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How To Keep Your Pool Cool In Summer

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How Does A Pool Aerator Work


If youve recently had a string of days when the temperatures are in the mid 90s, the water in your pool will almost certainly be warmer than you would like it to be. While the temperature of pool water takes some time to change after the air becomes warmer, it will slowly increase if exposed to warm or hot air on a consistent basis. Many homeowners use pool covers to reduce the amount of warm air that touches the pool at night.

If you decide to use a poor aerator, this type of system is designed to expose most of the water in your pool to cooler air, which will help to keep the water temperature relatively low even during the warmest parts of the day. All you need to do to begin using a pool aerator is attach it to the return line.

Once you turn on the aerator, it will introduce oxygen to the streams of water that are sent back into your pool. The oxygen thats introduced to the water will start to decrease the temperature of the pool water immediately. When you want to switch on the aerator, the only way to do so is by opening the valve thats connected to your pool equipment. The actual aerator doesnt have its own switch that you would need to turn on. When the valve is fully opened, water will flow through the aerator before shooting upwards and into the pool. Though the process is simple, the benefits are many.

Drain And Refill Your Pool

A more extreme option for maintaining your pools temperature is replacing its water. In this case, youll be removing or draining more than half of the pools water and replacing it with new water. If the surface of your pool water is an underground well, youll be refilling your pool with cool water in no time.

There is, however, an obvious disadvantage of the water being wasted. Youll also need to adjust the chemical content in the pool, as well water has harmful bacteria and germs in it.

These methods for cooling your pool are effective and can quickly get the job done. In just this way, youll be able to enjoy the coming hot summer days fully utilizing the benefits of your backyard pool.

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Use A White Pool Cover

You may have noticed that black-colored things get very hot when left in the sun, especially compared to white-colored things. This is because the color black tends to absorb the most light and heat, while the color white is the most reflective. As a result, a reflective white pool cover can keep your pools water temperature stable most effectively. It is especially important to use it when you are leaving for an extended period of time to keep your pool cool.

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Ways To Keep Your Pool Cool Even In Blazing Hot Weather

Jumping into the cool water of your backyard pool is the perfect way to escape the hot summer day. But what if the water feels as hot as the air around you? You feel just as muggy and steamy and hot as before you jumped inonly wetter. Try one of these four tried and true ideas for keeping your pool cooler this summer.

Consider A Reversible Heat Pump


Reversible heat pumps are pool heaters that can instantly transform into pool air conditioners with the use of refrigerant and handy temperature controls.

Installing one of these bad boys for your pool is going to be the easiest option, literally cooling your pool on-demand with the flip of a switch. They are, however, a fairly expensive proposition, especially when you consider the initial price and long-term operating costs.

If youre looking for a pool appliance that can do double-duty: heating your pool in the winter and cooling it in the summer, a reversible heat pump may be just what the doctor ordered. Not only will you be more comfortable while using the pool, youll be able to extend your pool season far longer and truly get the most out of your investment.

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Will Ice Cool Down A Pool

Adding anything to a pool that is colder than the temperature of the water in the pool, including ice, will help to lower the overall temperature. But you will need to add so much of it to make a difference that it would not be worth the effort. If you have access to a chunk of iceberg that may help though!

Use A Fan To Cool Down A Room

A top tip when using fans to cool down is to leave a large bowl of mounded ice in front of it while its working. This will circulate cooler air around the room and function like a makeshift AC.

Positioning you fan correctly for optimum cooling is also important.

Fans, when left to their own devices, can just circulate the same warm air. It may seem counter intuitive, but the trick with getting the most out of your fan isnt actually to always point it in your direction. Rather, you want to consider pointing your fan towards an open window especially at night.

If you angle a fan towards a window, they will work to push out the warm air, cooling the room. If you want to get really technical about it, place the fan facing out of the window in a room youre not sleeping in. Place the fan facing out of the open window and make sure the window in your bedroom is open. When you turn the fan on, this should create a sort of low pressure system in your home where hot air is driven out of one room and in turn sucks cool air into the room your are in.

Have a ceiling fan? Set it anti-clockwise for a similar cooling affect. If you have a basement, position a fan pointing up the stairs to the rest of the house. This will push the cooler air below the house up into the ground floor.

