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How To Get Rid Of Above Ground Pool

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Get Rid Of Ants On Pool Deck

How To Easily Clear Up Algae Green Above Ground Swimming Pool Water

Your pool deck, either wooden or made of concrete, is a place from where ants can get into your pool.

Its highly possible, especially when there are ant nests underneath the pool deck.

Pool decks can also develop cracks on them over time. Those cracks are the places where ants hide and build nests.

Check for those cracks. If theres any, caulk those cracks with a good quality sealant.

Also, if theres a gap between the pool deck and the soil underneath, sprinkle Talstar PL insecticide granules underneath the pool deck.

Itll clean the ants hidden underneath the deck.

Other ways to eliminate ants on the pool deck area are using an anti-ant spray or diatomaceous earth.

Dont forget to clean the deck of any dirt or debris and dead ants.

Fourth Reason For Clusters Of Ants In Pool The Ant Mating Season

Now the fourth reason has a lot to do with flying ants with wings.

Flying ants, also known as alates, are sexually matured ants who leave their nests to mate and start a new colony.

Your pool attracts them because these flying ants need water to quench their thirst.

And the reflecting light from the pools water surface also attracts flying ants. Its because flying ants are attracted to light.

During the spring and summer months, and sometimes after heavy rains, youll find swarms of flying ants buzzing around over your pool.

Another often overlooked reason for flying ants in the pool is the magnetic field from the electrical equipment, such as the pool pump, that keeps your pool running.

Every electrical equipment emits heat and sets off a magnetic field.

The antennae of these flying ants catch the magnetic field, and the electrical equipment draws these ants to themselves.

Thats also one of the reasons youd find ants in electronic appliances like laptops and toasters.

These flying ants can severely damage the pool pump and the plastic fixtures by chewing on them. That can even short circuit the pool pump because electricity can easily pass through ants.

Clusters Of Ants In Pool Why Does It Happen

Ants can infest your pool anytime during the year. However, its the spring and summer months when the ants are most active.

Its during these months, and after heavy rains, youd observe clusters of ants in your pool.

Youll find chunks of floating ants in the middle of the pool, near the skimmer and the pool return jets.

The worst part? That can also mean that ants have also infested the pool pumps and filters.

Youll find out the reasons for clusters of ants in your pool in a minute, but first, lets find out what types of ants infest swimming pools.

There are three types of ants that youd find in your pool. These are the big head black carpenter ants, tiny red ants, which are also known as fire ants, and the flying ants with wings.

Flying ants with wings are sexually mature ants. Ants develop wings when theyre about to mate.

After mating, they shed their wings and establish a new colony where they can lay eggs.

Thats a different story altogether.

For now, lets get into the reasons for these clumps of ants floating in your pool.

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How To Repair Yard After Above

You can remove your above-ground pool and repair your yard by yourself. It might take days plus a lot of time and work, so brace yourself. Prepare with proper tools and make sure you do it correctly, seeking local pool experts and asking questions never hurts!

1. Drain Water and Remove Pool

Make sure to drain out water from your pool correctly. You shouldnt just dump it anywhere, this amount of water sitting in your yard could sit there for days, plus it could cause serious or minor issues to your land. You might have seen people cutting/slitting their pool liners and this is a major no from me. The amount of water coming out can really hurt you and your property.

How we always drained our pool is by siphoning the water with a garden hose and aiming it towards a storm drain. These drains are found on the road, if you dont have one near your house, let the water run down the road until it reaches a storm drain. All public roads are supposed to be built so water will properly drain.

The downfall with this draining method is the time it takes. If a round pool is 20 feet or larger it can take up to 4 days. Increasing the number of garden hoses used will speed this up.

This isnt the only way you can drain your pool, there are faster methods. For example, a sump pump is a popular choice, this will pump water out at a much faster rate. The Utility Pump by Superior Pump is the most popular choice because it pumps 1800 gallons per hour and is extremely affordable.

  • Garden

Mustard Or Yellow Algae

Getting Rid of Brown Pool Water

Thereason why this type of algae appears in your pool water is due to the pollenor sand that accumulates on the pool floors and in the corners and edges.

Similarto the green algae, lack of sanitation, filtration, and good water circulationare what allow the algae to develop.

Theonly problem with this type of algae is that it is mostly chlorine-resistant.Thus, the normal pool shocking is no longer enough to prevent yellow algae.

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S On How To Take Down Above Ground Pool

Taking down your above ground pool can pose certain challenges. But if youre up for it and you have the tools, skills, and the time, then here are is a step-by-step guide on how to take down above ground pool. Regardless of the brand or type of above ground pool you have, whether its an Intex above ground pool or a Bestway above ground pool, the following steps will apply.

