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How Much Does Pool Resurfacing Cost

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Paint You Will Choose For The Resurfacing

How Much Does Resurfacing a Concrete Pool Cost?

The most important thing on which the entire cost of your resurfacing depends is the type and quality of paint that you will be using for your pool. Though with time the paint starts coming out but the more the durable the paint, the more will be the cost effective measure you are taking in terms of your pool. It has been observed that a lot of pool owners prefer the professionals to use the paint that will be affordable but should be very economical.

Like a band aid is used to cover the wounds and helps in the healing similarly the paint act like a protective covering or a shield helping you get your pool look quite new and an exclusive one. This will help you to get the best effect. The more branded as well as expensive paint you will choose for your pool, the more will be the cost.

Why A Pool Renovation Is Cost

No one likes to pay $10,000 or up to $20,000 to renovate a large pool, but ask yourself how much it would cost to install a new pool. Odds are, it would cost at least twice as much. An inground pool, for example, can easily cost $50,000. If you can make an old inground pool as good as new or better than new for $20,000, it may be a great investment and will increase the sale value of your home.Stay within your budget, but look into ways you can make your pool even more enjoyable when you renovate. For example, you might want to consider adding a waterfall, replacing your pool pavers and doing some landscaping at the same time. These jobs might add $5000 to $10,000 to your total costs, but can transform your backyard and your lifestyle.To be sure you’re getting good advice, the best price and the most qualified service, get quotes from several pool renovation specialists first. Reputable services will not try to sell you more or less than you need to get your business. They will explain everything in detail so you can make an informed decision.*Cost and prices in this article are indicative and should only be used as a guide. They also vary locally and are subject to market forces. This article was updated 19 May 2015 to reflect current market pricing.

Average Pool Resurfacing Costs

All in all, the average cost of resurfacing a pool in the U.S. is $7,000 per 1,000 square feet. Depending on where you live and what kind of pool you have, you can expect to pay anywhere between $1,500 and $100,000 for a quality resurfacing job.

You have to consider both labor and material costs when youre calculating your budget. In most instances, youll have to hire a professional to get the job done right. Labor generally costs between $45 and $65 an hour. On average, a contractor can resurface a pool in 1-2 weeks for around $3,000. Keep in mind that larger or more detailed pool jobs may take longer and cost more in parts and labor.

The cost of materials is often significantly higher than labor costs. You can end up paying anywhere from $1,000 for basic plaster to more than $50,000 for designer tiling.

Lets get into some of the different types of restorations and resurfacing you can do and what they cost on average.

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Qr25de Arp Head Studs

Petretti Landscape Services offers a variety of solutions for your resurfacing needs. Whether you need a plaster, fiberglass, aggregate, tile or any other material, we are the right people for the job. Rather than spending up big on an entirely new pool, we can restore it at a fraction of the cost through pool resurfacing.Calculate your Pool Resurfacing Cost. Use the form below to get the estimated total price to resurface your pool. If you would like to get an exact bid, give our team a call at 817.406.2269 to setup an appointment.

Fiberglass pool finishes: Starting at $2,500.00: Vinyl liner pools: Starting at $2,000.00: Tile and coping repair and replacement: Starting at $10.00/foot: Deck and paver staining, repair, and resurfacing: Starting at $1.00/foot

Q: How much does swimming pool marcite or plaster repair cost? A: The price can vary widely depending on the type of finish chosen, depth and age of pool, number of swim-outs & steps, etc. For example, a 15’x30′ pool using a standard aggregate finish is $3,500-$5,500. An upgrade to a finish such as pebble tec or beat crete expect to add …Typical costs: Re-plastering the interior surface of an average residential in-ground pool with standard white plaster or marble-dust plaster typically costs $2,500-$5,500, depending on the size, depth and shape of the pool, and local rates.

Pool Resurfacing Miami 9559 SW 165 CT Miami, FL 33196 547-8605

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How Much Does Inground Pool Resurfacing Cost

Pool Resurfacing and Repair Experts in Dallas

Fiberglass Pool Information | Pool Maintenance | Cost and Pricing | Concrete Pool Information | Vinyl Liner Pool Information

You knew it was coming. You tried to put it out of your mind. Maybe one more year, you hopefully thought. But as last years summer came to a close, you knew that resurfacing your pool was inevitable.

Resurfacing an inground pool is a regular and necessary maintenance task for most pool owners. The plus side is that it will improve your swimming experience, and it can also extend the pools lifespan. The downside is that the cost can be…a lot.

At River Pools, we have spent years in the swimming pool industry working with the various pool types before exclusively manufacturing fiberglass. If you want to know how much resurfacing your swimming pool will cost, here are the different options based on each type of inground swimming pool.

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Making The Switch To Fiberglass

Many people eventually end up replacing their vinyl pool with a more durable fiberglass model instead. While fiberglass pools are significantly more expensive and take longer to install, theyre also much easier to maintain than vinyl.

