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How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes Around Pool

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Tips On How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes In Your Pool

Reduce Or Get Rid Of Bugs & Mosquitoes Around The Pool

Keep your pool running- Make sure you keep your pool running for long periods during the day. Mosquitoes love stagnant water and if you dont keep the water moving they will use that opportunity to lay eggs in your pool.

Chlorine shock You can also shock your pool with chlorine, however this often times wont fully get the job done, the chemical balance in your pool needs to be just right for this to work, so in addition to managing the pool chemicals, getting a professional pest control service involved is always going to be your best option.

Pool toys and gear Another area to focus on is pool toys and gear storage and upkeep. If you have pool toys and gear stored near your pool, be sure the area is dry and there isnt any water pooling in these storage areas. If you arent taking the gear out consistently and stagnant water pools form this can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Use Of Chemicals To Kill Larvae In Pool

Some of the methods mentioned above are mostly preventive. What then do you do when you already have an infestation at hand?

Pools are usually treated with certain chemicals in order to keep them clean but they may not necessarily keep mosquito larvae away.

There are certain chemicals that can be added to the pool with the main intent of killing mosquito larvae.

  • Mosquito Dunks: solid rings that contain BTI, a highly toxic substance to mosquito larvae. Each one can cover 100 square feet of water when applied and it can be gotten for as a low as 20 dollars on Amazon.
  • Mosquito Granule Bits: Granular chunks of BTI that can be added to the pool and neighboring wet areas. The bits can be sprinkled on the lawn as well in order to kill larvae that may be lying in damp areas that may not be visible to the naked eyes directly
  • Chlorine: this a very powerful substance that is usually added to clean pools and kill insects. It can work to kill larvae but one has to be carefully in its usage as not to put in a high amount that may be harmful to people that would swim in the pool.

Heres my favorite pick out of these:

Summit Mosquito Bits Quick Kill

  • Kills mosquito larvae effectively

After you sprinkle the granules around mosquito breeding grounds they kill most of the larvae within 24 hours. The label says that you should use the bits in standing waters but I found that it also works with great success on wet grounds .

Free Your Swimming Pool From Mosquito Problem

Although you deal with a financial problem making you have no access for the exclusive care and buy advanced cleaning tools, still with the brilliant unlimited creativities of yours, you can get the most out of these following ideas not only are they applicable to anybody but the truth of the approaches is already tested.

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Control Methods To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes

Non-Chemical methods

Non-chemical methods can significantly reduce populations, mainly by the elimination of breeding sites, which can be anywhere water is held such as swimming pools, swamps, dams, rock pools and anything which can hold water for some time. Guttering around a roof that holds old water is a major breeding ground for mosquitoes. Door and window screens affect the entry of mosquitoes into houses, but do not reduce the numbers.

Elimination of Mosquito breeding sites

One of the most effective ways to reduce mosquito numbers is by elimination of breeding sites. This can be anywhere water is held such as unmaintained swimming pools, swamps, dams, rock pools, car tyres and anything which can hold water for some time. Blocked guttering around a roof that holds old water is a major breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Mosquito Traps

Mosquito traps are an effective non-chemical method of reducing the breeding population of mosquitoes in an area. Mosquitoes even in the dark, can easily assess where a person is by sensing carbon dioxide and temperature that he/she emits. Also, they react extremely sensitively to near ultraviolet rays. Using these behaviours of mosquitoes, Mosquito Traps can attract and capture mosquitoes. These devices attract mosquitoes, suck them in with a fan and deposit them in a holding cage to dehydrate.

Outdoor Bug Zappers

Chemical methods

Mosquito Fogging

Application of Liquid Insecticide


Mosquito Repellents

Topical Insect Repellents

Great Mosquito Control Tips For Spring

Reduce Or Get Rid Of Bugs &  Mosquitoes Around The Pool ...

Another winter is in the books and spring is on its way. Spring means the awakening and revival of living things all around us birds, trees, flowersand, unfortunately, mosquitoes too. As the local mosquitoes wake up from their winter slumber, you will undoubtedly encounter these pests in growing numbers around your home. Keep them away with these top mosquito control tips for spring.

