a five-foot fence for residential pools.1

Best Immersion Sensor For In

It is also known as a sub-surface detector. These alarms are fixed at one part of the pool. Some models require drilling holes to set the device in place.

Among other types of alarms, these ones are far less likely to disturb you with false alarms. The underwater sensor is only triggered by changes in pressure, so surface activities like a falling leaf wont set it off.

Smart Pool PE23 Pool Eye AG/IG

If you want the loudest pool alarm, this might be the device for you.

Its also powered by a 9 volts battery and sounds off at jarring 101 decibels, equivalent to the sound of a motorcycle.

A smart pool is sensitive enough to detect people going into the water but not with smaller objects like tiny balls or shirts. This is best used for pools not larger than 18 by 36 feet.

Not everyone is impressed by how this device is installed, though. There are several screws to tinker with. So youre going to have to drill on the side of your pool to use this. It also needs to be placed on a corner of the pool with a platform above it.

Turning the alarm off is also pretty tedious. Youll need to use the magnetic key while pressing a button at the same time. It also has a receiver you can take inside the house, but its effective range is only 100 feet.

When using the pool, use the key while pressing the button to turn on swim mode. The device will reactivate on its own after the water sits still for 5 minutes.



Blue Wave Pool watch Alarm System



The Best Pool Alarms To Keep Kids Safe In 2022

Getting the right pool alarm is a simple way to protect your child or pet from getting injured or drowning in your pool. A reliable pool alarm should be sensitive enough to detect children or animals in your water but not overly sensitive that it triggers false alarms .

With those criteria in mind, our picks for the best pool alarms are the PoolGuard PG-RM2 Pool Alarm or the PoolEye Immersion Pool Alarm . Because these two alarms are immersable, theyre more reliable at sensing disturbances in your water and theyre less likely to trigger false alarms.

However, if you have smaller pets or you want a portable alarm for a smaller pool or hot tub, the Pool Patrol PA-30 Pool Alarm is a better option.

For more information about how pool alarm works and what features to look for, you can watch the quick video tutorial below. Or keep reading for our complete guide to pool alarms and our recommendations.

FYI: Were a small team of pool industry experts and researchers that care about recommending quality, reliable pool products. If you choose to click a link and buy any of the products we recommend, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

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The 9 Best Pool Alarms

Whether you have in above-ground pool or an in-ground pool at home, kitting it out with a proper pool alarm is vital.

If someone who cant swim a toddler or a pet, for instance falls into the pool, the sensor will trigger a siren so you can save them from drowning. The best pool alarm can literally be a life saver.

Now, as with all pool equipment, youll soon find that youre overwhelmed with options when youre looking for swimming pool alarms. Today, well be giving you a snapshot of all the strongest models in this space. Well highlight where they stand and fall so you can make the best-informed decision for your needs.

Now, while this is a reasonably straightforward buying decision compared to some pool equipment, youll still benefit from paying attention to a few key pointers:

OK, with that framework in place, you should be perfectly positioned to explore the best pool alarms out there. See what you think of the top 9 pool alarms at a range of different price points and styles. is reader-supported. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you.

Fences For Temporary Pools

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* price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

Safety rope lines float on top of the water to delineate the deep end of the pool. The floating buoys give kids a constant visual reminder to stay in the shallow end where they can touch the bottom and stand up if needed.

Of course, its very easy for kids to ignore safety rope lines, so an adult should always be present to enforce pool rules.

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What Can Go Wrong With A Swimming Pool

Common Swimming Pool Problems

  • Water Thats Gone Green. Uh-oh.
  • Excess Debris In The Pool. Is your pool filter not doing its job?
  • Water Level Too Low. Its very important to keep your pools water level at a steady, healthy point.
  • Black Spots In The Pool. Even a clean pool might develop black spots against its bottom or sides.
  • Pump Burning Out.

Do Pool Alarms Really Work

Yes, they do. But certain types of alarms are more effective and reliable than others. And while pool alarms are an important tool to keep your pool safe, youll also want to consider adding other layers of protection and detection, like a gate alarm.

Pool alarms use sensors in the water to detect when something like a child or pet unexpectedly enters your pool. Floating pool alarms detect ripples and motion on your pools surface. Other alarms are immersed underwater where they detect motion or water thats been displaced because something has gotten in your pool.

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Lifebuoy Pool Alarm System

A multi-pronged approach is always best when it comes to pool safety. This is the attitude that Lifebuoy has taken with their pool alarm system, which features multiple sensors in their floating alarm to detect movement and disruption of pool water.