How Above Ground Pool Removal Works:

1. Drain the pool.

The easiest way to do this is with a pump, and there is typically a sewer point within 100 feet of the pool.

2. Tear it down.

Depending on the type of pool you have, this process will vary a bit, but it typically involves unscrewing bolts, taking a sledgehammer to the walls, and ripping them apart.

3. Haul it away.

Rent a dumpster or hire a junk removal company to get rid of the resulting debris, but be sure to recycle whenever possible. This will save on costs and help keep debris out of the landfill.

4. Repair the site.

Once the pool is gone, there’s going to be a patch of dead grass in its place .

If a new pool is replacing the old one, this won’t matter. But if you want to have grass in its place, your contractor might be able to assist in repairing the grass for a fair price. Be sure to ask!

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How Do I Stop Them From Damaging My Pool Bottom

OK, so if I cant get rid of moles, how do I stop them from causing damage? Damage caused by moles to an above ground pools bottom can be extreme, but usually its just some annoying ruts that make it harder to keep the pool clean. In almost all cases, this type of damage is only corrected when the pool liner gets changed. This is usually years down the road, but since the old liner has to come out, its a good time to think about how to stop moles from continuing to damage the pool bottom. Here are a couple of things people have done. Some things will work for sure and some wont. Ill list them from the least expensive to the most expensive.

I. Install a Liner Guard or Gorilla Pad

These pads wont at all deter the moles from tunneling under the pool and wont stop the ruts they make. A liner guard will prevent the ruts from causing any damage to the liner, because the pad will always be positioned between the liner and anything potentially sharp in the earth.

II. Installing rigid foam sheeting on the entire floor of the pool

Again this wont stop the moles from going under the pool. You just wont see or feel the tunnels, because theyll be under the foam boarding. The more expensive, thicker and more rigid foam sheets have to be used for this. Less dense and thinner foam will eventually thin and contour the ruts created below. Cut these rigid foam boards to fit and seam them tightly together using duct tape.

III. Install a mole wall around the perimeter of the pool

Why Do Algae Grow

How to get rid of a aboveground pool

Well, to be honest, they will grow anyway without any interference. That means, without proper sanitation and cleaning these tiny organisms will spread all over your pool, and organic contaminants from dust and leaves from trees and obviously, sunlight will make a good meal for them to grow even more.

The PH level of the pool water can be a cause behind the algae attack. When the PH level rises or decreases than normal it gives them a comfort zone to expand its territory. Furthermore, getting rid of algae in the pool is quite hard work.

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Wait Just How Cloudy Is Your Pool

Cloudy is a pretty vague term, and you should know that there are different stages of cloudy pool water. And yes, it goes from bad to worse.

Personally, Id break cloudy water into three categories:

  • Flat. The least severe form, in that your pool water still has its color but it doesnt have the sparkle it once did.
  • Hazy. The water is starting to lose its color and its now difficult to make out small details on the pool floor.
  • Milky. The water is no longer translucent, meaning the pool floor is not visible at all. This is pretty much as bad as it gets.

Use A Submersible Pump

Your regular pool pump wasnt quite designed to drain an entire pool. We recommend using a submersible pump, which are designed specifically to direct large amounts of water from a water body to another place . One of the main reasons you should not use your regular pump to drain your pool is because at the end , the pump will start to suck in air as well, which a regular pool pump is not designed for.

Always check the maximum pump flow when purchasing a submersible pump. You will find some very cheap models, but they can usually only drain about 1000 GPH. Make sure to get a water pump that can at least pump 3000 GPH. The more power, the less time it will take to drain your pool!

If you want to make sure all the water is removed from your pool, we recommend using a submersible cover pump, which will suck in even the last few inches of water in your pool.

How to use the submersible pump? Just place it on the floor in the center of the deepest end of your pool. Connect a hose to your pump, and place the other end of it wherever youre draining out all that water.

Want to learn more about submersible swimming pool pumps? Read our extensive guide about picking the right submersible pool pump!

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Above Ground Pool Removal

If you have been staring at the above ground pool in your backyard and all you see are the dollar signs that you will need to shell out to remove it, you have come to the right place! The Trash Removal Team will be able to help remove it for you at an affordable rate!

Many homeowners do not realize that there is more to removal than breaking apart the pool and hauling it away. Many times, after you break down the pool, you are left with 2.5 to 5 tons of sand or stone dust. That takes time and effort to remove. You need to call in professionals who have experience and who are fully trained to handle this sort of project.

