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How To Install An Intex Above Ground Pool

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Our Custom Above Ground Pool Packages Will Allow You To Choose Your Favorite Vinyl Liner Liner Accessories Filter And Pump Combo Ladder Cleaner Pool Cover And More

8 Tips for INSTALLING an INTEX POOL (Above Ground Pool) | Swim University

Our geographic location makes this one of very few places in the u.s. Above ground pools & pool liner dealer. Whether you want a round or oval shaped above ground pool or need steel, resin or aluminum construction, we have options to fit every style and budget. One of the biggest benefits of a kayak pool over other above ground pools is our quality decking we have a handful of decking options for your above ground pool, and have created a simple deck configurator to help you find the best fit. Sep 13, 2021 · above ground pools are worth the cost if you’re looking for an affordable alternative to an inground pool. Our custom above ground pool packages will allow you to choose your favorite vinyl liner, liner accessories, filter and pump combo, ladder, cleaner, pool cover and more! Above ground pools with attractive coverings, decks or patios will also see a higher return on investment. This balmy florida climate allows us to install hundreds of above. Backyard adventures start with the perfect above ground pool! Provides an easy and safe exit and entrance to your above ground swimming pool. Secure your swimming pool now! Jul 29, 2020 · in the early 1970’s, we stopped selling above ground pools due to the inherent problems associated with the typical metal wall above ground pools, such as rusting, instability, etc. Pools above ground began nearly 30 years ago as an above ground pool installation company right here in central florida.

How Do You Install An Above

The proper way to install an above-ground pool depends on the type. However, there’s a general process to follow when setting up standard pools with PVC walls and steel frames. After clearing an area and making sure the ground is level, start by laying down the ground cloth and placing the bottom plate on top.

Next, connect the metal rails to the bottom plate and around the perimeter. Then connect the vertical side rails to the bottom portion of the frame. Be sure to read the directions carefully, as the different metal rods can look similar but won’t line up or connect properly if you use the wrong ones.

After that, install the lining onto the bottom plate and up the walls. When finished, your pool should have a balanced shape, and the walls should all be the same height.

Do I Need A Permit To Install An Above Ground Pool

PoolInstallationpermitPools installedrequire permitPermits shouldinstallationInstallationpermit

At the very least, a building permit will be necessary for the construction of the pool and the barrier that surrounds it. If there is any electricity used by the pool, for a water pump or heater, for example, an electrical permit must also be applied for.

do I need a permit for an Intex pool? You might be surprised then. If it is taller than 24″, a permit is required. A building permit is required for all inground and above ground swimming pools constructed in Howard County. Wading pools less than 24 inches deep do not require a permit.

Similarly one may ask, do above ground pools need council approval?

Unlike permanent in ground or above ground swimming pools, some portable swimming pools and spas do not always need Council Development approval. This requirement applies to all permanent and portable swimming pools and spas that exceed 30cm in depth.

Why do you need a permit for a pool?

Answer: Permits are required for all of the work necessary to build a swimming pool. This Combination permit covers the construction of the swimming pool as well as the electrical, plumbing, and mechanical work directly related to the construction of the swimming pool.

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Setup Of An Intex Frame Set Pool

In addition to the Easy Set Intex pool with the inflatable top ring, a more sturdy pool design is offered in the Intex Metal Frame Set pools. Assemble the vertical and horizontal metal tubes together , and you can start to fill the pool right away.

  • Lay down the ground cloth
  • Spread out the pool liner
  • Assemble the frame sections
  • Pop up the pool to its full height
  • Connect the filter hoses and plug in the pump
  • Fill the pool

As you can see, theres a right way and a wrong way to set up your Intex pool for the summer. Take your time to do it right, especially with your prep work on the ground, and youll be swimming in no time!

Enjoy your Intex Pool this Summer!

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How Much Does It Cost To Install An Above Ground Pool

Intex Above Ground Pool Installation Made Easy For You!

The average above ground swimming pool kit will cost between $1500 and $4500, depending on the quality of the pool. Typically, the more resin and less metal the pool has, the higher the price will be and the longer it will last. The installation costs of above ground pools usually run $1000-$3000, depending on the size and type of pool.

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How Does A Pool Chlorinator Work

Practically, there are a lot of ways to spread chlorine to your pool. But when it comes to automatic chlorinators, the mechanism is straightforward. And that is In-line and Offline automatic chlorinators.

Whether it be an in-line or an offline chlorinator, the working mechanisms are the same. A pressure difference disperses the Ca2 inside the chlorinators. It is simple, really.

You just feed the chlorinator with chlorine tabs, stick, etc., and leave it. The best part is, you dont have to check it regularly. The automatic settings will find the best output for your pool.

For in-line chlorinators: In the case of in-line chlorinators, you connect the chlorinator directly to the filter system. As the water flows from the filter to your pool, the chlorine from the chlorinator enters the pool. The chlorine-enriched water cant harm the instruments because we install the chlorinator at the outline of the pool filter.

Inline Chlorinator directly connected to the filter before the water is returned to the pool. In this way, you can protect pool equipment from corrosion since the water comes after filtration and is not strongly chlorinated.