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Do Home Remedies Help Against Mosquito Larvae

Home remedies can help against mosquito larvae in the pool, but they create other water balance issues.

Mosquito larvae are eliminated by suffocating them. Vegetable oils form a thin film on the waters surface and prevent the larvae from breathing.

But the vegetable oil leads to clouding of the pool water and is therefore not a suitable option for serious pool owners.

You should also stay away from other home remedies.

Every entry of organic substances disturbs the water balance in your swimming pool.

Plotting Out The Landscaping Layout

My original plan was to have my drought tolerant plants, lavender and elijah blue fescue, spaced out along the opposite side of the pool from my garage.

Its hard to reach a hose around or across the pool, so I thought that would be most convenient, plus it would create a nice lavender barrier along one of the long sides of the pool with the little balls of blue/green grass spaced in between for accents.

Unfortunately, it didnt work out the way I planned. We started digging and found that the previous homeowners have put layers and layers of garden fabric and rocks along that side were talking at least 3 separate layers of rocks.

Its a really inconvenient place to dig too, about 12 of width directly in between cement and a chain link fence.

The revised plan ended up being to spread pots of marigolds along that side. Dont mind the mix-match of pots, I used what I had on hand to save a little money.

Maybe next year I will get some matching pots or change up the landscaping on this side somehow.

Along the other long side that butts up next to the garage, we planted mums and hostas in the ground. Luckily, there was only one layer of rocks on that side!

The garage provides shade in the evening, which is nice for the hostas after getting full sun in the morning.

I had my potted banana trees and bird of paradise in the center of the back of the pool for a while, where the diving board would go if I had one.

We put one on each side of the gate entering the pool fence.

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How Effective Are Homemade Products

As always Mother Nature usually has an answer to problems even before we think about it. I will be listing some home-made products that can be used to kill and eliminate mosquito larvae from pools.

  • Cinnamon: an everyday kitchen condiment that can prove to be harmful to mosquito larvae despite its benign usage in food and cosmetics. It also has the added bonus of leaving a nice scent behind.
  • Bleach: similarly, to chlorine, this every day item can be very powerful in eradicating mosquito larvae however caution has to be taken in it is not 100% environmentally friendly
  • Oil: the application of oil creates a thin layer on top of the pool that suffocates the larvae by cutting off its access to air. However, it may decolorize the pool or stick to the skin when swimming, so it is best to apply it sparingly.

Or check out my detailed guide on natural mosquito control for your garden.

Set Up A Pool Enclosure


Pool enclosures are screened-in structures that go over your pool. They create fully secure patio living areas that are virtually 100% effective at keeping out annoying mosquitoes.

They also help keep other bugs, debris, and, depending on the model, ultraviolet rays out. If you already have a pool enclosure, ensure it can still protect you by periodically checking for holes or tears.

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What Are Mosquitoes Attracted To


Houria Severein

Sweet Relief: How To Stop Mosquito Bites FromItching

  • Don’t scratch the bite.
  • Apply an OTC hydro-cortisone cream.
  • Use a cold compress or ice pack.
  • Take an antihistamine.
  • Dab on some baking soda paste.
  • Heat up a spoon and apply to the bite.
  • Go homeopathic.
  • Part 1Modifying Your Yard Environment

  • Drain any areas with standing water. Mosquitoes use standingwater as breeding sites to lay their eggs.
  • Add BTI mosquito treatments to open water.
  • Manicure your vegetation.
  • Add some repellant plants to your yard.
  • Lay down some cedar mulch.
  • Nihal Tiana

    mosquito larvaeputstanding waterwaterkillmosquito larvae

    Nora Giovannelli

    Keep Light On At Night

    When it gets dark mosquitoes, much like other bugs, are attracted to light. So if you are enjoying a nightly dip in the pool, it would be a good idea to keep tiki torches or a yard light lit about 20 feet away. Just be cautious if the yard light or house light is next to a dooryou dont want them sneaking in behind you.

