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How Hard To Install Above Ground Pool

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Pricing Guide: How Much Does An Above

How To: Install Above Ground Pools

Homeowners across the U.S. typically pay between $1,698 to $5,969 for a professionally installed above-ground pool, with most homeowners paying $2,693.

For the above-ground pool kit alone, costs often range between $1,463 to $6,150. Head to Walmart or Amazon, where you can find even cheaper options, including kits under $100. If you prefer not to install the pool yourself, expect to pay between $823 to $3,233 for professional installation.

An above-ground pool is perfect for enjoying those summer days on a budget. With in-ground pools costing an average of $45,583, above-ground pools are much easier on your wallet.

While most homeowners pay $2,693 for an installed above-ground pool, many factors can affect your overall costs. The pools size, depth, and brand can all affect your final bill. Want to add a small waterfall or spruce up the landscape around your new outdoor oasis? Thats going to cost you extra.

Tip #9 Level The Bottom Track First Then The Inside

Most DIYers make the mistake of trying to level the entire pool site perfectly first, then set the track down and level it. This is a colossal waste of time.

After getting the site somewhat level , lay the track down, get it the right shape, and level it. Level the bottom track by leveling patio stones under each connector plate .

After you have the bottom track perfectly level, you can now start leveling the inside of the pool. This will be much easier as youll be able to use the entire track as a reference point.

Knowitall tip: If you try to level the earth perfectly before leveling the bottom track, then you will have only one reference point for leveling, which is usually the center of the circle. Having the bottom track level will give you a lot of reference points to get the pools bottom level.

Assemble The Pool Wall Of The Above Ground Swimming Pool

The type of your pool depends on the shape youve chosen. In most cases, above-ground swimming pools are often oval or square.

When assembling the pool walls, it is essential to ensure that you do it uniformly. Such that all sides are constructed simultaneously.

Assemble the swimming pool wall Photo Credits: VIDEO BY CRAIG HEFFERNAN

And for a better result, youd need to also continually check and recheck that the walls of the pool are even throughout. It is the most significant aspect of pool wall assembling.

This ensures that the pool posts will not at any moment during and after construction prominently lean in or out. It also helps in ensuring that the liner will fit appropriately when it is fixed.

Another imperative point worth noting is that in the event the pool is not perfectly round, there is a high possibility that the liner will be stretched in an unintended way.

In this case, it will form wrinkles which can be difficult to remove given that they result from the stretching of the material itself.

Another cause for the wrinkles on the liner is dishing the bottom of your pool. It is, therefore, necessary to make sure that the pool is entirely round to avoid such cases.

As you gradually work up the pools perimeter wall, it gets into place and right into the track. To get better results when doing this, it is advisable to call in other people to offer their assistance.

Finishing on the first phase of installing the wall Photo Credits: VIDEO BY CRAIG HEFFERNAN

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Above Ground Pool Packages And Kits

Above ground pool kits and packages range from $720 to $8,240 depending on the size and do not include the cost of professional installation. Another option is to buy an easy setup pool, like an Intex, from stores such as Walmart, Lowes, or Amazon. These pools cost as low as $49 for 8 in diameter and including a filter, but they usually only last a few seasons, or maybe even only one season. In some cases, these pools come with limited warranties of up to five years.

Pool Kit Equipment Packages

Additional equipment packages cost from $720 to $1,410 depending on the shape and size of the pool, the wall height, frame type, top rails, skimmer wall hole, liner type, quality, accessories, and warranties.

The most basic pool package will include the frame, pool filter, pump system, a pool liner, a ladder, and a full two-year warranty. The more expensive above-ground pool packages usually include water jets, a skimmer, steel walls, a longer warranty, and a more durable liner and set of steps. Luxury packages often include decking, fencing, and a cover, but these are usually offered by above ground pool companies who also do the installation work.

Radiant Above Ground Pools

Above Ground Pool: Installation Cost and How to Install ...

Radiant above ground pools offer incredible features and benefits that youd be hard pressed to find in any other pool manufacturer. Unique advancements in manufacturing technology, an incredible warranty protection, unlimited installation options and energy savings, that over time, allows a Radiant above ground pool to pay for itself. The engineering of a Radiant pool comes from developments at the NASA space program and are the only structurally insulated pool using an industry first R-10 structural panel. This makes them more durable than steel, polymer, and even 12 inch thick concrete. The added benefit of these walls are that they can be built partially, or fully, underground giving you more installation options to match the contours of your yard.

These insulated walls can also save you over $400/year as opposed to heating a non-insulated above ground pool. Every Radiant Pools comes with a 100% Lifetime, Fully Transferable, Non-Prorated Warranty against manufacturing defects for as long as you own your pool and beyond!

