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How Much To Install An Inground Swimming Pool

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Cost Of Building A Swimming Pool

How To Replace An Inground Pool Liner

According to information posted by P.K.Data, the average cost of building a swimming pool in the Texas area is around $6200 to $23,000. The $6200 estimate is based on a number of different factors, which consists of an above ground swimming pool that is 19 in diameter, while the $23,000 swimming pool is based on the average cost of building an inground swimming pool for the family. Therefore, you will need to do your research in order to determine which type that you prefer as well as the actual cost that you can actually afford to pay.

Diy Vs Hiring Professionals

Once youve chosen the type of pool construction, youll need to consider if you want to attempt to handle the installation by yourself or hire a builder. Unless you have prior experience with pool installation, hiring a professional is always advised. It will save you money in the long run as theyll be able to handle unexpected issues as they arise.

Builders will also be able to handle:

  • Pool permits, which youll need to acquire before construction can begin.
  • Waste disposal, such as excess soil, shipping materials, and cut-offs .
  • Rocks and other obstacles, which can add to the cost of excavation. A local builder will also be familiar with the ground quality and will be able to anticipate major issues, working them into the budget before construction starts, making your costs more transparent.

Inground Swimming Pool Installation Cost Factors

Of course, there’s more to it than putting it in and filling it. Before committing, consider the following:

  • Building permits cost: $450-$1,800 per permit. This project requires permits as a permanent addition to your home.
  • : You need to make sure that there aren’t any power or sewage lines beneath the spot you want to dig. A professional takes care of this.
  • Resale Value: In warmer climes, this is considered a plus to your property and can increase the resale value by up to 7%. However, youll rarely make back the installation price.
  • Packages: When getting a quote, find out what the package includes. A typical turn-key package includes the electrical systems, pumps, plumbing, a simple deck area, and often a basic safety fence. Some packages include the shell and delivery only. Get a description of what’s involved in writing.
  • Property Taxes: Adding value upgrades like this can increase your property taxes. This increase depends on your state and municipal codes.
  • Pool maintenance services cost: $100-$200 per month. Its time-consuming and messy. Consider hiring a contractor to do the dirty work. Also, pros also offer closing, or winterizing, and reopening services for the swim season.
Get Accurate Quotes From Local Pool Builders

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How Much Does In

  • Average National Cost: $45,583
  • Typical Range: $32,408 to $60,873
  • Low End: $21,500
  • High End: $135,000

The numbers above are average in-ground pool installation costs across the U.S. Homeowners can expect to pay between $32,408 to $60,873 for their new in-ground pool, with most paying $45,583.

Remember that many factors can impact your total bill. Want to install a pool house or in-ground hot tub? Get out your credit card or checkbook. The more bells and whistles you want to add to your in-ground pool design, the more labor and materials youll need to pay for.

In-ground pools are also expensive to maintain, some more than others. In this pricing guide, we will cover how pool materials , amenities , and necessities will affect your total cost.

What Makes Up The Upfront Cost Of A Gunite Swimming Pool

How Much Does An Inground Pool Cost To Install
  • Design Labor Gunite swimming pools are 100% custom designed by a landscaper/pool designer. These designers are skilled in CAD and 3D rendering. Each pool and backyard design can range anywhere from 40-80 man hours of design labor. Labor is one of the largest costs in a construction business.
  • Construction Labor To physically build a gunite pool takes a lot of manpower which, again, means lots of labor costs.
  • Raw Material The surface material, which is either made up of plaster, an exposed aggregate surface, tile surface, mother of pearl, or a glass bead-infused aggregate are all very costly pool surfaces.
  • Surface Construction Labor The surface material takes a skilled finisher to install, which will also increase the labor costs even more.

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How Much Does It Cost To Install An Inground Vinyl Liner Pool

There are three different routes you can take when it comes to how to install a vinyl lined swimming pool. We’ll go over some of the costs associated with each . But here’s a brief video that touches on what those routes may look for someone just starting to look at purchasing a pool. We’ll cover the details of different installation options addressed in this short video below.

Building an inground pool could never be labeled as a small undertaking.While choosing to purchase an inground pool kit takes a lot of the hassle out of the process, there are still quite a few questions youll need to ask yourself when it comes to how or rather who is going to do the installation

*the below-average costs are assuming that you have already purchased your inground pool kit and are just taking the installation into consideration. If you would information on the cost of the pool itself use this link!


Typically, when you hire a builder you can opt in for a package of items youre hiring them for to encompass your entire outdoor area, from the pool to the decking to the landscaping . Just make sure you ask whats included and get it in writing so that you know exactly what youre paying for and if theres anything else will need to arrange to be done separately.


A pool excavator can run you between $800-$2000 . Or you could possibly rent a backhoe for $300-$600 and do this yourself.

