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Hot Tub For 8 Persons

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Winterizing Your Hydropool Swim Spa

J-235 Classic 6 Person Hot Tub with Lounge Seat

For those customers who do not plan on using the Swim Spa during the winter months, it can be easily prepared for the winter by simply draining the water, removing the plugs from the pump, filter and heater, adding some antifreeze to suspect areas and covering the pool with the safety hardcover and a protective sheet of plastic. Where a proper concrete pad/foundation has not been installed, further consultation with your Hydropool representative will be required.


Outdoor Balboa 8 Person Spa Hot Tub

2130X2130X880mm Whether you’re looking for luxury hot tubs,swim spa or outdoor spa hot tubs, JOYSPA offers a complete line of quality hot tubs spas for you.

  • Product Origin:

  • Silver white marble Oceanwave White pearlescent


Contoured seating distinguishes our JY8808 spa as truly hydrotherapeutic hot tub.Up to 7 seating is suited to party.A total of 52 jets provide soothing massage in each of 7 ergonomic seats,each equipped with a comfort pillow for maximum relaxation.Seats in different depth suitable to lady and man in different stature. Joyspa welcome you to order.


Is There A Big Difference Between 8 Person And 7 Person Inflatable Hot Tubs

There honestly isn’t a big difference between an 8-person and a 7-person inflatable hot tub. You’ll be a bit more cramped in a 7-person hot tub if you’re 8 people. And maybe you can’t sit down.

If you host big groups on the regular, it’s best to choose a hot tub meant for 8 people. But if it’s just a one-off event, you’ll be safe if you choose a 7-person hot pool.

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Things To Consider Before Buying A Hot Tub

Buying a high-quality hot tub can be extremely daunting. With hundreds and thousands of products available in the market, it might be a little hard for you to choose the most suitable product. In this buying guide section, we will discuss some of the most important features that every potential buyer must consider before making a final choice.

Canadian Spa Company St Lawrence 15

Galaxy Hot Tub 8 Seater  Large Hot Tub For 8 Person

Planning on buying a hot tub that accommodates a larger group of people? Look no further than the Canadian Spa Company St. Lawrence. This massive 16-feet hot tub can accommodate up to 15 people comfortably. Hence why it is the best swim spa in our book.

This hot tub features Canadian Spa Companys Swim Lane System which is fully customizable to your preferred swim pattern. It is powered by four 16.4-Amp pumps to provide the optimum swim spa experience to every user. Additionally, this tub also features six multi-jet seats that deliver the ultimate hydrotherapy.

As for this tubs construction, it is crafted with high-density foam insulation as well as a heat retention trap blanket to boost the spas efficiency.

Lastly, the St. Lawrence is loaded with additional features, including adjustable jets, waterfall, Bluetooth audio system, and many more.

Highlighted Features

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Hot Tub Seats And Square Footage: How To Choose The Right Size Spa

Whether youre looking to add a hot tub to a wide-open backyard or a small screened-in porch, choosing your hot tub size is an important decision. Thankfully, there are a lot of options out there. But to find the right size and configuration for you and your family, you need to think about more than just the space around the spa. You need to consider how youll use the hot tub, who will be using it and determine the right number of seats. To help make things easier, lets look at some common hot tub sizes and questions to ask as you make your decision.

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Hot Tub Seats Impact Size

The number of hot tub seats is the biggest factor in determining the overall size of a spa. For example, compare the difference between these Hot Spring® Spas, ranging from an intimate lounger hot tub to spas built for larger groups:

  • TX®, a two-person lounger hot tub 5’8.5″ x 5’8.5″ x 29″
  • Beam®, a four-person hot tub 6’8″ x 6’8″ x 33″
  • Grandee®, a seven-person hot tub 8’4″ x 7’7″ x 38″

Along with figuring out the number of seats you want, think about what kind of seating you prefer. Many hot tub models come with a lounge seat that puts your body in a reclining position.

Many people love the feeling of being able to stretch out in a lounge seat, however, you have to take into consideration that they generally take up more room than a regular upright seat. So,youll have to decide if you want to maximize the number of seats, or prefer to have different seating options in your hot tub.

The depth of your hot tub is another factor to consider as you try to find your perfect spa. Hot tubs come in a variety of depths, which can affect the step-over height as you enter and exit the hot tub. The depth of hot tubs seats can also vary, providing for a deeper or shallower water level. Thats why its important to think about who will be using the hot tub most often, and what is most comfortable for you.