Designed as a set it and forget it system, the alarm activates after ten minutes of no movement. The alarms themselves are fully customizable from an app on your smartphone. Connecting to the floating alarm by Bluetooth, you can change the status of the alarm, how sensitive the alarm is, and even the length of the alarm when it goes off.

The Lifebuoy can be used in every kind of pool and spa, whether its an above ground swimming pool or your hot tub. One feature that is particularly noteworthy is that the alarm is built to detect when a pool cover is removed, one of only a handful of alarms that are able to do this.

Types Of Pool Alarms And How They Work

Poolguard Model: PGRM-2 Inground Pool Alarm Installation Video

There are several types of pool alarms that are triggered when someone enters the pool itself, and there are alarms that are triggered when someone enters the pool area. Since pool alarms can help with drowning prevention, its important to understand everything about them. To make sure you know about all of the pool alarm options available to you, lets first talk about wave alarms.

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Benefits Of Having A Pool Alarm

Vigilance is the best way to prevent your family members or pets from drowning but using a pool alarm does save lives.

A pool alarm is an electronic monitoring system that generates sounds when children, pets, or anyone else falls into your unsupervised pool.

Many people have argued that its a waste of money to have a pool alarm, but a pool alarm works, and it saves lives. Pool alarms come in different types. Here are some benefits of these life-saving devices per pool type:

Poolguard Above Ground Swimming Pool Alarm

This Poolguard floating pool alarm is not subtle. But then again, who said pool safety had to be?

Fashioned as a floating red pylon, the Poolguard uses sub-surface detection to catch errant falls and jumps into the water. This form of alarm-tripping is more effective as things over the surfacea sudden burst of wind, hard rain, or even an object hitting the pyloncan set off false alarms.

The bright red pylon serves as a notice for neighborhood kids thinking about hopping the fence and jumping into your pool, and the alarm is designed to be tamper-proof, going off should someone try to pull it out of the water.

Specifically designed for above-ground pools that dont have ladders and hard pool-sides for installation.

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Pooleye Pe14 Above Ground Pool Alarm

Keep the kiddos safe and unwanted swimmers out of your pool with the PoolEye Alarm. Specially designed for above ground pools, the PoolEye PE14 is a battery operated wave detection alarm. The water motion sensor emits a loud siren when activated that is so loud anyone in proximity of the pool will be alerted. According to our state we need an alarm for our above ground pool. This was easy to install, and when you enter the side of the pool it emits a high pitched siren sound. Its easy to turn off and its easy to reset. reviews one happy pool owner on . The PoolEye protective technology features an underwater ruddered wand that is activated when something enters the pool only triggering when there is something or someone actually in it.

How Does A Pool Alarm Work

Swimming Pool Alarm System  How Does It Work And Why Is It ...

4.5/5pool alarmspoolalarmpool

Thereof, do pool alarms really work?

The Good Housekeeping Institute found the PoolGuard pool alarm was 100 percent reliable and the above ground pool model was just as effective. June 26 It can happen so quickly. But more than 350 children drown each year in private pools. It’s the fourth-leading cause of death for children under five.

Similarly, what is the best pool alarm? The Best Pool Alarm

  • Best overall: Poolguard DAPT-2 Water Hazard.
  • Best inground pool alarms: PoolGuard PGRM-2.
  • Best above ground pool alarms: SafeFamilyLife by SafertyTech.
  • Best pool door alarm: Techko S187D Safe Pool Alarm.
  • Best floating pool alarm: Lifebuoy Pool Alarm System.

Also question is, how much does a pool alarm cost?

A pool alarm is a great way to keep your family safe, but it can be quite costly. The eight pool alarms we tested cost an average of $183. All but one of the devices we used cost more than $100, but you can expect each to have about one year of battery life.

Do I need a pool alarm?

Most cities and states have pool safety laws that require homeowners to have a pool alarm and/or a pool gate alarm. A pool door or gate alarm is another type of safety barrier that sounds a loud and immediate alert when someone opens the door or gate leading to the pool area.

From pool barriers like fences and nets to chemical safety, here are 4 ways to help make your swimming pool safe.

  • Install A Pool Barrier Such As A Removable Pool Fence.
  • Install A Pool Alarm.
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    Blue Wave Poolwatch Alarm System

    This alarm attaches to the pool deck and submerges partially into your water.It meets high safety standards and is NSF certified.

    Once it is installed, it will sound an alarm whenever an object weighing over 18 pounds enters the pool. This means that you wont have false alarms because of something like the wind, but you may want to consider another model if you have a small dog.

    It comes with a receiver with a 100-foot wireless range so you will be able to receive the alarm in the home as well. It is easy to install and use.

