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How Much To Retile Pool

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Pool Main Drain Repair Cost

Complete Resurfacing and Retiling of My Pool – By Myself

The cost to repair a pool main drain is between $800 and $1,000. You might have to empty the pool or substantially lower the water to reach and repair the main drain. The main drain corrodes from the presence of pool chemicals. When this happens, it can crack or begin to leak. Repairing the drain takes several hours, depending on the damages extent. The more corrosion present, the higher the costs are to repair.

How Much Does It Cost To Retile A Pool

It took me one week just to clean the mess out of the pool that he had created. I had to grind down the mortar besides grind down under the tiles due to excess mortar under them. But the whole cost was approximately $3500 compared to the $15000 I was quoted. My pool needed to be retiled and refinished badly.

Choosing A Finishing Material

Several different types of pool resurfacing materials are on the market, each with its technical requirements, pros and cons, and price. Your first step is to determine what type of pool you have. Is it concrete, fiberglass, or vinyl-lined?

Resurfacing for concrete and fiberglass pools is similar, and most finishing materials apply to both. Vinyl pools, however, require a different process, which doesnt include additional materials like those discussed below.

Three of the most common finishing materials are plaster, quartz, and pebble.

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How Long Should One Wait To Sue A Pool Company

You should write a demand that he complete it in 30 days or some reasonable time and fax or send it certified mail, and tell him if it is not completed by then. That you will have someone else complete it and sue him for the overage. Maybe you and the other owners can hire the same attorney and save some Money.

Cost To Replace All Pool Equipment

Retiling a swimming pool with Mosaic

The cost to replace all pool equipment is between $3,950 and $11,750. Pools require many pieces of equipment. This includes a pump, filter, skimmer, and heater. Pool equipment comes in many types and sizes. Most are scaled to your pools size, with larger pools requiring larger equipment. This can impact the project costs.

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Pool Coping Replacement Cost

The cost to replace pool coping is $2,000 to $3,000. The pool coping is the finished edge at the top of your inground pool. In the case of a vinyl pool, the coping holds the vinyl liner. In concrete and fiberglass pools, the coping is the beginning of the pool deck. It is often made of similar material. It can be made of concrete, pavers, tiles, and a range of other materials.

Waterline Tile Vs Inlaid Tile

As the names imply, inlaid tile is installed underwater while waterline tile is adhered to the surface of the pool. Inlaid tile is recessed into the mold of the pool to ensure its flush with the surface of the pool. While theres no harm in tiling the surface of the floor, walls, seats and steps, thats not a common practice anymore because it requires costly repair or replacement.

Waterline tile, on the other hand, is usually just a narrow strip of tile running across the waterline. Since the tile is above the pool, its easier to repair and doesnt require the pool to be drained completely for repairs.

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How Much Does A Pebble Tec Pool Cost

For a rough coating, expect to pay anywhere from $3,000 to $9,500 on your pebble tec pool resurfacing project. If you opt for the polished finish instead, then your pebble tec project might be more expensive, reaching prices of $4,500 to $11,000. The price of the pebble tec material will be influenced by multiple factors like its style or color.

Types Of Swimming Pool Tiles

How Much Is The Monthly Cost To Maintain A Swimming Pool?

There are numerous swimming pool tiling options that you get to choose from when planning on retiling an existing pool or when building a new swimming pool from scratch.

Visit Fujiwa Tiles in Dallas today to check out our premium collection of swimming pool tiles that not just look great but are also well within your budget.

The most common type of swimming pool tiles include:

  • Glass
  • Handmade

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Are You Looking For High

Established in the year 1984, Fujiwa Tiles has been providing all swimming pool owners living in Dallas with high-quality swimming pool tiles that not just look great but also provide you with a longer-lasting service.

With over thirty years of knowledge and experience, our team knows what fits your needs the best and can provide you with a myriad of options to choose from.

Each swimming pool tile series of Fujiwa is made to provide you with superior quality that appeals to all types of styles.

Our company remains at the forefront of the tiling industry and stays updated with all the latest trends of the industry.

Our outstanding service and quality are, and will always be, the hallmark of our success. Give us a call at or contact us online, and we will answer all your queries related to swimming pool tiles.

Ceramic Pool Tiling Designs

A swimming pool can be all one colour and size or it can have a patterned appearance. Patterns will probably cost more, but they can make an intriguing swimming pool, with different patterns for different parts of the pool. You may have a spa with one type of pattern, stair treads in a different pattern and a pool bottom that matches or contrasts with the stair treads and spa.Before you purchase ceramic pool tiling, consider all your options. For some ideas, have a look at our Pool Design Ideas pages for a wide range of options.

