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Hot Tub Electric Cost Calculator

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What Affects A Hot Tubs Electric Consumption

How much does a hot tub cost to run? 110v or 220 v?
  • Frequency of use drives the cost to operate a hot tub up or down. The more use a hot tub receives, the more energy it requires. More use means more heat loss, which forces the hot tubs system and components to work harder.

  • Taking good care of your tub by using a high-quality, well-fitting insulated cover and cleaning the filters regularly will reduce your hot tubs electrical consumption.

  • Heating up your water adds more to your monthly electric bill than maintaining the water at a constant high temperature. After you heat up your new hot tub for the first time, your next electric bill will be slightly higher than it will be in subsequent months.

  • Spa water replacement is part of normal maintenance. With some systems, youll need to drain and refill the hot tub two to three times each year. After refilling your spa, the water will need to be heated, which will cause a small increase in your next electric bill

  • The latest Hot Spring innovation to offset the reheating costs is the FreshWater® salt water system. With proper care, this system will keep your water clean and fresh for up to a year.

    How Many Gallons Are In A 4

    Whether youre considering a new spa or a simple upgrade, it can be a bit confusing to know how many gallons are in a hot tub. You need to know how long it takes to fill a five-gallon bucket to answer this question. To do this, multiply the number of seconds it takes to fill one gallon by five and divide by two to get the cubic foot volume.

    There are two ways to calculate the number of gallons in a hot tub. One involves using a formula, while the other involves an empirical approach.

    • First, determine the size.
    • This means you must know its width, length, and depth.
    • To determine the number of seats, multiply the dimensions by 1728 to get the total cubic feet.
    • Once you know the exact number, you can find the gallons needed to fill the tub.
    • You can measure it using a measuring tape for a rectangular hot tub.
    • If youre looking for an extra-large tub, multiply the dimensions by 1728.
    • It would help if you also multiplied the height of the seats by two or four to get the overall number of gallons.

    Alternatively, you can find the exact number of gallons in a hot bath by simply measuring the time it takes to fill a container.

    The best way to calculate the number of gallons in it is to use a measuring tape. Obtain the length, width, and depth. Then, divide these measurements by seventeen hundred and thirty-seven to get the volume of water in the tub. In either case, add 2.4 to four to get the amount of space you need. Finally, you can take the tubs length as the length and width.

    Estimate Your Monthly Operating Costs

    Each Hot Spring Spa owners operating cost is different. Determining your cost depends on which model you own, the temperature you set, your frequency of use, the mean ambient temperature and the cost of electricity where you live. By using this energy calculator, you can get a better idea of what your monthly cost may be. Based on third-party testing, the calculator works by presenting actual documented energy consumption for the specific Hot Spring spa in heavy use.

    Monthly Energy Cost = Kilowatt Hours x Rate per Kilowatt Hour

    Temp = Approximate Annual Mean Ambient Temperature in Degrees Fahrenheit

    kWh = Approximate Average Kilowatt Hours per Month to Operate Spa*

    Rate = Approximate Average Rate Charged per Kilowatt Hour in Dollars**

    Cost = Approximate Average Monthly Energy Cost to Operate Spa*

    ** Based on rate quoted by the local utility company in February 2011. Rates are subject to change check with your local electricity provider for the current rate in your area.

    *** In Canadian dollars.

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    Factors That Affect Hot Tub Electricity Cost:

    • Outdoor climate and temperature
    • Size of hot tub
    • Quality and age of hot tub
    • Type and fit of hot tub cover
    • Hot tub thermostat setting
    • Age and quality of water heater

    Each of these factors will have a major role on calculating how much it will cost to run your hot tub for any amount of time. One of the largest factors on hot tub energy cost is the size and how much water your tub holds. Remember, the more water in your tub, the more overall energy you use heating it. It is also super important to keep on on maintenance and cleaning of your hot tub. Poorly maintained parts can contribute to high hot tub electricity cost due to not working at their fullest potential and sucking energy.

    How Much Energy Does A Hot Tub Use


    If spending the day soaking in a commercial spa is your idea of a relaxing time, the only way to make it better is to bring that relaxation closer to home. But hot tubs are luxury items that come at luxury prices, and the costs don’t stop after having a hot tub installed. Keeping that water warm and circulated will add a noticeable amount to your monthly energy bill.

    Modern manufacturers advertise the cost to run their hot tubs at about one dollar per day, with $50 per month at the high end. The energy cost of a hot tub varies based mainly on the heater, which usually draws between 1,500 watts or 6,000 watts. The pump is another prime energy user at 1,500 watts. The actual energy cost to run a hot tub will also depend on your energy cost per kilowatt-hour , your local climate and your maintenance and use habits.

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    Energy Consumption Of Hot Tubs

    Many modern manufacturers now claim that in their advertisements that their products are very energy efficient and inexpensive to run. In fact, manufacturers often also claim that their tubs and spas cost about a dollar per day to run and if they are on the higher end then they can cost up to fifty dollars per month to run.

