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How Long Does Pool Resurfacing Last

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How To Repair Swimming Pool Tile

How Long Do Fiberglass Pools Last?

Here you may to know how to repair pool tile without draining. Watch the video explanation about HOW TO: Remove YEARS of calcium & mineral deposit build up on the side of your swimming pool! Online, article, story, explanation, suggestion, youtube.Pool Repair: Pool Repair Putty. From falling into the pool, then with a putty knife, edge-trowel or pointed-trowel, clean grinder with a masonry blade to re-cut the joints if Sider-Deck is too hard to remove with hand tools alone.Looking for some input on which grout color to use on our blue glass pool water line tile. The photo shows 3 possibilities, but I am not limited to these options. From left to right, the grout colors are Delorean Gray, Platinum and Oyster Gray.Videos How to replace loose, cracked or missing pool tile with Home Depot Tile Thinset Repair Mortar How to replace / repair pool tile and what to use.

Is Resurfacing A Pool Necessary

If youre looking for a way to give your pool an updated look, resurfacing is the perfect service. Not only will it repair any cracks or wear and tear on its surface but also make it so that water doesnt get infested by things like algae which can cause unpleasant odors in pools too.

Resurface today!

Keep An Eye Out For These Signs

Here are the main signs that you should look out for before you go ahead and plaster your pool:

  • Mineral StainsOver a period of them, there are certain minerals in the water like iron and copper that may stain the plaster and ruin the look of your pool. Whenever this happens, it means that its time to replace it. But these stains usually show up only a few years after your replastered and you would have to locate the source of the stains.
  • Gunite ShowsThere are several pools that are constructed with Shotcrete or Gunite and these are concrete like substances that form the structural support of the basin. The plastic over the top acts like a waterproof layer that provides a visual appeal. This means that when you see these patches of darker material showing through the plaster then its time to replaster.
  • Uncomfortable SwimmingWhen you are swimming, you would get scratched or roughened when you step out of the pool. Also, you could get scratched or your swimsuit could get torn with the jagged plaster. If its unpleasant to run your hand along the side of the pool or climb up the stairs then its because your plaster is wearing thin.
  • Rough SurfacesAt times, you could see the rough surfaces and not feel the physical effects of the plaster peeling away. You can make this out when dirt begins to gather in the cracks or the pitted parts and patchy spots. This means that you have to replaster immediately when this appears.
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    What Is Fiberglass Pool Resurfacing

    Fiberglass Pool resurfacing works exactly as it sounds. Almost every pool has a concrete shell with a fiberglass coating installed over the top of the concrete.

    Fiberglass pool resurfacing is the process of fixing chips and cracks in the fiberglass coating.

    To get your pool in the best possible shape, you need to get rid of the old surface and start with a fresh canvas.

    To take your pool down to bare bones youll have to go through a process of hydro-blasting, sandblasting, and bond coating to get rid of the old surface.

    How To Fix Tiles In A Swimming Pool

    About the top Pool Repair of Davie, Plantation, Fort ...

    How To Prepare A Pool For Tile Installation. When tiles fall off they will tend to come off cleanly. Whether you are setting a single tile or re-tiling your entire pool the materials that you chose to work with with have everything to do with how well your repair works.Pool tile repair seems daunting, but we make it easy with this simple step-by-step guide to repairing broken or damaged tile for your pool. 1. Release Damaged Tile. First, youre going to want to remove the loose or broken tile. Be careful not to damage any of the surrounding tile as well.Watch this how to video on repairing your loose pool tiles. You can pick up some tile repair mortar from Home Depot for under .00 if you have To replace pool tiles, start by draining enough water to leave the damaged tile exposed and dry.You Might Like . . . Pool Tile Repair Services. It might also be possible that pool tile repair work also has to be considered before you and your friends can dive inside and relax in the water.

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    Type Of Interior Finish

    When you resurface a pool, you have the option to keep the surface material you had before or to replace it with a new type. For example, you may decide you dont like basic plaster anymore and choose to change to a Pebble Tec-esque look.

