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Hot Tub Buy Now Pay Later

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Once My Application Is Approved What Happens Next

My Hot tub purchase experience

Within minutes of your application being approved, you will be presented with the options to either e-sign or print and return your finance agreement.

If you choose to e-sign your agreement, a PDF of your agreement will be displayed on screen. You should read the agreement carefully before clicking all the relevant sections agreeing to its terms.

Once you have agreed to the terms of the finance agreement Waterside Leisure UK Ltd trading as The Hot Tub Company will be notified and you need do nothing more.

If you choose to print and return your agreement you should print the agreement, read it carefully and then sign the document following the instructions on the covering letter. This signed document should then be posted to the address shown on the covering letter of the finance agreement.

Note that products will not be allocated to your order until your completed and signed agreement is returned and received by Novuna Personal Finance. Shipment of your goods will follow soon after your agreement has been returned and received.

Sample Monthly Payments At A 10% Interest Rate For 40 Months:

  • $5,000 spa at 10% APR = $148 per month for 40 months
  • $7,000 spa at 10% APR = $207 per month for 40 months
  • $10,000 spa at 10% APR = $295 per month for 40 months

When there is not a zero percent promotion to take advantage of, the monthly payment is higher. Your interest rate depends on your own personal credit. For the best way to know what financing is available to you, we recommend that you contact your dealer or complete our quick and secure financing form and your local, authorized Hot Spring dealer will contact you directly.

How Much Does A 2 Person Hot Tub Cost

The price for a hot tub can vary from under $1,500 to well over $8,000. Depending on what size and features you want included. We have a inflatable hot tub that can seat 6 that is priced below the $1,500 mark. So the cost is really dependent on the quality and features of the spa you want. For more prices, check out our hot tub gallery.

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How Heavy Are Hot Tubs

The portable units are only 110 ounces before adding water. The larger units are somewhere in the 630-750 pound range before adding water. The smaller units are around 270 pound and around 2,000 pounds once itâs filled with water. So this will give you an idea of what kind of deck or area that youâre going to need as far as weight capacity.

Hot Tub Or Swim Spa Financing Options


A hot tub or swim spa is a great investment in your well-being. By financing all or a portion of your hot tub purchase, you may be able to get the model that has everything you want without putting a significant burden on your monthly budget. Financing helps you stretch your spending over a set period. And if you want to spend a bit more on extras for your hot tub, those, too, can be a part of your low monthly payment. Financing allows you to set up a low monthly payment that you can afford.

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Portable Hot Tub Financing

Portable or Inflatable hot tubs are highly sought after. The reason is that they have many jets, good controls, modern designs and can be moved around much easier. You are able to free up space when needed. The portable hot tub financing payments are much cheaper, meaning you get more value for your dollar. It can also save you money, as the traditional hot tubs typically require you to hire an electrician for installing a special electric line. Last, to move a traditional hot tub, it requires an incredible amount of work because of the weight. The unit might be broken when moved or the electric line might need to be re-installed. With a portable hot tub, you can drain the water, release the air from the chambers and easily move the unit to a different place on your property. You can also move it to another property or location without huge headaches of finding help to move them or renting a trailer.

Applying For Online Finance

Applying for online finance couldnt be easier or more convenient. When you buy online from Waterside Leisure UK Ltd trading as The Hot Tub Company you have the choice of applying for finance by adding your purchase to the shopping basket, selecting the finance option, and completing an online application form. Just follow the simple instructions, entering your personal details as required and well do the rest.

The whole process only takes a few minutes and is simple and secure. Once your finance application is approved, you will then be advised of how to sign the finance agreement and you will also receive an email confirming these details.

Please read the agreement carefully checking that all the details are correct, then either electronically sign the agreement or print and sign the agreement in both boxes. Post the signed agreement to the address shown on the covering letter of the agreement.

Following receipt of your finance agreement and a few additional checks, your goods will be dispatched.

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Does A Hot Tub Increase Home Value

Hot tubs are the perfect complement to just about any backyard. In most cases, hot tubs do increase the value of a home. Homeowners typically recoup about 50% of their initial investment for home improvements such as hot tubs. In fact, some homeowners stage their home with a hot tub to lure in more buyers. While most buyers should be excited about a hot tub, some may be turned off. If you have an above ground hot tub, you could remove and resell a hot tub if a potential buyer did not want it.

