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How To Install Solar Pool Heater

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Solar Heaters For Inground Pools

Installation of a Solar Pool Heating System

There are solar panel kits available for in ground pools in many sizes 4W X 10L or 4W X 20L. A good rule of thumb is to have roughly half of your pools surface area equal in panel square feet.

Example: A 20×40 pool has 800 sq ft of surface area, so 400 sq ft of solar panel would be a good target. This would equate to 5 of the 4×20 panels, or 10 of the 4×10 panels.. See our solar pool heater sizing charts for your pool size.

For so many solar panels you need a good deal of space. However, you can always start with one or two and add more on later just be sure to plan for space. Even one panel will add some heat.

In ground pools typically have much stronger pumps, so the panels can be mounted on a nearby roof, even 2 stories high. A garage or pool house roof or side of a hill is a good place or you might consider building an A-frame from treated lumber and plywood near the pump and filter area.

Once the panels are secure, you are ready to plumb. Plumbing them to and from your pool can be accomplished with PVC, flex pipe, corrugated hose, or even garden hose. All the plumbing fittings you will need are available at most hardware stores.

Advantages Of Latitude51 Evacuated Tube Solar Pool Heaters

Once you install the Solar Pool heater, the free heat from the sun will heat the pool and can extend the swimming season.

Depending on the number of Panels you buy, the pool can be indoors or outdoors or year-round pool. It is just a matter of scaling the system to suit your needs.

Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors – produce heat even on -40 Degree C Days. They work on Solar Radiation, not just sunlight, so even on cloudy and cold days they can produce heat.

If you have an indoor pool the solar will still be heating it when it is -40 Deg C outside !!!!

They do not only work on warm sunny days like normal flat unglazed collectors. Heaters will only heat the pool when the outside temperature is hotter than the pool is. The Evacuated Tube Collectors will heat the pool even during the depths of winter.

Why Install Solar Heating For Your Swimming Pool

Did you know that the ideal water temperature for swimming pools lies between 26 and 29°C? To achieve this, you will need to rely on a swimming pool heating solution.

With this in mind, we cannot recommend solar swimming pool heating highly enough. For one, it makes sense. For another, it is economical. Last but not least, it is environmentally-friendly!

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Install Solar Panels In The Sunniest Location Possible

Solar panels need the sun to work effectively, so the sunnier the installation location, the better .

Renewable sources can save money and energy by pre-heating water and supplementing traditional electric or fossil-fuel heaters for pools.

That said, to get the most out of your system, youll want to choose a location that receives at least four hours of sunlight a day to pre-heat your water. If youre going to install a solar pool heating system on your roof, choose a location unobstructed by trees.

If youre planning on installing your solar pool heating system on the ground, be sure direct sunlight can reach them. In essence, your solar pool heating system doesnt have to be installed near your pool to work effectively.

Simple Fast Reliable Assembly

Solar Powered Pool Heaters

Exclusive Slip and Clip Technology

This exclusive Enersol Technology allows for simple, fast and yet reliable assembly. You dont need extra hardware or tools to assemble the panels. The Enersol clips have been tested to disengage under extreme freezing conditions. This prevents piping damages and providespeace of mind.

Modular design

The modular design allows maximizing your roof or rack spacing in 1-foot increments. If you decide to add more panels in the future, you can add or remove them without much effort.

Perfect Fit

The Enersol proprietary injection-molded headers and clips are custom made of ASA thermoplastic. This material is ideal for outdoors use and guarantees perfect fitment every time.

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The Logistics Of Mounting Pool Solar Panels

Customers we work with are often thrilled to find that they have many options when it comes to solar panel placement for a pool. Any place on a roof with sufficient sun exposure and adequate surface area to support the panel works for mounting the equipment.
Space near a pool pump that receives sufficient sunlight is also prime for mounting a solar panel. While solar collectors should ideally be southern-facing, positioning a panel 45 degrees east or west of this optimum placement wont significantly hinder energy generation.
Those aiming to heat their pool in the winter will need solar panels tilted at a specific latitude or angle, with an additional 15 degrees factored in. Our customers in Florida will often find that mounting solar panels directly to a sloping roof provides for the most satisfying results.

Water To The Solar Heater:

The top is a smooth 1 1/2″ “Y” adapter with a 1 1/2 to 1/2″ threaded adapter in one side with a 1/2″ male to male threaded nipple to a 1/2″ ball valve and a 1/2″ threaded to ribbed adapter that the vinyl hose slides on. I used two hose clamps on each hose fitting to avoid leaks. Sand all smooth surfaces prior to gluing to assure a good seal. IMPORTANT: Do NOT glue any threaded parts. The glue will set long before you get the threads tight. Use Plumbers Grease or Pipe Dope to seal the threads. Even Teflon tape may leak due to the high pressure.