Is It Hard To Install An 8 Person Tub

How to Move a Hot Tub | The Home Depot

It’s as easy to install an 8-person tub as it is to install smaller tubs. You might think that inflation will take longer, but it really doesn’t.

If you purchase a hot tub with an integrated pump system, like the Lay-Z Spa Monaco, you can inflate your tub in 10 minutes!

The only struggle is filling your hot tub with water. That will take a little longer, and so will heating it up.

It might take around 24-36 hours to heat up a big tub to your desired temperature, so schedule your backyard soak just in time for your water to be just right.

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Choose A Different Shape

Above-ground hot tubs generally come in a wide variety of shapes. If you are worried that a 6-8 person hot tub will be too large, then you are encouraged to look at the different varieties of the models offered to see if any of these will be a better fit:

The benefit of rectangular hot tubs is that they allow for more entry/exit points compared to other shapes, which is nice if you plan on having multiple people use the unit at one time. However, it does have less width than your standard square hot tub.

Note: Triangle-shaped hot tubs are usually more common among smaller units, so you will likely not come across a triangular model that holds 6-8 people.

Everything You Need To Know About 8

If youre looking for a hot tub thats well-suited for backyard parties and family gatherings, you might be considering a six to eight-person spa thats big enough to accommodate a crowd. But knowing you want a larger model and figuring out the logistics of fitting the right spa in your space can get tricky if you dont plan for it in advance.

So how do you know what questions to ask? Here are the key details to consider when investigating spas and the specific benefits youre looking to get from your purchase.

Generally, a spa built to seat eight people is considered a large spa and can range in size from seven to nine feet. This is a fairly significant difference between small or medium spas. Smaller models are intended to fit into tighter spaces and might squeeze users in a bit tighter, but larger ones are made specifically to hold more people more comfortably. This is likely to be the case for your eight-person hot tub options. Common dimensions you might see for an 8 person spa are 710 x 710 or 77 x 77 on the smaller side.

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Cantabria 8 Person Hot Tub

Every Utopia Series spa is ready to use with our simple and intuitive FreshWater Salt System that generates chlorine from salt, keeping water clean and fresh up to three times longer than any other system. The Cantabria 8 Person Hot Tub comfortably fits 8 adults and features the UltraMassage® lounge with the customizable UltraMasseuse® System. This jetting system will make you feel like royalty. Create your personal spa experience with six different jet sequences and three speeds. As you move from seat to seat, jets focus on those groups one at a time. These groups include your neck and shoulders, large muscles of your back, lower back, hamstrings, calves and feet.

The completely redesigned Utopia Series spas feature an exclusive combination of high-performance details and transformational design.

Utopia series models offer the pinnacle of hot tub comfort, design, and performance.

What Type Of Maintenance Does A Hot Tub Require

QCA Spas Jamaica Luxurious 8

To keep the hot tub neat and clean, be sure to test the chemical levels twice a week and know if it has adequate chlorine and PH between 7-8. Always add more chemicals based on this reading and maintain the filters as per the manufacturers guidelines. It is better to drain the hot tub every four to five months and clean the inner portion thoroughly before filling it again.

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What Maintenance Is Required

Like any pool or hot tub, the Hydropool Swim Spa will require the addition of chemicals to kill bacteria and balance the water chemistry. It will contain about 1/10 of the water found in an average pool and therefore considerably fewer chemicals are required. Hydropool employs an inline automatic chemical dispenser that works in conjunction with the pressure-side 75 square foot cartridge filter to make water care simple.

In addition, we recommend the optional ozonator, which is designed to reduce the addition of chemicals while also making the water soft and gentle on the skin. In an outdoor setting, the inclusion of the optional hardcover will keep airborne debris from entering the water while maintaining the set temperature. In the event where dirt settles on the bottom, the jet action of the Swim Spa will usually stir the debris so that it is removed by the surface skimmer.

Regular rinsing of the filter with a hose or in a wash basin will keep the pool water clean and extend the life of the filter.