Vogue Above Ground Pools

Vogue have been manufacturing above ground pools for over 50 years, adding innovation and quality to the above ground pool market over the years. They offer a wide variety of beautiful above ground pools to fit nearly any backyard and every budget. Vogue pools are also covered by the most comprehensive warranty and offer protection on salt water-compatible pool

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Common Pool Cove Materials

The most common materials used for a swimming pool cove are:

  • foam forms
  • sifted earth
  • sand

We do not recommend using sand as it does not stay put very well or for very long. Also, once the sand moves around a bit, it could expose your liner to the bottom rail of your pool which could cause major damage to not just your liner but your pool as well.

Sifted earth is a better option over sand as long as it is packed firmly, but as it can still lose its structural shape over time, we recommend foam forms.

Tip #31 Wait Until The Pool Is Half Full Before Installing The Skimmer And Return

As a pool installer, Im looking to get the job completed and leave. As a DIYer, you have plenty of time.

Wait until the pool is half full before installing the skimmer box and return fitting and cutting the holes for them. When the pool is half full of water, the liner is set, so installing these two components has a much less margin for error.

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Complete The Pool Frame

Complete the frame following the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Ensure everything remains straight and level. Tighten any bolts loosely at first to allow for adjustments to be made. Recheck to make sure all the top plates are level and the bottom rails are secure in the bottom plates. Once everything is in proper position, tighten all the bolts.

Can Above Ground Pools Be Heated

How to install an above ground pool – Start to finish

Is the water in your above ground pool a little cooler than you prefer? Or are you looking to extend your swimming season a bit longer into the fall?

Don’t think that just because you have an above ground pool you can’t enjoy the same heated water and longer swimming season that inground pools can have as both inground and above ground pools are easy to heat with a pool heater!

While one of the most common ways to heat an above ground pool is with a solar cover/blanket, it may not be the most efficient as these rely on the sun or warm weather and there are plenty of options available for external heat sources to keep your above ground pool warm regardless of where Mr. Sun is during the day. Just like inground pools, above ground pools can have both heat pumps and gas heaters added. Plus installation is a fairly simple and straightforward process.

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Choose A Durable Pool Kit That Will Last

Sure, it may be more expensive up front to invest in a high-quality above ground pool kit. The cost of your above ground pool, however, doesn’t just include the immediate expense. It also includes the amount you’ll spend maintaining it over time. If you plan to enjoy your pool for more than one or two summers, we strongly suggest going with a higher-quality pool kit than what you might find at your local big-box store.

Connect Each Bottom Rail

The next step is to connect each rail to its bottom plate. Metal, resin, and resin bottom cuffs connect to the bottom rails in the same manner. Once youve connected the rails to the bottom plates, measure the diameter in several areas to make sure the base is truly round. Once satisfied, you can stake the ring into position.

Quick Tip: For easier installation, lay your bottom rails and bottom plates down along the perimeter of the installation area before connecting them.

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Above Ground Pool Accessories

These fun accessories are really self-explanatory, so we arent going to spend a lot of time on them.

There are a lot of accessories that can actually make your life easier as far as maintaining your above ground pool . In most cases, you will be provided with basic maintenance equipment when you purchase your pool, but its important to know there are variations of this equipment and differing levels of these tools.

Once your pool is installed and you start to see what you need help with, then you can upgrade or add to your equipment. For example, if leaves are a problem in keeping your pool clean, there are specifically designed leaf vacuums and even a bracket & net you can install on your wall that will collect the leaves before they drop to the bottom. This will help prevent algae from having something to bloom on and you winding up with a bright green pool.

On the vacuum heads, you will discover there is a wide variety to choose from. There are different vacuum heads you can upgrade to that will cover more surface area as you vacuum, or ones that will brush the pool floor as you vacuum, helping you collect more of the fine dirt/dust from the bottom.

If the thought of vacuuming anything else around your home makes you cringe, there are robotic vacuums that are essentially a self-contained unit. You simply plug them in and turn them on and they will vacuum the pool while you are at work or sleeping at night very similar to a Roomba!

Tip #5 Rent A Sod Cutter Or Skid/steer Machine

Your guide to above ground pool installation

Removing grass and sod is always harder than people think.

For the first couple of years of me installing pools , we would use only shovels to remove the sod from the pool site. Yeah, no more. For five years or so, I then owned a sod cutter and it worked well. Later, I graduated to a skid/steer machine and now wouldnt do a level job without one.

As a one-time DIYer installing an above-ground pool, I think renting a sod cutter could be the best money youll spend that year. You dont have to take my word for it though. Just go out into your yard remove a couple of square feet of your grass and see for yourself.