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Solar Pool Heater Prices By Collector Size

Pool heater costs range from $2,800 to $8,000, depending on the size and horsepower. Solar panels vary in size, but many are 4 x 10 or 4 x 20. The number of panels needed in a system depends on many factors, including the size of the pool, your climate, whether it is an in-ground pool or above-ground pool, and whether you use a pool cover. Here is a general example of the number of 4 x 10 glazed panels needed for an in-ground pool in a warm climate and their cost.

The solar pool heaters collection area should always be positioned where it will receive maximum sunlight. Typical locations are a roof or nearby platform. In areas of the Northern Hemisphere, you will position the collector facing south to receive the most sunlight exposure. Depending on where you live, the collector might require tilting by as much as 45 degrees east or west. Usually, the degree is determined by your regions latitude minus 10 to 15 degrees. When you have the heater professionally installed, the installer will make the necessary adjustments based on your location. They will determine the area that receives the most sunlight.

Number of 4 x 10 Solar Panels Pool Surface Area
$6,100 – $8,000

The Pros And Cons Of Going Solar

Pool Solar Heater Install

As with any sizable home upgrade, there are definite pros and cons of heating your pool with solar panels. But at the end of the day, its all about what is most important to you. So think about how these relate to your home, family, and pool usage. Then decide for yourself! Heres a breakdown of both sides:

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Solar Heating Is Environmentally

Using solar energy to heat your swimming pool is an environmentally-friendly choice because it does not release any greenhouse gases or hazardous waste into the atmosphere during operation.By opting for solar energy, you eschew fossil fuels and thus help prevent global warming.Using a conventional swimming pool heater comes with a high economic and environmental impact. This is because it operates with an electrical resistance fed by the grid. It is controlled by a thermostat, just like a conventional electric heater. This type of electric heater is particularly energy-consuming.So you see, solar solutions have a very weak environmental impact compared to other options. Solar energy is clean and solar panels are over 94% recyclable!

Do not forget the importance of seeking an expert opinion to get a clearer picture of the subject of solar pool heating.

Are Solar Pool Heating Systems Affordable

Consider the costs. First, if you were to purchase a traditional, electric-powered pool heater, you would pay for the unit itself. You would then need to pay for the constant cost of powering the system to keep it running. Thats not all that efficient and it increases costs quickly.

Whats more, the cost of a solar pool heating system is not necessarily any more expensive than what you may pay for a traditional model. Its just designed differently. The actual cost depends on the size of the pool and other options available to you.

The average solar pool heating system will range in price from $3,500 to $5,500 to install and it assumes that your system will cover between 70 and 100 percent of the pools total surface area.

The good news is that these pool heating systems do qualify for discounts. Here in Arizona, you may qualify for the states solar tax credit. At this time, that is $1,000 back on your taxes for installing the solar system.

Finally, remember that theres no additional cost once the system is installed. You do not need to pay for electricity to keep your pools water at the perfect temperature. By comparison, the average traditional pool heater can raise your energy costs by 10 to 30 percent depending on the size of your pool and the temperature you desire.

The cost of using solar is often competitive to installing either a gas or a heat pump pool heater. They do not have high annual operating costs, though, making them well worth your investment.

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The Motorized Valve And Sun Sensor

If you want to automate your heating array, youll need a motorized valve connected to a power source, and a sun sensor. The sun sensor can pick up sunlight conditions, and the motorized valve automatically opens or closes the passage to the solar collectors. Mount the sun sensor up on the roof and wire it to your motorized valve thats going to be installed right at the corner of the first vertical pipe and the elbow going off to the second vertical pipe on that horizontal passageway you made earlier. The valve serves as a switch, sending water up into the collectors when sun conditions are good, and diverting water across that horizontal path to the outlet pipe and effectively bypassing the collectors when conditions arent ideal.

Why Choose Pool Solar Installation

Buy Heliocol Solar Pool Heaters

Pool heating is one of the most efficient ways to ensure your pool is the perfect temperature every time you swim. Whether its early spring or the middle of winter, a pool heater allows you to adjust your pools temperature based on how you like it. And keeping your pool warm doesnt have to break your bank. By utilizing a solar pool heater, you can trust that you are to your pool will be heated in an environmentally friendly and highly cost-effective manner.Dont limit your pool season! Check out Solar Energy Solutions of Americas fantastic assortment of pool heaters and find out which one works best for you!

Get the best of the best with SunValue pool panels. Over 40 years experience in manufacturing panels means less leaks, less roof penetrations and a slim, lightweight design.Pool water is pumped through valves to solar collectors

Pool water enters the bottom of the panel and rises to the top through individual tubes

As water rises through the panel, it is heated by the suns UV rays

Water continuously cycles through the system to heat to your desired temperature.

