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How To Cancel With Blue World Pools

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The Pool Guys Were Great

$30,000 above ground pool has St. Louis woman drowning in debt

The pool guys were great! Our back yard was a blank canvas, and as a result there were a lot of questions and complications that had to be answered and overcome. Absolutely no fault of the pool company or the installation crew they sent out. In fact, after we purchased the pool it took us a few months before WE we were ready to start the installation. We finally scheduled the installation, and then had to delay it. Twice! Entirely issues on our side, but the installers just took it in stride. When we finally came up with a good date to start, they showed up, we had a long talk about our plans for the backyard, and they got to work. It turns out that its harder to install a pool in an empty backyard if you dont have any solidly mounted equipment installed to begin with. Who knew? But the installation proceeded quickly and cleanly. They installed everything needed, and in a few days we had a pool! It has some temporary issues due to the rest of the backyard still being an empty mess, but after the rest of the yard is done this spring I will get some pictures of the pool nestled between the deck, patio, and garden area. Unfortunately, since we pushed the installation back so far, we only had a couple of weeks to fill, treat, and winterIze the pool. But we love it!!!

Can I Get Out Of My Contract With Blue World Pools

You should have an attorney review the contract and all communications with Blue World asap to assess your liability in this matter. Until then, keep track of your efforts to cancel.

Statements made herein are for informational purposes only and to assist questioners in finding competent and appropriate counsel. These statements are not to be construed as or relied upon as legal advice. Such statements do not create an attorney client relationship.

How Much Does Blue World Pools In Missouri Pay

See BLUE WORLD POOLS salaries collected directly from employees and jobs on Indeed.

Please note that all salary figures are approximations based upon third party submissions to Indeed. These figures are given to the Indeed users for the purpose of generalized comparison only. Minimum wage may differ by jurisdiction and you should consult the employer for actual salary figures.

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Business Profileforblue World Pools Inc

Pools at Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel

120 Interstate North Pkwy SE Ste 426

Atlanta, GA30339-2158

120 Interstate North Pkwy SE Ste 426

Atlanta, GA30339-2158

453 complaints closed in last 3 years

190 complaints closed in last 12 months

120 Interstate North Pkwy SE Ste 426, Atlanta, GA 30339-2158

  • Mr. Jim Harris, Service Manager
  • Mr. Michael A. Warren, CEO
  • Mr. Sean Warren
  • Mr. Michael A. Warren, CEO

    Customer Contact

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Couple Shells Out Thousands But Never Receive Their Pool

Carlos Leach says his future in-laws were duped into shelling out thousands of dollars for a swimming pool they will never see.

Last week his fiance’s parents called Blue World Pools in hopes of buying the company’s advertised $300 “Econoline” pool. By the end of their appointment, they signed a contract for more than what they bargained for.

“He finally tells them the Midline pool is just over $20,000 and the ‘Classic’ pool is just over $23,000,” Leach said. “Well, that’s where everything stopped.”

Leach says the pool representative brought the price down to just over $10,000, with a financing rate of a whopping 24.9 percent.

“We asked how much the payment was going to be,” he recalls. “The guy said, ‘Well, I can’t tell you what your payment’s going to be.'”

The couple, both of whom are in their 60s, was told to call Blue World Pools the next day to find out their payment. Four days later, Leach says the company finally called them back saying the payment would be $256 per month for the next ten years, totalling $30,000.

“She told them to just cancel the contract,” Leach says. “At that time they told her the contract that they signed had a 3-day cancellation, but within those three days they couldn’t get a hold of anyone from Blue World.”

Leach says the company charged his fiance’s parents $5600, 50 percent of the pool’s value, to cancel the contract.

We called Blue World but a representative said the company refused to comment.

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Blue World Pools Inc Description

Blue World Pools, Inc. is a company started on 2009-02-05 and registered under ID F03000000197.Employer Identification Number / Tax ID of this company is 88-0512060.This business is listed as a Foreign Profit Corporation.Blue World Pools, Inc. has two directors. They are:Warren Michael, Smith Michael. This business published its annual reports three times – in years:2006, 2007, 2008.We have six key events associated with Blue World Pools, Inc.:Withdrawal on Wednesday 12th January 2022, Cancel Adm Diss/Rev on Wednesday 12th January 2022, Revoked For Annual Report on Wednesday 12th January 2022, Name Change Amendment on Wednesday 12th January 2022, Reinstatement on Wednesday 12th January 2022, Revoked For Annual Report on Wednesday 12th January 2022.

