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How Much Does An Inground Pool Cost In Mississippi

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Buying A Swimming Pool In Mississippi

How Much Does An Inground Pool Cost? | Thursday Pools

The magnolia state of Mississippi has alot to offer pool lovers. With larger sized lots and plenty of swimmable days in the calendar year, its no wonder so many Mississippi homeowners are building large, elaborate, over the top swimming pools. A new trend in Mississippi is adding on complete outdoor kitchens to help maximize the time spent in the backyard with friends and family. Researching Mississippi Pool Prices? Keep reading.

Construction Costs: LOW

Vinyl Pool Steps Cost

Your vinyl pool needs a method for entry and exit. Depending on its depth and size, you may need more than one type of entry point, with ladders being common in deep pool areas and steps being common in the shallow end. Each step type has a set of costs, with larger pools needing at least two, while smaller pools may get away with one.

You have several options for the stairs, such as material, placement, and appearance. Steps can be made of plastic, polymers, or . They can also be made of the same material as your pool walls and be covered with your vinyl pool liner. The steps can be rectangular when installed along the walls. They can be triangular for corners, or they can have a cake shape, which is rounded and looks like a multi-tiered cake. Some steps can even include a bench for sitting.

Ladders can be cut into the pool wall and lined with your vinyl liner, or they can be extended down into the pool, installed afterward. Most stairs and ladders take up space in your pool, so you want to ensure you choose a size and shape that looks good, is functional for your needs, and takes up the minimal amount of space.

$1,000 – $3,000

Pool Without Concrete Decking

This package includes pool shell, shipping, pool equipment, excavation, setting of pool, backfill, filling pool with water, installation and pool permit.

The homeowner is responsible for concrete forming and prepping, final grading, cleaning of pool, electrical, and fencing.

The price of this package typically ranges from $20,000$45,000, again depending on the size and options.

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How Much Does An Inground Fiberglass Pool Cost

Buying any swimming pool is a major investment, so it makes sense to do your research to find out exactly how much your new inground pool will cost. Picking out the shape and the color are the fun parts. But just as important is who is going to install your pool, who is going to design and develop your backyard oasis and how you are going to care for it. Making all of these decisions correctly will ensure that you will have a pool that it lasts a lifetime and fits within your budget.

Portable Vs Permanent Swimming Pool Enclosure Prices

Mississippi Pool Prices

Along with your pool enclosure type, youll have to decide if you want a permanent structure surrounding your newly installed pool or a portable structure. Permanent pool enclosures cant be moved and live around your pool year-round. They are typically made of glass and are common in the Midwest and along the East Coast. Clearly, permanent pool cages make sense for colder climates that otherwise could not use their pool in the fall or winter.

Permanent pool enclosure prices follow the trends above. However, if you cant decide between permanent and portable, consider a retractable pool enclosure. As the name suggests, retractable enclosures open and close as you wish. Therefore, you dont have to go one way or the other all year. In the summer, you can enjoy the suns heat when you wish and in the winter, you can still use the pool, despite frigid temperatures outside.

Unfortunately, retractable pool enclosures do not come cheap. In fact, some open and close structures cost as much as $200 per square foot.

Portable swimming pool enclosures, on the other hand, are much more affordable. They act just like screened in pools, but they can be put on and taken off whenever you wish. No need for professional labor, as these nylon screens are easy to transport. Portable pool enclosures range from $400 up to $2,000, heavily depending on your pool size.

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Disadvantages Of Fiberglass Pools

  • Because of transportation and the install process, it will generally not come any larger than 16 feet wide. However, being molded at the factory, it still manages to be a significant length.
  • The extent of customization, as well as the range of sizes, is minimal if you choose from prefab pools in stock.
  • If the backfill is not correctly packed in around the pool shell, the shell can bend, affecting plumbing pipes and drains.

Building A Pool On A Budget

With the right combination of factors, you can build a basic pool for a lot less than you think.

  • Instead of a large pool, choose an above ground pool for between $2,000 and $5,000, or a semi-inground pool for just above that, for around $8,500.
  • Delay Add-ons. While there are many nice add-ons possible when installing a pool, like a hot tub or waterfall, these can be delayed a year or two until you have more to spend.
  • If you go with a traditional inground pool, think about a smaller size. Costs start as low as $14,560 for vinyl, $18,720 for fiberglass, and $20,800 for concrete.
  • Another budgeting choice is to install a shallow pool which requires less excavation and installation costs.
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    Installation Costs And Timing

    The basics of inground pool installation are straightforward. You have digging, delivery, pool filtration setup, maintenance and cleaning equipment, your first fill, and decking. How your individual pool builder/dealer will handle the particulars of hauling dirt, electrical, and permitting may vary, so if youre interviewing multiple dealers, its good to note these details so you are sure that you are comparing apples to apples.

    NOTE: A fiberglass pool typically takes about 3 weeks to install.