Building An Outdoor Living Room To Go With Your Pool

If you want your pool to be the centrepiece of an outdoor living oasis, you may want extras like fire pits or tables, a cabana, a roof or other covering for your patio area, an outdoor kitchen space or a bar. These items arent included in standard new pool price packages and their costs can differ greatly among pool contractors.

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How To Convert A Pool To A Saltwater Pool

  • Choose your salt system and the additional features you want it to havedigital readers, self-cleaning abilities, etc.
  • Figure out your pool power source setup 3-prong or twist-lock plug.
  • Hook up your salt cell to your plumbing line with a return jet or hose/pipe.
  • Test the water.
  • Turn off salt chlorine generator.
  • Add salt according to your saltwater system manual and the number of gallons in your pool. Use salt thats at 99.8% NaCl. Brush the water around to speed up the dissolving process.
  • Turn the salt chlorinator on and run it for 24 hours.
  • Advantages Of Fiberglass Pools

    How much is my inground pool installation really going to be? | Thursday Pools
    • Fiberglass pools are around 20 percent cheaper than concrete pools and low-maintenance.
    • Fiberglass shells can be designed and created in any shape or size you want.
    • The fiberglass shell comes delivered as a single unit that will be dropped into the space dug out for it.
    • The time from ordering to swimming is much shorter than that of a traditional pool install. In some cases, this could be less than a week, including digging out the ground and the electrical work.
    • Because of the gelcoat finish, not only will it last until your kids have left the house, but it needs almost zero maintenance, looks lovely, and has a really smooth surface. Youll never need to replace a liner or resurface it. Its the best type to stand up to dogs nails too.
    • The smooth surface is super resistant to algae and requires low-maintenance of pH levels. Its also smooth underfoot rather than abrasive.
    • You can use fiberglass pools with salt-purification systems to create a saltwater pool.
    • Maintenance costs are very low$4,000 versus $27,400 for a concrete pool over a 10-year period.

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    Faq About Pool Installation

    1. Whats a walk-in pool, and how much does it cost to build?

    Walk-in pools, also known as zero entry or beach entry pools, are designed so that a gentle slope lets you walk into the pool without using stairs or a ladder. Entering a walk-in pool is similar to how you would walk into the beachs water. Walk-in pools have the same price range as a standard pool, costing most homeowners between $50 to $125 per square foot to build.

    2. Is it cheaper to build an above-ground pool?

    Yes, building an above-ground pool is almost always less expensive than building an in-ground pool. For homeowners looking to install a pool on a budget, an above-ground pool is a smart option.

    How Much Does An Above Ground Pool Pump Cost

    Most filters come in a package, including pump, filter, base, and fittings. The average price of above-ground pool heaters ranges between $40 and $2,190. If your pool is as large as an average inground pool, the heater cost can range from $550 to over $10,000, with another $400 to $500 for installation.

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    Cost To Build A Deck Around A Pool

    The average pool deck costs between $5,000 and $15,000 installed. When building an in-ground pool, you need to add a deck. Decks provide a non-slip area around the pool, protect your landscaping, enhance the pool area, and provide a more appealing visual. Decks come in many materials, including concrete, pavers, stone, and wood. It is very common for the pool cost to include the price of a concrete deck as part of the package. You have additional costs if you choose to upgrade to a different material.

    $10 – $25

    Next Step Of Your Pool Buying Journey

    How Do I Install a Fiberglass Pool?

    Now that your swimming pool journey has officially begun, I hope this article has given you a good idea of what to expect when it comes to the cost of an inground swimming pool in an honest and transparent way! We always suggest as a next step to our clients to start researching financing options to gather a proper budget and to invest some time in learning about the three types of inground swimming pools. Be sure to find the right pool that fits you, your family, and your budget! Feel free to drop a message below in the comments section to let us know what you thought or if I havent covered an issue related to cost that you would like addressed!

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    How Much Does A Swimming Pool Cost

    One of the first questions potential pool owners want to know when they call us is : How much does a pool cost? Although this is a very difficult question to answer, we will try to do our best to explain some general pricing guidelines.

    The purchase of a swimming pool is much like the purchase of a vehicle or even a home. With so many options available, price ranges can vary drastically. So, why do so many people choose to purchase so many upgrades in their vehicle or in their home? The answer is because most people understand the importance of getting what they want the first time so as to not have any regrets down the road. Because most Canadians spend over 1 hour a day in their vehicles and about a third of their day at home, they want to make sure that these large investments will provide them with comfort, quality, longevity, and ease of use. These same principles typically apply to most inground swimming pool shoppers. Understanding that they are going to have to see their pool every day for as long as they live in their home, as well as the fact that picking the right pool with the right options the first time is critical as to ensure maximum enjoyment with minimum maintenance, most shoppers elect to get the pool that will make them happiest in the long-run.

