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Free Swimming Pool Maintenance Training Courses

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Certified Pool Technician Course

Pool Guy (Gal) Basic Training Part 1: Skimming & Brushing

State regulations, swimming pool calculations, filter types and filter selection, circulation systems and pumps, water chemistry and balancing, water testing, spas and warm water pools and aquatic facility management and safety.

Self-Paced / Up to 30 Days to Complete / Online Course and Exam / Money Back Guarantee

Who Has Attended A Tropical Aquatics’ Cpo Course

State of Florida â Department of Health Disneyâs MGM Studios Disneyâs Yacht & Beach Club Caribbean Circuits Corporation University of Florida Gainesville Apartment Association Equity Residential The Villages of Lady Lake Bay Area Apartment Association Brevard Pools â Melbourne CWS Communities â Orlando Nalco Chemical Company â Chicago USA Department of Homeland Security Ritz Carlton â Palm Beach Busch Gardens â Tampa Embry Riddle University Collier County Parks & Recreation City of Fort Myers Orlando YMCA Radisson Sand Key Resort Hilton Key West Suncoast and St. Pete YMCA Manatee County Parks & Recreation University of South Florida Ritz Carlton â Naples and over 12,000 other students from as far away as Kuala Lumper.

Very Informative And Very Well Presented

Very informative and very well presented. The Tutor engages well with the class and allows discussions throughout which makes it easier for individuals to ask questions and feel comfortable in doing so. I would highly recommend this course as it gets straight to the point of how pool plant operations work within the working environment.

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How Do I Hire A Pool Cleaner

You can hire a pool cleaner by searching for professionals near you online. Pool cleaning services will range from small businesses to larger companies, so to help you narrow down your search, base your decisions on customer reviews, ratings, customer-uploaded photos and conversations you have with the pool cleaners. Contact at least three different pool cleaners to compare their prices . And make sure to check licensing requirements in your state to ensure whoever you choose has the proper credentials.

How Long Does It Take To Clean A Pool

Diving Underwater Swimming Pool Toys Swimming/Diving Training Under ...

The time it takes to clean a swimming pool depends heavily on the pools condition and size. Pools that receive regular weekly cleaning should take less time to clean, even if the cleaning includes skimming, scrubbing, applying chemicals and vacuuming. However, if youre just opening your pool for the season, the process may take longer.

When searching for pool cleaners near you and gathering cost estimates, ask them how long they expect each cleaning will take.

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Who Teaches The Cpo Certification Classes is provided by industry veteran, Steve Donohoe. Steve teaches several classes each year in Southern California: Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego counties, and now in a new online Live Virtual Classroom. Steve and his wife, Elise, own and operate a swimming pool service business in Mission Viejo. Steve has a passion for teaching and mentoring others. If you are thinking about starting a pool service business or are new to the industry, Steves CPO Certification class is for you! However, if you are an industry veteran, dont shy away! Steves presentation will help you sort things out, debunk a few industry myths, and maybe reveal the whys of what you have been doing. His best feedback and comments are from pool men, women and operators with 10 to 20 years of experience!

Steve Donohoe

Free Swimming Pool School

Join us for a free in-store Swimming Pool School Sunday April 28th from 5:00PM 6:00PM! Our teams will be teaching pool owners just like you about the fundamentals of proper swimming pool care and maintenance. Topics include basic water chemistry, equipment troubleshooting, and swimming pool care. These classes are great for those who maintain their own swimming pools and are structured as such. No prior technical knowledge is required and no in depth topics will be covered as it is beyond the scope of this course. However, please feel free to discuss any swimming pool matter you have questions about as our teams love to talk shop!

Visit our Events page to learn more or use the locations below to find a store near you.


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Why Choose The Aquatic Training Institute

The Aquatic Training Institute offers professional training courses that teach functionality, application and best practices. Our lessons contain the content required by governmental agencies, insurance companies and property managers for certification of pool maintenance operation personnel.

Get more out of your career by signing up today!

What Are The Advantages Of Hiring A Professional Pool Cleaner

POOL MAINTENANCE For Beginners [Step-By-Step ACTION PLAN] | Swim University

Hiring a professional pool cleaner in your area has many advantages. For one, the service saves you time and effort. A pool cleaner can also detect potential problems early on before they become expensive fixes down the road.

The pool expert can give you advice on things you can do to better maintain your pool, and your swimming pool may retain its value longer.

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Volunteer With Us And We Will Help Pay For Your Next Leadership Course

The Richmond Hill Aquatic Volunteer Recognition Program allows Aquatic volunteers to use their hours towards the cost of future Aquatic Leadership courses.

Aquatic Volunteer Recognition Discount Form

The Aquatic Volunteer Recognition Discount Form must be completed once you have earned the appropriate number of hours to receive one of the above noted Leadership courses. Hours must be logged on your personal volunteer profile under the Aquatic Volunteer Recognition Program category.

Hour tracking sheets and completed registration forms are to be submitted to the Forms can also be dropped off in person at the Wave Pool.

