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Do Solar Pool Heaters Work

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Maintenance Tips For Your Solar Pool Heater

DIY pool solar water heater – How to build and does it work

If you live in North Central Florida, odds are you have a swimming pool in your backyard. And if you have a swimming pool, you know how much pool heating can cost you each month. Fortunately, theres an affordable alternative way to keep your pool warm all year long. A residential solar pool heater eliminates all pool heating costs and keeps your pool at the perfect temperature well into the fall and winter months. A properly installed solar pool heating system can last up to 15 years with proper care. And while professionally installed solar pool heaters require very little maintenance, there are some simple steps you can take to ensure your solar pool heating system stays in top shape.

Regular Pool Maintenance The most important part about maintaining a solar pool heating system is simply maintaining your pool and the filtration system as you normally would. The filter should be cleaned as recommended by the manufacturer to ensure adequate flow is supplied to the solar collectors, and the pools pH and chlorine levels must be maintained within the specified limits.

Touch Test You should check the solar heating system for proper operation at the beginning of each swimming season. A properly operating solar pool heating system should feel cool to the touch. If the solar collector feels unusually warm, contact the solar company in North Central Florida that installed the system and schedule a professional inspection by a trained solar technician.

Dohenys Above Ground Solar Heating Systems

  • Heats water up to 15 degrees
  • Connects easily to water pumps
  • Requires no maintenance
  • 5-years warranty
  • It takes up a lot of space

Plunge in your pool all year round with the budget friendly, Dohenys Above Ground Solar heating system. It is no wonder that this brand and model has been rated with impressive stars because of its many features, advantages, and benefits. What I like most about this is it is effortless to install. Hooking it up to your current water pump system is a cinch. Even people challenged with following instructions will find the installation system of Dohenys to be a no brainer.

I highly recommend this particular product because it works passively and instantly. Since it relies on solar energy coming from the sun, you practically dont need to do anything after installation. It works on its own, and it requires minimal to zero maintenance. It does its ultimate purpose of heating your water by an average of 10 degrees and up to as much as 15 degrees with more intensity coming from the sun.More significant than the rest of the solar heating systems trending right now, it will make its presence known. Still, its massive size has a purpose and cant be taken against its overall performance. Size means space, and this warmer needs space. It requires no electricity, so compromising with the size is not too bad at all.

Why A Heat Pump Is Better Than Solar Pool Heating

There are a number of factors that come into play when tossing up your heater options and It depends on where you live and what your needs are.

The common questions to ask are:

  • How often do you swim, daily/weekly?
  • What is the volume of water in my pool?
  • What is the ambient outdoor temperature?
  • How often do you use your pool in autumn/spring/winter?
  • Is the pool affected by shade, sun and wind?

Theres no right or wrong answers to these questions. It can depend on the size of the pool, your budget and your preferred energy source.

By far the cheapest way would be a pool cover, these are a small initial investment, $0 ongoing cost, just a bit of effort to roll back and forth over the pool when not in use, and of course it wont hit that warm 28 degrees in winter.

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Best Solar Pool Heaters Reviews

Most of us have heard about pool heaters. But actually owning one and installing them at home can be a bit tricky especially if you are a first timer. The solar pool heaters are installed to increase the temperature of the pool with the help of heating panels and the power of the sun. Based on many consumer reports, we have selected the top 5 best solar pool heaters in the market.

The Cons Of Solar Pool Heaters

How Does a Solar Pool Heater Work?

Theres factors beyond cost that may render a solar pool heater the wrong choice for your home…

Time Intensive

Solar Pool Heaters can take a long time to heat up your pool. The exact time taken depends greatly on the pool size and temperature outside though. These heaters are probably not for you if you are looking for fast heating options. Solar pool heaters can take a whole day to heat up your pool by 5-7 degrees even with consistent sunshine.

And the chances of consistent sunlight marginally diminish during winters when you actually want to take a swim in a heated pool.

Needs Sunshine

The catch with solar pool heaters is that they require bright sunny days to work. But the temperature on these days is high enough that you might not require a heated pool. Warm water is a blessing on days when the sun is not out and it’s cold outside. But without steady sunlight, solar pool heaters have no way to transfer heat energy to you pool water.

Solar Pump

Your pool water is not heated for free without a solar pump in place. You require electricity to pump the water to the solar panels. This can add on to your energy bills. But as we said earlier, the rise in utilities is minimal, especially when compared with other pool heating options.

