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Hot Tub On Patio Ideas

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Is It Cheaper To Diy Or Build A Pergola From A Kit

Hot Tub Ideas that fit into your Landscape

I answer this question by comparing cost estimates for homemade and premade pergolas, basically a from-scratch DIY vs. a purchased kit.

For comparison, I considered this highly reviewed, inexpensive 10×10 Pergola Kit from Home Depot, made from cedar . It retails for $1,144.44 + $92.84 = $1,236.84 .

Now lets create a material spec for a similar size and design DIY cedar pergola that you could have built yourself from a free plan.

Note: Please realize, this is a bulk estimate, as lumber prices fluctuate depending on location and availability. Though I tried to get the boards lengths as close as possible to those in the kit, some boards may not be available at the time of construction or at certain zip codes.

We will need the following materials.



  • 12 louvers 2x2x8 Premium S4S Cedar Lumber 12 x $10.98 = $131.76
  • Hardware:

  • 4 post anchors Set of 4 Bolt-Down Brackets$92.84
  • bolts 48 x $1 = $48 at least
  • Stain:

  • 1 gal Waterproofing Exterior Wood Stain and Sealer $37.98
  • Your Total cost:$1,183.78

    We got close, with the DIY pergola even costing $40 more than a kit. So is it really worth it to build it from scratch? Not in my opinion. Of course, you could build one with pine for cheaper. But its not going to be the same. Plus you need to spend time cutting all of the components to size, possibly making those cool-looking rafter tails, and shopping for lumber.

    Learn How To Maintain Your New Backyard Oasis

    One of the things you need to know before embarking on your new journey is how to maintain your yard. There are so many different plants, flowers, and trees that you can add to your outdoor space. However, it is important not to lose sight of the most important features: the hot tub and the deck.

    These two things will be used more often than any of your landscaping choices and require much more maintenance. Make sure you have enough time in your schedule to maintain these areas because neglecting them for too long can lead to danger.

    You may also need some help with maintaining the yard when it comes down to pruning or mulching plants or trees. There are gardeners out there who specialize in these tasks they will come out and do the work for you once a month or so at an affordable price. With this option, you dont have to worry about spending any more time outside than necessary.

    continuous reading:

    Build A Pavilion For Your Hot Tub

    A pavilion is a freestanding structure, either permanent or portable, that has a roof and open sides. Depending on the design, the roof can have a ceiling. They can be utilitarian in size or very spacious. A pavilion is ideal for a hot tub when you want to include a place to entertain such as a dining area, a place to hang out, or a fire pit.

    As pictured above, a hot tub pavilion adds some privacy using to a metal mesh railing.

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    Privacy For Hot Tub Decks

    Picture this: Youre relaxing in your jacuzzi, letting go of the stress from the day. You look over, and theres your neighbor staring at you from their kitchen window as they wash dishes.

    Or maybe the hot tub in your yard happens to be right outside your neighbors master bedroom window. You cant blame the neighbor modern housing is built close together, and your hot tub is entertaining to look at.

    If you find yourself feeling exposed when using your hot tub, then its time to create some privacy. The most obvious way is to build a privacy wall.

    You could create a spa-like atmosphere around your hot tub by using exotic hardwood. Or you could add stacked stone and mix the two materials together for an upscale look. Another option is to use your landscaping to create a natural wall of bushes.

    Can Your Backyard Support A Patio Hot Tub

    11 Awesome Outdoor Hot Tubs Ideas For Your Relaxation

    Think about the location in the backyard that would be best for your hot tub. Keep in mind that a round hot tub is usually six feet in diameter, which means it takes up about 30 square feet. A rectangular tub takes up 48 square feet, assuming it is built for four or so people. For some, that size might not work on a deck or patio, which means the hot tub should be placed directly on the ground in the yard either as an in-ground hot tub or above-ground hot tub. Alternatively, you can recess the hot tub into the patio floor by a few feet.

    Hot tub installed on wooden patio with garden landscaping

    Do you have a deck or patio large enough to accommodate a hot tub while still allowing room to walk around it? In that case, consider the weight. An average hot tub, when filled with water, weighs about two tons. That means that a strong foundation will be necessary, and the foundation of a typical deck or patio may not be enough. If you are unsure whether your deck or patio is strong enough to support a hot tub, make sure to ask your hot tub professional.

    The good news is that by recessing the hot tub into the deck or patio, it becomes easier to create a foundation of concrete underneath it where it wont be seen, and you wont have to worry about how to incorporate it into the landscape. When recessing the tub into the deck or patio, its a good idea to leave at least 16 inches above the deck to allow for easy covering when the tub is not in use.

