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Hot Tub Cover That Won’t Absorb Water

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Everything You Need To Know About Spa Covers

Smartop Cover Vanish Review

Once you have a spa, hot tub, or all-season pool, your life changes.

It becomes hard to imagine your days without the relaxation of melting your stress away with massage jets, the joy of spending quality time with your friends and family in luxuriously pristine waters, and the magic of watching the sunrise or sunset from your own outdoor oasis.

You know this is an investment worth protecting so you can enjoy it as much as possible and for many years to come.

This, of course, requires good care and maintenance.And one of the most important ways to maintain your investment is with a spa cover.

Best Hard Cover: Myspa Cover Replacement Taper Cover


Why You Should Get It: The company confirms all your measurements before creating the custom-made cover according to your specs and dimensions, up to 96 x 96 inches.

Keep In Mind: Shipping is listed as three to five weeks after ordering, but it could be longer.

If your hot tub didnt come with a hard cover or you need to replace the one you own, its nice to know that you can order a custom option online, like this one from MySpaCover, which is our choice for the best hot tub cover that has a hard top. A hard cover is a flat surface that can withstand much more weight than a soft cover, Ricky Robinson says. Hard covers are much more expensive than a soft cover.

A hard cover is useful if you live in a cold climate where your hot tub may get covered in lots of snow. The standard version of this cover can hold up to 150 pounds on the top. If you anticipate a higher weight load, there are other models from MySpaCover that can hold up to a 450-pound weight load. All covers are constructed from durable marine-grade vinyl and EPS foam for insulation.

We like this option because it is easy to customize. Choose from 10 colors, seven shapes, fold/hinge locations, and various skirt and strap measurements. All options come with a five-year warranty, which is helpful in case of any issues. Do keep in mind that, because this is a custom order, the production and shipping time could take at least a few weeks.

Price at time of publish: $459

Product Details:

Different Types Of Hot Tub Covers

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  • Cold Climate Cover
  • Energy-Efficient Cover
  • After a long day of skiing, nothing feels better than relaxing with a beverage in a hot tub with friends. Many people choose to replicate the après-ski experience at home, with their own hot tub on the deck or patio. Hot tubs are great for relaxation, and they also have wonderful health benefits.

    However, keeping the water warm in an eco-friendly and efficient way is essential for a soothing soak in the hhotot tub. Below, lets examine some of the most popular types of hot tub covers, so you can make a better, more informed purchase.

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    Hot Tub Cover Lifters

    Another way to make sure your cover lasts is to install a hot tub cover lifter. These make it easy to remove the cover, store it securely while the spa is in use, and put it back on when youre done essentially simplifying the on/off process to two steps. The less the cover is jostled over time, the better the chances of it staying in good shape and structurally sound.

    Hot Tub Cover Alternatives: Top 5 Best Options

    How To Find The Best Round Hot Tub?

    As you probably already know, hot tub covers can get quite expensive. Depending on the type of cover you have, an average price is around $1,000.

    If your tub is in your backyard where its exposed to all sorts of elements UV rays from the sun, rain and snow during winter, leaves dropping onto it from trees or even animals climbing into it at night or birds getting into its piping system then replacing a broken cover can get costly very quickly.

    Especially if youre thinking of buying a fiberglass spa cover which some claim is worth more than its weight in gold. Well, not really but they are expensive nevertheless.

    Heres some good news for all those who dont want to spend more on their faulty hot tub cover. There are actually a number of alternatives you can consider and weve categorized them into two: Outdoor and Indoor.

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    Protect Your Spa Cover From The Elements

    Wind. Rain. Sun. Theyre all necessary, and while they can do wonders for plants and animals, they can wreak absolute havoc on your hot tub cover.

    Dont despair! By protecting your cover, you help it protect your hot tub, and its not difficult to do. You just need to add a few steps to your maintenance routine.

    How Long Does A Hot Tub Cover Last

    On average, a hot tub or swim spa cover will need to be replaced every 57 years. While some covers are built to last much longer than others, any object that is subjected to the elements will eventually show signs of wear.

    Knowing when to replace your cover may not be as easy as you think. Luckily, the experts at Cal Spas of Minnesota are here to help. These are the top five signs to keep an eye out for.

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    Top 5 Best Hot Tub Covers In 2022 By Kitchen Infinity

    Dont have a cover for your hot tub? Or maybe your existing hot tub cover is no longer doing the trick. In this guide, we are going to share hot tub cover reviews for top products in 2021.

    The reality is, there are a lot of options on the market. We know sifting through them all on your own could be overwhelming. So, we searched high and low to save you some time and bring you this list.