If your yard has a lot of grade to it or the earth is very hard , then rent a skid/steer machine. These are also known as Bobcats.

Even if you have never operated an earth machine before, itll be much easier to get your pool site level and prepared with a skid/steer. A bonus will be that operating the machine will be fun. Well, after you get the hang of it at least.

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Fixing The Plumbing System

The plumbing system in an above-ground pool can be a little bit challenging. In essence, they are significant in controlling in-flow and outflow of water.

Here is a simple layout:

Swimming pool pumps and solar heater Photo Credits: INYO POOLS

So it means that you have to do it right. It is also essential to ensure that you use the right types of pipes and other materials when installing the plumbing system.

The most significant challenge always arises when you fail to level the ground appropriately. Otherwise, most of the plumbing aspects when fixed correctly will not be a cause for concern.

Installing Electrical System Of The Above

You need electricity in your pool for two major reasons:

  • Pumping water
  • Lighting the poolside

It is something that you can mostly do as long as you know the basics.

However, it would great if you also consider services of a professional electrician. But the truth of the matter is that electricity is scary when done inappropriately.

At times, it can lead to loss of life or serious injuries.

Swimming pool electrical system Photo Credits: KB ELECTRIC LLC

Either way, here are a few things that you got to have in mind when installing electricity in your pool:

  • Total Amperage Your Pool Needs

You must understand how many amps would be suitable for the pool before even starting the wiring process.

The essence of this is to allow you to understand the specific size breaker required at the electric box.

  • Size of Wires for Electric Connections

You must know the size of wire that would be enough to run to the pump.

Ordinarily, an ideal above-ground swimming pool would require at least a 20-amp breaker. It will also efficiently deliver electricity using 12-gauge wire.

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Fill With Water And Find Your Bravest Friend

You cannow go ahead and fill the pool. You will need to give it a chlorine shock as it most likely be very green. Make sure the pump is running so that it circulates the water.

But first, you need to find your bravest friend. That could be you or even maybe your kids. But that person can claim the title of being the bravest by jumping into the pool as the first ever! If you took your water from a quarry, that water will be freezing cold. So claim that title and let that be the first of many swims.

Note: Don’t worry, you will see the temperature climb fast in the summer. You can always add a heater.

Tip #11 Use Smaller Patio Stones

Installing An Above Ground Pool

Despite what your logic may tell you, the patio stones that go under each upright has very little structural value to the pool. Most think they need big 12 square stones to go under each upright. You dont.

Using bigger patio stones or blocks under each upright just makes for a more difficult job. The reasonBecause bigger blocks need to be leveled front to back and side to side, smaller blocks do not.

If you use big patio stones and they are not level, then the pool wall may ultimately not come out as level. This is because the bottom track of the pool may move during the wall insertion. And when the track moves front or back from its original spot on a bigger, off-level patio stone, then the wall will ultimately be more off level.

Using smaller blocks will be much easier to level and the pools wall will ultimately be better shaped and more level .

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Tip #20 Dont Bother With Wall Foam On A New Pool

I get it. You are getting a pool and want to get everything you can to make it as good as it can be.

I am the same way, but some things are just a waste of money. Purchasing and installing wall foam on a brand new pool is just that a waste of money.

Youll find my detailed opinion by reading my article on when to buy wall foam

Concrete Doesnt Wash Away

Above ground pools usually dont have many issues with leaks until the liner gets old and brittle. At that point its time for a new liner so its OK for the leaking water to wash some of the smooth earth away as the bottom can get resmoothed when you change the liner. Leaks can happen earlier than that though and they can cause divots in the pools earth bottom. Its not a big deal but it does take away that nice flat bottom you started with in some areas. Concrete doesnt wash away. No matter how much the pool leaks, a concrete bottom will never change and will always be as flat and smooth as it was on day one.

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Landscaping Around Above Ground Pools Is Important

This phase involves clearing the poolside and decorating it to look relatively appealing and convenient for swimming.

The truth of the matter is that it will take quite some time before you get your ideal finished landscaping appearance.

So what you need to do is merely disperse all the excavated materials evenly the moment youre done with building the pool.

It is recommended that you use the excavated material to level the poolside yard. At the very least, youll find some few spots that require being filled up.

Once you are done with this, you can start coming up with landscaping ideas that will make the place look attractive like youd want.

Several landscaping ideas are available on the internet. You can only search and work on the specific one that meets your preference.

Remember this is something that will have to be progressive. But in the meantime, you can enjoy using the above-ground swimming pool.

Well, I know the process may seem hectic however it should take you 1 to 2 days to install an above-ground swimming pool.

If you follow these steps, I am quite certain nothing will go wrong.

But, before I conclude this above-ground pool installation guide, here is one thing you know:

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