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How To Install And Above Ground Pool

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Decide On Pool Size And Shape

How to Install a Round Above Ground Pool

The size and shape of a pool will determine its cost. Typically a bigger and taller pool will run more expensive than smaller ones, but be sure to do some research to find the right kit for you. Pools are either round or rectangular in shape. Round pools can range from 12 to 30 feet. Rectangular pools can have dimensions of 12-by-24 feet, 15-by-30 feet or 18-by-33 feet. The height of pools can range from 48 inches to 54 inches. Pool kits can range from $720 to $8,240, depending on the size.

NOTE: Youll want to calculate how much it will cost to fill a pool at this time, too. There are several pool capacity calculators online. Pools typically need 15,000 to 30,000 gallons of water. For comparison, the average family of four uses around 10,500 gallons in a 30-day period, according to the EPA. So expect your water bill to double in the month you fill it for the first time. Once filled, it can cost between $40 and $60 per month to keep it filled. You can hire a water truck to fill your pool, but that will typically cost between $600 and $1,200.

Prepare The Site Where To Install An Above Ground Pool

Of all the phases for installing the above-ground pool, this seems to be the most involving in regards to labor intensiveness.

And surprisingly, you got to do it perfectly. It is what significantly determines the overall outcome of the pool. If you do it right from the start, be sure of having a great finish and vice versa.

So what does site preparation entails?

Lets quickly have a look:

Testing Your Sand Bottom

The weight of the water in the pool will help to compact the sand bottom underneath the liner. Generally it takes 5-10 days for the sand to be fully compacted and become hardened.

The first time you get in the pool to swim, gently feel the bottom of the pool to ensure the sand is sufficiently compacted. If the bottom is still soft, give it a few more days before walking around on the bottom.

***Country Leisure Pro Tip: Leaving footprints in the bottom of the pool will make it extremely difficult to vacuum your pool dont rush this step!

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Install A Swimming Pool Cover

To protect the pool from debris, snow or the suns heat, you must cover the above-ground swimming pool. Pool covers for above-ground pools are also effective ways to reduce the cost of owning a swimming pool.

I have a good article for you on this Ultimate Guide to Swimming Pool Covers. It contains everything you need to know about swimming pool covers.

Breakdown Of Pool Repair Prices

Tips for above ground pool installation  The Vanderveen House

Because so many elements influence pool repair costs, its critical to understand how prices differ between some of the most popular fixes.

Cost of Drain, Refill, and Leak Repair

The typical cost of draining your pool is between $175 and $225. The average cost of refilling a pool is $55 per 5,000 gallons. Leak repair costs might range from $10 to $3,500. The overall cost is determined by the size, type, and location of the leak in your pool.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Pool Filter?

A pool filter replacement costs between $1,500 and $2,000, including labor and materials. The filter alone might cost anything between $150 to $1,000. Then there are the labor costs to consider, which can quickly pile up if your professional needs to build new input and outlet pipes or add more lines. The cost is determined by the size of the pool, as well as the type of filtration system used, like as sand, diatomaceous earth, or cartridge.

Pump Motor Repair Price

The cost of repairing your pool pump motor, including labor and parts, ranges between $50 and $300. Individual components begin at $15. If the motor is beyond repair but the remainder of the pump is in good working order, replacing just the motor rather than the entire pump is a cost-effective choice. The overall cost of replacing a damaged pool pump motor, including labor and materials, ranges from $250 to $650, but this figure can skyrocket if your pool also requires new plumbing.

The cost of repairing or replacing the skimmer

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Select A Suitable Above

Lets face it

It will be ignorance of the highest level if you think you can just start constructing a swimming pool without considering pool design options.

At the absolute least you need something that you can refer from whenever youre building a swimming pool in your home.

Remember this is one of the most significant investments that youd never wish to mess up with at any phase.

So whats the point here?

Get a suitable pool design option. We have several ways of obtaining them.

Here is a sure way of getting the best above ground pool design:

How To Install An Above Ground Pool

When the sun comes out, the first thing that crosses our mind is getting the pool ready for the summer months. If youre thinking about installing an above ground pool for summer or you have space for this type of pool we offer you some tips on how to get everything ready so that it turns out as it should.

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Step : Roll Out And Install Liner

Opportunity to unroll the lining within the swimming pool.

The technique heres to lay it at the facility of the swimming pool as well as unroll coming from certainly there certainly.

swimming pool lining setup aboveground

Professional Suggestion: If it is a warm time, which is actually the very best time to set up, available the lining package as well as available it somewhat to ensure that your lining fumes. This will certainly create it stretchy as well as it will certainly be actually simpler to set up.

This is actually finest finished with 2 individuals within the swimming pool. Carry it over to the wall surfaces as well as clip it within the bead monitor. Your buddies outdoors ought to assist with clipping everything about.