    Generally, the biggest source of energy consumption is based on the heater which is used to heat up the water. These heaters usually consume between 1500 to 6000 watts, or 12.5 to 50 amps. In addition to this another source of energy consumption is the pump which also on average consumes around 1500 watts of energy.

    If you have additional features in your hot tub those may also factor into the consumption of energy overall. In addition to this, the actual cost energy consumption can also depend on your cost of energy per kilowatt-hour, the local climate, the frequency and quality of maintenance and the user habits.

    Do Hot Tubs Use A Lot Of Energy

    If you use your hot tub every single day, or frequently, your hot tub energy use would be very high and cost you quite a bit. While that question can be subjective, you can expect there to be a rather large increase on your monthly electricity bill if you are running your hot tub every day. Even at the lowest wattage, youre still adding about $30 to your electricity bill a month to maintain your hot tub.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Run A Hot Tub Updated Autumn 2022

    Posted by Nick Clamp in Maintaining a Hot Tub Guides on 26th September 2022

    One of the most common questions new hot tub buyers ask is How much does it cost to run a hot tub. Even with the current electricity charges, the answer is probably not as much as you might think .

    In this article, well take a deep dive into hot tub running costs and walk you through exactly how to keep them down.

    Also be sure to watch our video below for a full rundown of how you can save money on your hot tub running costs:

    So Really How Much Does A Hot Tub Cost

    How much will an inflatable hot tub raise your electric bill?

    Depending on the construction, make, and model, energy efficiency, jets, accessories, etc. hot tub costs can range anywhere from $2,995 to roughly $20,000. If you want to know more specifically on any of our HotSpring, Caldera, or Freeflow spas please fill out a request form!

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    How Much Does Is Cost To Run A Hot Tub Every Month

    Now that we have our basic information, lets figure out how much it will cost to run your hot tub each month. For this equation, you will need to know the kWh rate your utility company charges the wattage of your heater and how many hours you use it. We always say that a good rule of thumb is to budget between $20 $40 a month to maintain and pay for your hot tub energy costs.

    Here is a hypothetical hot tub electricity cost calculator with some common numbers you might see when using a small hot tub at your home.

    • Small 120-volt heater 2000 watts or 2 kWh
    • Water pump 1,500 watts or 1.5 kWh
    • Average cost of kWh on electric bill 14.77 cents
    • Time spent in hot tub

    Add together the kWh for the accessories needed which comes out to be 3.5 kWh of energy per hour usage of your hot tub. On average, lets estimate that a family might need to run a hot tub for 50 hours a month. To calculate jacuzzi electricity consumption, multiply 3.5 kWh by 50 to get 175 kWh of energy usage per month.

    To then get the total hot tub cost, take 175 kWh and multiply that by the rate provided by your utility company, which we are using the national average, 14.77 cents.

    The average cost to run your hot tub per month is about $26 with our equation, which can be much more or less depending on what youre running. If your hot tub runs a 240-volt heater, running at 7.5 kWh, expect your jacuzzi electricity consumption to be just about double costing you about $50 per month.

    Your Winter Hot Tub Energy Costs

    A well-built, high-quality hot tub with a base pan, dense insulation, and a thick, fitted cover is surprisingly inexpensive to runeven in winter. While multiple factors including your location, utility company, climate, and the temperature at which you keep your spa running will determine the actual price, using this calculator will give you a general idea of what your energy costs might be. The extra care and attention paid to design and engineering that goes into the construction of a high-quality hot tub will pay dividends on your electric bill for the life of your spa.

    Hot Spring Spas believes in quality. That’s why we design our hot tubs to be the absolute best hot tub ownership experience. Hot tubs manufactured by Hot Spring are insulated either with multi-density full foam or with the proprietary FiberCor® insulation, a Watkins Wellness® exclusive. Our base pans reduce heat loss and protect sensitive components. Our high-quality, custom-fitted covers seal snugly and securely. Your local hot tub dealer will be able to tell you more about your hot tub’s operating costs for your specific spa model and your local climate. To learn more about which of our hot tubs might be right for you and your family, .

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    Hot Tub Energy Standards

    stringent energy standards

    Some of the most efficient spas available on the market today are manufactured in the state of California and all models have to be certified to meet the California Energy Commission standards and APSP 14 the national energy efficient standard for portable spas. Some of the premium and luxury hot tub models available are packed with creative innovation and impressive features designed to keep operational expenses at a minimum, with energy efficiency primary focus.

    Most hot tub manufacturers will advertise or state the operational expenses of different models on a monthly basis. Usually, if the figure thats presented to you sounds too good to be true, generally it is! As a customer, it is incredibly important to do your due diligence and read the fine print when shopping for a hot tub. As a sales representative in the industry, I would strongly encourage going to a third-party source where you can submit your own energy data and calculate your operational expenses before purchasing your hot tub or spa. It may not be accurate to the penny, but it is a terrific indicator no big surprises!