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    Does Peppermint Oil Keep Bugs Away From Pool

    4.9/5peppermint oilpoolbugspoolanswer here

    Get some peppermint oil and pour half of one of those small bottles into a spritz bottle and fill up with water then spray all around your pool.

    Subsequently, question is, what can I put around my pool to keep bugs away? More videos on YouTube

    • Citronella candles. Lit citronella candles and place them around the swimming area.
    • Remove stagnant water. Old stagnant water is attracts mosquitoes for breeding.
    • Eliminate Food Source.
    • Prefer living mosquito repellents.

    Subsequently, question is, what bugs does peppermint oil repel?

    Specifically, if you want to repel cockroaches, a little peppermint oil is surprisingly effective. A mix of peppermint oil and white vinegar is a solid go-to for repelling several pests, especially spiders.

    Is peppermint oil a good insect repellent?

    Peppermint essential oil is a natural deterrent against mosquitoes and flying insects. Use peppermint oil alone or in a homemade insect spray to effectively repel mosquitoes, gnats and horseflies. Bugs may not like peppermint oil, but kids and adults usually enjoy its fresh, energizing scent.

    Pool Roof To Keep Mosquitos Away

    How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

    The roofing for the pool has the same functionality as a simple pool cover, only that it usually retains the heat in the pool much better and does not have to be constantly rolled up.

    Especially in the USA , many pools have a roof you rarely see this in European countries.

    In principle, the roofing is a glasshouse built around the pool. It is available in different price ranges.

    Ive also seen inflatable pool covers that cost significantly less.

    But even with a roof, there is the possibility that insects can get to your swimming pool through small notches.

    Everyone has to decide for themselves whether the investment is worthwhile.

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    Use A Mosquito Net For The Pool

    Covering the entire pool with a mosquito net is radical, but it is an effective way to keep mosquitos out of the pool.

    This is a complex undertaking for large swimming pools due to the length, but the mosquito net is quickly stretched over the pool for small Intex above-ground pools.

    The mosquito net is stretched over the pool with simple ropes the net must go down to the ground.

    The more straightforward method is a pavilion with a mosquito net over the pool.

    Install Fans Around Your Home

    Installing ceiling fans around your home is a simple yet effective way to deter mosquitoes. The wind created by these fans makes it difficult to mosquitoes to fly, strongly repelling the insects. Not only this, but fans can also prevent bites by scattering and dispersing the carbon dioxide we exhale. This gas is a major attractant to mosquitoes and one of the main ways in which they home in on your location, so using a fan can make it far harder for mosquitoes to find and bite you.

    A portable fan can also be used outdoors to keep your patio mosquito-free as you enjoy those long summer evenings. This method is not only highly effective but has the added benefits of being easy to implement and 100% natural.

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    Can Mosquitoes Breed In Salt Water Pools

    Saltwater swimming pools are gaining in popularity because of lower maintenance costs and low chlorine smell.

    Certain species of mosquitoes breed in saltwater pools.

    Two of the most common species are Aedes taeniorhynchus and the dangerous Asian Tiger mosquito that spreads diseases like encephalitis.

    Many believe that the saltwater pool doesnt attract mosquitoes because they cant survive when they ingest the salty water.

    Thats wrong.

    Research has shown that salty water ingestion doesnt kill the saltwater mosquitoes.

    Avoid any products that claim to kill mosquito eggs and larvae in the saltwater swimming pool.

    Saltwater mosquitoes are common in California and Florida.

    More and more people are complaining about the sudden increase of these mosquitoes, including the Asian Tiger mosquito.

    Is Mosquito Larvae A Problem

    How To Keep MOSQUITOES Away From Your POOL | Swim University

    Yes, but not for the reason you probably think.

    Larvae live beneath the surface of the water and snack on any microorganisms they can find, but they arent necessarily harmful to humans.