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    Raised Platform Hot Tub Design With Horizontal Stainless Steel Cable Railing

    When building the new deck, a platform was made to hold the hot tub at a height conducive to regular use. When dining or lounging, the inviting hot tub is just steps away: ready and waiting. Integrate a horizontal stainless steel cable railing to give the design a modern look and feel. Tip provided by Bill Renter, Long Island Hot Tub, New York

    Tuck Your Tub Into The Corner Of A Raised Deck

    This small decked patio is ideal for hosting guests

    Hot tubs can be introduced to small deck ideas with the right positioning. Corner tubs are particularly useful for this as they can be tucked to one side neatly, leaving ample floor space for other features.

    Here, the spa is accompanied by a sleek outdoor grill and seating area making the decked zone the perfect place for entertaining alfresco. Adding a parasol is a good move, too, for budget-friendly shelter from the midsummer sun.

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    Hot Tub Deck With Privacy Screen

    Design & Photo Credit: / @kevintwittyinteriors

    If the idea of lounging in your swimmies in view of everyone makes you a bit less enthused, try adding a privacy screen for the full spa effect. Go for a traditional fence, an ivy-covered trellis or opt for a more modern design like these contrasting slatted screens designed by Kevin Twitty Interiors.

    Features For Backyard Hot Tubs

    20 Backyard Patio & Deck Ideas With Hot Tub ð

    Some of the best backyard hot tub ideas start with the hot tub itself. Choose your features carefully, keeping in mind that hot tubs are built to last. You should be happy not only with the placement of it, but also with the variety of features that keep it feeling fresh, romantic, and soothing. Consider the lighting elements of your hot tub, as well as potential for stereo sound, waterfalls and fountains, aromatherapy, reclining seats and more.

    Custom lighting installed around hot tub area in backyard.

    When planning the area around the hot tub, consider how it blends into the backyard atmosphere. Bring the four elements earth, fire, wind and water into the design plan and your senses will thank you. Consider things like wind chimes that impart a pleasing sound, lamps that provide a soft glow, gentle flowing water features to enhance the sounds and feel of your hot tub experience, as well as natural wood stairs or a gently sloping path to the tub to put you more in touch with nature.

    Have a more modern setup? Consider incorporating a zen garden, using feng shui to boost meditation, or even create a wet bar near the hot tub if you like to entertain.

    Dont forget the practical touches for your backyard hot tub. A privacy screen of some sort is important to consider. This might be a fence, an actual outdoor screen, or a wall built of stone.

    Find Local Pros

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    Create A Backyard Lounge Around Your Hot Tub

    If you incorporate your hot tub into a backyard space that can be used for lounging and entertaining, youll be able to create a truly stunning backyard.

    To get started, think of the elements youd like to include. For example:

    • Lounge chairs.
    • Patio furniture.
    • A colorful patio umbrella.

    If youd like, you can go the whole nine yards with a custom-built lounge area like this:

    Or, you can keep it simple and low-cost with a few color-coordinated pieces of furniture:

    No matter your budget or time constraints, there are options out there for you.

    A Hot Tub With A Pond Across

    A top view of this deck area is definitely a beautiful view but it is much different when seen up-close. The hot tub placed on a higher-level flooring is the main highlight of this scene.

    What was added to the overall visual impact of the look are the dining space with retractable cover and the pond across. Though the tub is looking simple, the surrounding elements elevate, making all corners of this deck a must-see.

    It is good to have a stylish and modern looking hot tub design. However, having a classic stone surround the tub shape is timeless.

    For any season, for whatever weather or motif, the stone design would be a great choice and it easily adapts to any theme since it is classic and timeless.

    Though a little simple, and can be very open for a supposed private space, it is still better preferred because it is highly universal.

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    Is Deck Building A Diy Project

    This depends on your level of experience with power tools, woodworking, and construction. If you arent confident and proficient in these things, then its best to leave your backyard deck construction to a professional deck builder. The more complicated your deck ideas are, the more likely youll need a professional deck builder. Remember, you and your guests will be walking around on it, so it needs to be safe and secure.

    Incorporate An Outdoor Rug Into Your Deck Design

    Paver Driveway, Walkway, and Patio Ideas

    Photo by CoCo Cozy via Worthing Court

    A decorative carpet can accent your outdoor design and infuse some of your personality into the space. Choose an indoor/outdoor carpet that complements your style and adds warmth to the space.Key insights:

    • Give your outdoor environment a fresh look by adding a new coat of paint to the wicker and metal furniture. Choose a rug color that complements your home and furnishings. Replace seat cushions or recover the old ones with a new, stylish design.

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    Match Materials For A Modern Vibe

    A modern scheme by BISHTA members Outdoor Living

    The best composite decking comes in all kinds of finishes, so you can really pick a look that suits your stylistic vision.