    Hot Tub Costs Can Vary Significantly

    Legend 4 Hot Tub

    Just like cars, hot tubs also have different efficiency levels. Every hot tub manufacturer will tell you what the expected daily cost to run hot tub should be. Typically, you would pick something between a 4-seater being 13 AMPS and an 8-seater being 40 AMPS .

    Hot tubs are built to run 24/7 and the final charge will greatly depend on the outside factors, primarily how you preserve the temperature and make sure the thermostat is measuring constant temperature.

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    How To Use A Hot Tub Electricity Cost Calculator

    In the United States, an estimated 9 million hot tubs and spas are in use. And while that number may seem high, its only a fraction of the worlds 350 million hot tubs and spas. Spa owners have long known that soaking in hot water can be therapeutic, but what they may not know is how much electricity their spa is using.

    Hot tubs can use a lot of electricity, depending on their size and features. A standard six-person hot tub can use up to 4,500 watts of power, or about 5 kilowatts per hour . That means if your spa is running for eight hours per day, it will use 40 kWh of electricity per day or 1,460 kWh per month.

    To save money on your electric bill, you should avoid opening the hot tub too frequently.

    Before you buy a hot tub, you should know the price of electricity in your area. Depending on your usage, you should also check the cost of electricity per kilowatt-hour. In California, the cost of a kilowatt-hour is 16.7 cents. You should then multiply the number of hours by 16.7 cents to get the price of electricity. That would work out to be about $6.3 per week and $25.3 for a month.

    Most hot tub manufacturers advertise their operational expenses every month. If you do not want to read the fine print, you can always rely on third-party sources to find out exactly how much electricity your hot tub is using. This way, you will know how much money it costs to run it every month. Then, you can set the hot tub to sleep or economy mode to lower your bills.

    Things That Will Help With Your Hot Tub Electric Bill

    Below are the three most important factors that will effect the running cost of your hot tub.

    • Heater High kw heaters are an indication of poor insulation and will result in higher running costs. Most of HotSprings hot tubs have a 1.5kw titanium heater .
    • Electrical Supply HotSprings manufacture the worlds most energy efficient hot tubs which is demonstrated by the fact that many of our models only require between 13-16amps and still provide some of the most powerful hydrotherapy jets on the market.
    • Insulation Many of our hot tubs are insulated with 60lb High density multi layer Polyurethane foam which is the same insulation used in aircrafts. It doesnt get any better, in fact most other hot tub brands offer a mere 1/2lb of foam and thus saving the manufactures money but resulting in higher running costs for the consumer.

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    How To Keep Your Hot Tub Running Costs Low

    What can you do to ensure that when you buy a hot tub the energy bills are as low as possible?

    These are just a couple of things you should look out for when buying a hot tub to keep your running costs low.

  • Buy a good quality hot tub.
  • Get the best possible electricity tariff. The lowest unit price will help keep your hot tub energy costs down.
  • Keep your hot tub at temperature all the time. Little and often is the most efficient way to heat your hot tub. Plus it means it is ready to jump in 24/7. Its not cost-effective to constantly reduce and increase the heat.
  • A well-insulated cover. Sixty percent of the heat is lost through the top of the hot tub. A well-insulated cover helps keeps the heat in.
  • Insulate the cabinet. We recommend full foam insulation from the shell to the interior cabinet. This preserves heat. Plus it has the added bonus of securing the pipework to prevent the likelihood of leaks.
  • Turn of your air valves. If you have air valves or jets turn these to the off position when you are not using your hot tub. Introduction of air will lower the water temperature. Leaving these on when the filtration cycle runs will increase hot tub energy usage.
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    Below Ground Hot Tub Cost Factors

    How much does it cost to run a hot tub??
    • Location The area needs enough space for excavation equipment, the pad, cover lifter, and walkway. Budget for repairing damage to existing landscaping from using heavy equipment. Costs increase if the ground is rocky or on a hill. The minimum excavation depth is 46 from the surface.
    • Electric & Plumbing A 50-amp dedicated electrical panel with a GFCI circuit breaker is installed within 100 feet of the hot tub. A spa panel with emergency shutoff is installed within five feet of the tub. Plumbing includes fittings for the jets and lines for water flow. The pump is either housed with the hot tub or separately.
    • Material Below ground hot tubs are either poured concrete, gunite, or a pre-fabricated acrylic or fiberglass shell.
    • Concrete is sprayed over rebar at high pressure around jet holes. A plaster or a natural stone blend is used as the finish.
    • Some shells require a poured and leveled concrete pad. Other shells have a support frame that requires a 10 gravel bed for drainage and a backfill mix of dirt, gravel, sand, or road base filled around the shell.
  • Size The size of the hot tub is one of the main factors that affect the cost. Standard in-ground hot tub sizes are:
  • Small: 5×5 for 2 to 4 people
  • Medium: 6×7 for 5 to 6 people
  • Large: 9×8 for 7+ people
  • Features Adding custom upgrades like waterfalls, entertainment systems, lighting, JetPaks, and covers add $500 to $10,000 to the total cost.
  • $40 $150

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