    Pretty much all interior finishes fall under one of these three categories:

    • Plaster
    • Aggregate
    • Tile

    Plaster is the least expensive type of surface finish. Its white but stains easily. Its also rough to the touch.

    Aggregate finishes include, well, an aggregate: pebbles, quartz, glass beads, and so on. The material can be either exposed aggregate or polished flat. Either way, its generally more expensive than standard plaster.

    Tile is the most expensive option. Its sleek and smooth, with only the potential for a sharp edge if installed incorrectly. You can also get it in different materials such as porcelain or glass.

    Plaster may cost $3.60$4 per foot, while an aggregate material may cost $4.75$5 per foot. Glass tile can cost $30$50 per foot to install .

    How Often Does A Pool Need To Be Resurfaced

    should dopoolpoolneedresurfacepoolresurfacingChoosing the Best Material for Pool Resurfacing

    • Plaster. Plaster is the most common pool resurfacing material because it is the cheapest.
    • Pebble. This resurfacing material is actually a mixture of rock pebbles and plaster, although pebbles cover most of the surface.
    • Concrete. If you favor durability over aesthetics, then concrete is a good material for resurfacing.

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    How Long Does Pebble Tec Surface Last

    A Pebble Tec surface should last 20+ years with the proper care and maintenance. That means for every year, youll spend less than one day tending to it! Plus, a plaster pool can cost upwards of $4k-$5K per re-plastering process not including labor costs. So if were being honest hereI think Im going to stick with my pebble tec

    Resurfacing A Fiberglass Pool

    How long does pool plaster last?

    With a high-quality fiberglass pool, you wont have to resurface very often. In fact, with proper care and maintenance, a fiberglass pool can last a lifetime without the need for resurfacing. If you do have to resurface a fiberglass setup, it costs an average of $7,500 for parts and labor. There are several popular finishes that you commonly see in fiberglass pools, which will vary your cost dramatically.

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    What Kind Of Pool Surface Do I Have On My Pool

    Oftentimes we get the question, what type of pool surface do I currently have? Sometimes this is not so easy to answer. If you arent sure, please feel free to email us some pictures and we can help you decipher.

    Pools are typically constructed one of the following 3 ways:

    • in ground concrete pools
    • fiberglass drop in pools
    • vinyl liner pools

    We specialize in dealing with in-ground concrete pools. We have referrals for companies that deal with all fiberglass drop in pools and vinyl liners as well. An in ground concrete refers to the way the pool was built. Concrete pools are formed with shotcrete also referred to as gunite. After the shotcrete cures and hardens, a cementitious coating is coated over the pool shell.

    Cementitious pool finishes fall into the following categories:

    • White plaster or colored plaster
    • White quartz or colored quartz
    • Exposed pebble aggregate pool finishes
    • All glass bead pool finishes
    • Polished Pool Finish

    Other pool finishes you might encounter in concrete pools:

    • All tile pools

    Alkalinity & Calcium Increaser

    Sodium Bicarbonate and Calcium Carbonate are both dry white powder or flake chemicals, and both can remain viable and potent for over 5 years. As with other dry pool chemicals, shelf life can be extended with tightly closed lids to keep out moisture, which can cause clumping and hardening of your water balance chemicals.

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    How Long Does A Pebblecrete Pool Last


    Pool Resurfacing CostsThe national average cost of resurfacing a pool is $6,500, and ranges from $1,000 to $100,000, including materials and labor.

    Similarly, how long does Pebblecrete take to dry? time of PebbleCrete®Also, it should be noted that PebbleCrete®is designed to cure underwater this curing period is most important in the first 30 days after the PebbleCrete®is applied.

    In this regard, how do I fix my Pebblecrete pool?

    The pebblecrete pool repair can be done easily by recoating the pool with cement. The application of a bond coat to the pebblecrete surface will ensure that it adheres to the concrete shell of the pool. The pebblecrete flooring can be cured underwater.