Swimming pool Lining Aboveground Setup

Once it is clipped all over, utilizing your feet, attempt to spread out all-time low to squash as well as obtain better to the wall surface.

You ought to begin generating sprinkles currently. Put in around 2 feet of sprinkle as well as extend the lining to eliminate any type of folds as it is actually dental filling. If you do not eliminate it currently, it will certainly remain permanently.

Professional Suggestion: Obtain a sprinkle vehicle shipment. The Yard hose pipe will certainly get great deals of your time to obtain to that very initial 2 feet, which is actually necessary to finishing the setup.

Above Ground Pool Accessories

How to install an above ground pool – Start to finish

These fun accessories are really self-explanatory, so we arent going to spend a lot of time on them.

There are a lot of accessories that can actually make your life easier as far as maintaining your above ground pool . In most cases, you will be provided with basic maintenance equipment when you purchase your pool, but its important to know there are variations of this equipment and differing levels of these tools.

Once your pool is installed and you start to see what you need help with, then you can upgrade or add to your equipment. For example, if leaves are a problem in keeping your pool clean, there are specifically designed leaf vacuums and even a bracket & net you can install on your wall that will collect the leaves before they drop to the bottom. This will help prevent algae from having something to bloom on and you winding up with a bright green pool.

On the vacuum heads, you will discover there is a wide variety to choose from. There are different vacuum heads you can upgrade to that will cover more surface area as you vacuum, or ones that will brush the pool floor as you vacuum, helping you collect more of the fine dirt/dust from the bottom.

If the thought of vacuuming anything else around your home makes you cringe, there are robotic vacuums that are essentially a self-contained unit. You simply plug them in and turn them on and they will vacuum the pool while you are at work or sleeping at night very similar to a Roomba!

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How To Install An Above Ground Pool In 10 Steps

03/ 22/ 2015

We have installed over 5,000 above ground pools over the years and we usually hear a few clients ask if they could do it themselves. The short answer to that is yes.

But, you do need the right equipement and the right instructions.

The manufacturers of the above grounds like Aqualeader and Zodiac do a great job at manufacturing them. But it would be a stretch to say that every model comes with instructions on how to assemble .

Our goal here is to give you a 10-step overview on how to install an above ground pool yourself.

Now before you get started on reading the steps, know that this is one of the ways to instal. Every builder adds their own style.

How Long Does It Take To Install An Above Ground Pool

On average, your above-ground pool can be installed and ready to go in 1 to 3 days depending upon the size of the pool and the condition of your yard. This process involves digging an 18-inch deep electrical trench, electrical work, building the pool, installing the liner, skimmer, and pump. Expect additional time and expense if you are installing a perimeter fence or a deck system.

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How To Use A Chlorinator After Installation

Using a chlorinator for an above-ground pool is as easy as taking candy from a baby. Follow the steps below.

  • Turn the pool filter off.
  • Press the locking tab to unlock it.
  • Now, place slow dissolving chlorine sticks inside.
  • Lock the top cover and turn the power on.
  • The chlorinator will work automatically.

During the trial periods of 2-3 days, you should run your chlorinator on half of its efficiency to observe, if there are any sudden spikes on water parameters.

Precautions: When refilling the chlorinator, make sure you dont inhale the toxic chlorine gas. Dont keep your head directly over it while opening. Finally, wear protective gloves. After all, Ca2 is harmful. Your skin may get damaged.

Cost Of Installation Supplies

How Much Does It Cost To Install An Above Ground Pool?

Along with your new pool, youll need other items to make sure its installed properly, and that you have all the supplies to keep it running for the season. While you might not need all of these, its good to know what they are, to avoid surprises.

  • $50 $150 | Ground cover mat to protect pool liner.
  • $250 $450 | Pool bottom kit for ground soil that is rocky, has roots, or if you want to avoid using a soft sand for the bottom of the pool liner.
  • $50 $150 | Where the liner meets the ground, you need a small pool cove, to ease the transition, and extend the life of the liner. You can use sand and shape it by hand, or purchase a preformed foam or neoprene pool cove that installs in minutes.
  • $100 $450 | Water to fill the pool. This expense is usually overlooked by homeowners during the planning. Pros suggest using City water if its possible, since the cost of using a water truck is in the $350 $500 range, for 9000 gallons. to learn how much water you need for your new pool.
  • $25 $75 | Miscellaneous supplies like marking paint, string, pipe sealing tape, etc.

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How Does A Pool Chlorinator Work

Practically, there are a lot of ways to spread chlorine to your pool. But when it comes to automatic chlorinators, the mechanism is straightforward. And that is In-line and Offline automatic chlorinators.

Whether it be an in-line or an offline chlorinator, the working mechanisms are the same. A pressure difference disperses the Ca2 inside the chlorinators. It is simple, really.

You just feed the chlorinator with chlorine tabs, stick, etc., and leave it. The best part is, you dont have to check it regularly. The automatic settings will find the best output for your pool.