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How To Repair Pool Plaster Underwater

In order to carry out the pool plaster repair for the purpose of fixing pools underwater, you need to carry out the following process with the help of various kinds of glue stick or the syringe plungers that are available in the market. With the help of the knife, you can cut off the syringe approximately with ¼ tip. However, if the holes are slightly bigger on the underwater side of the pool then with the help of the dispensing gun you can very easily auto mix all the cartridge so that it can very easily be repaired.

Cost To Remove A Diving Board

Retiling a swimming pool with Mosaic

If you have an old diving board that is not used, removing it can free up space on your pool deck. Diving boards can be installed in a few ways, so they may also come up differently. Some require you to repair the deck when you are done. The average cost to remove a board ranges from $100 to $200 without repairs.

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Some Common Swimming Pool Tile Problems

A swimming pool that is in perfect condition should have a bluish/clear hue. But all of us have seen pools that look green, murky, and un-swimmable.

Swimming pools that appear green in color are probably overrun with dangerous and harmful algae, which is the most common issue that an average homeowner has to deal with.

Algae tend to infect swimming pools that do not have the required level of chlorine. If your swimming pool looks green in color, it would be best to hire a professional swimming pool maintenance service provider to help you eliminate the algae as soon as possible.

Once your swimming pool is clear of algae, you need to boost the total amount of chlorine you add to the pool water to prevent any future algae infection.

Though chlorine is ideal for keeping algae away from your swimming pool, excessive chlorine can be just as troublesome to deal with.

When you find it hard to see underwater or have an intense eye irritation after taking a swim, you may have excessive chlorine in your swimming pool.

The best way to find out how much chlorine your swimming pool has is by using a test kit, readers, and strips to ensure your chlorine level stays normal.

Though More Expensive Than Ceramic Glass Pool Tile Is The Preferred Choice And With Prices Dropping Glass May Be Within Your Budget

No one disputes the extraordinary beauty and elegance of pool tile made from glass. The darkest mosaic glass swimming pool tiles tend to reflect light, rather than absorb it. This can make the mosaic pieces seem to glow with a luminous radiance that is not found in any other pool tile.

Then theres the maintenance factor. Mosaic glass swimming pool tiles are resistant to stains, mold and mildew. They are also resistant to chemical damage and they are not porous so homeowners never worry about algae or bacteria sinking into the pool tile.

Swimming pool tiles of glass are also durable and resistant to cracking caused by heavy force or weather conditions. Throw in the enormous selection of colors, shapes and textures, glass pool tile is the clear winner over ceramic.

But can you afford a pool covered in glass tile?

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How Much Does A Tile Pool Cost Ceramic Stone Glass

Cost and Pricing | Concrete Pool Information

A tile pool is the most luxurious type of concrete pool available, but it does come at a cost.

We’re talking tens of thousands of dollars on average for swimming pool tile alone.

There are three main types of pool tile that you can use: ceramic, stone, and glass. Ceramic is the classic choice, and it tends to be the most affordable. Stone is good for a natural or lagoon pool aesthetic, while glass is typically the most high-end option.

Because tiling a pool can be a hefty financial investment, we’re going to break down pool tile pricing and discuss a few pros and cons to choosing each type. The following overview should help you weigh your options before you shell out the cash for this pricey upgrade.

Using our expertise as fiberglass pool manufacturers, we’ll also discuss installing waterline tile on concrete and fiberglass pools as a more budget-friendly option at the end of this article.

Let’s jump straight into tile pool pricing.

Adding A Spa Area To The Pool

Tile Pool Floor – How To Renovate Your Swimming Pool – Roy Tiles

The cost to add a spa area to a pool ranges from $6,500 to $10,000. Spa areas enhance your use and enjoyment of the pool. You can create them in several ways. You can add a shallow section on one end of the pool with seating and bubbles. You can also create a separate hot tub area in the pool deck or have a sunken hot tub or spa attached to the pools side with a small coping between the two. In most cases, the spa area should be made of the same materials as the pool for the most cohesive look.

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Add A Fountain To An Existing Pool

The cost to add a fountain to an existing pool is $450 to $2,000. Fountains are a popular water feature for modern pools. They add the sound of moving water, which can be tranquil and appealing. They come in multiple shapes and sizes. Fountains can be installed at one end of the pool, sending water straight up. They can also be smaller, installed on the sides of the pool, and send water in arching lines into the pool.

When Does The Curing Process Start For A New Pool Surface

Curing plaster refers to a maturation process of the new plaster finish when it strengthens and seals. The pool finish will start to cure immediately after mixing. Sixty percent of the curing process occurs in the first 4 weeks and will continue over the next 8 to 10 months. This is when the final outcome of the surface is determined.