Find A Completely Level Surface

Nothing will ruin your pool setup like putting it on uneven ground. Your Intex pooljust like any above ground poolmust be on a flat, solid, level, and stable surface. If the ground is uneven, the water can shift to one side. This can put too much stress on the pool frame and possibly lead to collapse.

If youre setting the pool up on your lawn, you can use a weed trimmer to cut the grass down to the dirt and even out the dirt. Be sure to clear the space of rocks and any other sharp objects such as twigs.

Run a leveling board, or even just a 2 x 4, over the surface to level it. Then use a level to make sure the ground is flat. The surface shouldnt vary by more than 1 to 2 inches.

Then put down a ground cloth or a tarp so the pool doesnt sit directly on the dirt. This will inhibit grass and weed growth, and help prevent damage to the liner.

To make things even easier, you can also set your pool up on a concrete patio. Youll still want to use a ground cloth or tarp, though.

Whatever you do, dont even think about setting up your pool on sand. It can shift and cause the pool to lean to one side, which will put stress on the frame. The pools legs can also sink into the sand.

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Step : Install Plumbing Equipement

At the location you specified at the beginning for your equipment, eliminate the sod as well as include the extra rock dirt. Degree it.

Our team utilizes outdoor patio area rocks, 2 of all of them, side-by-side, to set up the devices. Degree the outdoor patio area rocks.

Our team will not enter into information on the plumbing because all of the equipment is actually various. Exactly just what is essential heres the skimmer as well as the gain.

ways to set up an over ground swimming pool pipes

For the gain, get the item that goes within as well as straighten it to go within the Gain opening. Appearing coming from the within, you ought to have the ability to push the item with, providing your a very clear location you can easily create an X puncture the lining.

Set up the gain securely.

For the skimmer, carry the within faceplate to straighten along with the openings coming from the wall surface. Utilizing the screws, begin puncturing to connect to the body system of the skimmer.

When all of the screws are actually protected, you can easily reduce the within the skimmer lining as well as available it.

Cautioning: Dont lose any type of screws. Ever before.

This will certainly puncture your new lining.

As well as if you are actually utilizing a pierce, ensure you do not lapse as well as jab the lining. For apparent factors.

The remainder is actually connecting the pipelines to the equipment.

Getting A Concrete Bottom For Your Above Ground

Installing an Intex Round Pool PROFESSIONALLY

Here is some information youll need.

  • It doesnt matter whether you get a brushed or smooth concrete bottom. You are going to need foam coves and a liner guard/gorilla pad. Liners that sit directly on concrete are problematic and cause leaks.
  • Planning on using an existing slab? Remember its got to be level. Outdoor concrete slabs all have slopes for rainwater to drain away. If the slab has a slope that is greater than an inch, youll somehow have to make it level.
  • Pour the concrete slab first and then build the pool on it. Dont build the pool and then pour concrete inside the pools wall. Why not? Ask me at
  • Make your slab level and at least a foot bigger all around than the dimension of your pools size. Example: A 24 round pool should have a 26 round concrete slab.
  • Planning on putting an oval-shaped pool on concrete? Dont bother. It is too much of a pain.
  • Youll absolutely need to have a lot of cash or credit.
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    What Is A Pool Skimmer And What Does It Do

    Before we go on to our guide, lets first understand moreabout the pool skimmer. For those who arent familiar with what thiscontraption is, its basically a pool cleaner that takes in water to clean it.It uses skimming action to vacuum in objects like leaves, bugs, twigs, anddebris before they reach the pool bottom.

    The dirt is then brought into the basket and then the wateris circulated back to the pool through a filter pump. Essentially, it takes inwater from the pool and brings it back to the pool without the dirt anymore.

    Best Rectangular: Intex Ultra Xtr Rectangular Pool Set

    Dimensions: 24 feet x 12 feet x 52 inches | Shape: Rectangular | Water Capacity: 8,403 gallons | Frame: Powder-coated steel | Set-Up Time: 60 minutes

    • Comes with a pump filter

    • Circulates water well

    • Pump filter doesn’t include a hose

    The Intex Ultra Frame Rectangular Pool is 52 inches deep and comes in various sizes. You can get 216 x 108 inches , 288 x 144 inches , or 384 x 192 inches . The set includes a filter pump, a slip-resistant ladder, a ground cloth, and a debris cover. The largest size pool also comes with a maintenance kit and a volleyball set.

    Like all Intex above-ground pools, you can count on high-quality engineering, durability, and weather resistance. A puncture-resistant, triple-ply liner ensures water stays in, and powder-coated steel frames reinforce the walls. Thanks to dual-suction outlets, this pool efficiently circulates water while keeping it clean and clear for as long as possible.