    Price: ~$200

    What Users Say: This has been great. Very loud alarm. Unless a strong hard storm it doesnt go off unless something goes in that is big enough to set it off.

    Lifebuoy Pool Alarm System Premium Choice

    When it comes to safety, reliability is key. Luckily, the Lifebuoy Pool Alarm System is a reliable device that offers some great features to keep your little ones safe. For example, this is one of the only alarms that works when a pool is covered. Most alarms wont function with a cover over the pool, but the Lifebuoy will still work just fine, ensuring that your loved ones are always protected. The swim mode on this alarm automatically reactivates after you swim so that you never have to remember to turn it back on. Its easy to forget to reactivate it after taking a dip, but with the Lifebuoy, you wont have to.

    More than just safe and reliable, the Lifebuoy also offers unparalleled convenience. Its programmed through a Bluetooth app that you can download to your smartphone. You can use it to check on the alarm, adjust the sensitivity, or even change the alert. Keep in mind, all of that convenience and protection isnt cheap, and this is one of the more expensive units we tested. But can you really put a price on peace of mind? We dont think so.

    • One of the more expensive solutions

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    Runner Up: Pool Patrol Pa

    • Immersion : Horizontally floating


    The Pool Patrol PA-30 Pool Alarm is another great option if you are looking to keep the pool area safe at all times. This premium quality pool alarm system is incredibly easy to install and does not damage the swimming pool.

    One of the main features of this pool alarm system is that it has an adjustable sensitivity level. This ensures that there are no false alarms when it comes to the safety of your swimming pool.

    Other advantages of the Pool Patrol PA-30 pool alarm include a sturdy and well-built unit along with a versatile design, which means this pool alarm system can work in just about any type or size of swimming pool.


    The Pool Patrol PA-30 pool alarm system is a great unit to have if you want to make sure that your pool remains safe at all times.

    One of the drawbacks of this pool alarm system is that by turning the floatation base, you can raise or lower the sensor ring with respect to the water.

    However, you need to be careful when using it since it is the most sensitive position of this alarm system and was used for it to pass the ASTM testing. If you move the float from this position, then the alarm system will no longer meet ASTM requirements.

    Extra Features

    If you are looking for a fully functional pool alarm system, then you are going to be extremely pleased with this pool alarm system. The pool alarm system comes with a powerful receiver and features two transmission modes that you can choose from.

    What Is A Pool Alarm

    How Do Dark Pools Really Work?

    There are four basic types of pool alarms that you can choose from. There are ones that are located on the windows or doors leading to your pool, on the pools surface, submerged in your pool, or on a persons wrist.

    They all basically work the same in the sense that each one will sound an alarm when triggered so that you know that your pool is being used.

    Threshold alarms are installed on a window or sliding glass door, anywhere where someone may gain access to your pool. They will sound an alarm if someone enters into that area while the alarm is set.

    Surface sensors are placed into your inground or above ground pool. When someone enters the pool and creates ripples, the alarm senses that disturbance and goes off.

    Subsurface sensors are installed permanently. The sensing arm extends down into the pool and is constantly looking for water disturbances or changes in the water pressure.

    Wristband alarms are just that alarms that are worn by a person or a pet. They will sound an alarm when they get wet and are perfect for small children, pets or older ones with such conditions as dementia or Alzheimers.

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    The Best Pool Alarm For Above Ground Pools

    The PoolEye Above Ground Pool Alarm is perfect for 24-foot or smaller pools and extremely easy to install. Its underwater motion sensor uses subsurface wave detection, so it wont trigger false alarms from rain or wind. However, this pool alarm is reliable and sensitive when it needs to be. The alarm is triggered when it detects an object as light as 15 pounds, which makes it a safer option for smaller pets and or animals. And the adjustable sensitivity switch allows you to customize your alarms responsiveness.

    The PoolEye Pool Alarm is battery-powered and installs under the top ledge or railing of your pool. While it emits a loud, high-pitched siren sound at the pool, it does not come with an in-house receiver. So remember to check your local pool safety codes before you buy. Like all the alarms on our list, this alarm does meet ASTM standards for pool alarms.

    Best Affordable Pool Alarm

    On the hunt for something that will secure your swimming area? This affordable pool door alarm is so good one dubbed it the best pool alarm ever. What makes it so special? First, its priced under $40. Second, its built for all pool entryways, from gates to windows. Plus, it meets UL standards, which are used to evaluate pool door alarm efficiency. Finally, it boasts a high-output alarm, which essentially means the siren is nice and loud.


    • Loud siren for added safety
    • Screen door sensors are included
    • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
    • Two bypass buttons allow adults to enter and exit without triggering the alarm
    • Three-year warranty

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