    We will also help you understand what to look for when you are searching for the right hot tub cover for your needs, and answer some frequently asked questions.

    Ready to find your next hot tub cover? Lets jump in.

    Jump to Section

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    How To Fix A Heavy Hot Tub Cover

    How To Clean A HOT TUB Scum Ring | Swim University

    To fix a waterlogged hot tub cover you need to dry out the foam. While this may sound easy, the reality is often different. Depending on how waterlogged the hot tub cover is, drying out the foam can take multiple days, making this impractical in cool weather and impossible in the winter. If the vapour barrier has deteriorated, the dry cover will quickly start to absorb water again anyway and can become completely saturated again in a matter of a few weeks or months.

    If the cover became waterlogged because the vapour barrier was pierced by something, you should be able to repair it , otherwise, replacing the hot tub cover is likely the best course of action. For more information on how to properly dry out a hot tub cover, see our hot tub repair guide.

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    What To Look For In A New Cover

    If youve noticed one or more of the above signs indicating that you need a new hot tub cover, youre probably wondering where to start in your search. The hot tub cover market isnt overwhelmingly saturated. However, there are a lot of so-so products out there claiming to be better than they are for an affordable price.

    Price is arguably the last thing you should consider when it comes to investing in a new hot tub cover. Instead, look at the following first:

    The Materials

    We discussed the anatomy of hot tub covers above. Theyre made up of solid foam cores, sealed-in plastic casing, and vinyl coverings on top of that.

    The foam core piece, or pieces, are designed with a specific density that contribute to the covers energy efficiency. The density, including the depth and thickness of the foam, also affects the amount of weight the cover can handle before the foam core gives.

    The foam core is given an R-value rating denoting the density and thickness, which is directly related to its insulation quality. Essentially, the more dense the foam, the better.

    The Taper

    The taper refers to the steepness of a hot tub cover at its center hinges. Hot tub covers fold at a hinge point and are tapered from the middle to outer edges to allow snow and rain to roll off rather than pool in the middle. Its similar to how a roof works.

    The Seals

    The Hinge

    When To Replace Your Hot Tub Cover

    Maybe you made a significant investment in a high-quality cover, but several years have passed, and youre unsure whether its time to replace it. Maybe youre still using the low-quality cover that came with your spa when you bought it, but it suddenly seems to weigh as much as a Volvo, and you dont know if youll ever get into your hot tub again.

    The ideal weight of a hot tub cover is 50 to 75 pounds. Over time, it will absorb water and grow much heavier. If it has a cheap or insufficient vapor barrier, or if youre not maintaining it well, this process can happen much more quickly. Once your cover is waterlogged, its time to start shopping for a new one.

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    Types Of Hot Tub Covers

    There are three main types of covers for your hot tub. Of course, you will want to think about affordability and durability when choosing the best hot tub cover for your lifestyle. Dont forget to think about things like: How easy does it need to be to get on and off? What kind of maintenance is required to keep your cover in good condition?

    How To Find Spa Covers That Will Look Great And Last For Years

    Smartop Cover

    Finding a high-quality spa cover doesnt have to be a difficult or lengthy process, but it is important to shop around and do some research so you can select the best option for your needs .

    The first thing to look at is the brand and its reputation. Good brands stake their reputation on quality and service, so if you want to be sure that youre getting good value for money, its best to narrow down your options to a few well-known spa cover brands and go from there.

    Once youve got a few in mind, you can start looking at their product lines, paying attention to the finer points of materials and durability. A spa cover thats made from flimsy material wont hold up very long at all and will end up costing you more in the long run since it will wear out faster and have to be replaced sooner.

    Some of the most important features to look at are:

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    Best Overall: The Cover Guy Deluxe Hot Tub Cover

    Why You Should Get It: This durable all-weather cover is completely customizable to the exact dimensions of your hot tub and comes with a seven-year warranty.

    Keep In Mind: The price will vary based on your custom specifications.

    Our top choice for the best hot tub cover, this high-quality spa cover is all you need to protect and insulate your hot tub for years to come and maintain. Its not a one-click order on this cover. Youll need to select everything, including shape, fold, skirt length, and cover color, and input your hot tub style and model number when you order. Theres even a measuring video to help you correctly measure the dimensions because once your order is placed, you cant make changes.

    The effort to order is well worth it. Youll end up with a custom hot tub cover thatll fit like a glove with a seven-year warranty. These covers are made with high-density foam and marine-grade vinyl, and theyre crafted for year-round insulation, even under harsh weather conditions, to protect your outdoor oasis. Additionally, the outdoor fabric, available in 15+ colors, will not fade or crack. With four lockable straps, the cover and hot tub can be securely closed when not in use.