    A deep gray or black design will always look chic and add a contemporary vibe to any backyard. It looks fabulous surrounding this large spa, and spot the integrated lighting too, for added ambiance and practicality after dark.

    A built-in bench and sun loungers in a matching material elevate the zone even further. Plus, with the help of a pressure washer on a gentle setting, maintenance will be easy-peasy.

    Additional color, comfort, and personality can be added with a scattering of cushions in good weather.

    Hot Tub Deck With A Natural Setting

    Wrapping around your hot tubs with the different natural elements like plants and the stones makes it unique in a way.

    Small but is creating an impact, decorative wise. Going for this small, natural and looking cozy and classy is a choice you would never regret having. Remember that size does not matter as long as it provides comfort and makes you feel relaxed.

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    Give Your Hot Tub A Garden

    Install your hot tub in a serene backyard landscape with waterfalls and a pondless reservoir. When installing a manmade stream with waterfalls, some of our clients prefer the pondless feature where the water seeps into the gravel and acts as a more green maintenance-free source. Tip provided by Bill Renter, Long Island Hot Tub, New York

    Border Your Hot Tub’s Decking With A Privacy Screen

    Incredible Deck With Built in Hot Tub – Full Backyard Makeover Time Lapse

    Surround your hot tub with a chic trellis

    Hot tub privacy ideas can be a must-have, particularly for urban plots. Luckily there are lots of solutions available that can be used to border a decked zone, including smart trellised panels like these .

    The structure of this decking has also caught our attention with the integration of angled steps. Not only will it make access to the tub easy, but the symmetrical design also adds serious style points.

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    Poolside Hot Tub Deck Ideas

    When a hot tub and pool are next to each other, it makes sense to create a single deck that wraps around both. This visually ties the two water elements together and creates a cohesive design to the backyard.

    The most obvious approach is to have your wood deck built around both. But you may not want wood around your entire pool. In this case, you can build a smaller wood deck around a portion. This will create a beautiful design accent while also providing a comfortable walking space to access the hot tub without getting into the pool.

    Amazing Outdoor Hot Tub Ideas For A Sanctuary Of Relaxation

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    These outdoor hot tub ideas will make an amazing addition to your backyard living space for enjoying year-round entertainment with family and friends. There is nothing like spending time in the great outdoors, basking in the sunlight while getting some rest and relaxation. Why not take some time this year to indulge in your backyard with the addition of an outdoor hot tub.

    Even if you have a compact backyard space that will not accommodate a swimming pool, there is always room for a hot tub! We cant imagine anything better after a long day of work than melting away your stresses in an outdoor spa. There are a variety of different hot tub styles out there to select from. You will also need to plan for a deck, landscaping, and privacy for your outdoor hot tub. Have a look below for some fantastic ideas to help get you started!

    Tell Us: Which one of these outdoor hot tub ideas most inspired you and why in the Comments below!

    1. A trellis waterfall feature creates a relaxing vibe for this spa/pool. The aluminum trellis is made to accept the water feature. A local pool contractor could install and hook this up to a pump. The cost for the trellis is $15,000 including shipping to the continental US.

    2. This hydropool self cleaning hot tub features a retaining wall, creating a sense of intimacy. Further adding privacy is the lush landscaping. A comfortable seating area with a fire pit offers a relaxing spot before and after a dip in the hot tub.

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    Ideas For Small Hot Tub Pergolas

    The hot tub is placed on a multi-tiered deck under a simple small wooden pergola . Diamond accents on square pattern lattice sides seamlessly blend with the landscaping. One side has a built-in countertop and planters hang from two rafter ends.

    A nice and simple design for a small hot tub pergola that is as practical as it is attractive . We like how the floor anchors are covered with decorative moldings to hide the hardware from sight. Boxes on either side of the tub double as a table for those in the tub and as seating for those who want to lounge by the tub. Built by Done to Spec near lake Sammamish, WA.

    This outdoor oasis starts with a small, simply designed pergola, built on a wooden deck. Decor includes a clock, but you can add features that express your own unique relaxing and entertaining style. The pergolas gable roof with evenly spaced rafters creates a sense of height and openness above the hot tub. Image.

    Add Plenty Of Potted Plants To Your Hot Tub Decking

    46 Comfortable Hot Tub Ideas Backyard Landscaping Ideas You Must Know ...

    Colorful blooms up the appeal of this space

    Decking is a great base for container gardening ideas, so be sure to stock up on planters for your hot tub deck ideas.

    Colorful blooms in timeless terracotta totally transform the surroundings of this sunken tub, and we like the addition of trees, too, which add an element of height to the mix.

    Switch them up with the seasons to keep the display inviting all year round. Our winter planter ideas are full of inspiration, while spring bulbs will offer plenty of cheer as the weather begins to warm.

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