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How Much An Above Ground Pool Cost

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Why Hire A Pro

How much does a above ground pool cost May 2019
  • Liner Expense The vinyl liner alone is expensive and installing it incorrectly can lead to problems. Also, many warranties will be revoked if the liner is not professionally installed, so be sure to check with your manufacturer.
  • Liner Lifetime You’ll want your liner to last as long as possible. Getting the right professional to install it can make or break the life span of your liner.
  • Liner Installation Difficulties The installation process is challenging and offers its own set of challenges. An experienced technician will have the knowledge to deal with any problems that may occur during installation.

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G How Much Do Inground Vs Semi

A semi inground pool costs from $6,800 to $20,000 on average. The price varies based on the size, shape, materials and prep work required to install it. This option is partially above ground and partially below. Its often cheaper than an inground model and is ideal for those who live on a slope or hill.

Hire an Above Ground Pool Installer Near You

How Much Does An Above Ground Pool Cost

Above ground pool costs can vary. Get ready to make a splash this summer with this easy guide.

ByAnn Loynd Burton2021-03-16T17:00:41Z

If you’re ready to dive into summer but are unsure of how much an above ground pool costs, stay cool. The answer can vary widely depending on the type of pool you choose, your skill level, and the type of decking/landscaping you’d like to create.

Summer is coming fast, so start budgeting now to enjoy a refreshing dip come Memorial Day. Unsure of what you can swing for? We have the full breakdown, below.

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Inground Pool Liner Replacement Cost

Labor costs to replace an inground pool liner range from $1,000 to $2,500 on average. Once you add the cost of the liner, the total cost to install is between $1,400 and $4,800 with most spending $3,000 to $4,000. Installing an inground pool liner is about a days worth of work depending on the condition of the walls and subfloor which also factor into the price of installation.

If you’re looking to replace an existing pool liner, then you will need to factor any necessary repairs. The subfloor may need to be patched, smoothed, and leveled. Depending on the condition, size, and shape of your pool, the replacement cost will vary.

Additional Costs You May Need To Cover

How Much Does It Cost To Install An Above Ground Pool?

The following are important considerations that need to be researched and discussed with your potential contractor, as they can also affect pricing of a new pool:

Municipal construction permit: Some areas may have special zoning or geographical permit requirements, so check with your applicable municipality then discuss with your pool company, who will obtain the permits, advises Marc Luff of Betz Pools.

Fencing: Most municipalities require pools to be surrounded by locked fencing for safety. If you have existing fencing, it may need to be partially removed and rebuilt upon pool completion, along with grass replaced or walkways redone, which can both get damaged by excavation access to your site.

Location: If your property has sloping land or other issues, special design considerations may be required. Difficult access can add to the cost as well.

Excavation concerns: Some sites may require tree trimming or even removal to allow for the installation. Others may have rocky land under the surfaceor lie below the water table, which homeowner Mara Rubinoff discovered only when her pool was being installed. She recalls: They had to dig extra deep and fill it with material to prevent future problems. In addition, she says, we have a tight backyard so the dig took a week. There are costs you dont think of, like electrical, gas and the diggers.

Utilities: Do you need to move sewer or electrical lines? This requires planning and possibly permits in advance.

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Pool Liner Repair Costs

Professional pool liner repair costs between $100 to $350 on average, with extreme repairs costing upwards of $1,700. DIY repairs and patch kits cost as little as $20 to $50 for minor repairs.

At one time or another, every pool owner will be faced with inground pool liner problems that need repair. Repairing minor issues as they appear will help avoid having to replace the entire liner because the lack of pool maintenance.

Pool Liner Repair

$100 per 150 sqft.

Inground Pool Models And Dimensions

Inground pool dealers offer basic models in various sizes: rectangular, octagonal, oval, or curved. But most of them can be modified to your liking. You can also have your pool custom-designed.

As far as dimensions are concerned, its even harder to list the possibilities because there are so many! Versatility is one of the great advantages of choosing an inground pool.

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Above Ground Pool Installation Cost Factors

Dont forget to think about these other considerations before you commit to a project:.

  • Insurance. Ask your insurance carrier how installing a pool will affect your rates. Many will require you to put up a protective fence or child-proof gate before theyll even consider coverage.
  • Property taxes. Above ground pools arent considered structures by most communities. They dont normally affect property taxes.
  • Soil stability. Pack down the surface of the soil before adding leveling sand to hold your pool. You can also install a concrete slab for about $6 per square foot for a level surface.

