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Hot Tubs For Sale Appleton

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Tuscany 52 By Doughboy

The Pros and Cons of Hot Tub Ownership

The Tuscanys gorgeous 12 vertical roman columns provide solid structural support to the top rail while clearly making this pool unique. Its outstanding 12 sculpted Granite like top rails provide unparalleled strength and Beauty. While the tasteful 3 resin bottom… Read more »

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While our Appleton

Whats The Story Behind Pump Horsepower

There will always be at least one spa retailer who only sells based on the number of jets or pump horsepower. It is very important for you the consumer to remember that a properly engineered and designed hot tub contains appropriately placed jets to provide maximum hydro massage therapy. This requires the placing of jets in an anatomically correct way to target muscle groups most likely to cause tension and pain. In addition, these jets must be powered by correctly balanced water flow rates in order to maximize your hot tub experience. Remember, getting knocked over by a fire hose does not feel better than properly targeted and powered jet action.

The Michael Phelps Legend Series

The only series of hot tubs fit to carry the legendary Olympians name, the Michael Phelps Legend Series features some of the most innovative patented technologies found in any Master Spas® spa or hot tub. These include the Mast3rPur water management system, Orion Light System, custom air controls and valves, as well as premium audio and entertainment options.

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Enhance Your Home With A Pool Or Spa

Our team also provides installations, repairs, and more for above-ground and inground pools, as well as spas and hot tubs. We also provide free water testing, pool liner replacements, and much more. We offer knowledgeable service at affordable prices, because we believe everyone deserves luxury in their own backyard.

If I Have A Problem How Will My Spa Be Serviced

South End
  • Factory Trained Technicians Some companies, due to their high volume of sales and large geographical territory of customers, will work with several Factory Trained Technicians that are contracted to provide for a specific dealer. This provides direct manufacturer tech support and faster service calls to the consumer. These technicians work directly for the manufacturer of the hot tub, and are certified/trained to work exclusively on that brand of tub. These technicians are extremely skilled and their performance and training is monitored by the hot tub manufacturer. Customers will experience service that is second to none because the techs make repairs much faster and more efficiently and are required to stock certain parts from the hot tub manufacturer.
  • In House Service Usually performed by smaller size retailers whose customer base is located within a certain area. The person providing the service is typically not as efficient as a factory trained/certified technician. Often times several trips are required to complete the repair due to a lack of parts in inventory. This can also lead to you having to wait several days or even weeks before your hot tub is operational again.
  • Yellow pages One-time spa retailers at shows or fairs or discount retailers, after the spa has been delivered, will tell you to look up a name in the yellow pages if you have a problem.
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    Swim Spas Are Great For Hydrotherapy Swimming Exercise Relaxation And Are Fun For The Whole Family

    Swim Spas offer adjustable water currents for your exercise and health, they are both economical to purchase and easy to install outside and inside. Swim spas effectively take the place of swimming pools and provides a low maintenance alternative. We currently offer 31 Designs to accommodate your family needs. Tract/Speculation homes have limited space available and installing a traditional swimming pool is costly and requires a large area. Swim Spas are less costly and only allocate a reasonable area for enjoyment.

    Unique Indoor Sauna Rooms

    Finnleo indoor sauna rooms enhance any space. Master bathrooms become European spas, and home gyms come full-circle with pre-workout warm-ups and post-workout recovery.

    Custom-Cut saunas are designed to fit the space you have designated for a sauna. Whether the space is under a stairwell, an existing walk-in closet, or a wide-open basement, the Hot Tub Medic team will provide a beautiful and outstanding sauna experience.

    Choose from the Various Designs of Finnleo Saunas!


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    What Are The Different Methods Used To Insulate A Hot Tub


  • Fully Foamed System In this system the entire underside of the spa within the cabinet is filled with foam with the exception of the area surrounding the pump motors to allow for proper ventilation.Advantages Provides the greatest benefit to the consumer, especially now in the days of going green and conserving energy. More foam and less air pockets greatly increase a hot tubs efficiency. Another important function of the foam is to provide support for the plumbing of the hot tub. The foam will actually prevent movement and vibration that is a result of pumps turning on and off and water moving through the plumbing.Disadvantages This is the most expensive method of insulating your hot tub, though also the most effective.
  • Very Little or No Insulation Obviously in our climate you would not want to place a hot tub outdoors without insulation. Unfortunately, there are several large home supply stores that sell outdoor units that have minimal or no insulation. Remember, you get what you pay for.Advantages Low upfront price.
  • Choosing A Portable Hot Tub

    Great American Hot Tub Sale | Backyard Leisure

    When it comes down to it, the hydrotherapy benefits of owning a spa are what matter most. Truthfully, an inflatable hot tub doesnt offer much in the way of hydrotherapy benefits. When it comes to enjoying all the hot tub benefits youre looking for, a nice-qualityplug-and-play model or apremium hardwired hot tub will give you the most bang for your buck. Thats why were proud to offer a variety of hot tub brands and modelsso that we always have the perfect one for YOU!

