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How To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Pool

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How To Keep MOSQUITOES Away From Your POOL | Swim University

Destroying Breeding Grounds

There is an average of 70 million mosquitoes per square mile, so swatting one at a time with a bug zapper just isnt going to cut it. Thankfully, you dont need to deal with all of those 70 million mosquitos. While some breeds can fly for miles, many will not fly more than 100 to 300 feet from where they are born. That means that controlling the conditions of your patch of ground will typically go a long way in eliminating any mosquito issues.

City Sewer Drains

One of the greatest sources of mosquitos come from the city sewer system. They breed in the dirty water and then fly out through the drains when they are grown. It isnt legal for you or pest control services to treat city drains. However, you can call the city and have them treat the sewer with an insect growth regulator , so the eggs never have a chance to hatch.

Remove and Bleach Sources Standing Water

Scout around your property and look for anything that can hold water. Mosquitos arent picky. Look for five-gallon buckets, childrens toys, a swampy part of the grass. Any place that holds moisture for extended periods should be suspect. The more you remove, the less problematic those mosquitos become.

  • 1 Tablespoon to 50 Gallons
  • ½ Tablespoon to 25 Gallons
  • 1 Teaspoon to 16.67 Gallons
  • ¼ Teaspoon to 4.17 Gallons
  • Teaspoon to 2.08 Gallons


Rake Your Leaves

Not only do piles of leaves and needles look grimy, but they turn into smelly mosquito-infested piles of slime.

How To Prevent Mosquitoes From Getting Near Your Pool In The First Place

Keeping mosquitoes away from your pool is going to require due diligence. As stated, you have to get rid of what gives them a reason to linger. Next, theres managing standing water and sanitation.

Realistically, youll never completely control the problem. But, you can greatly reduce the population and give yourself a better chance to enjoy your pool by setting up a few measures of precaution.

Make Your Own Flypaper

You can make homemade fly paper from a brown paper bag or kraft paper and corn syrup. It is easy but takes a while since the paper needs to soak and dry.

How to Make Flypaper

Cut a brown paper bag into 2-inch wide strips. Bring equal parts corn syrup and water to a boil, stirring constantly.Remove the mixture from the heat and add the paper strips. Soak the paper in the syrup for four hours or more.

Remove the paper and hang them to dry for two to three hours. Hang them with thread or string in fly-infested areas.

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Keep Light On At Night

When it gets dark mosquitoes, much like other bugs, are attracted to light. So if you are enjoying a nightly dip in the pool, it would be a good idea to keep tiki torches or a yard light lit about 20 feet away. Just be cautious if the yard light or house light is next to a dooryou dont want them sneaking in behind you.

Keep Up With Your Landscaping

118 best Pool Maintenance images on Pinterest

Mosquitoes love piles of soggy leaves, rotting logs, and tall, wet grass. Mow regularly, so you wont have lots of grass clippings to deal with. Rake and dispose of leaves, pine needles, or palm fronds. Rotting logs should also be disposed of.

Pay special attention to areas that stay moist, such as underneath decks. Keeping those areas free of organic debris allows the water to drain into the ground or evaporate into the air before it becomes home to mosquito larvae.

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Black Flag 190095 Propane Insect Fogger

If you want serious protection from mosquitoes in your yard this Black Flag Propane Insect Fogger uses the same proven system as the professionals. The fogger produces microscopic particles which are finer than a mist to get deep down in landscapes where mosquitoes like to hide. It kills and repels against mosquitoes and biting flies.There is no mixing required and comes ready to use. Powered by propane, the fogger is easily portable and covers up to ½ acre. You can treat an average 5,000 square-foot yard within 10 minutes.

The Black Flag 190095 propane fogger is compatible with either a short-style 16.4 ounce cylinder or tall-style 14.1 ounce cylinder. It can be used with Black Flag, Cutter, or Repel fogging insecticides. The odorless fog dissipates within 5 minutes killing mosquitoes and insects on contact and lasts up to 6 hours. The fogger features an auto-ignite button for lighting. To use: insert the propane cylinder, fill the reservoir with the desired insecticide per the manufacturers recommendations, light the fogger, allow it to preheat, then squeeze the trigger to release a cloud of fog. For optimal results refer to the user guide for full instructions on how to safely start and operate the fogger.

Have A Good Mosquito Repeller

So if nothing works at all then it is good to have a mosquito repellent device that will give you protection from mosquitoes and their bites for hours.

Here I am not advising you to use a DEET based repellents because excessive use of repellers containing DEET causes neurological effects including uncoordinated movements, seizures, aggressive behavior, agitation, low blood pressure, and skin irritation.

If you are using DEET then please read this research before using it again.

So what use instead of DEET. Read this article to find some best DEET free mosquito repellent devices which are scent-free and will give you the 15ft zone of protection from mosquitoes.

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Invest In An Automatic Misting System

Install an automatic misting system that sprays an insecticide mist to create a line of defense all-around your pool.