C Pool Heaters Covers & More

Should You Buy An Above Ground Pool? Review and Costs

Other popular add-ons include:

  • a href=””> Adding a heater to your pool costs between $300 and $2,000 depending on the model.
  • Winter covers start at less than $100 and go up to more than $1,000.
  • A pool fence costs from $1,500 to $10,000 on average. Many states and municipalities require safety fencing around pools.
  • Fountains & Waterfalls

    A stand-alone fountain runs from $30 to $100 on average. You can add a waterfall to your above ground pool for as little as $130 before landscaping costs.

Compare Project Costs From Top Local Pros

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Above Ground Pool Installation Costs

Like the cost of the pool itself, installation fees can vary widely, from about $750 to $3,000, according to Home Guide. The size and shape of the pool will impact installation costs, but there are other factors to consider as well.

Is the area already relatively flat and even? Or, will it need to be cleared and leveled? What is the grade of the soil? This can all affect the cost. If the ground stability isn’t great, you’ll need to pack down the soil or consider installing a concrete slab, which will cost about $6 per square foot on a level surface.

Additionally, shape comes into play. Oval pools are more expensive to install than round, and rectangular pools are the most expensive.

According to Royal Swimming Pools, the best way to save money is to do the labor yourself. Royal sells above ground pool kits that include everything you need for setup with simple directions, starting around $1,500. You just need a few helpers.

Another option to save on labor costs is to purchase a temporary option, like an Intex pool, that is inflatable or has flexible sides.

Diy Above Ground Pool Installation Tips

Can you tell the difference between a DIY above ground pool installation and a professionally installed pool? Probably not – here are some tips to help you with your above ground pool setup:

  • – You can install an above ground pool yourself!
  • – Buttress free oval systems allow for more space in your yard and a cleaner, finished look
  • – True above ground pools are designed to be left up year round
  • – When installing your above ground pool the ground must be properly graded and level
  • – Never install an above ground pool below ground
  • – You can install an above ground pool on a concrete base but only if it is a round model
  • – Only above ground pools with resin components are recommended for use with a salt water system
  • – Above ground pools are not designed to have a deep end
  • – Never install a slide or diving board on an above ground pool because they are not deep enough

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How To Install A Pool Liner

Installing a pool liner yourself is complex and may void your manufacturer’s warranty. However, if you have experience working with vinyl material, you could save about $1,000 and install it in one weekend.

  • Drain the pool. For an above-ground pool, you will need a small submersible pump.
  • Remove the liner you want to replace and prep the floor and walls. If you have a sand bottom, you can use this chance to smooth any uneven patches out of it.
  • If the floor is concrete, then do a sweep, even if you do not see anything. There could be grit and pebbles that blend in with the flooring. Inspect the walls for rust, and duct tape over bolt heads and holes to prevent rust. Sand down and paint over any rust you find. If you find rust at floor level, pack sand using a trowel against the wall.
  • Place the new liner. Warm weather is ideal for best results, as the heat lets the liner stretch more easily. For overlap liners, you can use clothespins or pinch clamps to secure it to the edge. Make sure the lining is evenly overlapping the edge all the way around. Pull the liner towards the wall until there are no wrinkles. You’ll want the liner ideally 1 inch above the floor. For beaded liners, insert it fully and make sure it is adequately draped around the entire pool. Shift the liner in the track for any diagonal wall wrinkles. The liner should be raised above the floor slightly, as it should not be lying on the floor entirely.
  • Cost Of Leveling Ground For Above Ground Pool

    How Much Does An Above Ground Pool Cost to Build?

    What would be a good price to charge someone to level a 15 by 30 area in order to place an above the ground pool?

    Hi Marco.

    Back when I was installing pools I would get asked this question at least a half a dozen times a year. It’s a pretty loaded question. The majority of my jobs were set up in the evening hours over the phone. My days were spent in the field installing pools. I seldom had time for on site estimates so I tried doing everything over the phone.

    My total price to install a 15 x 30 was about seven hundred dollars. This would include leveling up to about six inches. Over six inches may, or may not, bring an extra leveling charge. I seldom used this clause but if I showed up to install a pool that was on the side of a mountain, and this did happen occasionally, I had an escape clause. I might break out the jackhammer and get to it, or I might bid the job with the extra leveling charges included. This seldom happened, but when it did it was well justified.

    I would try to protect myself the same way when it came to bidding leveling only jobs. Normal leveling would be a couple hundred dollars out of that seven hundred dollar job. So for a normal backyard, I would come in and remove the grass and laser level the pool area. I was, however, very careful about bidding these jobs. If the ground was not just as described over the phone, or was not watered correctly, I had a talk with my customer before the work was started.

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    Your Pool And Home Insurance

    Your home insurance protects you against water damage if your pool breaks or ruptures, but not if it freezes or thaws.