    How Long Does it Take to Install a Fiberglass Pool?

    Benefits Of A Fiberglass Pool

    How Much Do Inground Pools Cost? (Pricing, Budget, etc.)

    Fiberglass pools are becoming an evermore popular swimming pool option with our customers. Their ease of installation, low installation time, and lifetime warranty of shell are the reasons for this. We have installed Swimming Pools along the Gulf Coast for 20 years. We have experience in all build conditions.

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    Diy Vs Hiring A Pool Builder

    A DIY inground pool project could save you $6,000 to $10,000 on an inground fiberglass pool project that would have cost& $40,000 to $55,000 with a professional pool company.

    With all of the expertise required to install a new pool and ensure good soil drainage, land grading, and excavation, the long-term results of a DIY pool install might not be worth it if you dont do everything correctly, despite the price reduction on the install.

    Unexpected costs can be added on if you hire someone to excavate and your soil is too rocky for them to complete the job for the given estimate and if the soil isnt backfilled correctly, the additional pressure on the pool during heavy rains can cause it to crack and leak.

    An additional factor is that the pool warranty might be nonexistent if its not installed by a professional, because you cant give any proof that you have followed all the manufacturers protocol during installation.

    Get free home improvement estimates on HomeGuide from trusted pool companies:

    Additional Considerations And Costs

    • A contractor assists with gathering all the necessary permits for the project. Permit rules vary by state, city, and county. Most permits range from $200 to $300. An electrical permit often costs $25 to $50.
    • The installation of a vinyl-lined pool can be a DIY project, but check with the pools manufacturer to make sure that installing it as a DIY does not void the warranty.
    • You can purchase vinyl-lined pool kits for installation. The vinyl pool kit averages $25,000 to $40,000.
    • Most manufacturers offer a 3-year guarantee on the vinyl.
    • During the summer months, it tends to be more expensive to install a pool because more people use a pool during the late spring and summer seasons. Sometimes, you can save money by installing during the offseason, such as the fall, winter, and early spring months.
    • A vinyl liner is made of durable material. The thickness of the vinyl is measured in mils. A mil is 1/1,000th of an inch thick. Vinyl pool liners come in variations of 20, 25, 27, 28, and 30 mils. The vinyl can be embossed with a pattern or simple non-embossed color. They are available in a wide array of colors. Prices range from $1,000 to $2,000, depending on the thickness and if the surface is embossed with a pattern.

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    When Determining Inground Pool Cost Look At The Features A Swimming Pool Like This One Below With No Spa Can Be A Lot More Affordable Than You Think

    Additional expenses are also determined by how many bells and whistles you want on your pool. Since all our pools are custom designed, there are a number of features that you can add to make your pool exactly how you dreamed it would be. Waterfalls and grottos, spa additions, colored lighting, energy-efficient equipment, automation, travertine coping, and decking are very common upgrades that will increase the price of your pool but are well worth it. A pool is a big investment, not only in money and the value of your home but in your familys quality of life.

    Related Pool Enclosure Costs

    Flickriver: Photoset

    Beyond installing your new pool cage, other expenses usually follow. As always, to get a complete picture of your pool enclosure price, you have to consider initial and ongoing costs.

  • Maintenance: You have to clean both the inside and outside of your pool enclosure. Given the chemicals your pool demands, dirty pool cages can create algae, which isnt safe for anyone. You can either find a pool contractor every six months to clean your pool and pool enclosure or do it yourself. A good vinegar and water solution can effectively clean your enclosure and save $200 in the process!
  • Furniture: Whether youre adding a pool enclosure or not, you want to spend as much time as possible in or near your pool. To truly enjoy the outdoors, most homeowners add outdoor furniture. Wicker furniture and outdoor lighting greatly add to the swimming experience. In fact, if youre handy and want to save cash, you can even build your own furniture.Otherwise, your outdoor furniture costs will largely depend on what you choose to add.
  • Pool Fencing: Beyond many of the benefits already mentioned, all pool enclosures offer a sense of security and privacy. Nonetheless, some of us like to separate the pool area from all else and as such, install pool fencing. According to our cost estimator, the cost of pool fencing ranges from as little as $100 to as much as $9,500.
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    Maintenance Headaches And Expenses Might Send You Over To The Neighbors Splash Pad Instead

    by Stacey Freed, AARP, May 24, 2021| 0

    En español | Last years pandemic lockdown sent consumers scurrying to find summer activities close to home. That meant a lot of people invested in swimming pools.

    While images of a backyard pool can conjure up the feel of cannonballing into cool water on a hot summers day, the reality is a bit different. Upkeep of a pool is a lot of work.

    Before you dive in, you may want to look at the reality of owning a place to take a dip. Here are six reasons not to own a pool.

    Cost Of A Gunite Shotcrete Or Concrete Pool

    A gunite or shotcrete pool can cost anywhere from $39,000 to $75,000 for a basic pool, with the average cost for a 14 by 28 pool being around $60,960 without a deck. Concrete pools have the highest long-term cost of ownership of any pool material, averaging $27,500 over ten years.