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Cool Pool Water: 6 Ways To Keep Your Pool Water Cool

  • |February 10, 2020

Swimming pools are a cool and refreshing way to beat the heat during the sweltering dog days of summer. There is nothing better on a hot day than jumping into the cool and rejuvenating water of your backyard pool.

So what can you do if your pool water has passed the point of refreshing and now just feels like warm chlorinated bathwater? Dont despair were going to share the best options out there for how to cool your pool in no time so you can actually enjoy your pool all summer long.

Causes For Warm Pools

How to cool your pool, Lower the temperature in your above ground pool, DIY

Warm pools are typically caused by one of the following: outside temperature, pool cover, and pool heater. Fortunately, if the problem is with the cover or the heater, you can fix it. Remove the cover and allow your pool to cool off, or switch off the heater.

If you live in a warmer climate, the problem can be something different entirely, and it can be harder to control the temperature. Those of us residing down South and on the West Coast know all about hot pool temps caused by 90-plus degree days.

If your pool is above ground or fewer than 6 feet deep, direct sunlight can heat the pool to the upper 80s in some cases. The thing is, the sun acts like a heat beam. If the sun beats down on your above ground pool, two things work against you: heat surrounding the pool, and heat reflecting off the shallow pool.

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The 6 Best Ways To Keep Your Swimming Pool Cold

Theres nothing quite like diving into a refreshingly cool pool on a hot day. However, sometimes the intense Texas heat manages to make your pool feel more like a lukewarm bathtub than a rejuvenating oasis. After all the time, effort, and money youve put into making your pool the summer escape of your dreams, you might feel cheated. Luckily, all is not lost! Read on to learn about the 6 best ways to put the cool back into your pool.

Transforming From Hot To Cold

One of the many benefits of owning a hot tub is its versatility. Customizable settings allow you to pick a comfortable temperature for enjoyment. Although its a hot tub, you can still enjoy it year-round, no matter what the outside temperature may be. Theyre great for entertaining, relaxing, and enjoying water massages, but so are cooling tubs. With a few tweaks, there are a few things you can do to transform your hot tub into a cooling tub this summer and totally maximize your investment.

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Drain & Refill Your Pool

If the temperature has gotten way too high or if youre due for a water change, starting from scratch with cooler and more refreshing pool water might be just the thing. Draining your pool is an expensive option but it might be necessary, depending on how hot your pool water is.

We dont recommend this option, outside of the most extreme cases, as it is only a short term solution to a season-long challenge. Without a secondary cooling solution, your newly refilled pool is just going to heat up again not to mention all of the new chemicals youll have to throw in to rebalance and sanitize the new water.

Add A Pool Deck Shade

Keep Your Pool Cool this Summer

Adding a shade is a highly recommended remedy for making the deck cooler. The shaded areas, depending on what time of day it is, remains cool to the touch. There are many different types of shades, such as:

  • Shade Sails This is a popular shading option nowadays. It comes in a wide range of colors and shapes, giving a modern yet decorative look to any pool deck.
  • Pergolas This is a roof-like structure that filters enough sunlight to keep the pool deck from getting too hot.
  • Retractable Canopies or Enclosures Although highly effective, it can be quite expensive and installation is tedious.
  • Cantilevers These are shades with a single support on one side only. The posts need to be embedded into the deck to make sure that it does not tip over.
  • Patio Umbrellas Probably the cheapest and simplest remedy is a patio umbrella. Although it does not make the entire deck cool, it covers up enough for you to walk around a lounge chair or table.

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Cost Effective Ways To Keep Your Pool Water Refreshingly Cool

A deep-seated garden tub is a somewhat upscale amenity that has made its way into master bedroom suites across the country. Also known as a soaking tub, it is typically oval and free-standing. Because it is larger and offers more depth than the typical bathtub, it has become synonymous with luxury. Submersion in that warm, soapy water is a great way to end a busy day.

Whats another great way to end a busy day and beat the summer heat? A refreshing dip in the sparkling water of your backyard pool!

Unlike your garden tubs temperature that you can regulate as you fill it, your pools water temperature gets turned up when subjected all day to the suns powerful rays. Since you likely prefer the experience of cool and rejuvenating water in the summertime, how do you most effectively keep that temp a bit more consistent?

