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How Often To Clean Pool Filter

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Degrease Or Deep Clean The Cartridge

How Often Should I Clean My Cartridge Pool Filter?

Hosing and the other methods described above will remove large debris from the cartridge. However, these strategies are not always enough to handle stickier substances like algae, sweat, sunscreen, and body oils that seep into the cartridge materialand interfere with its efficiency.

If your pool and spa get a lot of use with swimmers bringing in these kinds of bather wastes , its a good practice to periodically perform a deeper cleaning. This extra step will provide a more thorough removal of dirt and debris and help maintain the filters effectiveness.

The most common way to achieve good results is with a commercial pool degreaser or cartridge cleaner . These are available at hardware stores, pool supply stores, and online.

To use, spray the product directly onto the cartridge. Be sure to cover all of the surface areas between the pleats. Leave the compound on for the recommended amount of time. Then, thoroughly rinse it off with a hose. If the buildup on the cartridges is particularly dense and nasty, consider soaking them overnight.

There is no hard-and-fast rule here regarding frequency. Some pool owners deep clean every other timewhich may mean only once per year when pool and spa use is high. Others will examine the filter materials to see if material seems sticky or coated, and only if it is, will they use a degreaser.

Check Filter And Backwash As Needed

The three most popular types of filters – sand, cartridge and vertical grid DE – screen out debris and particles from your pool water. You should clean and maintain your filter according to the manufacturer’s directions.

Check your pool filter weekly, removing any debris that has gathered within.

Backwash the pool filter as needed .

When To Clean A Pool Filter Cartridge

Filter cartridges should be cleaned whenever the filter pressure gauge increases by about 8 PSI or more above the normal operating pressure, or at least every 6 months assuming your filter is properly sized and you havent had any unusually large burden placed on the filter .

If you notice a change in your water quality, inspect the filter for damage/tears, and a cleaning may be needed.

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How To Really Clean A Pool Filter Cartridge

They look a lot like the pleated air filter in your car, but with a center chamber. Pool filter cartridges trap dirt as the water is forced through the pleated polyester. Whether you have an in-ground or an aboveground pool, filter cartridge elements work the same way, get dirty the same way, and are cleaned the same way.

There are many products that can help make your filter cleanings quick and effective. Ill show you how they are used in combination to help make your filter last through as many as 15 to 20 cleanings or for as long as two to four years.

Higher Than Normal Filter Pressure

How to Select the Best Pool Filter

This is one of the best signs that your pool cartridge filter needs cleaning. Hopefully youve written down your filters optimal pressure somewhere. Check against that, and if the pressure of the filter is at least 8 PSI or more above the optimal pressure reading, then its a sure sign that your filter cartridge is clogged and it needs cleaning. The explanation for this is simple. When your filter is clean, the water passes through it easily, when its gunked up by dirt and debris, then the water will have a hard time passing through the filter, and in turn increasing the pressure.

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Rotate The Valve To The Backwash Position

For slide valves, turn backwash handle and pull the valve piston straight up to the backwash position. Lock it into position so it doesnt slide up during operation. For multiport valves, push the handle down and rotate valve to the backwash position. Be sure the handle is pressed down all the way as you rotate it.

How Often Should I Clean My Pool Filter Cartridge

This is a question that we get a lot through our social media channels as well as our email channels and we usually tell people that as a rule of thumb, its best to give your pool filter cartridge a good rinsing once a month to ensure longevity of the cartridge. Again, this is just an estimate as the actual cleaning interval will depend on a lot of factors which we will be talking about today. But before that, heres Tom to give you a quick overview of your pool filter cartridges.

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What’s A Pool Cartridge Filter

A pool cartridge filter is a filtering system that prevents particles from contaminating the water. The system’s heart is the cartridges, tall cylinders made of dirt-trapping fibers. They are housed in a pressurized tank and stabilized by a closure plate. The plate also separates the cartridges and forces water through them. Once the water is filtered, it passes through the collector manifold and exits the tank.

Cartridge Filter Care Cleaning Instructions:

How Often Should You BACKWASH A POOL FILTER? | Swim University

1: Remove the cartridge from the filter housing or skimmer box.

2: Wash the filter using a garden hose working from the top down. Some manufacturers supply a nozzle with the purchase of a cartridge these work very well.

3: Soak the cartridge for at least an hour in a cartridge cleaning solution which you can purchase from your local pool shop.

4: Alternatively, use 1 cup of household detergent in 5 litres of water to clean. OR have Pool Assist swap it with your spare and remove the cartridge for professional cleaning.

5: Rinse the cartridge once more with a hose to remove any remaining oils or cleaning solution Eventually your cartridge filter will block and will need to be replaced usually within 1 to 2 years depending on the amount of use.