Who Is Eligible To Apply For Online Finance

How Much Does It REALLY Cost to Run A Hot Tub?

To apply for online finance, you must be over the age of 18, work at least 16 hours a week, or be retired with an income. You must also be a resident in Mainland England & Wales and have lived in the UK for the last 12 months or more.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer online finance to residents outside Mainland England & Wales. Homemakers arent excluded from applying under their own names however the employment details of your spouse / partner will be required in order to process your application.

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Buy Hot Tub With Afterpay Online Stores List

List by: Jeannie S. Howard

Not only will a hot tub help you relax after a busy and stressful day, but it will also improve your blood circulation. You can use the hot tub to enjoy some relaxing me time or share it with family and friends to build closer bonds. If you are suffering from joint pain and problems, the buoyancy of the hot tub will help take the weight off your joints and provide pain relief. If you spend time in a hot tub, you will enjoy improved sleep and feel refreshed.

When you scour the market for hot tubs, you will find that the prices can be quite expensive. This can prevent you from investing in one. The good news is that you do not have to deny yourself the benefits of a hot tub if you use a buy now, pay later service, such as Afterpay. It is one of the most secure and trustworthy buy now, pay later services that enables you to purchase a hot tub without feeling the pinch.

Afterpay is accepted by many online and offline stores, and using the app, you can make your purchase more affordable. The hot tub price can be divided into interest-free installments you have to make every month. Afterpay does not charge a fee for installment payments made on time. Even if you fall behind, the late payments are capped, allowing you to get back on track.

Benefits Of Paying For A Hot Tub With Monthly Payments

While our Hot Spring hot tubs are affordable, its understandable why you might be interested in finding out how to buy a hot tub by making monthly payments. Regardless of your financial situation, it might just make sense for you to make a small payment each month as opposed to spending a few thousand to get that hot tub delivered today.

Owning a hot tub is an investment on many fronts. Its an investment in your health, your happiness, and in some cases, the value of your home. A hot tub is also a financial investment. While some prefer to pay cash upfront, others prefer to finance their hot tubs. There are benefits to both, but in this article well be going over the benefits of financing your hot tub.

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Pay By Personal Credit Card

Using a personal credit card for large purchases online may be a great way to earn rewards points. Depending on the credit card, you may also be eligible for extended warranties and purchase protection. Since hot tubs and swim spas can be relatively expensive, your purchase may require pre-authorization. If this is a concern, contact your credit card company prior to checking out for details.

What Is The Best Month To Buy A Hot Tub

Buy Intex 4 Person PureSpa Hot Tub at BargainMax

Between fall and winter is one of the best times of the year to purchase a hot tub. Hot tub sales are usually slow during these months, forcing retailers to run sales and offer better deals. Spring is one of the busiest times of the year for most hot tub retailers. Most retailers have higher prices during the spring. Most homeowners can wait to purchase a hot tub since its a necessity but some may be too excited to wait. The idea of having a warm and relaxing hot tub in the privacy of your own backyard is definitely something to be excited about. We recommend beginning the shopping process in late September and purchasing no later than the end of January.

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Don’t Delay Getting Your Dream Hot Tub

Here at the Tub Company, we offer a range of payment options for your new hot tub. Now you can spread the cost of owning your hot tub. We have a range of affordable solutions which are tailored to suit your own needs.

All our payment solutions are offered by Novuna Personal Finance, a trading style of Mitsubishi HC Capital UK PLC.

* Finance not available on any Air Source heat pumps products

Id like to pay now, but not pay any interest costs

Reasons To Own A Swim Spa

1. Spend more time outdoors2. Strengthen bonds with loved ones3. Strengthen your body and tone muscles4. Maintain a healthy body weight5. Ease muscle tension and sore joints6. Reduce feelings of stress and anxiety7. Improve your backyard design8. Experience better sleep patterns9. Soak or swim throughout the year10. Spend more time relaxing

Contact us today to find the best swim spa for your family, budget, and backyard space.

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Hot Tubs Buy Now Pay Later

We can now offer a hot tub finance package which will take all the current financial worry out of purchasing a hot tub and still offer the flexibility of spreading the payments over three years. You can choose from any of our new J-300, J-400 or J-500 seriesJacuzzi hot tubs today, with a £500 or £2,000 deposit , you will then not pay a penny for 12 months and can spread the costs over three years.