If youre thinking about switching to a fiberglass pool, keep in mind that it can be a costly procedure. Not only do you have to place down a fiberglass shell, but also remove your old pool to make way.

Replacing a vinyl pool with a fiberglass one usually costs between $50,000 and $65,000. However, a fiberglass pool will cost you less over time in repair and maintenance fees as long as you take proper care of it.

Pool Resurfacing Cost Florida

As our numbers show in 2021 average cost that homeowners paid for pool resurfacing in Collier county is between $606.00 and $686.00. This Pool Resurfacing Marco Island Quote Includes: $3.00 to $3.00 per square foot material costs. Average labor costs to resurface pools in Marco Island, Florida.

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Cost To Switch To Fiberglass

You might want to sit down. Replacing a vinyl pool with fiberglass costs around $50,000 to $65,000 . We know. Its a lot to pay when you already have a swimming pool. However, when you take into account that fiberglass pools are the least expensive to maintain long term , it may be well worth it for you if you enjoy being a pool owner.

Pool Resurfacing Cost graphic

Have questions about pool resurfacing costs or inground pools? Leave them for us in the comments and well get back to you as soon as possible.

At River Pools, we manufacture world-class fiberglass swimming pools for customers across North America. If youre in the market for a fiberglass pool, feel free to browse our pool models, try out our free pool pricing calculator, or contact us for a custom quote using the button below.

Still shopping around for the right inground pool? Be sure to download our free ebook below for a full comparison of the three main inground pool types.

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How Much Does a Pool Renovation Cost? – Premium Pools & Gardens’ Swimming Pool Renovation Guide

We hope youve found this article helpful for figuring out the typical cost of swimming pools in Canada. If youre ready to look into financing for your swimming pool installation, contact us here.

At Alpine Credits, weve been helping Canadian homeowners finance major renovations for more than 50 years! Youre in good hands.

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What Are The Extra Costs

The estimates mentioned above often include the resurfacing process only. Depending on the contractor, it may or may not include the removal of old paint, coatings, flooring, adhesive or re-pitching an existing slab.

As a pool owner, you need to maintain your pools surface annually, especially if you have an outdoor surface that needs to be resealed annually. Resealing the surface can vary from the weather you experience as this will affect your pools surface. If you want an easier way to clean your pools surface, then you need to purchase a high-quality sealer, which can cost $20 to $80 per gallon. The sealer also prevents stains, protects the color and resists moisture.

If the pool has too many cracks on the surface, vast weight on the surface, sunken concrete or uneven ground, then resurfacing may not the answer to your problem. In that case, the pool contractor should replace the pools surface and the costs can increase significantly.

How Much Does Pool Resurfacing Cost In Orlando

Have you wondered how much does pool resurfacing cost in Orlando, Florida? To determine the exact cost a few factors should be taken in to consideration. Which finish are you going with?, Whos doing the work?, Do you have an attached spa, sun-shelf and any water features? and is there any additional prep work required?

The first determining factor: Which kind of finish would you like to go with. Keep in mind the basic quartz finishes will be the most cost efficient. Followed by basic pebble finishes. When we say basic finishes we mean any finish that has no added pigments.

The cost climbs as you get into the pigmented finishes and polished finishes as a rule of thumb the darker the pigmentation more the cost.

The second determining factor: Whos doing the work. This is the most important factor of them all. The reason behind this is many are out there, we call them the fly by nights that have no state or county license, no insurances, no reputation, no references, no online presence and are not authorized by the manufacturer to do the work and write-up the warranties. This means your not protected, have no recourse and no warranty.

Now that you know all the determining factors here is how you can determine the ball-park cost of pool resurfacing in Orlando.

Measure & Calculate:

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What’s The Typical Pool Deck Resurfacing Cost It Depends On A Few Factors Here’s How To Break Them Down And Estimate

If you’re wondering about pool deck resurfacing cost, hopefully, your pool isn’t anywhere nearthe Hearst Castle Neptune or Romanpool. Lined with marble and mosaic tiles, these pools are worth over $10 million.

Needless to say, resurfacing a pool like that is going to cost more than our entire houses. But what does a usual resurfacing estimate look like?

If your pool is in need of a little makeover or repair work, it’s always good to know what you’re getting into before you commit. Today, we’re going to take a look at pool resurfacing estimates and share what factors help determine this.

My Pool Deck Looks Old And Worn

How Much Does? Pool Resurfacing Cost?

How Much Does it Cost to Repair or Resurface My Stamped Concrete Pool Deck?

As youre well aware, pools require significant maintenance and upkeep. And its not just the pool itself that needs tending to. The decking around the pool will wear out at some point, requiring repairs, repair, resurfacing or replacement.