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When To Replace Your Pool Filter

No one wants to swim in a pool where the water isnt clean and clear. Your filter is crucial for keeping your pool looking and feeling great. However, its not always as easy as you may think to determine when the filter should be cleaned or replaced. If you have trouble determining when to clean or replace your filter or are new to pool ownership, let us offer you a quick filter replacement primer.

When To Change A Sand Filter

Sand filters will often be able to perform for around three-to-seven years, depending on use.

If you frequently clean and backwash your filter and only use the pool seasonally, you can expect to replace it after at least five years. While sand filters can be good for a few more years, we recommend replacing your media at this point to maintain a healthy pool system long-term.

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How Often Should A Pool Filter Be Cleaned

Sand and DE pool filters have two levels of cleaning. They can be backwashed, which simply flushes debris out of the filter and removes clogging so they can operate normally, or they can be cleaned, which means removing the filter and manually cleaning it.

Backwashing simply means running the pool pump in reverse for a short time, and is recommended for a quick flush of these two types of filters.

As a general rule, filters should be cleaned in approximately these time frames:

  • Sand pool filters should be backwashed every 1-4 weeks, and cleaned once a year.
  • Cartridge pool filters should be cleaned every 2-6 weeks, with a deep cleaning once a year.
  • DE pool filters should be backwashed every 1-3 months, and dismantled and deep cleaned twice a year.

While regular cleaning and maintenance scheduling depends on the kind of pool filter you have, there are some clear signs that a pool filter needs to be cleaned, no matter what type you have. The reason is because, for all pool filters, as they fill up, they become clogged.

You should always check your filter if the back pressure in your filter system rises, or if your circulation flow rate decreases. So if you notice an increase of 5-10 psi in pressure, or if your circulation drops, its probably time to clean the filter.

You will also want to check the filter if you notice pool water that is cloudy or tinted in color.

Turn Off Your Pool Pump

How To Clean The Pool Filter

Any time youre performing maintenance on your sand filter, you need to start by turning off the pool pump.

This prevents damage from occurring to the plumbing as well as the multiport valve. Also, take note of the PSI level on the filters pressure gauge, which should be 8 to 10 PSI higher than its normal PSI level.

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How Often Should I Clean My Cartridge Filter

DarthChicha said:Hi, I have a 10,000 gallon, cement pool in Texas. I bought a new pentair 160340 filter that has cartridges. How often should I clean it? I had read that they should be cleaned every 6 months but the pool guy told me that its every month. :-|Thanks

For your filter, mine has a gauge on top of it. It really depends on your conditions, and how much junk it’s filtering out. My filters gauge was initially setup running at 14 psi, when it gets up around 20 psi, the gauge has a reading that it’s time to clean.

Jeremy — Do not use the dial markings to determine when to clean. Use 25% above clean pressure. Thank you.

Lilypad said:When you have cleaned and reassembled your filter, start it up and note the new “clean” pressure. When it goes 25% above that number it is time to clean. I’ve gone through two of those gauges and am now going to switch to a glycerin one sold by TFTestkits. That black one isn’t very accurate IMO.

How Long Do Pool Filters Last

Your swimming pool pump system can expect to pump 60-70,000 gallons of water every 8 hours. Thats a lot of work!

Like all things, swimming pool filters become less effective with age! When the filter has passed its prime, it will get clogged, dirty, and become ineffective.

How long your pool filter will last ultimately comes down to how much dirt it needs to clean. Assuming you properly maintain your swimming pool, you should expect the below timescales on average:

  • – Filter Cartridge approximately 2,000 working hours, usually around 2-4 years.
  • – Sand Filter Media around 3-7 years
  • – Glass Filter Media about 7-15 years

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Cleaning Pumps And Skimmers

Keep your pumps clean on an ongoing basis by watching the pressure levels. When the pressure is high , backwash them right away. Twice each season, you should clean the pumps thoroughly. Open them up and clean them out completely. This task requires daily, weekly and seasonal attention!

When people ask, How often should you clean a pool? they often dont realize that many factors go into determining this. Clean your skimmers daily if your pool is near trees. If there are no trees around, once a week may be alright.

Youll only know if your schedule is adequate by the number of times you need to backwash the pumps, and whether or not your skimmers and plumbing are becoming clogged with leaves, hair and other debris.

How Often You Should Backwash A Pool

HOW TO: Clean Your POOL FILTER (Pentair)

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding pool maintenance is, how often should you backwash a pool. Figuring out when to backwash pool and how often to do it depends on the type of filtration system you use and how often you use your pool. Additionally, you will need to rely on a backwash pool expert more often if trees and shrubs surround your pool.