As ever, the finance is subject to status, but we will run through this with you.

What’s The Monthly Payment If I Finance A Hot Tub

Buying a Used Hot Tub – Crazy Idea or Great Way to Save Money?

A hot tub is a significant investment in your health, wellness and quality of life. The benefits of a hot tub dont come free, of course, but its entirely possible to enjoy a spa of your own for a very reasonable financial commitment.

A high quality hot tub comes with a price tag anywhere from $4,000 to $13,000+, depending on many factors, including overall quality, design, performance and features.

After you choose the model and features that will best meet your needs, you can pay cash up front for the purchase or finance the amount to an affordable monthly payment that fits within your budget. Below, well look at financing a hot tub for a few different price points to see how the monthly payments pan out.

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What If You Don’t Have What I Want

That is ok! If you have something specific in mind, we can get it or something very similar. First fill out the application by clicking the ‘Apply Now’ button at the top of the site. When we call you, give us the manufacturer and model of the hot tub you want. We will find it and help you get the product you really want. Let us help! If you have any questions you can call us first. Our hours of operation and contact number are listed below.

Can You Finance A Hot Tub

Yes! Hot tubs, also referred to as a jacuzzi or spa, may be financed with little to no money down, competitive interest rates and as close to a no credit check option as possible. This means it does require credit checks, however, the lenders we contact are usually able to work with your situation to provide hot tub financing for you with payments as low as $140.00. This is important, as many people are not able to afford the up front cost of a hot tub. Instead, you can break down the total amount of the purchase into smaller bi-weekly payments and terms with hot tub financing. It typically will cost more than purchasing in cash or credit card, but the bi-weekly payments give you the opportunity to pay it over time and use your money on other necessary household expenses. For other general information check out our Hot Tubs page.

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How Long Can I Finance A Hot Tub With Bad Credit

The loan term usually depends on the loan amount and the lender. Your credit score can also impact how long you can borrow money for. With bad credit you may only qualify for a short loan term. While your monthly payments may be higher, a short loan term may work to your advantage with bad credit. The less time you borrow money, the less you pay in interest. While you may want the lowest monthly payment possible, you should realistically choose a financing offer with an affordable payment and short term. Personal loan terms usually range from one to five years.

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What Customers Are Saying


“The guys did a great job delivering our hot tub. They were very respectful and gave instructions. Thank you for a great product and awesome customer service!!!”

~Michelle E.

“Tommie was great to work with! He helped us find the right hot tub for moms medical issues.”

~Robert K.

Junior and his crew were awesome. Delivery of the spa was on time as promised and delivery was smooth. A pleasurable end to the spa buying experience. Thank you.

~Jonathan S.

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Benefits Of Financing A Hot Tub

Minimal Upfront InvestmentDepending on your current financial status, spending a few thousand dollars into a hot tub may or may not be a wise choice for you and your family. Even if it is, some people are more comfortable with a payment plan. Regardless of your reasoning, we have options available. East Texas Spa accepts financing through Wells Fargo Outdoor Solutions Credit Card and GreenSky Credit.

Health BenefitsYouve probably heard it before, and yes, it sounds a little cheesy, but the phrase your body is your temple is totally true! Your body is your home. Physical aches can easily translate into mental and emotional aches, and visa versa.

If youre struggling to relax after a stressful day of work and feel the tension in your body is compounding, a hot tub could be just what you need. The longer you wait, the worse it can get. Financing a hot tub oftentimes allows the people who need it most to experience relief sooner rather than later. Soaking in a hot tub can:

  • Relieve arthritis pain and stiffness
  • Increase circulation
  • Help you sleep better

Increased Productivity

When your mind and body are relaxed, you sleep better. Take a hot tub soak before bed and youll be a believer! When you sleep well, you wake up refreshed and consequently experience increased productivity throughout your day. Imagine what increasing your productivity by even 10% or 20% could do for your life. Not only will you get more done, youll be preventing future stress from even starting.

What’s The Payment Amount

Since we deal with financing, your bi-weekly payment will be determined by a number of factors, such as: Credit Score, APR, which lender approves you and how many months your financing agreement is paid back over. Each person will have a different payment every two weeks depending on these factors . We do know your payments could be as low as $59 evry two weeks for some of our lower cost hot tubs, and as low as $155 every two weeks for a higher end spa.

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