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Which Should Pool Tile You Choose

For affordability and short-term goals, porcelain is a beautiful and inexpensive choice. Ceramic is a mid-range option with standard tile sizes and designs being on the lower end while custom or mosaic tiles are the most expensive choices. Luxury options include the natural and glass tiles. For longevity, the luxury tiles are the longest-lasting and most value-adding options.

Which Is The Best Finish For A Pebble Pool

How Much Does It Cost to Resurface My Pool?

The combination of stones and pebbles gives off a more natural and textured feel, as compared to plaster and quartz. Pebble Tec is the pioneer company that launched the pebble pool finish. Because of this, their company name has become synonymous with pebble finish.

Pebble tec materials are made with rocks from everywhere throughout the world and will give you the precise shading and texture aspect that you need for your pool. The total look is not the same as what a great many people do with their pools and will give you a genuinely special visage for your lawn.

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What Is The Best Pool To Recover

Choose the best cleaning material for your pool remodel. Paris chalk is the most common swimming pool that reappears because it is the cheapest. Pebble. This surface material is actually a mixture of Paris stone and plaster, although the pebbles cover most of the surface. Concrete. If durability is preferred over aesthetics, concrete is a good material for surface treatment.

Cost To Retile Pool

What Is Pool Refinishing

Before you get started on any home or pool repair, you should research the process and the price tag. Youll then know what to expect, and if you have any concerns throughout the process, youll be a more informed consumer. So, what is pool refinishing?

Also called resurfacing, refinishing is a regular maintenance process that involves removing and replacing the top layer of the pool surface. With a smooth, rejuvenated surface and any cracks or leaks repaired, the pool is ready for a new sealant. The completed process results in a pool ready for years of use, with all the luster you loved when you first installed it.

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What Kind Of Material Is Pebble Tec Made Out Of

Pebble tec materials are made with rocks from everywhere throughout the world and will give you the precise shading and texture aspect that you need for your pool. The total look is not the same as what a great many people do with their pools and will give you a genuinely special visage for your lawn.

Cheap Ways To Remodel Your Pool


Originally published June 20, 2013.

Valley pool companies say theyre busy with remodels. Theyre resurfacing pools and adding decking and water features for homeowners eager to make their pool more of a showplace and their backyard an extension of their home.

If youre in the market for a pool remodel, here are popular add-ons and upgrades. The prices are estimates for an average-size pool roughly 350-450 square feet, or a pool with an 80- to 90-foot perimeter.

Prices vary depending on the overall scope of remodeling work being done, but here are ballpark numbers compiled from interviews with Valley pool contractors.

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Pool Repair Cost By Type Of Repair

Repairs may not lead to a full pool remodel. However, it may be considered a remodel if the need for repair is extensive enough. Repairs may also be combined with a larger remodel. Average repairs that may be carried out during a pool remodel include fixing leaks, repairing equipment, and making repairs to your deck and surrounding area. Your pool may need many types of repair, but not all may be necessary for your remodel. The most common types of repairs and their costs are below.

Type of Repair
$2,000 – $3,000

How Much Does Ceramic Pool Tiling Cost

Ceramic pool tiling can be a more expensive option than other types of pool lining. The least expensive option is to paint the inside of a pool. Fibreglass pools have colours added and they can be less expensive than ceramic pool tiling. Pebbled pools are also less expensive than ceramic tiles. However, ceramic pool tiling can make a pool look beautiful and it is not as expensive as glass or porcelain, but can look just as good.Ceramic pool tiles are different from ceramic wall or floor tiles. They must be slip resistant because they are in water and slipping in a pool can be dangerous. Ceramic pool tiles are sold by the square metre and prices can vary. Some prices you can expect to pay for supply of mosaic tiles may be:

  • $17.50m2 for average mosaic tiles
  • $52.00m2 for deluxe mosaic tiles
  • $62.00m2 for an “eggshell” pattern
  • $97.50m2 for glass mosaics

These prices are for supply only, but reflect the price differences. Installation costs extra and DIY installation is not recommended because tiling a swimming pool can be complicated and should be carried out by professionals.

  • The shape of the pool
  • The size of the pool
  • Whether old tiles have to be removed first

Curved pools will generally cost more than rectangular pools. The cost will depend on the pool shape and the complexity of the design. In general, a more complex design including patterns will cost more. A smaller pool may cost more per square metre than a larger pool because of setup time and other factors.

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Pool Cover Installation Cost

The cost to add an automatic pool cover averages $12,000 to $22,000. An automatic pool cover is a permanent addition to the pool. It is installed at one end of the pool and rolled there when not in use. It may be tucked out of sight or stored in a roll at the pools end. When in use, it stretches across the pool, covering it securely. This prevents people and pets from falling in when not in use. It can also protect the pool from falling leaves and other debris.

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