Many Install An 8 Person Hot Tub As Opposed To Pool

Extra-large 8 person hot tubs are the pinnacle of absolute hot tub ownership and offer the highest bather load possible. If you have an extra-large family or your home is party central, an 8 person hot tub may be the perfect choice for you. Some people install an 8 person hot tub as opposed to a pool. Remember that the larger the hot tub, the more it takes to heat and maintain. If maintenance and heating costs are of no concern, then, by all means, do not let us dissuade you from buying the largest hot tub possible. Our Northern 8 person hot tubs are well-built and engineered to withstand the harsh Canadian climate. They are well insulated and well equipped. An array of hot tub features including state-of-the-art electronics keep your 8 person hot tub at your desired temperature. Just open the cover and jump in when you’re ready for your big party or personal hot tub session. You can turn up the heat or control your hot tub using our convenient iOS or Android app. If you need to sit more people in your 8 person hot tub, you may be able to do so with the understanding that the maximum number of seats is eight, and if you want to sit more, you can do so with others sitting close or on top of you!

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Comparing Hot Tub Dimensions

St. Moritz by Bestway 5-7 Person Inflatable Heated Hot Tub on QVC

Many hot tubs can fit in one of three categories small spas for two to three people medium size hot tubs for four to six people and large spas for seven or more people.

Small hot tub size: Master Spas makes two small hot tubs. The dimensions of the Getaway San Miguel are 69 x 79. For the TS 240, a corner hot tub, the dimensions are 78 x 78.

Medium hot tubs: The most popular hot tub size is 84 x 84, which is about 7 feet by 7 feet. Among the models available in this popular hot tub size are the Clarity Spas Balance 7, Twilight Series TS 7.2, and the Michael Phelps Legend Series LSX 700. Hot tubs with these dimensions are roomy enough to soak with friends but it doesnt overwhelm your space.

Large spa dimensions: Maybe you have a big family or you like to entertain. Or, you want a hot tub big enough to throw in a float and relax in the summer. A hot tub with dimensions like 94 by 94 can help fit your needs.

Looking for a more spacious spa? Among the biggest Master Spas models are the Clarity Spas Balance 9 and Michael Phelps Legend Series LSX 900, which both have dimensions of 108 x 94.

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Is A Fence Required

We recommend that you check with your local building/by-law department for any restrictions or requirements.

Since all Hydropool Swim Spas are available with a locking safety hardcover that prevents children, pets and unwanted visitors from entering, and taking into account that there is less than 4 feet of water, some municipalities may not require a fence.

How Much Does An 8

Unless you are working with an inflatable model, its vital that you understand the weight requirements for your spa before its installed. First, so you can ensure that youre placing it on a foundation that is able to hold under the appropriate amount of weight, and second, so you understand that more water and more people using the spa means that water requires more chemicals and maintenance.

The dry weight is likely to be somewhere around 750-1000 lbs. When filled, the spa will weigh somewhere in the range of 6,000-6,500 lbs. Thats not a lightweight piece of patio furniture, so keep that in mind when designing the placement of your spa. Recommended foundations are 4 inch thick concrete, concrete pavers, pea gravel, or a reinforced deck.

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How Much Space Does A 6

A hot tub should be expected to take up more space than what is stated from its square area this is due to a combination of local building codes and the space needed to install the units support equipment.

Here is how much space you will actually need to set up a 6-8 person hot tub:

  • A flat space where you can install a surface pad capable of supporting the hot tubs weight .
  • A separation distance from overhead power lines
  • A separation distance from the electric panel for the hot tub
  • A space with proper drainage to account for water splashing over the side

Additionally, you are encouraged to allow at least an extra foot of space on either side of the hot tub to provide enough room for installing and removing its cover. You may need to construct a separate enclosure for the pump, filter, and heater if you buy a hot tub that doesnt have these features already built into the hot tub cabinet.

How Many Gallons Of Water Does An 8


Typically, an eight-person spa is going to hold somewhere around 400 gallons of water, but an eight-person model, being made that much bigger, is made to hold 475-650 gallons. Thats can be almost double the amount of water compared to the amount held in smaller spas, so keep in mind that a bigger spa will require more water.

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Consider Portable Hot Tubs

Inflatable units like this Intex 6-Person Home Outdoor Round Tub are an excellent choice for those looking for a seasonal hot tub that is also affordable. Hot tubs like these also hold the great benefit of being simpler to tear down when you need to move it out of the way.

If conserving space is a priority of yours, you are also encouraged to look into a hot tub that houses the pump and heating equipment within the cabinet, negating the need to build a separate structure to house equipment.

This can help reduce the amount of space that the entire hot tub will take up. Units like this one from Wellis have a special foam built into the cabinet so that the pump and heating parts will not be subject to damage from cold weather.

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