    You dont have to take our word for it, though. Come visitany of our locations and let us show you the ideal hot tub for your needs. Then when youre ready, we can arrange a private test soak so you can compare the models youre interested in and find out which features and amenities are most important to you. Theres no better place to find the hot tub of your dreams than The Pool People.

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    Swim Spa Reviews In Appleton Wi

    The new addition to the hot tub market is the inflatables. The products are rather cheap when compared to other tubs and can be quickly moved from point a to b. Polyesters and laminated PVC materials are utilized to make the tub. They come in a range of functions, shapes, and colors. You only have to plug it in a 110v outlet, making sure that you do not invest more money on external electrical work. They have a shorter life expectancy given that if it gets punctured, it ends up being harmed.

    Just the inflatables tubs, the soft-sided is a low-cost hot tub for sale in Appleton. It has lots of resemblances with the latter, but the special thing about them is that they are just sold on the web and in cubicles at fairs. There are also a couple of dealers who have them in their shops. They, too, have to be plugged in into a 110v outlet for it to function. They are not effective when it concerns efficiency and keeping energy.

    You can delight in various features when you go for a custom made tub, for one, getting massaged by massaging jets. The jets are moved and angled in a specific method to relax all the aching and tight body muscles. The jets also makes sure that the water in your tub is continually moving.

    The waterfalls tub is created in such a way that assists in the cascading of water on your back. These are for those who enjoy the noise and feel of water on their bodies. This can be so peaceful and satisfying to hang out in the Jacuzzi.

    Master Spas Filters Covers & Chemicals

    Welcome to Master Spa Parts, the leading retailer for Master Spas parts, filters, covers and chemicals! We offer the complete line of hot tub replacement parts for your Master Spas, in stock and ready to be shipped. All orders over $99 ship FREE to the continental U.S., with same day shipping on most products! Order your Master Spas hot tub parts today, or call Customer Care Center at 308-2149. Were here seven days a week to help you find everything you need for your Master Spa!

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    Quality Master Spas Replacement Parts

    Master Spa Parts is your one-stop-shop when you’re in need of hot tub supplies! From circuit boards, control packs, and air controls to fuses, jets, pillows, lights and more we have it in stock and ready to ship to you. Here are some additional details about a selection of our Master Spas replacement parts:

    • Electrical Spa Equipment: MSP carries a variety of circuit boards, control packs, fuses, heaters, and transformers. All of these master spa hot tub parts are genuine, OEM certified parts direct from the Master Spas Factory.
    • Filters and Filter Housing: Our filters will work just as well as your original spa filters. We have a huge selection of Master Spas filters in stock including outer filters, filter bundles, and more!
    • Chemicals: Enjoy clean and clear water with our assortment of SpaBoss chemicals. They are the preferred chemicals for hot tubs as they contain the highest level of active ingredients.
    • Jets, Air Controls & Pumps: Keep water flow and pressure well regulated in your spa with our assortment of hot tub replacement parts such as jets, air controls, pumps, and more!
    • Covers and Spa Accessories: From well-insulated hot tub covers to step stools, pillows, and waterfalls we have all of the hot tub supplies to enhance your spa experience and keep your spa warm and toasty.
    • Entertainment: Enjoy music to elevate your spa experience with our assortment of stereo and theatre equipment.

    In Ground Spa South In Appleton Wi

    Hot Tub for sale from United Kingdom

    A great deal of individuals wish to unwind and let their minds drift away and forget their difficulties. Different sort of tubs use this high-end and if you are wanting to purchase one. You need to bear in mind multiple elements so that you can select one that fulfills your needs. The short article will highlight various hot tubs around Appleton, WI in the market and what makes them different from the other.

    A portable hot tub comes in various colors, seating setups of tubs, functions, and size to select from. Buy hot tub in Appleton portable is the very first kind that individuals think about when they want to purchase the gadget. This tub was developed after the wood jacuzzi and is durable. The tub is energy efficient and will use high-quality performance than any kind. They can be moved to a new location since they are portable.

    Those who want to carry out an exercise in water can go with a swim spa. It is placed in a specific location or on the deck. The devices is rather bulky and would require a solid structure in the area where it will be placed. It is big and would, for that reason, require sufficient space. It is spa best jacuzzi brands, and consequently, you will need to part away with a significant amount of cash when you need this product.

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    Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

    What are people saying about hot tub & pool in Appleton, WI?