    Lets list some of the most common add-ons found in the purchase of a swimming pool:

    Perimeter/waterline tileInground and above ground hot tubsRaised bond beamsRetaining walls


    Unexpected Installation Cost Considerations

    The thing homeowners in the midst of a pool construction job fear most: hearing about unexpected added costs. It can happen. The three most common such things happen on excavation day:

    • The crew hit rock while excavating now they need to hammer through the rock.
    • The crew hit high ground water. Maybe they dug down four feet and see water collecting. Their goal was to dig down eight feet, but now they have to dig down nine feet, spread a layer of gravel and pump out the water.
    • The crew hit unexpected tree stumps or construction debris buried by the home builder now it has to be excavated. And more gravel may need to be hauled in to fill in the resulting space.

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    Indoor Pool Cost Calculator

    A vinyl 12 x 16 indoor pool starts at $110,000, and costs as high as $220,000 for a 16 x 32 concrete indoor pool. Expect to pay $200 to $250 per square foot for your indoor pool, factoring in a four-foot perimeter around the pool, a roof and walls, plus the vital dehumidifier system.

    Cost To Build Indoor Pool

    $70 $150 per square foot
    Dehumidifier $20,000 $30,000

    An indoor pool offers year-round swimming, less maintenance because debris can’t get into the pool, and less chemical use as there is little sunlight disrupting chlorine levels. However, they come at a much higher construction cost and uses more energy.

    Concrete Inground Pool Cost

    How to Install an Inground swimming pool liner DIY Replacing a vinyl liner

    Concrete inground pools cost $30,000-$50,000. A concrete pool is generally the most common and expensive option but its also the most customizable. With concrete pools, pros spray gunite or shotcrete over a rebar framework. Contractors start by framing a support structure with rebar before the concrete is sprayed, shaped and formed. The majority of the cost associated with concrete inground pools comes from labor.

    Concrete pools generally require the most labor, and they take the longest to install. Still, its the best choice for homeowners wanting a custom-shape or very deep pool.

    Other benefits of getting a concrete pool include its high durability. The cons? Be prepared to pay more for routine maintenance. And compared to vinyl pools, concrete inground pools take longer to build.

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    Does Having An Inground Pool Increase The Value Of Your Home

    While pools are expensive to build and maintain, we will note that having a pool in your yard does tend to increase the overall value of the home particularly if you live in an area where most other homes have an inground pool on the property . So when it comes to resale value, the steep cost of installing a pool in the yard could pay off. According to, one HouseLogic study suggests an increase of 7 percent, at most, under ideal conditions, while HGTV reports that the average inground pool can up your propertys value by 5 to 8 percent.

    Cost Of Inground Saltwater Pools

    The average cost of an inground saltwater pool is $35,000 for the pool and another $1,100 to $2,200 for the salt water generator, bringing the total cost to around $36,100 to $37,200. Saltwater pools do not need any chemicals added, are easier to maintain, and don’t have a chlorine smell.

    For homeowners who would prefer not to use traditional chemicals in their pool, a saltwater swimming pool uses a system that converts the salt in the water to chlorine, but the levels are much lower than in a chlorine pool, so it is kinder to clothes and your skin.

    Estimating Long-Term Salt Water Pool Costs

    • Replacing the cell in the generator every 36 years at the cost of $800 .
    • Adding salt to run your saltwater pool An average pool measuring 14 by 28 with a depth of 6.5 feet has a water volume of just under 20,000 gallons, and for that much water, you will need around 11 x 40-pound bags of salt, which should total just under $100.

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    Design: Choosing The Pool That’s Right For You

    Before you begin scheming your personal pool design, get an idea of what pool types are even possible. Maybe you want an infinity edge, for framing the horizon, or a cocktail pool that’s only waist-deep for happy hours. Also note that depth, shape, and landscaping aren’t just for funthey also all play a pivotal role in the overall safety of your pool. There are three main approaches to consider when building a family-friendly pool and backyard.

    Use Case

    Think again about how you’ll use this pooland how much space to dedicate to certain functions like shallow play space, or a hot tub in the pool. If you’re having a hard time choosing between or balancing the two, “Ask yourself: What matters in 5 minutes? 5 days? and 5 years? Kids’ needs will keep changing, so a jacuzzi has a much longer of a lifespan as they wont be splashing around for their entire lives,” Feldman advises.



    On average, you can plan to spend at least $35,000 to install an in-ground pool, according to HomeAdvisor.comand that doesntinclude the maintenance that follows. You should be putting in a poo lfor yourself, not because its going to make the house more attractive to buyers, say sNew York area Realtor Robert Khederian.To take out a pool is a lot of money, too.

    Cost: $

    Cost: $$$

    The look: Matte and modern. Unlimited design potential.

    How its installed: Shotcrete, whether wet or gunite, is pumped into a rebar-framed hole, smoothed, and plastered.

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