For in-line chlorinators: In the case of in-line chlorinators, you connect the chlorinator directly to the filter system. As the water flows from the filter to your pool, the chlorine from the chlorinator enters the pool. The chlorine-enriched water cant harm the instruments because we install the chlorinator at the outline of the pool filter.

Inline Chlorinator directly connected to the filter before the water is returned to the pool. In this way, you can protect pool equipment from corrosion since the water comes after filtration and is not strongly chlorinated.

Above Ground Pool Installation Guide

Installing an above ground pool is an easy weekend project for 2-3 people. Why pay some company more than the cost of the pool to install your aboveground pool? If you work out their hourly rate, youre being charged over $300 per hour for above ground pool installers. Do it Yourself and install your own pool!

With just 1-2 helpers, and some simple hand tools and a drill, you can have an above ground pool installed and filling with water from the hose in 1 day. If you have a sloping hillside or drainage issues or are sinking a pool into the ground, itll take 2 days of work. One day to cut and grade the earth, and the following day for pool assembly.

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Find Space For Your Pool And Start Clearing

Your first step is decide where you want to install your swimming pool. We highly advise you do this first exercise before chosing your pool size. Insert a steel rod where you want the center of your pool to be. By taking the pool size and dividing by two, you can use use a measuring tape from the center rod and make a circle. Take a rope or an extension cable and lay it down to visually see where the pool will end up.

Make sure there are no obstructions in that area. Also determine where your pool equipement will be. It is recommended that your equipement stays within 4 feet of the wall . This puts less pressure on your pump. We have many clients that request to have the equipement set much further away. Just remember that aboveground pool pumps are gravity fed. This means it must be lower than the hole where the skimming water output is.

Once you know and you have marked where the pool and the equipement will be, it’s time to get your hands dirty.

If you are on grass, then use a sod cutter . Remove the sod in all the areas your identified where the pool will go. Start with cutting 1 extra foot around the pool. Do the whole circle around to start, and then make lines across the center, and remove everything inside.

Pro Tip: If you cut the sod in long streeks, you can roll them up and use them later around the pool area to create a smooth elevation around the areas you had to dig.

So if you do like us, start digging and bring the dirt to a corner or the house.

Install The Legs And Add Sand

How To: Install Above Ground Pools

To give the pool a bit more strength, we screwed the legs of the pool to the feet. Before we got to the liner though we dumped a few more loads of sand into the pool. Youll want a base of about an inch or two between the crushed stone and the liner. We just shoveled the sand out flat and then tamped it lightly with a hand tamper. You also need to create a cove around the outside of the pool. The cove should be about 4 inches high and taper about 4 inches.

This is one thing we regret doing. We tend to be pretty cheap with our projects, and we decided not to buy the prefabricated coves and floor pads. By the end of the day we were just so tired that we didnt perfectly pack the sand base, and it is full of footprints. So, learn from our mistake! If theres one thing that we would have done differently, it would be using a floor pad and cove

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What Is A Pool Chlorinator Types Of Chlorinator And More

Pool chlorinators help distribute choline-rich Ca2 evenly to your pool. Some of you may urge adding Cl ions to the pool. But, this will ruin your pools hardness. You can use either an in-line chlorinator or an offline chlorinator for your above ground pool. Above ground and Inground Pool chlorinators a quite same with only a few additional differences.

Inground Pool Chlorinator requires hard-wired electrical connection, where, above ground pool chlorinator comes electrical plug attached.

In-line: In-line chlorinators are installed after cutting the main pipe where the filter connects to the pool system. i.e., it is installed alongside your pool. The settings are kind of permanent, and reinstalling will take time.

Offline: Offline chlorinators are attached to the side of your pool pump. If you want to retrofit your old pool system, try an offline chlorinator.

Note: Pool Chlorinator, Automatic Chemical Feeder, Automatic Pool Chlorinator are mostly the same thing. On the other hand, a Brominator helps disperse bromine to your swimming pool. Though you can use Bromine tablets or Sticks in most of the Pool Chlorinator.

Roll Out And Install Liner

Time to unroll the liner inside the pool. The trick here is to lay it at the center of the pool and unroll from there.

Pro Tip: If it’s a sunny hot day, which is the best day to install, open the liner box and open it slightly so that your liner gets hot. This will make it stretchy and it will be easier to install.

This is best done with 2 people inside the pool. Bring it over to the walls and clip it inside the bead track. Your friends outside should help with clipping it all around.

Onces it’s clipped everywhere, using your feet, try to spread the bottom to flatten and get closer to the wall.

You should start bringing in water now. Pour in about 2 feet of water and stretch the liner to remove any creases as it is filling. If you don’t remove it now, it will stay forever.

Pro Tip: Get a water truck delivery. The Garden hose will take lots of time to get to that first 2 feet, which is essential to completing the installation.

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