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Solar Heating Makes Sense

A solar heating system provides inexhaustible energy for free! How can anyone say no to that?Let us add that solar energy is an efficient source of energy no matter where you live. After all, it is no secret that Germany is well ahead of the curve as far as renewable energy is concerned. And this is true despite the fact that Bavaria is no French Riviera!

How Much Warmer Will The Solar Pool Heater Make My Pool

To enjoy a good time at the pool, outside temperatures should be hot or at least the water should be set at the right temperature. The best pool temperature for adults ranges from 83ºF to 88ºF while children prefer a pool warm with temperatures of 90ºF to 93ºF, but beware, because the pools chemical balance might change for temperatures much greater than 82ºF. When exercising, the desired temperature for water at pools is 77ºF to 82ºF.

Depending on the amount of solar heat you get in your region, a pool solar heater might get your pool to a temperature from 78ºF to 85ºF, making it ideal for adults, teenagers, and some children. Since the cost for a solar pool heater ranges from $3,500 to $8,000, considering the savings you get on heating when compared to gas, heat, or electric pumps, the solar heating system has a payback period of 1 2 years.

You might also want to increase efficiency of your solar pool heater with a solar pool cover. Using a pool cover will preserve the heat at your pool, making it easier for the solar pool heater to increase again the temperature when you want to enjoy a pool time again.

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Blue Wave Ns6028 Solarpro Curve Solar Heater

  • Curved shape for max heat absorption
  • Collapsible base legs
  • Raises pool water to 5 degrees in five days
  • Not for inground pools

Dont miss the Blue Wave Solarpro curve solar pool heater if youre looking for an affordable solar pool heater cost. Using this product, you dont need to spend on the heating cost of your pool. It doesnt need gas or electricity to heat the pool water. You only need a one-time installation of this product that uses free energy from the sun. It is free forever, so it will not add to your utility cost to spend. So, in the end, you save a lot of money.

Also, the SolarPro curve solar pool heating device is eco-friendly. It is what you need if you want a pool heater that will not harm the environment for it doesnt use gas or fuel. Also, I liked that it has collapsible base legs, which can be adjusted. I would also like to recommend the pool heater because you can connect it to another heater for improved heating efficiency.

I also liked that this ground pool heating device can raise the pool waters temperature by five degrees in only five days. More so, I wanted that it has a curved shape, which improves its heating efficiency. This heater is compatible with pools with up to 30 feet size or a 12,000-gallon capacity. It is also compatible to fit hose fittings from 1.25 to 1.5 inches. Also, this item includes stainless-steel clamps and two pieces of installation hoses.

Installing The Solar Collector

How does a solar heater work – swimming pool? _ Transsen

The first step when installing a solar pool heater is to properly install the solar collectors. They should be set in the right direction to ensure they absorb as much solar energy as possible and properly fixed to secure them.

a. Choose the right direction and angle for your solar collectors

The solar thermal collectors should be geographically oriented south since this ensures they receive higher solar energy and maximizes heat collection. If you do not have enough roof space on the south, the second best option is for the collectors to face west and east with a 40º tilt or as close to it as possible , this will still produce a good amount of heat. We recommend you ensure that no trees are shading the collectors to get the best possible efficiency.

b. Determine the proper size for your solar collector

Most swimming pools require a solar collectors array with an area equal to 60% 75% of the surface area of the pool, especially when the solar pool heating panels face west. If you use the pool year-round or install the collectors in another direction, you should get an array with the same area as your pool.

c. Set the right mounting for the solar system and install your collectors

d. Connect the collectors in between

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Solar Heating Is Cost

Solar heating allows you to save on your electricity bills and extend the use of your swimming pool throughout the year, thus rendering the pool more profitable. To sum up, solar heating is an inexpensive way to heat your swimming pool.

The table below compares different pool heating systems in terms of operating costs in France.

The analysis comprised 5 months of use and was conducted on an 8 x 4 meter covered pool located in a temperate zone .

Best Solar Pool Cover: Sun2solar Blue Solar Cover

Heres something a little different: Instead of a solar panel heating system, the Sun2Solar pool cover is more like a solar blanket. It attracts and retains solar energy, heating your pool and helping combat water evaporation. Its a cost-effective way to make your swimming pool a bit more comfortable, and it works with above-ground and in-ground pools alike. One nice part about the design is that it can be trimmed to the exact size of your pool, so it fits nearly all pool types.


  • Affordable alternative to a full solar pool heater
  • Retains heat and also minimizes evaporation
  • Can fit to any pool size
  • Stylish appearance


  • Wont offer the same amount of heat as one of the best solar panel pool heaters

Why Buy: If youre not yet ready to install a full solar pool heater system, this heat-retaining cover is a good place to start.