    How long does pool surface last?

    15 to 26 years

    The Top Pool Resurfacing Orlando Fl Experts

    Pool Resurfacing Contractor in Scottsdale

    When you are in need of pool repair Orlando FL, the signs will be pretty clear and distinct. If you notice the following things, its time to get in touch with our pool renovation Orlando.


    Your pool may have stains etched on it due to debris and chemical exposure. Moreover, algae also leave stains behind. However, some of these stains can be cleaned easily.

    If the stains get too stubborn or keep coming back, its time for pool resurfacing Orlando.


    Just like the tides erode away rocks in the ocean, water flow in your pool also wears away the material, leaving rough erosion spots. A simple way to prevent this is to maintain a chemical balance in the pool.

    But if the erosion marks continue to appear despite the chemical balance, you need to opt for pool repair Orlando FL.


    Rust spots are another sign that your pool needs resurfacing. While you can patch these spots up, its not a permanent fix.


    A new pool is the beautiful blue color that every homeowner loves to see. However, with time, discoloration begins, leading to white blotches on the surface. Aging of the pool material is inevitable, so its only logical to get your pool resurfaced if the discoloration is widespread.

    Water Loss

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    What Is Diamond Brite Resurfacing

    One of the most popular options for Florida pool resurfacing is Diamond Brite, which is made from a combination of quartz aggregates and polymer-modified Portland cement. Considered the standard finish, Diamond Brite comes in several color varieties including Aqua Quartz, Super Blue, and Cool Blue.

    Diamond Brite is more affordable than many other options, such as glass tiles and Hydrazzo. Despite its cost effective nature, it lasts a long time and offers solid durability.

    How long does it last?

    On average, Diamond Brite tends to last around eight to twelve years before it becomes spotty and starts to fade, a sign that it needs to be refinished again. You can help prolong the brightness of this finish by acid washing it every five years.

    Make your water look bluer

    One reason people love Diamond Brite so much is that it enhances the color of your pool water, making it appear a brighter, clearer blue an inviting color tone for a summer swim. Thats because Diamond Brite offers a lighter finish, especially if you go with a color like Ivory. You could make an even brighter statement by adding underwater lighting elements.

    Residential And Commercial Tile Resurfacing Applications

    Whether you want to cover that old tile in your homes bathroom during a remodel or need a solution for a commercial kitchen, Semcos X-Bond seamless stone tile resurfacing materials has you covered. Unlike other tile overlay and resurfacing products like epoxy, X-Bond is designed for water based applications and is even used in pools and pool deck applications. It adheres at the molecular level to the tile surface and creates an actual mechanical bond with the old tile, ensuring long lasting durability.

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    How Much Does Pool Refinishing Cost

    Summer is coming, and your thoughts may be turning towards pool maintenance, repair, and remodeling. One of the most common ways to refresh your backyard and improve your experience is through pool resurfacing. A standard aspect of pool care, the process involves removing and replacing the original sealant. Read on to learn when its necessary and how to budget for pool refinishing costs.

    Resurfacing Your South Florida Poola Pros Perspective

    How Long Will My Pool Last? – Premier Pools & Spas

    The certified pool service team at Reef Tropical can assess your pool and provide recommendations for resurfacing.

    The three most popular options:

    • Diamond Brite is a blend of colored quartz aggregates and polymer-modified Portland cement.
    • Glass tiles are the most elegant and come in a range of colors and designs. You can even order custom-color tiles.
    • Pebbles are aggregate finishes like PebbleTec, PebbleSheen and Hydrazzo.

    We almost always recommend resurfacing a pool vs. attempting to use acid washes to lift out stainsor chipping out rough patches and replacing the surface. These fixes end up looking like band-aids and do little to preserve the longevity of your pool surface, improve its aesthetic quality or increase the value.