Please note: Book Fees, Exam Fees and Non-Resident Fees are not included in the Aquatic Volunteer Recognition Program. Participants will be required to pay for these fees at the time of registration. Please ensure payment information is included on the registration form.

You will receive an email confirmation once volunteer hours have been validated and you have been registered for the course of your choice.

Community Service Volunteer hours that are signed off for school, are not eligible and should not be logged under the Aquatic Volunteer Recognition Program category.

For volunteer information, please email the

Pool Operator Training Courses Offered By Cdph In 2022

Certified Pool/Spa Operator Course Presented by Cobb & Douglas Public HealthWednesday and Thursday, October 12-13, 2022, 8:30 a.m. 5:00 p.m. Pre-registration Deadline: September 20, 2022Registration Fee: $250 for initial certification or recertification

Course: Professional Pool and Spa Operator

Note: This course is no longer offered, but individuals holding an unexpired PPSO certification will continue to meet the trained operator requirement of our rules and regulations.

Stay Informed!

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Since 1920, Cobb & Douglas Public Health has been dedicated to promoting and protecting the health and safety of the local community, state, region and world through our wide-reaching services. Our trusted team members are committed leaders and professionals in a variety of specialties whose expertise and compassion for those they serve is recognized in their fields.

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Join Our Skilled Team Of Lifeguards And Swim Instructors

We offer flexible hours to suit your personal schedule and a friendly, team-oriented atmosphere. You will learn teamwork and leadership skills and boost your self-confidence and communication skills for your future careers.

Get started

We have positions for Aquatic Attendants, Swim Instructors and Lifeguards. To join Richmond Hills Aquatic Team here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Get Qualified

Standard First Aid and CPR C

Bronze Cross or National Lifeguard Pool

LSS Swim and Lifesaving Instructors

Standard First Aid and CPR C

National Lifeguard – Pool

Step 2:Visit, and click on the Aquatic Employment Job Posting. Create a user profile and apply online.

Step 3:

Register online for an in-person Aquatic Employment Screening.

If you have any questions regarding aquatic recruitment, please email the .

Richmond Hill Campus Gallery

Waterworks Swim Club : Pool Locations

Our Richmond Hill and North York swimming classes cover everyone – from beginners to advanced swimmers, and from toddlers to seniors. Our range of services includes public swimming programs, private swimming lessons for beginners, and special swimming programs for infants, kids, as well as adults. We also have customized lesson plans for people looking for specialized skills and techniques.

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Your Key To The Freedom You Want

Learn how to be a pool service man or woman with PoolServs easy to learn step-by-step training course.

Learn pool testing and maintenance so you can work for yourself and even start your own business in this lucrative industry.

If you want to work self employed and learn how to start a business, youve come to the right place.

For Just a One Off $1295 inc GST

All on-line with the help and support there if needed, you will find the easy to follow modules a breeze. Plus you get a complete audio version to read along and also detailed practical videos to watch all included.

If you are not happy in your current job or career, this is an excellent opportunity to learn something new.

Break away from that same old 9-to-5 and get the freedom you deserve to work for yourself.

Certified Swimming Pool Service Technician / Technician Apprentice

To become LA County certified, the applicant must pass a one-time examination given for the purpose of demonstrating knowledge and competency as specified in Los Angeles County Code, Title 11. The Technician exam consists of 80 multiple choice questions and 10 calculations for a total of 100 possible points. There is also a second classification and exam for those that may be learning the trade as Certified Technician Apprentice. The Technician Apprentice must be employed by and working under the direct and immediate supervision of a Certified Technician. The apprentice classification is currently available, but plans are underway to eliminate it. The Technician Apprentice exam consists of 30 multiple choice questions for a total of 30 possible points. A score of at least 70% for either exam is required to obtain certification. Study materials are available on the Environmental Health website to prepare the applicant for the exam. The exam questions are based on the information in the study materials.

To schedule for the exam, an applicant must:

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What’s Covered In The Course Instruction

  • Pool water contamination, disinfection and balance

  • Methods to calculate pool water volume

  • Methods to calculate proper chemical dosages

  • Pool water circulation and hydraulics

  • Pool filters and sizing

  • Pool water heaters and sizing

  • Safety in and around the swimming pool

  • The ADA revision of 2010

  • The Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act

  • CDC’s new Model Aquatic Health Code

  • Pool facility management and troubleshooting

Really Useful And Interesting

Swimming Pool 101: A Crash Course for Rookies

I attended pool plant course on 30th October, i found this course really useful and interesting. Also the way it was delivered was really good, i felt that i could take in the information and could ask questions whenever i needed to if i was unsure of anything. It was a really good course toRead moreReally useful and interesting

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Welcome To White Dolphin Swimming Club

The WD Swim is a private, non-profit organization in the city of Toronto. Our swimming school provides beginners’ and competitive swimming lessons to children and adults in North York, Richmond Hill, Markham, Scarborough, and surrounding areas. Swimming is very good for one’s health, and consistent, relaxed exposure to water is important in making swimming an enjoyable and beneficial part of your child’s life.