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Ozone And Pool Ozonators

Ozone is fast becoming popular in the sanitation of swimming pools – it is more effective than chlorine, and is safe. Ozone is widely used in pools in the US and fast catching up elsewhere in the world, like Canada. The decomposition of ozone leaves behind oxygen, where chlorine produces toxic chloramines which can have a searing effect on the eyes and leaves behind the smell of chlorine on the body.

When you think of ozone, you probably think of the thin layer of gas in our atmosphere. Ozone is a gas that is also used to filter pool water. How does it work? A pool ozone generator uses a high voltage ionization process that creates ozone gas. Ozone is also created through an ultraviolet radiation treatment but the UV process produces less gas compared to the ionization process . Ozone is a strong oxidizer and it helps break down pool contaminants like grease and oils, which keeps your pool water clean. A great benefit of using ozone is that it does not affect the pH levels of your swimming pool, which means that you’ll have to adjust the pH levels less often. For this reason people who use an ozone sanitation system along with their chlorine or salt water system use less chemicals over time.

Blue World Pools Inc V Lindle

Pool installation gone wrong

TANYA WALTON PRATT, JUDGE United States District Court Southern District of Indiana


This matter is before the Court on a Motion for Entry of Default Judgment and to Compel Arbitration against Defendant George Lindle , filed by Plaintiff Blue World Pools, Inc., . For the reasons set forth below, the Motion for Default Judgment and to Compel Arbitration is granted.


Blue World is in the business of selling and installing swimming pools for consumers. It is a Nevada corporation and its principal executive office is located in Georgia. Mr. Lindle, a Louisiana citizen, entered into an independent contractor agreement with Blue World and agreed to sell pools to customers on Blue World’s behalf. As part of the independent contractor agreement, Mr. Lindle also signed a Binding Arbitration Agreement . Id. The Arbitration Agreement executed by the parties states:

agree that their commercial relationship and the transactions and obligations between each other involve interstate commerce.


“‘Upon default, the well-pleaded allegations of a complaint relating to liability are taken as true.'” VLM Food Trading Int’l, Inc. v. Ill. Trading Co., 811 F.3d 247, 255 ). Since Mr. Lindle has failed to respond to the allegations against him, all of the well-pleaded factual allegations in the Complaint regarding liability are taken as true.


SO ORDERED. Date: 2/21/2020

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Our Customers Love Us

I had wanted a pool for such a long time, but was never able to afford one. Then I saw Blue World Pools on TV and decided to give them a call. I am so glad that I did! I love my pool!

We would like to thank Blue World Pools for making our summer the most enjoyable! It is a decision we are glad to have made.

Blue World Pools were able to bring vacations to our home! My kids really enjoy the pool and having pool parties. Im so glad we were able to finally get a pool! Thanks Blue World Pools!

In many states including but not limited to AL, FL, SC, LA, TN, and VA purchaser must hire their own licensed state/county contractor and or install the pool themselves. Global Sun Pools, Inc. is not responsible for installation in any state that requires a licensed state/county contractor.*Sales and Installation provided by independent contractors.Warning: Diving or jumping may cause death, paralysis, or permanent injury.

Blue World Pools Inc Cancelling Contract Contract Without Penalty

  • This comment was posted bya verified customerVerified customer

    I called to cancel and did not know about mailing it in. After being on hold for hours and calling multiple times I finaly got it canceled and was told that I would recieve a phone call back. Never did so I called back multiple times and hold multiple times again and when I did speak to someone 2 or 3 times they said it was canceled and would recieve a phone call back. Installer just called with an install date when they said it was canceled!


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About Global Sun Pools

Global Sun Pools has been in business for over 16 years and weve installed thousands of pools. This makes us one of the most experienced above ground pool installers in the United States.

Because we are a volume dealer, we can offer high quality components at a low price. We have the ability to negotiate with our suppliers based on our annual volume, which allows us to pass the added value to our customers. Using the highest quality materials, our expert installers ensure that your pool is delivered, placed and constructed properly so that your ownership experience is worry free. Global Sun Pools offers terrific value for your money with low maintenance above ground pools.

We have been in business since 2001. Our stability is a result of our long-term commitment to providing value for our customers.