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    Maintaining Your Pool Surface

    Besides testing your water chemistry, other common steps to take care of your pool surface include:

    • Clean your pool at least once a week
    • Keep your water level balanced
    • Circulate your water

    Once a week cleaning can sound like a chore, but its the safest way to avoid unwanted damage to the surface. You can use a pool skimmer to keep leaves and debris out. This will help your filtration system be able to properly keep your pool clean.

    The water in your pool can evaporate, causing your water levels to change. If this happens, and water is added, it can raise or lower your pH balance.

    Make sure to monitor your water levels.

    You should also circulate your water throughout the day.

    Whenshould I Resurface My Swimming Pool

    Keepa constant observation of your pool. Before you go ahead and resurface, check for these signs:

    • Mineral Stains there are some minerals in the water like iron andcopper that may stain the plaster. Whenthis occurs, replace the plaster immediately. Usually, the stains appear years after the initial resurfaceapplication.
    • Gunite Exposure there are many swimming pools built with gunite orshotcrete to support the basin of the swimming pool. If you see an exposure, then it is time toresurface.
    • Plaster Flaking or Falling Off- If you plaster has started to flake or fallof your pools surface it may be time to resurface your pool.

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    Resurfacing By Signature Pools

    Florida pool resurfacing looks better and lasts longer when conducted by a team of experienced professionals using high quality tools and materials.

    You can count on the experts at Signature Pools to get the job done right. Contact us today with any questions you may have or to set up a consultation.

    Top 10 Signs You Have To Refinish Your Pool

    How Long Do Vinyl Liner Pools Last?
    • May 5, 2017

    Is your pool screaming to get help from a pool resurfacing service? Well first off, do you know the signs your pool is giving you? Sometimes, the signs can be a bit obvious. But other times, you have to be certain in what youre looking for. Your pool is very helpful at showing signs when it needs help and attention. Before you call for help, learn the ten signs that you need help from a pool resurfacing service.

  • Plaster Flaking or Peeling

    Maybe youve noticed the plaster is peeling along the steps or floor of your pool or spa. The pool industry refers to this as spalling. Aggressive pool water with sustained low PH or low calcium levels is the typical cause of spalling. It dissolves a soluble calcium compound called calcium hydroxide. Often, this occurs under a floating chlorinator on the top step of a pool or spa. Once this happens, there is no proper way to repair it. Usually, when this happens, its time to resurface or replaster.

  • Surface Stains

    Copper, calcium, and salt are the main culprits for surface stains. These discolor the pool and turn it into a blueish gray color, or a crystal deposit. The pool industry refers to surface stains as topical stains. A topical stain will stick to the plaster surface much like dirt sticks to a windshield. You can clean a stain with an acid wash, but you must perform with caution. If the pool is severely stained, you may need to continue with a replaster for your pool surface.

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    Can You Resurface An Old Pool

    When your old pool is starting to get a little shabby, you might be tempted to just cover it with a cheap coating or paint. But if resurfacing the whole thing seems like too much work and cost for an inferior product, consider a complete pool resurfacing with a modern interior product. There are many options available.

    How Often Should You Resurface Your Pool

    Are you considering installing a swimming pool? Its a great investment, that will provide years of enjoyment as well as increasing the value of your home. You should be aware, though, that swimming pools require upgrading from time to time. You might want to put in a new feature, like a waterfall, but one upgrade thats necessary to the life of the pool is periodic resurfacing.

    When your pool needs to be resurfaced, you can trust Millennium Pool Service to get the job done right. Established in 2006, weve got over 30 combined years of experience in the pool industry. We provide a comprehensive range of services for both residential and commercial customers in Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland. When you enlist the help of Millennium Pool Service, you get a well-qualified, industry-trained staff, services that are specifically tailored to your unique needs, and a commitment to 100% customer satisfaction in everything we do. In Virginia, call us at 703. 939. 5062, and in Maryland you can reach us at 301. 591. 3750. Of course, you can always contact us through our website, as well.

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