Stamped concrete is a popular decking material for pool surrounds because it is affordable, durable and attractive. It requires less maintenance and upkeep than a wood deck, and it looks better than plain concrete. However, over time your stamped concrete may begin to fade and crack, requiring some attention.

Repairing vs. Resurfacing Stamped Concrete

Repairing stamped concrete generally involves filling in any cracks and leveling the surface, while resurfacing addresses surface-level imperfections and involves restaining the concrete to bring back its original texture, vibrancy and coloring. In most cases, if youre repairing the concrete, it will also need to be resurfaced.

When you resurface, you also have the option to change the color, pattern and/or texture of the concrete stain. Maybe youre sick of the old color and pattern, or maybe it shows too much dirt. Some colors, patterns and textures are more expensive than others, but making a change doesnt necessarily drive up the price of resurfacing. If you pick a comparable color and pattern, the price should be comparable.

Cost of Repairing or Resurfacing Stamped Concrete

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Unit Costs: How Pros Price

Unlike websites which blend pricing from dissimilar jobs, Homewyse creates custom estimates from Unit Costs. The Unit Cost method is based on job specific detail and current costs. Contracting, trade, design and maintenance businesses rely on the Unit Cost method for transparency, accuracy and fair profits.

Keep Your Pool Renovated And Elegant

If youre tired of looking at chipped, damaged or dull finishes, its probably time to resurface your pool. Choose a company that provides high-quality materials and work to ensure your pool is in good hands.

Our certified pool team knows what and when pools need renovations and refurbishings taking the guesswork out of your pool care. Well talk with you about your ideas, goals, budget and how you use the pool to come up with finish material suggestions that will best fit your pool and lifestyle.

In addition to resurfacing pools, we also offer pool services like installing lighting, waterline and step tile, automation, acid washes and upgrading equipment.

We provide pool and landscaping services in Miami, Key Largo and throughout South Florida. You can see us in action on our YouTube channel.

Ready to give your pool a facelift so it looks as good as the day it was installed?

Call us at 305-367-2005, or fill out a form online to see how much resurfacing your South Florida pool will cost.

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Types Of Pool Surfaces

Swimming pool surfaces are offered in a variety of materials, looks, and price points. Plaster and vinyl are two of the most common materials used in an average-priced pool, while material like custom tile is usually reserved for high-end pools and resorts. Each material requires specific care and maintenance to keep it in excellent condition.

Applying Fiberglass Over Plaster

How much does it cost to replaster a pool?

Although its used to construct pools, sometimes fiberglass is also used to resurface concrete ones. Theoretically, fiberglass should be superior to plaster because its waterproof, so it withstands stains, has a very smooth texture, and is available in many colors.

How much does resurfacing with fiberglass cost?

If applied by an experienced installer, fiberglass does seem to make a good choice. But consumers and pros alike have voiced their dislike of its use, mostly due to improper or shoddy installation. Resurfacing with fiberglass costs between $5 and $7/sq.ft.

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Factor Number Five: The Size Of Your Pool

The larger the pool, the higher the price. This is the most obvious one on this list, and perhaps also the most logical one. For every additional square foot that needs to be resurfaced, your costs will go up.

Youll need to put more material and more effort into resurfacing a larger pool, so its no wonder youll need to pay more to get it done.

Find The Best Costs On Pool Resurfacing

An overall pool upgrade that will include refinishing the entire surface of the pools interior, replacing the waterline tile and decking, and repairing damaged plumbing or any electrical issues will cost you $8000 to $22000 or maybe more depending on the pool size, local labor rates and the things that have to be done. Pool resurfacing Richardson with epoxy paint to restore the pools appearance is estimated to be around $3000 to $5500. Epoxy paint will last for about 5 to 10 years while plaster and aggregate surfaces can last up to 10 to 20 years depending on the quality of pool water.

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Resurfacing Fiberglass Pool Cost

Fiberglass pools are popular because of how easy they are to install and maintain. You still have to put work into fiberglass pools, and sometimes that means resurfacing. Most homeowners spend between $6,000 and $8,000 to resurface a fiberglass pool.

The only real difference between costs for fiberglass and concrete is that many builder-owners choose a paint finish for fiberglass. A paint finish typically costs $1,000-$2,000.

One selling point of fiberglass pools is that they can last 25 years, and some last longer. It is recommended that you resurface your fiberglass pool every 10 years.

Pebble Vs Aggregate Finish

How Much Does Inground Pool Resurfacing Cost

Aggregate may be half the price of pebble, but it is an equally attractive finish. Both aggregate and pebble are popular choices for builder-owners resurfacing their pool. At $5-$6 per square foot, aggregate offers affordable elegance.

Pebble, on the other hand, costs $10 per square foot, but it is worth it for the character it adds. If you use a Pebble Tec surface, you can get 20 years out of your finish. Aggregate can last close to 20 years, but it often needs resurfacing after 10 years.

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