Our Company Of Choice

Stockwell Safety, was our company of choice to run a course for five staff members, consisting of new staff and management team members requiring renewals of the Pool Plant Operator Course. Adam, from Stockwell Safety, was able to deliver the course in a format that allowed new staff members to follow and digest the informationRead moreOur company of choice

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What Is The Best Pool Cleaner

If you want to get an automatic pool cleaner to supplement your regular service, your best bet might be a higher-end unit. But ultimately, the best one for you will depend on your budget and needs.

You can choose from pressure-side pool cleaners, which can remove leaves, twigs and other objects from the bottom and sides of your pool. Or, consider a suction-side pool cleaner, which tends to be more budget-friendly. And there are robotic pool cleaners that do everything automatically. Robotic cleaners are typically the most expensive and most effective option.

For more helpful tips, read our easy pool maintenance guide.

About Swimming Pool Service Technician

3/5 pcs Multicolor Diving Seaweed Toy Swimming Pool Diving Training Fun ...

Swimming Pool Service Technicians servicing pools in Los Angeles County, including private pools, are required to be certified per Los Angeles County Code, Title 11.This includes “any individual engaged in the business or occupation of treating or disinfecting swimming pool waters, cleaning, servicing, or maintaining swimming pools or facilities and appurtenances thereof.” Other certifications such as CFO or AFO are not equivalent to the LA County certification, and do not meet this requirement.

If you would like to employ a certified swimming pool service technician, please view ourCertified Swimming Pool Service Technician List.

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Swimming Pool Service & Maintenance

This course consists of a full day practical training which will cover all the important aspects of your pool plant room and the best way to run and look after your system.

The course will cover most of the same items found in common nationally accredited courses but will show all of your engineers how to carry out regular routine maintenance and how to strip and clean all chemical dosing equipment and how to identify faulty parts. It will also include a in depth look at how your chemical dosing system works and identify the most common faults that can happen with your type of chemical controller.

Other aspects that will be covered in the practical training are as follows –

  • Backwashing & Backwash Holding Tank System. Pool Water Testing.
  • Enviromental Controls Systems.
  • Pool Cover Systems and Pool Features.
  • Routine Maintenance on PAC Systems.
  • Information on all types of microbiological problems within swimming pools i.e cryptosporidium, pseudomonas, TVCs E Coli etc

All over our engineers are trained technicians in most common UV systems including Siemans, Topline, Triogen and Hanovia and can answer all in-depth questions regarding running and any routine maintenance required for your UV system.

We will also look over all the backwash instructions for pool filtration plant and can re write them accordingly if required.

All attendees will receive a full handout notes and a certification of attendance which can be issued on completion of the course.

How Often Should You Clean A Pool

The ideal schedule for pool cleaning is at least once per week. This schedule provides the ideal balance of not allowing problems to grow while still making each cleaning worth it. Weekly pool cleaning also helps you avoid expensive repairs in the future. By spot-cleaning when needed, such as skimming leaves and debris out of the pool or scrubbing away an algae spot, you can keep your pool in prime condition. Its also recommended that you schedule a pool cleaning after any unusual scenarios, including hot weather, a pool party or a pet jumping in the pool.

For more helpful tips, read our easy pool maintenance guide.

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Pool Technician And Business Start

Whether you are male or female, new to pool services or a skilled technician.

This pool maintenance training course will help you become an expert pool technician and start your pool service business successfully.

A swimming pool service technician is a tradesperson who maintains and cleans swimming pools, tests and balances chemicals, and can also service and replace major pool equipment such as pumps, chlorinators, and filters.

Who Should Become A Cpo

How to Maintain and Service A Swimming Pool: A Step By Step Guide

Anyone who is responsible for managing, supervising, and/or servicing a public or private aquatic facility should seek Certified Pool/Spa Operator certification.

The Los Angeles Department of Public Health requires that Any person engaged in cleaning, servicing or maintaining public and private pools must be certified. The CPO Certification course is a prerequisite for this certification. to learn more about the L.A. Department of Public Healths swimming pool technician program.

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Thank You For Providing An Online Course

I have been wishing to do this course but always struggled locally as the demand was never enough and had numerous cancelled course which was difficult especially working full time. This was the perfect solution as I have been able to do this course around my busy work schedule. Thanks again and I have alreadyRead moreThank you for providing an Online course

We Can Highly Recommend

We have used Adam several times for our pool courses and placed added candidates on the Managing safely course this year. Adam made the lessons interesting, informative and explained everything in an uncomplicated way which allowed the candidates at all levels to understand. We can highly recommend stockwell and we shall be using them again.

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How Much Does It Cost Per Year To Maintain A Pool

It will cost around $1,032 per year for a weekly pool cleaning service. This price will increase for one-time services, ranging between $150 and $300. This is why its generally a good idea to find a pool cleaning company that can do lower-priced weekly maintenance. Ultimately, the cost you pay will vary by your pools size, the chemicals needed and the type of service you request.

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