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Solar Pool Heater Btu

A mathematical formula is used to determine the number of BTUs needed to heat your pool. It takes 10 BTUs every hour for each square foot of pool surface area for each degree you wish to raise the temperature of your pool. For example, if your pool is 20 x 40 and you wish to raise the temperature by five degrees, multiply 800 square feet times five. This equals 4,000. Now multiply this number by the 10 BTUs needed each hour, and you need 40,000 BTUs per hour.

Solar panels come with a BTU output rating. The sun generates close to 300 BTUs per square foot per hour. In optimal conditions, a solar panel only produces 50% to 75% efficiency. If you needed to collect 18,000 BTUs per hour and the solar panel is working at 50% efficiency, you would need at least 120 square feet of solar panel surface area. These numbers change based on each unique situation. The table below shows the square feet of solar panels needed if the panels function at 50 percent capacity.

Pool Size

How To Install Pentair Intelliflo Vs

IntelliFlo VS-3050 Installation and Users Guide IMPORTANT SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Before installing this product, read and follow all warning notices and instructions in this Guide. Failure to follow warnings and instructions can result in severe injury, death, or property damage. Call 831-7133 for additional free copies of these instructions.

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How To Attach The Solar Panels To The Roof

a) Plan Where to Place Them The solar panels normally go on your roof since that is the place they can get the highest amount of sunlight from. The best direction to mount them is north. They can also be mounted north west and north east.

b) Install the Hardware The most difficult part of installing your solar panels lies in fastening them. For this part, youll need some rust proof brackets, roofing bolts, stainless steel straps, angle aluminium or Unistrut. You may also need some other fittings. You can get these items from the store you purchased the heating kit from.

c) Fix it to the Roof When you install the brackets, match sure you secure them to the rafters or the battens underneath the roof covering. If you live in a high wind area, you will also need to use additional mountings, such as steel cables or straps.

Panels should be mounted close the roof surface to prevent the wind getting under them.

Having Your Solar Pool Heating System Installed

Vortex Solar Pool Heater Installation

All solar pool water heating systems should be installed by a licensed professional, and it is essential to consult with them first to make sure you are choosing the most efficient heating system for your pool. This will depend on the climate where you live, and whether you are running your system in conjunction with any other type of pool heating. Most solar heating systems require separate pumps and lines suitable for solar power.

You should also choose an established, experienced company that offers extended warranties. Many companies now offer warranties of 10 years or more on solar heating systems. Make sure the warranty covers you for all kinds of damage, and that the system itself is fit for purpose and suitable for the climate in your state or territory.

If you would like more advice about choosing a solar water heating system for your pool, please contact us. Our highly experienced team can answer all your questions, giving you the confidence to choose a solar heating system that will continue to warm your pool for many years to come.

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Determine The Proper Position

To make the most of your solar collectors, position them facing either southwhich produces the most sunlight and best resultsor west, which offers just a slight decrease in productivity. An east-facing roof will still work, but it will cut your system efficiency in half. Never position the collectors on a northward-facing section of your home, however, because, in most cases, the system wont produce enough heat to be worth the investment. The collectors should also be placed as close to your pool as possible, which will make it easier to run the plumbing later on.

Best Solar Pool Heaters Of 2021

There are a variety of solar pool heaters on the market but finding the best heater will always depend on the specifics of your home and pool. A few top models we recommend considering include:

Aboveground and in

ground swimming pools

If youre already considering going solar, adding a rooftop solar photovoltaic system in addition to solar pool heaters can be a great way to consolidate projects. In fact, many installers will install both PV panels and solar collectors.

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Plan For Pvc Plumbing

Velocity matters!

Plan for the plumbing and fittings required. PVC is the recommended material. ABS is not recommended as it is not designed for pressure nor heat.

Ensure not to exceed maximum velocities allowed on pipes when selecting pipes diameters as per table on the left.

For an aesthetically pleasing installation, we recommend Black PVC Pipe & Fittings. Black PVC pipes and fittings will blend nicely with the solar pool heating system and they dont fade in the sun over time as painted pipes do.

Pool Solar With Solar Energy Solutions Of America

Florida Solar Design Group

Harnessing the suns power and transforming it into sustainable energy for consumers is what we do best at Solar Energy Solutions of America. Were committed to keeping homeowners and businesses on track for success by providing options for swapping out non-renewable resources for solar alternatives.Weve built a reputation of success on our ability to install solar systems seamlessly into homes and offices. We also provide innovative pool solar installation options to make time enjoyed outdoors energy-efficient, too.Our dedication to helping customers save on energy in a way that benefits the environment is unsurpassed. We apply our expertise to every pool and transform it into a hub of energy-saving fun!

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