This system consists of a series of sprays, kept every 10 to 15 feet around the circumference of your backyard. You can hang the nozzles from fences, trees, or on stakes.

Regular misting eliminates mosquitoes and gives mental peace and protection to you and your family.

Pro tip: This method may have health and environmental risks. So, before installing this system, check your states policies about the insecticide you want to use.

How Do You Remove Mosquitoes From Pool Area

How to Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Pool | Ep. 1 (Summer Series)

Our pool is finally finished! We are almost done with the landscaping. However, the mosquitoes have been horrible. We have a mosquito magnet that has been running for a few weeks now.

We had a family party yesterday and the kids went swimming last evening around 6pm or so. That is the time that the mosquitoes come out, I realize. However, I had to sit outside with full pants and a sweatshirt with a hood on my head so I could “lifeguard” my kids . My kids were getting eaten alive.

There has to be some way of repelling the mosquitos at least temporarily without making our pool area become a hazardous waste site because of all the chemicals.

Does anyone have any suggestions??

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How To Keep Mosquitoes Away From The Pool

Water is an ideal habitat and breeding ground for mosquitoes. Therefore, if you have a pool on the site, be sure that you will have to fight mosquitoes. The immature stages of the mosquito develop in stagnant water. From the moment a mosquito lays its eggs, it takes seven to ten days until 100 to 400 larvae begin their lives, possibly in your pool. The size of the container with water does not matter, since the larvae and case-worm of mosquitoes are small. What do you need to know?

  • Chlorine does not always kill mosquito larvae.
  • If the pool is covered, then it must be tightly closed.
  • Every time after rain, it is necessary to remove the rainwater from the roof of the pool.
  • Plastic baby pools need to be changed weekly and stored indoors or upside down when not in use.

If All Else Fails Hire An Expert

If it comes down to it, you may need to hire an expert. Depending on the circumstances of your pool setup, one or more of these tips may not work well for you. If you find that you are not able to efficiently fend off bugs using one of these methods, consider hiring an expert.

All in all, these tips work well for the majority of inground swimming pool owners. Having bugs in your pool is not something that you want to deal with. Not only do they look bad and require you to clean them out, they can bite you as well. Use these tips for keeping your pool bug-free.

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Try Yellow Bug Lights

Mosquitoes are at their worst in the evening. Thats why by replacing your outdoor lights with yellow bug lights, youll attract fewer of them. While these lights dont repel mosquitoes, it doesnt attract them either because the light is muted. This makes it more challenging for mosquitoes to see where theyre going, meaning you wont find as many insects flying around as you would with a standard lightbulb.

How To Keep Mosquitoes Away When Swimming

How to Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Pool
  • Things to Do in Phoenix With Kids
  • For many people, mosquitoes are just another part of summer. The constant buzzing around and itching if you get bitten can be annoying, but the insects can also carry disease. Proper maintenance of your yard, swimming areas and personal protection can help keep you safe.

    Apply a waterproof mosquito repellent before you go swimming. Choose a long-lasting formula with DEET or picaridin, suggests REI . Natural repellents made from lemon oil or eucalyptus are also effective, but must be re-applied every couple of hours.

    Put lit citronella candles around the swimming area. Citronella is a natural mosquito repellent. Place candles safely out of the reach of children and pets, such as a high sconce or shelf attached to the house, or an enclosed porch area.

    Dump water out of pool toys, rafts and other equipment after each use and let them dry in the sun before storing. Old, stagnant water is a common breeding area for mosquitos.

    Clean and disinfect your pool. Check chemical levels and run the filter daily to kill any existing insect larvae. Remove leaves and other yard debris from the surface. Cover the pool when it’s not in use to prevent bugs from settling in the water.

    Add beneficial foliage near swimming areas. Citronella grass, vanilla leaf, catnip and sagebrush are living mosquito repellents.

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    How To Keep Mosquitoes Away From The Yard

    In the hot season, there is one unpleasant moment that can spoil the whole impression of summer and it is because of him summer residents and all nature lovers are forced to hide in garden houses, apply a lot of repellents or wear special clothes. We decided to figure out if there is a convenient and safe way to get rid of mosquitoes at summer cottage.

    Get rid of reservoirs

    First of all, you need to get rid of all the reservoirs. Standing water is an ideal place for mosquito larvae to lay and grow.

    Frightening odours

    Plants, or rather their smell, is a mosquito repellent. If you plant flower beds with lavender, mint or wormwood in the yard, you can assume that there is already natural protection against mosquitoes. Smoke from a fire, in which throwing a few sprigs of mint or tansy is also a good deterrent.

    Lure mosquitoes with sugar and yeast

    The so-called traps or mosquito traps can be easily made yourself from a plastic bottle. The neck is cut off, and sugar and yeast are poured into the bottom. Then a little warm water is added to start the fermentation process. The cut off top is turned over and inserted back in the manner of a funnel. Everything is carefully fastened with tape or glue. Mosquitoes love the smell of carbon dioxide, and fermentation produces enough carbon dioxide. Insects fly into the bottle, but they cant get out they die there.