An above ground pool is a major purchase. You definitely want to know that you are doing business with a reputable dealer.

We look forward to serving even more clients in the future including you.

How We Sent Cancellation Of Contract To Blue World Pools

Top 590 Reviews and Complaints about Blue World Pools

It is impossible to advise you of rights and obligations under a signed contract without thoroughly reviewing the contract and the facts surrounding any attempts to cancel the contract.

Even though Avvo makes it clear to consumers that attorney answers to questions are for general purposes only and do not establish an attorney-client relationship, it must be clear that any answers are based on limited information and particular circumstances may influence any direct advice. Any information is given strictly for guidance to seek independent legal advice.

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Blue World Pools Are Outstanding

Blue world pools are outstanding. We love having family time BBQs and swimming. I strongly recommend that you get a blue world pool you can make memorys that will last a lifetime. The customer service reps are nice and friendly willing to help. Thank you to Blue World for making my dreams of having a pool come true.

We love our pool! From the beginning of the process to the installation was very easy! Very professional! Best decision we’ve ever made! Highly recommend!

Read 1 more review about Blue World Pools

I say best summer because Blue World Pool has made our summers the BEST! My nieces and nephews enjoy themselves so much they don’t want to go home.We always getting compliments on how beautiful the water is!Thanks again Blue World Pool!

Read 2 more reviews about Blue World Pools

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How To Pick The Best Disney Pools

Liliane Opsomer, guest TravelMole columnist and co-author of The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World with Kids tells TravelMole how agents can get the most out of watery Walt Disney World

When recommending a Disney Resort to your clients it is important to know that according to statistics, the thing that children remember most from their Walt Disney World stay is the pool.

While all resorts have wonderful pools, some of them stand out. The “Big Blue” at Disneys Art of Animation Resort is certainly one of them. The pool area and the splash zone for little tikes are out of this world. Underwater speakers play surf music and character voices from the film Finding Nemo. In addition to the Big Blue pool kids will also love the pools in the Little Mermaid and the car section of the Resort.

Another fabulous place to get wet is Kidani Village at Disneys Animal Kingdom Lodge. The pool is huge but the biggest hit is surely the adjacent splash zone.

At Disneys Coronado Springs Resort, the impressive pyramid in the middle of the pool is especially beautiful when lit at night. Right next to the pool is a great playground complete with a modern archaeological dig.

New and part of a huge upgrade of the pool area at Disneys Grand Floridian Resort is the Mad Hatters Tea Party themed splash zone. Teapots, teacups and even the Mad Hatters famous hat will dump water on young guests. Two mini waterslides and several sprinklers provide unlimited fun.

Can I Get Out Of My Contract With Blue World Pools Before They Install The Pool

Eel Suffers Toxic Shock From Brine Pool | Blue Planet II

You should consult an attorney regarding this matter before paying this pool company anything further. You likely have meritorious defenses to their attempts to enforce the agreement.

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Found 104 Of Over 148 Reviews


  • “Back end cash at the end of the summer for every pool sold”

  • Great pay, tons of guidance on every appointment to help when you need it”

  • Cons

  • “The pools they sell for over 20k are the same quality as”

  • “Today I saw an ad for recruiters to recruit sales reps for the company”

  • 5.0Sep 28, 2021 – Anonymous Employee Recommend

    Good money, helpful leaders in the office


    Ever changing schedule, takes long time to get paid

    Be the first to find this review helpfulHelpful

  • Dec 28, 2021 – Appointment Scheduler Recommend

    easy going job for the pay


    no time and a half

    Be the first to find this review helpfulHelpful

  • Dec 16, 2021 – Project Manager Recommend

    nice place to work and lots of over time


    very busy during the season

    Be the first to find this review helpfulHelpful

  • You get overtime pay once over 40 hrs.


    The management, the hours, the unprofessionalism, and the fact that no one takes responsibility for any mistakes. Certain managers and employees are extremely two faced…meaning they will smile in your face and kiss your butt one minute but once you leave for a better job they talk crap about you. Not to mention they have a history of covering up when someone in management says a racial slur.



    It does take a while for your first check to come in but once it does the money is flowing!



  • Jul 8, 2021 – Appointment Setter inAtlanta, GARecommend

    Its an easy job really


    Nothing really. Smile and dial

    Be the first to find this review helpfulHelpful

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