The next question most pool owners will ask is, how long do you backwash a pool for. The amount of time it takes to backwash your pool will depend on the amount of debris or dirt in the filter system.

Your maintenance schedule will guide you on how often to backwash a pool, but ideally, you should do it once each week. If youre wondering how often to backwash pool filters, you should look out for the industry standard.

Typically, you should backwash a pool if the pressure gauge on your filter is at 8-10PSI at the starting level. So, to answer the question of how often should you backwash your pool, check your PSI. If the filter runs well at 16PSI and then goes up to 25PSI, your pool needs a backwash.

How often should I backwash my sand filter? Ensure you do it if theres an algae outbreak or after a significant storm. A DEfilter system needs cleaning six or more times each year. If you have a sand filter, backwash it every month and tear it down twice every year.

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How To Clean A Pool Filter With Dishwasher Detergent

Its possible to use dishwasher detergent to clean your pool filter cartridge. Mix one cup of detergent per five gallons of water and soak the filter for three to ten hours.

Use the spray nozzle attachment on your garden hose to rinse the cartridge until the water runs clear before reassembling your pool filter.

When To Clean Your Pool Filters

If your pool filters quality has decreased, it may not necessarily need replacing. All filters need regular cleaning to ensure they can work to their full capacity.

If youre using a cartridge filter, remove it and rinse it off thoroughly with a stiff brush and hose, and use a specialist cleaner if available. Aim to do this once a week for the optimal longevity for your filter.

To care for a glass or sand-based pump filter system, you perform a procedure known as backwashing. Most pump systems will come with a backwash option, allowing water to run through the opposite way to before, lifting clogged dirt from the filter.

You should look to backwash your pool filters whenever the pressure has risen from its normal levels by around eight-to-ten psi. During heavy use, this will happen every week, and sometimes more frequently than that.

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How To Clean A Pool Filter Depends On The Filter

Depending on the type of pool filter you havecartridge, sand, or diatomaceous earth the proper cleaning method will vary.

Just make sure you have the proper equipment on hand for your type of filter, and then set aside some time to make sure its done properly. A dirty filter makes for a dirty pool.

How Often Should You Clean The Pool Filters

Keep Your Pool Filter Clean

Each type of filter has different needs and requires more or less maintenance.

If youre using sand filters, put weekly backwashing on your to-do list. Apply a special filter cleaner every season this will ensure proper water circulation and filtration.

DE filters should be cleaned with special products at least once every season. Perform a complete cleaning and inspection yearly.

Check the pressure gauge to figure out when its time to backwash the more debris is in your filter, the higher the pressure will be.

If you have a cartridge filter, clean it weekly, monthly, or less frequently depending on its size and how often youre using the pool. These types of filters dont require backwashing, but you need to disassemble them every time they need cleaning.

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Cleaning A Sand Filter

  • Owners manual


Cleaning a sand pool filter is relatively easy. You can backwash it, which you should do whenever it reaches 8-10 PSI over the normal operating level. Or youll need to do it when the pool water gets cloudy.

At least twice a year, you should chemically clean your sandfilter with a cleaner that works while backwashing the filter. Heres how:

  • Start backwashing the filter to remove dirt and debris.
  • Slowly add the sand filter cleaner into the skimmer.
  • Backwash the filter for 3 to 5 minutes again to remove dirt and debris that has been dislodged by the filter cleaner.
  • When complete, turn off the filter pump. Move the backwash valve handle to the Filter position and turn the filter pump back on.
  • If you experience water-quality issues after chemically cleaning your filter or backwashing doesnt lower the psi because it may be time to change the sand.
  • See? Quick and easy! With sand filters, you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your pool.

    DIY TIP: If youd prefer to do a deeper cleaning, add a sand filter cleaner, such as Leslies Sand Filter Revitalizer. Follow the directions on the label and make sure the water level in the pool is correct prior to backwashing.

    Your Pool Filter Needs To Get A Good Cleaning Regularly To Maintain Proper Filtration

    Heres how often you should consider getting a pool filter cleaning.

    When was the last time you cleaned your pool filter? If you cant remember, its time to do it more often. This task is an integral part of pool maintenance and can help you avoid costly repairs later on.

    You dont have to be a pool owner to know that keeping the water clean is a must. It not only increases your pools lifespan but also protects against disease-causing bacteria and germs. Thats where pool filters come in.

    These accessories trap small particles, bugs, debris, and other contaminants, removing them from the water. They also help prevent algae and bacteria growth.

    Pool filter cleaning may not be the most exciting task, but its worth the effort. The question is: how often should you do it? Lets find out!

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