    This is a review for hot tub & pool in Appleton, WI:

    “HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! I had done a ton of research before finally purchasing a hot tub and decided on Master Spas. Best decision our family has made! I couldn’t be happier with the sales and service from Master Spas of northern WI. From the minute I first walked in, to the delivery and service, Master Spas was top notch. My wife and I are rejuvenated every time we use the tub and our kids love it also. The maintenance has been surprisingly easy as well. I’m not very good at following directions but the maintenance couldn’t be easier. We’ve had 2 issues both were 100% our fault but we called the store in Appleton and they took great care of us. I’ve told everyone I know about it and quite a few friends have now bought Master Spa hot tubs.”

    Allied Pools Is The Place For Patio Furniture

    Having a relaxing and enjoyable outdoor environment is part of creating many memorable times with family and friends this year. Whether you want to create an inviting picnic area, outdoor bar area, large dining area for family get-togethers, pool parties or small intimate gatherings under the stars, let us help you create that perfect outdoor setting. Allied Pools offers quality outdoor furniture made of extruded aluminum, cast aluminum, wood, wicker, rattan, wrought iron, and resin wicker. We even carry that perfect set for your indoor sunroom! With Wisconsins largest in-stock selection of patio furniture for patios youre sure to find what youre looking for.

    Accent your new outdoor patio dining area with a stylish umbrella and base from Treasure Garden. We offer a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns with features such as auto tilt and table lighting. Protect your patio set and umbrella with a Treasure Garden Protective Furniture Cover. The Rhinoweave fabric is water resistant and machine washable. The covers fit securely over your patio set and includes a storage pouch for when the cover is not in use. Stop in to our West Allis store to find out how Allied Pools can help you create that patio of your dreams! Allied Pools has been bringing the resort life to your home since 1964!

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    How Is The Hot Tub Structure Constructed


  • Wood Frame This is the most widely used structure construction in the industry mainly because wood offers the most benefits to the end user. A well built wood hot tub structure should be constructed of stud reinforced 2×4 pressure treated lumber. The same materials used in home construction.Advantages Most wood structures provide ample strength and rigidity while offering a higher level of heat retention as wood is itself an insulator. A properly constructed wood structure also offers a longevity that will stand the test of time. Pressure treated lumber is insect repellant and is not affected by high moisture environments such as that of a hot tub.Disadvantages Buyer beware there are different types of wood structures you should be aware of as you shop for your hot tub. Some manufactures will use a 2×2 untreated lumber to create the structure of the spa. This is a way for a manufacturer to cut cost while still being able to say they have an all wood structure. Untreated lumber has a higher probability of rotting away over time and does not protect against insects. A 2×2 frame does not offer the strength and rigidity needed to properly support the weight of a hot tub in the long term.
  • Garden Spa In Appleton Wi

    We Turned the Limo into a Hot Tub!!

    Rotationally molded tubs are suitable for hydrotherapy and are a fantastic alternative when you can not manage to buy swim spa finest tub brand names. They are durable, light-weight, and inexpensive. You can quickly move them because they have a weight of about 300 pounds and provide contoured seating. The tub is made from one material and therefore, can be formed and formed into any style. It also has a long life-span. They may not look as attractive as other tubs because of the plastic look.

    The in-ground tub is normally built in the backyard next or as part of the swimming pool. This is a custom-made task, and you need to get a license and associate a licensed specialist. Creating this type will be extremely costly but can effectively satisfy your requirements. The good idea about these types is that you will not stress over the place’s visual appeals because it will be installed into the ground. There are no circumstances of a tub in the backyard appearing like an afterthought.

    If you want to have a wood-fired tub, buying a wood burning hot tub is an excellent option. They were developed for personal soaking. They have different heating sources, so if you want a wood-fired tub, opt for one with a wood fire heater. Other heat sources include a gas heating system, electrical heating unit, or a mix of both sources. The very best part of getting these tubs is that it has aesthetic appeals and also supplies aromatherapy. It has fewer features to enjoy.

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    Hot Tubs In Appleton Wi

    As your authorized local dealer for Hot Spring spas, we are proud to offer you the worlds number one selling brand in hot tubs. A visit to our showroom will allow you to experience why Hot Spring spas deliver the absolute best lifetime hot tub ownership experience. Whether you would like to enjoy a free test soak, a backyard consultation, or simply browse our showroom to see the various spa models and accessories, our professionally trained spa experts are available to answer all your questions and help you find the right hot tub for your lifestyle.

    Clarity Spas By Master Spas

    For clarity of mind, body, and spirit, we invite you to discover the Clarity Spas series by Master Spas®. These models have often been said to be like having your very own day spa in your backyard, but with the added comfort, privacy, and recreational benefits that you can only find with Clarity Spas.

    These are energy-efficient spas as well, with one Mishicot Clarity spa owner reporting, I can hardly see the difference on my utility bill, and this is during the dead of winter.

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