    Notify your insurer when you install your new pool. They will adjust your premium and offer an endorsement to cover damage to the structure, equipment, or cover . In the event you present a claim for your pool, your compensation will be calculated based on its depreciated value and not its replacement value.

    In The Cooler Months You Can Cut The Pumps Run Time Way Down

    The colder the pool water, the fewer things grow in it. What this means in reference to this article is that you dont have to run your pump as much in the colder months.

    Here in Central Florida, a lot of above ground pool owners will cut their summer pump run time in half in the winter. This means they will go from 8 hours of runtime per day to just 4 hours and have no issues whatsoever. This can save you a lot of electricity.

    Dan writes with the knowledge of having 35 years in the above ground pool industry.

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    Gather Your Ideas & Inspiration

    • MUST-HAVE LINERThe colour of your liner will complete the look and feel of your oasis. Crystal Clear Blue to Natural Lake – choose wisely.
    • LANDSCAPING IDEAWhat landscape elements are being incorporated with your backyard to complete the look?
    • WISH LIST – LANDSCAPE LIGHTINGDo you want to swim at night? Don’t forget about adding some beautiful yet functional pool lighting. Feel like you are at a resort just two steps into the backyard.
    • WISH LIST – SPOT TO LOUNGEMake sure you pre-plan for all of the seating spaces surrounding your pool tanning, conversation, dining or even star gazing.
    • MUST-HAVE WATER FEATUREYour pool wouldn’t be complete with the calming sound of trickling water. Go modern or natural with your water feature design.
    • WISH LIST – GAZEBOAs much as we love being outdoors, shelter is important! Choose from our wide variety of gazebos to extend the time outdoors from sun or rain.


    Whether you choose a Chlorine or Salt sanitation system, our Versa Plumb System is up to the task, reducing hydraulic resistance by up to 50% versus other equipment pads. This innovative system allows for up to a 1/2 HP smaller pump to achieve the same flow,resulting in greater energy savings by using 50% less plumbing pipes and fittings.

    From left to right, here’s a breakdown of your inground equipment pad:

    Cost Estimator By Size

    Underground Vs Aboveground Pools: Costs And Comparisons

    Your above-ground pools size will have a significant effect on your overall cost. A small pool made to fit four to five swimmers will cost less than a pool made to fit six to seven swimmers. Larger pools also take longer for a professional to install, increasing your final bill.

    Keep in mind that the depth and shape of your pool will also impact the price. The deeper your pool, the more you can expect to pay. The depth of most above-ground pools typically ranges between 4 and 4.5 feet. Shapes include round, oval, and rectangular, with round pools being the least expensive to install.

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    Do The Labor Yourself

    The holy grail of saving money when installing a new pool is to but back on the professional labor. Instead of bringing in a pool company, who can charge just as much for the labor as you did for the pool itself, consider putting in your above-ground pool on your own. For the cost of a few hours, you can have the perfect pool for a fraction of the price. Our above-ground pool kits are designed to be easy to set up and install, as long as you can follow basic directions .

    The Truth About Variable Speed Pumps

    There arent too many above ground pools with what is called variable speed pumps, so I wont say much about them. They do cost a lot more and are suppose to save a lot on electricity. In truth, they save nothing.

    Variable speed pumps have multiple speeds and are designed to change speeds by programming them. The higher the speed, the more electric it uses per hour, which means the lower speeds use less energy.

    The idea here is to save on electricity by reducing the pump speed at times during the day. When that happens though, the pump moves fewer gallons of water, thereby needing to run longer so it can pump the same amount of gallons. This is not a savings. If you want to reduce electric usage for your pool pump, reduce the run time. Its simple really. You dont have to complicate things by buying a super expensive variable speed pump and programming it to ultimately do what just reducing the time on your single speed pump will do.

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    Above Ground Pool Installation Cost

    The cost to install an above ground pool, in addition to the price of the pool kit itself, ranges from $750 to $3,000. Factors affecting the pool installation cost include the size and the shape of the pool and the grade of the soil at your designated site for the pool. Oval pools are more expensive to install than round pools rectangular pools cost even more because they require additional structural support.

    Above Ground Pool Installation Cost


    Above Ground Pool Electrical Install Cost

    How Much Does an Above Ground Pool Cost?

    Hiring an electrician is advisable, and you can expect to pay between $40 and $100 per hour for the electrician cost for an above-ground pool. Prices will likely total around $350 to $500 depending on the size of the pool and the load of the pool equipment. Power is needed for the pool pump and filter. It is vital to ensure all electrical aspects of your pool are appropriately installed, especially when they are so close to water.

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