The is licensed, bonded and insured to handle your above ground pool removal. Our team of technicians are fully certified to meet the demands of hauling away and removing such a large piece. We will be respectful to your lawn and make sure leave the area looking better than ever!

Tips To Make The Job Easier

How to Remove Stains from a Pool Liner

I have some tips to make your job and life a little easier.

  • First, please have enough patience for this job and be organized for this project. It will take at least three to four days from start to finish. Don’t try to rush this process, as it is bigger than you and it will win.
  • Next, be prepared for problems. Rust can make the job tougher. Metal pieces will break off and bolts don’t always unscrew.
  • Lastly, you may need help to lift the metal wall sections out and roll up. They are heavy so don’t strain yourself. If you cut the wall into smaller parts, roll it up and tie it with a rope or bungee cord. It will be much easier to remove.
  • You may want to take the parts down to the local dump if allowed in your area. I’m not sure the trash collector would be so happy to see all this at the curb.

I know you can do this job by yourself, since I did it by myself.

If you can get help, then do so! Make a party out of it. Offer refreshments and have a BBQ!

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How To Clean A Green Above Ground Pool

The steps that you need to follow in solving this kind of pool phenomenon are not that tricky. You wont also spend a lot of money on your available budget.

You have to know the level of the chemicals of the water. When everything is in the ideal range, the chlorine will work properly.

  • Use the pool water tester or kit.
  • See if the chemicals and pH of the water are at the ideal range or not.
  • If you find that some chemicals or the pH are not at the recommended level, then you need to fix it first. Dig some research on how to stabilize those chemicals.
  • Make sure that you run the pump for about 3 hours to let the water stabilize the chemicals.

Inground Pool Removal Costs

There are two main methods for removing an inground model: demolishing it wall-by-wall or filling it in. Filling in is more cost-effective than removing it entirely. You can spend anywhere between $9,000 and $19,000 to physically remove a swimming pool, while covering one runs an average of $5,000.

The most common way to eliminate an inground is to conduct a backfill, either overseen by a licensed engineer or independently. This process requires:

  • Draining all the water.
  • Tearing down and removing the floor, walls, and materials, such as concrete, vinyl, rebar, etc. Concrete removal costs most homeowners between $500 – $1,500.
  • Smoothing over the filling with compacted topsoil.

Your pool’s material will also impact the cost of labor:

  • Fiberglass and vinyl: These need to be cut before being dismantled and taken away, and are generally less expensive to work with.
  • Concrete and gunite: These are the most expensive materials to have removed, since they’re heavy and need to be broken down before being taken out of the ground and off-site.

Using an engineered backfill is the most expensive option, but it also usually means that the city will allow a homeowner to build another structure on this area since it was done by a professional. Additionally, you won’t have to disclose that a pool ever existed to prospective buyers.

Hire a Pool Demolition Expert

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Above Ground Pool Algae

Algae are simple, non-flowering plant organisms that grow on pool surfaces. It does not have roots, stems or leaves but it reproduces in a primitive way. It contains chlorophyll. The study of algae and its types is called algology. How are you affected by above ground pool algae? If you see any dark mold looking substance on the side or the surface of the pool, then it means you have become victim to algae.

Above Ground Pool Removal Costs

Treating for Ants & Termites Around your Above Ground Pool

Pools that live above the ground have a relatively simple process for teardown, averaging $2,700. However, if there is an intricate deck or landscaping attached or near the pool, those elements might warrant removal or redesign as well. For the pool itself, the elimination will involve:

  • Draining it with a sewer pump.
  • Unscrewing and unbolting the walls before tearing them apart with a hand tool.
  • Renting a dumpster or hiring a crew to haul away the debris.
  • Redesigning the space left behind, either with landscaping or a new structure like a patio. Building a deck costs most homeowners about $7,700.

If this type of project isn’t new to you, you may be able to complete at least part of the process yourself and hire a pro to tackle anything beyond your abilities or comfort.

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Top 6 Ways To Get Rid Of Your Swimming Pool

Most first-time homeowners would jump at the idea of buying a home with a swimming pool if its in their price range. Its the ultimate luxury, right? It also ups your property value if you plan on selling down-the-line. Not-to-mention, it will be at the heart of all your best spring and summer memories.

But the reality is that sometimes the relationship between homeowner and swimming pool just doesnt quite work out. This space could be used for something else and it may be a better idea to get rid of your swimming pool entirely.

Whether youre a new or well-seasoned homeowner, learn more about how to get rid of a swimming pool in this blog.

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