    When it comes to unique pool shapes, you have more alternatives. To keep them swimmable, they usually require extra chemicals and electricity. Every four years, an acid wash may be required to eliminate any mold or algae. The approach employed to remove the algae will compromise the concretes structural integrity. It will also be necessary to resurface it sooner.

    • Every 10 to 15 years, gunite pools must be completely replastered, which costs roughly $10,000.
    • The procedure of applying concrete to a form that will create your pool shape is known as gunite, and it involves spraying a concrete and sand mix over a metal shape constructed of rebar.

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    Water Features For Vinyl Pools

    Water features average $250 to $15,000, depending on the type and size. Water features, such as fountains and waterfalls, are common additions to pools. They can enhance your landscaping and make a statement with some pool designs. Water features can also be used to help circulate the water of your pool. They work like a pump and couple with your filter to help keep your water clean. This cuts down on stagnation and algae growth in the pool.

    Plunge Pool Construction Cost

    How much do fiberglass pools cost | Video

    Cocktail pools or plunge pools cost between $14,500 and $25,000 to install. They are usually small at 10 x 15 20 and 5.5 to 7 deep, and pool users cant dive into them, so they are used more for entertainment purposes than serious swimming. Plunge pools are also great for quick cooling purposes and relaxing on a floatie.

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    Can A Vinyl Pool Be Saltwater

    Your vinyl pool is made up of two parts – the pool walls and the pool liner. The walls of your pool can be made out of metal or polymers. If the walls of your vinyl pool are made of metal, you cannot use salt water. If the vinyl punctures or rips, which is common, the metal walls of your pool would corrode. Therefore, the only way to safely use salt water in a vinyl pool is if the walls are made of plastic or polymer. This can be done, but it is not common. To use salt water in your pool, the walls should be plastic.

    Your Very Own Oasis Awaits

    We make inground pools, above ground pools, and home spas easy and affordable. From design to maintenance and repair, our expert team is ready to help you make the most of your investment. Explore our site to learn more about how our team at Modern Pool & Spa can help you create the perfect escape, within your own backyard.

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    Fiberglass Pool Shapes And Sizes

    We have been building swimming pools for 20 years. We were one of the first, original fiberglass pool builders in the Gulf Coast area. Our Swimming Pools are built by our staff. Sub contractor use is kept down to the electric hook up and the concrete decking or flat work. This provides you with a hassle free swimming pool installation. Also, we offer a Lifetime warranty on all fiberglass pools and offer custom colors below:

    Vinyl Pool Price By Shape

    Fiberglass Pools Mobile

    The pool shape also influences your overall costs. Rectangular pools are faster and easier to install, so your labor costs are lower overall than the costs to install a pool with bends or curves in the shape, such as a lagoon pool. However, there is still overlap in costs between the different shapes because each pool can also have a lot of other features, including the deck, heater, stairs, and other attributes. With all things equal, you save by keeping the shape of your pool as simple as possible, with the straightest sides.

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    Cost Of A Small Vinyl In

    Small pools can be defined as anything measuring 10×20 or smaller. If you want to use the pool for swimming, 10×20 provides enough room and costs between $24,400 to $45,000. If you want the pool for cooling off, such as a plunge pool, costs can be as low as $10,000 to $15,000 for a fully installed in-ground pool.

    Why Choose Modern Pool & Spa

    Modern Pool & Spa is Northeast Mississippis Premier Swimming Pool & Spa retail store. We offer the best selection of above ground pools and hot spring spas in the area. We also carry a great selection of accessories for your backyard. We can even help you elevate your backyard BBQ experience with your very own Big Green Egg!

    With 42 years in the swimming pool and spa business, you can trust our expert team. From liner replacements to pump repair, we have a qualified, experienced staff ready to help with water care and pool maintenance.

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    How Deep Can A Vinyl Pool Be

    Vinyl pools can be any depth. A common depth for pools in the deep end is about 12 feet, which is deep enough for diving. However, if your pool is large enough, you can go deeper. It is very common for pools to have a wide range of depths so that people of all ages and abilities can use the pool. Vinyl pools are completely customizable in size and shape. Therefore, you can create a pool that has a deep end and make that deep end your choice of depth. This is in contrast to fiberglass pools, which cannot exceed about 5 feet in depth.

    What Our Customers Are Saying

    How Much Does an Inground Pool Cost?

    Very highly recommend Jordan Construction! If you are considering installing a pool, you will not find better on the coast than Eddie! He and Kelly will explain every step, cover all the options and ensure you are comfortable with the process. We didnt pay a dollar more than expected, and they were done in exactly 2 weeks as planned. Eddie and his crew are thoughtful, careful and quick! Now we just need some warm weather to heat up our awesome new pool!!

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