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Should You Invest In A Solar Pool Heater

A solar pool heater is a cost effective option if you live in an area with a warm climate and plenty of sunshine. However, you should also consider how long your winters are and whether or not you have the space on your roof before going with a solar pool heater.

Solar heaters might cost slightly more up front by way of unit price and installation. However, the benefits in terms of long term cost effectiveness are worth it. Your pool heating costs will be minimal when compared to a gas pool heater and theyll stay that way for the life of your solar system.

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What To Look For When Buying Solar Heater For Above Ground Pools

How Does a Solar Pool Heater Work?

Choosing a solar water heater for pool can be tricky, especially if you are very new to the concept. So, to find out the right solar heater for above ground pool, heres what to look for.

Clear and Understandable Installation Instructions

Solar above-ground pool heaters can be very easy to install if the instructional materials are clear and understandable. Several components need to be properly set up for your solar heater to work, and not everyone knows the technical aspects. So I choose those that have the simplest instructions.

Solar Collector Size

Solar collectors can have different sizes and the bigger they are, the more solar energy you can gather for heating your above-ground pool. For solar panel type heaters, the rule of thumb is that your solar collecting unit has to at least be half the size of your pool

The pool size supported by your solar collector can also be seen on its packaging. You can use that as a reference on how many you need to install for your above-ground pool.

Maximum Temperature

An average unit of a solar heater can raise the temperature of your above-ground pool to about 5 to degrees Fahrenheit which is good enough to make you not shiver when you dip your toes. But if you go for higher-end units, they will be able to raise the temperature of your pool to 15 degrees Fahrenheit more.

Quality of the materials

Easy to use

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How Many Btu Pool Heater Do I Need What Size Pool Heater Do I Need For A Specific Surface Area

As said above, with solar energy, you cant really predict this without some expensive meteorological equipment that can give you solar output over a period of time, and produce trends which you can convert into thermal units.

With surface sheet style heating, you want exactly the amount of material as the surface area of the water. For above ground pools, you will possibly want to line the sides of the pool with this material as well.

For exchange heaters, youll want to look at the amount of water that tends to pass through it in a period of time. You want it to put at least a third of your pools volume of water through it per day, if not more. It doesnt have to cycle every drop of water the water coming from exchange heaters will, theoretically, actually be a bit warmer than you want the pool to be, and the dilution and exchange with the cooler water will result in an overall even-temperature pool.

Solar Heating Only Adds As Much Heat As The Outside Air Temperature

The theory here is that if its only 75 degrees outside, you can only get the pool up to 75 degrees using a solar pool heater. Nonsense, you can easily raise the temperature of the water to a higher level than the outside air. In fact, thats commonly done with solar systems at the end of the day to boost the heat up before the sun goes down.

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Advantages Of An Evacuated Tube Design

Why Solar Pool Heating is much more cost effective than Heating your house?

When you heat your house you need Pumps and Tanks. Your Pool is your tank and your pool system already has a pump so some of the biggest cost items are not needed for Pool Heating.

The Solar Pool Heating system have no moving parts, only water flows through the header box. These Panels are likely to last in 20 years or so. The vacuum tubes are warranties by the manufacturer for loss of Vacuum for 15 years, even if the vacuum fails the tube still produces heat it is just a bit less efficient.

If one tube gets broken then the panel continues to work, only a single tube needs to be replaced whenever you get chance, the system continues to work. Some types of Vacuum Pool heater have the water flowing through the tubes, if one breaks it is more complicated to replace the tube, sometimes the system needs to be drained down first. You do not have this problem with our Panels

Solar Swimming Pool Heater Sizing

How Does Solar Pool Heating Work?

According to Swim Universitys Three Quarters Rule, youll need enough solar collectors to cover about three quarters of the surface of your pool. For example, a standard pool size is 15 X 30 feet, or 450 square feet. Your solar collectors surface area would thus need to be around 338 square feet. However, if you plan to use your pool all year, youll probably want to plan on bumping up from three quarters to 100% coverage. For this example, you would need 450 square feet of available surface area to install your solar pool heaters on.

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How Long Does It Take To Heat A Pool With A Heat Pump

Time to heat a pool relies on the size of the unit and the heating efficiency, the bigger the heater , the faster it will heat the pool. We always recommend sizing UP in heat pumps, as they will be more efficient running at half capacity than a smaller one running at full capacity. A correctly sized heater should have your pool to its desired temperature in 10 hours or less at the coldest time of your desired heating season.

Heat up the pool efficiently by picking the right pool pump size!

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