Top 5 Ways to Put the Cool in Your Pool

First off, maintaining that refreshing coolness to offset the summer heat is fortunately good for you and bad for the algae. If you want to make your pool maintenance an easier chore, the cooler water will help inhibit the promotion of persistent growth as well as that of bacteria. Retarding that development will also help save you money on pool chemicals.

Here are some suggestions for putting some more cool in your pool:

  • Shade Sails
  • Additionally, you will reap the benefits of protecting your pool water from UV exposure, thereby decreasing chlorine loss, which in turn saves money on costly pool chemicals.

    Invest In Some House Plants

    House plants have really been having a moment recently and we cant deny that they certainly make our houses happier. As well as being proven to boost your mood, house plants can also help keep your house cool.

    Plants act as natural air conditioners and generate moisture into the atmosphere through a process known as transpiration.

    The most heat-efficient plants are peace lilies and rubber plants as they work best in humid conditions.

    So having a house plants or two around will help keep house cool in summer naturally. Just dont forget to water them especially as the temperature creeps up outside!

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    How To Cool Your Pool Duringthe Hot Arizona Summer

    Sometimes there is nothing better than relaxing in your swimming pool during a hot Arizona summer day. However, the hot summer is going to warm up the pool water and is going to make it feel more like taking a bath than anything else. Because of this, you need to know how to cool your pool in the summertime and how to make it feel more comfortable. This way, you are able to enjoy the pool and it is going to allow you to hop in whenever you need to feel refreshed.

    The biggest issue behind your pool not having a comfortable temperature is because the water is just sitting there all day and absorbing the heat. The last thing you want is for the water to sit still and not circulate with something cooler. The only way you are going to cool down the temperature in your pool is to circulate it with something cooler. This can be done with the help of a fountain.

    During the day, the fountain is going to circulate water through its system, although since the temperature is higher, it is only going to make the water warmer. However, if you keep the fountains off during the day and power on the fountain during the nights, the water is going to circulate in the cool air. This is going to allow you to drastically reduce the temperature of the pool overnight as the temperature drops during the evening and night hours when the sun is not out. This way, over the course of the evening the temperature of the pool should drop significantly.

    How To Keep Your Pool Cool

    How to keep your pool water COOL

    Sweltering, sticky, sweaty these are just a few of the words that describe the weather in Wichita and the surrounding area. We bet you cant wait to beat the heat by taking a dip in your swimming pool. But, what if your pool isnt cool?

    While bombarding your pool with large blocks of ice may reduce the temperature, it certainly is cost prohibitive and only temporary.

    In this article, we look at how to keep your pool cool.

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    Do A Partial Drain And Refill

    Although costly and not a permanent solution, if youre desperate you can do a partial drain and refill of your pool water.

    Youll find this works better if your water source is well water as its usually cooler.

    Dont forget to bring us a sample of your water if you choose this method so we can make sure your chemicals are balanced.

    Run The Solar Heating At Night

    If you have solar heating in the form of solar panels or solar domes then you can run your pool pump at night so that the pool water runs through them. They will act in the reverse way to using them during the day .

    With the water running through them, they will act as a pool cooler, working in a similar way to a refrigerator. Since the night air will be cooler than the water passing though, heat will be transferred to the air from the water, cooling it as it does.

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    Keep Your Pool Cool This Summer With A Pool Aerator

    For many homeowners, swimming in their pool during the summer is a great way to keep cool. However, finding a way to keep your pool cool during the summer can be difficult if youre unsure of what to do. If you want to make sure that the water in your pool remains cool at all times of the year, its recommended that you have a pool aerator installed. Aeration systems are designed to add air to water. While aeration systems can be used for a variety of different purposes, they are commonly used for the stabilization of wastewater in wastewater treatment facilities.

    A pool aerator is a simpler version of the aeration systems that can be used in wastewater treatment facilities. When you attach an aerator to the side of your pool, it will add oxygen to the water, which helps to lower the temperature of the pool water by a few degrees. Reducing the temperature of your pool water can be highly beneficial during those hot summer days when youre searching for a way to relax and get cool. While aerators are most commonly used in pools, they can also be outfitted in hot tubs and aquariums.

    This article takes a closer look at pool aerators and how effective these systems can be at cooling the water in your pool.

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