    Work On Mosquito Larvae

    It is better to quickly implement actions to kill mosquitoes while they are still in larvae stage or too young to bite. If you neglect to take action at this state, the mosquitoes will be too difficult to manage as they will grow into adults and start biting. If possible, try using fine dip nets to monitor for larvae.

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    Keep The Backyard Clean

    Mosquitos will breed in moist, dirty conditions such as under old timber, pots, in long wet grass and overgrown gardens. If you keep your property clean and tidy this will reduce the impact of pests on the enjoyment of your pool. Check there are not trees with holes in the truck that hold water and where insects can breed. If there are fill in the holes with silicone sealant. Do you have a timber deck that could remain moist underneath? Do you regularly clean the leaves from the gutters? Damp gutters full of moist leaves are a mosquito breeding ground.

    Eliminate Open Water Sources

    Top 3 tips to keep mosquitoes away from your home

    Obviously, you cant eliminate the pool, but any sources of water that are near your yard can become nesting grounds for mosquito larvae. Try to eliminate any standing water in the area.

    But what about standing water that you just cant eliminate? In that case, you might try these mosquito dunks. Theyre non-toxic and arent harmful to anything but mosquitoes. Simply place a dunk in any standing water source and it will eliminate the mosquitoes for up to 30 days.

    These dunks contain a bacteria called BTI that the mosquito larvae eat. Once ingested, it will kill them before they can reach adulthood, but wont hurt any other creatures.

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    Review : Dynatrap Dt1050

    • Replacement Bulb: 41050


    This mosquito trap adds a touch of decor to your outdoor setting. The decorative trap is designed with 3-way protection to attract and capture mosquitoes as well as other flying insects. A UV light attracts insects day or night and the Ti02 Titanium dioxide-coated surface produces CO2 mimicking human breath, luring mosquitoes in. The built-in fan draws in and captures insects which then become trapped into the catch basket. The trapped insects dehydrate and die within 24 hours. To empty the trap simply twist the catch basket to unlock and empty. There are no pesticides or chemicals used. The fan is whisper-quiet so there are no loud buzzing or zapping sounds, and no propane required for operation. It just needs a standard 110-V outlet to be plugged in.

    The DynaTrap takes approximately 3 weeks to catch enough mosquitoes to notice a significant impact. Allow up to 6 weeks to break up the breeding cycle. The trap protects up to ½ acre and is designed with a durable all-weather construction and Tungsten finish. It is recommended to place between breeding areas where mosquitoes are likely drawn to. Place the trap 20-40 feet away from where you typically spend time to avoid attracting mosquitoes near areas where people are sitting.

    Have Some Running Fans

    Mosquitoes have wings to fly but they are still not evolved to a point where they can compete with the wind coming from your fan.

    Set up some table fans or any type that you can set up on your patio and it will keep all mosquitoes busy till they have the power of electricity.

    If you are partying in summer then fans will give your guests a cold relief from sweat.

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    Ways To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Pool

    June 17, 2015 by Philip Kessler

    Its summer and the family is getting geared up to enjoy their fun in the sun. Everyone is excited to be able to go swimming in the family pool. With the summer heat also comes the potential for mosquitoes making your family and guests miserable. What you really need are a few sure-fire ways to keep the buzzing, uninvited pests from the pool area. The following four tips should help you to achieve a mosquito-free swimming zone.

    Keep Your Pool And Patio Area Clean

    The 14 Best Ways On How To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Pool

    This one is pretty basic, but it needs to be said. Bugs, of course, are attracted to food. Make sure you clean up thoroughly after poolside picnics and grilling and dont leave garbage of leftovers sitting around for too long. Also, make sure youre cleaning your pool regularly with a vacuum, robotic pool cleaner, and scrubbing mitt to avoid build-up of algae and microorganisms that water bugs like Water Boatmen feed on.

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    How To Keep Mosquitoes Away At Night

    Perhaps everyone knows this unpleasant sensation when in a hot summer you go to your bed and just close your eyes when you hear the disgusting squeak of a mosquito above your ear. Sound familiar? But how can you ensure yourself a quiet sleep without annoying insects?

    Mosquit nets

    Mosquito nets on the windows are the main protection against mosquitoes. With such nets, you can sleep peacefully at night with the window open and not worry that a flock of mosquitoes will come to visit you.

    Electric traps

    Fortunately, now on the Internet you can find them to suit every taste. The principle of their work is simple when an insect flies into the light, it touches the wire, which is under a strain. As a result, the insect dies or even burns up.

    Anti-mosquito candles

    These are candles that usually contain citronella oil. As mentioned above, mosquitoes cannot tolerate citronella oil. As for the disadvantages, aroma candles do not kill, but only keep away mosquitoes.


    Repellents are perhaps one of the most effective ways to fight mosquitoes. There are now an abundance of these remedies on store shelves. To surely protect yourself from mosquitoes, you need to smear with your favorite repellent before bed, in a spray, or you can use a cream, and sleep peacefully all night.

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