    “The puncture-resistant three-ply pool liner feels rugged. We had zero leaks throughout the summer. The kids regularly bumped into and kicked the sides when they were playing with no effect. We even accidentally hit the side of the pool with a shovel, and there wasn’t even a scuff.”Kelly Hodgkins, Product Tester

    Dimensions: 32 feet x 16 feet x 52 inches | Shape: Rectangular | Water Capacity: 14,364 gallons | Frame: Powder-coated steel | Set-Up Time: 90 minutes

    • Large size perfect for multiple activities

    • Includes a filter pump and other accessories

    • Has a warranty

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    How To Set Up An Above Ground Intex Pool

    Instructions on How To Set Up An Above Ground Intex Swimming Pool After you have leveled out and prepared your pool site, as shown at How To Level The Ground, you should then place a ground tarp where the pool will be , and then spread out the Intex Pool liner to allow it to warm up and become more flexible.

    Concrete Doesnt Wash Away

    How to Handle Above Ground Pools Installation

    Above ground pools usually dont have many issues with leaks until the liner gets old and brittle. At that point its time for a new liner so its OK for the leaking water to wash some of the smooth earth away as the bottom can get resmoothed when you change the liner. Leaks can happen earlier than that though and they can cause divots in the pools earth bottom. Its not a big deal but it does take away that nice flat bottom you started with in some areas. Concrete doesnt wash away. No matter how much the pool leaks, a concrete bottom will never change and will always be as flat and smooth as it was on day one.

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    Connect Your Pump To A Power Source

    Connect the power cord of your Intex pool pump to a GFCI protected electrical outlet.

    Turn both plunger valve handles fully counter-clockwise until they stop. This opens thevalve, allowing water to flow into the filter pump.

    You may have the option to enable the Timer mode on your Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump. You just need to set the timer dial to the desired operating hours of your pool filter pump. You can adjust this based on your preference.

    How To Set Up An Intex Easy Set Pool

    wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 17 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 238,017 times.Learn more…

    Instruction manual or no, pools can be tricky to set upeven when those pools are named Easy Set. Intex Easy Set Pools may be more intuitive and hassle-free than a multitude of other above-ground pools available right now, but there are still several preparations to be made before beginning the task.

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    Step : Find Space For Your Pool And Start Clearing

    How To Install Above Ground Pool

    Your initial step is actually to choose where you wish to set up your pool.

    Our team extremely recommends you perform this very initial workout prior to choosing your swimming pool dimension. Place a steel pole where you desire the facility of your swimming pool to become.

    Get a rope or even an expansion cable television as well as lay it to aesthetically view where the swimming pool will certainly wind up.

    Above-ground-pool-base Ensure certainly there certainly are actually no blockages because of location.

    Likewise, identify where your swimming pool equipment will certainly be actually. It is actually suggested that the equipment remains within 4 feet of the wall surface .

    This places much less stress on your pump.

    Our team has actually lots of customers that demand to have actually the equipment collection a lot additional away.

    Simply keep in mind that aboveground swimming pool pumps are actually gravitation supplied.

    This implies it should be actually less than the opening where the skimming sprinkle outcome is actually.

    When you understand as well as you have actually indicated where the swimming pool, as well as the equipment, will certainly be actually, it is an opportunity to obtain your palms filthy.

    If you are actually on the turf after that utilize a sod cutter .

    Eliminate the sod in each location your determined where the swimming pool will certainly go.

    Begin along with reducing 1 additional foot about the swimming pool.

    Offline Automatic Chlorinator Installation

    How to Install An Above Ground Pool // Intex

    Things you are going to need:

    Unlike the in-line installation, you will need a lot of stuff for the offline installation. Lets check them.

    Drill: To make holes in the pipes.Matching drill bit: For making perfect holes in the pipe.Bolts: Attaching the connectors.Hose cutter: Cutting the connection lines if necessary.Pliers: For proper hose grasping.Ratchet wrench: To tighten the clamp bolts.Put marks on the pipe.Screwdriver: A flat head screwdriver.Plumbing tape: Helps seal the leakage.

    Similar to the in-line installation, you need a drill, pipe, Teflon tape, PVC glue, etc.

    • For all offline chlorinator installation, you need to turn all filtration systems off. Disconnect the electric line or drop the switch.
    • Find a sweet spot for the chlorinator installation. Locate the inlet water supply pipe of the filter.
    • After that, attach the inlet connection tube of the chlorinator to the hole you just made.
    • Use the bolts to lock the pipes in place. You can also use PVC glue or plumbing tape to seal off any leakage.
    • Now, find the water release pipe and drill a similar hole for the outlet chlorinator connector.
    • Join the pipes and use PVC glue and plumbing tape here as well.
    • Turn the power back on, and the chlorine will slowly enter your pond.

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    Simple Steps On How To Install Above Ground Pool All By Yourself

    More advantages that you will get from installing an above ground swimming pool are:

    • Space-saving You can find various styles of above ground swimming pools which makes it easier for you to fit the available space in your outdoor living space.
    • Easy to maintain If inground swimming pools require a lot of components to get it work, you wont need to deal with complicated stuff when you choose above ground pool.
    • Easy to install Some above ground pools can be installed all by yourself without any needs to call a pro, just follow the manufacturers instructions, and you can have an enjoyable swimming pool in no time.

    For you who are willing enough to install an above ground swimming pool all by yourself, below we share the tutorial on how to install above ground pool that you can simply follow.

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