    While the ordering process may seem intimidating, watch the video, use the guide, and input all the information. If you do all that, your hot tub cover will arrive quickly and fit perfectly.

    Price at time of publish: $450

    Product Details:

    Trim Bushes And Trees

    While hot tub landscaping is definitely a nice addition to your back yard space, it also introduces potential dangers to your spa cover.

    If you have bushes or trees with long limbs around your hot tub, consider cutting them back to reduce the chance they could break and fall on your cover. And definitely never let a tree limb get long enough to reach your hot tub where it can scratch or tear the cover, or do other damage to your spa.

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    Keep The Water In And The Nasties Out

    A more obvious benefit to using a hot tub cover than keeping things in, is keeping them out. A cover will prevent all types and sizes of debris from winding up in your hot tub, such as sticks, leaves, and bugs. If your hot tub is indoors, a cover will keep dust and pet hair out too.

    And regardless of where your hot tub is, a cover will also prevent technological disasters. Imagine walking by your uncovered hot tub and losing your grip on your smartphone or tablet. Bloop! Right into the water. Just the thought gives us the willies.

    Holds Up To 1000 Pounds

    DIY solar panel water heater for hot tub

    Our Tuff Top Cover is as tough as its name implies. It can hold up to 1,000 pounds! So whether youre in an area that snows a lot or you happen to have kids or grandkids that get a little rambunctious and jump up on top of your hot tub cover, the Tuff Cover has your back. It can withstand the elements, wont get waterlogged and wont cost you another couple of hundred dollars in a few years. We all love saving money!

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    Hot Tub Cover Anatomy

    Before you make such an important purchase, you should know what youre getting for your money. Whats underneath that fancy vinyl cover, anyway? How exactly does it provide all those awesome benefits?

    Hot tub covers have removable, vinyl shells, which zipper open and closed. Most are made up of two sections attached by a hinge between them. Each section contains a solid piece of dense foam.

    In outdoor covers, the foam is thicker in the middle , then tapers down to the outer edges to help keep debris from accumulating on and causing damage to the cover. Buying a tapered cover is just one way to protect your spa cover from bad weather.

    Before being slipped into the vinyl shell, the foam is wrapped in one or two protective layers of plastic. This is the vapor barrier, and its job is to keep the smaller water particlesthe vaporfrom reaching the foam.

    High-quality covers are reinforced with steel bars near the middle, but some also have multiple bars spaced evenly throughout the foam, making for a sturdier cover. Generally, the cover includes handles and tie-down straps as well.

    Remove Furniture Plants And Patio Items

    When you see a storm is on its way, take a little time to put away your patio furniture, potted plants, and even large items like your barbecue grill. Especially the large items.

    It may seem like a big grill is too heavy to be moved, but if a storm is serious enough, it can pick up a grill like its nothing, and then dump it right on top of your spa cover. Then youll have to buy a new cover and a new grill. No fun.

    If, up to now, youve considered your patio the storage area for these items, it may be time to consider investing in something a little more stable, like a storage shed.

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    How Do You Clean A Hot Tub Cover

    To clean the outside of your cover, soap and water should work well. For other issues, like mold, Robinson recommends using a three parts water, one part bleach solution to clean and disinfect the cover. To extend the life of your cover, he suggests applying another coat of UV protectant to vinyl covers after the first six months and every six months thereafter.

    Something That Will Neverhappen With A Spcap Hot Tub Cover

    DIY Rolling Hot Tub Cover Suppliers and Manufacturers China

    If you’re tired of getting beat up by your hot tub cover, it’s time you get a SpaCap.There are many different hot tub manufacturers that are building swim spas, and there will be more as time goes by. However since we custom build all the covers, we make you can rest assured that we can build a cover no matter the brand.

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    Take These Steps Once The Cover Has Dried Out And The Foam Reinstated:

    • Thoroughly clean the vinyl cover
    • Roughen up the area on each side of the tear or around the hole using light grade sandpaper
    • Wipe away any residue with a dry cloth
    • Cut the patch to shape or size. Always do a dry run first to make sure youve got the right fit
    • Use the alcohol preparation pads supplied with the kit to apply a thin film around the tear or hole
    • Apply the patch using firm pressure. It will bond within seconds so make sure you position it right first timeyou dont get a second chance!

    And thats it, youre good to go. It is always best to leave it a few hours until the patch has fully cured, so use this time to prepare your hot tub for the next session.

    A collage of before photos. We got rid of our hot tub, so I am harvesting the foam from the cover. I see at least 3 new tombstones.

    Wallace Manor Haunt

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