    In any case, larvae is a foreign substance that will be targeted by the chlorine in your pool, which will attempt to sanitize *cough* kill them, leading to increased chlorine consumption.

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    Eliminate Any Potential Water Reservoirs

    Ponds, puddles, and abandoned pools are obvious breeding grounds for mosquitoes. However, even small objectslike ones you have around your pool and yard right nowwith standing water can become ground zero for a new batch of larvae.

    You would be surprised at what can catch and preserve small pockets of water. Potential receptacles include old tires, bird baths, pool toys like inflatable rafts and plastic buckets, empty flower pots, and overflow plates beneath flower pots. Then theres Fidos water bowl thats been sitting outside unused for months.

    Rain gutters and drainage collection points should also be on your radar. Ditto goes for any toys, tools, patio furniture or accessory, or household item or equipment left outside. Check for items that have holes, crevices, or depressions that can trap water. For example, even a hand shovel left out laying horizontal can retain a few teaspoons of rainwater.

    Once you know the target items, take preventative action. Your goal is to completely eliminate any breeding-ground opportunity for mosquitos.

    Remove or store those items you can. For those left outside, check for water and empty them out. Clear storm drains and gutters of debris that can cause clogs, choking off normal water flow. Once youve removed the water, the ideal next step is to set out the objects in the sun to completely dry out.

    Remember: Removing or preventing just one source of stagnant water can help avert an entire new swarm of mosquitoes!

    Killing Techniques Of Mosquitoes

    You need to kill the existing mosquitoes that are already habitats on your property. Following some basic techniques will remove them in a much convenient manner. Lets take a brief look at all possible mosquito killers below:

  • Larvicides: You can kill the mosquitoes at their larvae or pupae stage using these larvicides. You can use them in different forms like liquid, pellets, tablets, granules, etc. Place them at septic tanks, pumps, gutters, wading or non-chlorine pools, on top of pool covers, etc.
  • Adulticides: For killing fully-grown mosquitoes, youd need adulticides. Youll find them as coils, sprays, aerosols, or foggers. Spray at all dark and moist parts of your pool and yard where mosquitoes hang out.
  • Mosquito Misting Systems: Mosquito misters are an automatically programmed system that sprays insecticide through a nozzle around your household or property. Its a very good solution to kill mosquitoes and make your perimeter secured from them. Before using them, check your state regulation regarding pesticide usage.
  • Natural Predator Animals: If you can nurture some natural predators of mosquitoes around your yard or some other domestic part, you may eradicate mosquitoes from your pool, once and for all. Choose some harmless of such creatures so that theres no harm intended. Dragonflies and mosquitoes fish two such examples for you.
  • Bottom Line

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    Poor Swimming Pool Filtration And Water Circulation System

    As you know by now, that mosquitoes lay eggs on stagnant water.

    Although pool water seems to be standstill in the swimming pool, the pool filtration and circulation system purifies and rotates the water.

    That creates a whirl motion in the pool water, which keeps the pool water clean.

    But when the pool water filtration and circulation dont work, the pool water is stagnant.

    Stagnant water causes the formation of algae, and of course, makes your swimming pool a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

    If the pool is unused and has been lying idle without a pool cover for a few weeks, organic debris will get deposited in the swimming pool.

    Thats an icing on the cake for mosquitoes.

    So, after knowing all the reasons for mosquito eggs in the pool and what attracts these mosquitoes to your swimming pool, the most obvious question is how you would know mosquito eggs are floating on the pool water?

    Lets find out if you can.

    Place The Fan In The Garden To Get Rid Of The Mosquitoes

    How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

    Have you ever heard of a fan keeping mosquitoes out?

    Its true!

    Even light breezes are a problem for the mosquitoes with thin wings and low weight.

    A large fan ideally with a battery for better mobility near your swimming pool would be an easy way to keep flying insects away.

    But dont promise yourself too much from the fan.

    The mosquito net and timely removal of mosquito larvae are still better methods of combating mosquitoes.

    Still dare to try!

    Perhaps this method is the best solution against mosquitoes in your case?

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