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How To Operate Dolphin Pool Cleaner

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Why Use A Robot For Cleaning Swimming Pools

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Pool Cleaner: How to use your Pool Robot

There are many advantages of a robotic pool cleaner. It performs all of the cleaning itself. Also, most of the robots require only a power supply and nothing else. That is why it is better than other pool cleaning equipment. There is no need to connect a water pump or use a water pressure hose. The robot has controls and setting for setting up cleaning schedules. These robots have filters that collect dust, debris, leaves, waste, and dirt from the pool. Therefore, you have time to do other vital things when it cleans the swimming pool itself.

How Does The Dolphin Automatic Pool Cleaner Work

Not too many years ago cleaning the pool was either something you had to pay someone to do or it was a tedious weekend chore with a prominent place on your weekly to do list. Paying someone to clean the pool could be costly. Depending on your location and how much use the pool got, it could take a couple of hours to have the sparkling clean oasis that you desired. An automatic pool cleaner doesn’t have to be paid and it is completely independent.

All you need to do is to place the Dolphin in your pool and turn it on. The computer in the cleaner learns the dimensions of your pool and then programs itself to efficiently vacuum every inch of the pool. The debris and any dirt are brushed into a self contained vacuum bag. The robotic cleaner continues to learn by monitoring its own performance.

Specifically a Dolphin Pool Cleaner is a robotic cleaner that will:

  • Sweep
  • Moves around ladders, slides, and other obstacles
  • Cleans up to 1250 square feet of pool surface
  • Purifies up to 4,750 gallons of water per hour
  • Helps to distribute pool chemicals
  • Climbs pool walls to the waterline
  • Shuts itself off

The Largest Cartridge Ever In A Pool Robot

The new Quantumâs filtration system is so large, easy and convenient, youâll never consider messy, cumbersome debris bags again. Cartridge filters have been around for years but pool owners found them small and difficult to clean. Previous generation cartridges made debris removal nearly impossible with small cavities that trapped small debris and fine dirt.

Consider this problem solved. With the new Quantum, Dolphin introduces a new 400 square inch cartridge with the highest capacity ever recorded on a pool robot. The new Dolphin SnapLoc Filters make robot cleaning easier than ever. All four sides of the Quantum filter simply snap apart for quick and easy cleaning. In addition, the bottom panel is hinged to allow debris to simply fall out during cleaning.

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How To Take The Robot Out Of The Pool

Gently pull on the blue floating cable to bring your Dolphin to the edge of the pool. Once your Dolphin is in reach, grasp the handle to pull the robot out of the water. Place the robot on the edge of the pool to let the remaining water drain out. Do not pull the Dolphin out of the water using the cable.

Where Can I Buy A Maytronics Dolphin Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Pool Cleaner Manual

Yes! No human touches involved. Buy one now from Amazon or from one of our select dealers, many of whom are now offering curbside pickup and home delivery options. No matter the size, shape or type of pool, nothing cleans like a Maytronics Dolphin. Try our Dolphin Selector Survey to find the right robotic cleaner for your pool.

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Dimensions Of The Dolphin Premier Robotic Cleaner

Operating cost: About five cents an hourElectrical input: 115 volts plugs into a standard wall outletCycle time: 2.5 hoursWarranty: 3 yr limited warranty .Cable: 60 feet thermoplastic rubber cable to reduce dragCompatibility: Gunite, concrete, tile, fiberglass, or vinyl-lined poolsService type: Easy to self-service in 10-15 minutesWattage: 180 watts

  • Powerful dual scrubbing brushes
  • Unique Multimedia multiple filter options
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Sucks up leaves, sticks, and debris extremely well
  • Crawls over obstacles without getting stuck and climbs steps, seats and cleans the waterline
  • Filters are included

Jet Driven Lateral Movement

The dynamics of propelling a robot straight ahead are simple. Thereâs nothing overly complicated about movement straight ahead. To appreciate the essence of the Quantum, one only has to observe the remarkable lateral movement of the robot as it effortlessly adheres to the vertical pool surface. This is where Quantum separates itself from every cleaner made before.

Equipped with 3D Mobility, Quantum was engineered to ensure that every inch of your pool is deep cleaned. For the first time ever, powerful vortex jets were added sides and top of a robot. The result is the worldâs first robot that can move laterally along the walls of your pool. With its superb weight distribution and low center of gravity, the Quantum is engineered from the ground up for next generation mobility.

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How To Use The Pool Robot Cleaner To Keep It Working Smoothly

Robot pool cleaners are very easy-to-use. But there are some crucial nuances that even experienced users may not think about. And those who will use the robot for the first time may have many questions. Thats why we have compiled some important points when using robot cleaners. These will help you out.

Unwind the cable to its full length

People sometimes complain that the cord is being twisted while the robot is working. To avoid this, before using the robot, unwind the cord long enough to allow the robot to reach the far end of the pool and make sure it has no kinks.

Also, after each use, roll the cord properly. Think about old phones with the cord. If you had never let your phone hang on a pair of spins after a call, it would have turned into a knot, same concept.

The power source

Connect the power supply, but leave it in the OFF position .

Use only the original power supply. Position the power supply so that it is approximately in the middle of the longest part of the pool, at least 12ft/3.5m from the pools edge.

Soak the sponges in water

If you have chosen a robot cleaner that includes sponges, you will need to completely wet them. You need to immerse them in water and squeeze them out. This should be done before the first use and when they will dry between uses.

There have been cases where the robot has floated up if it hasnt been done.

Removing a robot from a pool

Do not try to pull it out by the cable!

Cleaning the filter basket

My Final Verdict: Should You Buy A Dolphin Nautilus Cc Supreme

Dolphin Robot cleaner. How to clean and maintain. Swimming Pool Auto cleaning system review

So, in the end, I would recommend buying a Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme.

It does a fantastic job keeping the water crystal clear, and your pool surfaces sparkling clean. With this machine, you wont ever have to expend back-breaking effort scrubbing stubborn algae and biofilm from your pool walls. You can kick back, relax, and have this little robot take care of everything for you.

Buy one today and see what all the fuss is about! Or, check our list of pool robots to see more of what we recommend.

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Smart Efficient Robotic Navigation

Gone are the days of watching your robot aimlessly wander around your pool, wondering if it will ever pick up the leaves it has skipped day after day. The new Quantum is equipped with a SmartNav 2.0 Robotic Scanning to ensure that every inch of your pool surface is reached. SmartNav software delivers highly optimized scanning and coverage for a new level of clean. Quantum calculates the optimal pattern for faster cleaning and improved efficiency.

With its remarkable pool mapping system, the Quantum knows where it has and hasnât been to avoid overlapping cleaning paths and minimize cleaning time. With the ability to sense ladders and drains, Quantum won’t get hung up like ordinary cleaners. Microprocessor controlled Pool Scanning ensures complete efficient pool surface coverage.

Powerful In All Conditions

Superior Surface, Wall & Waterline Cleaning

In a radical departure from ordinary cleaners, the Sigma pool cleaner was designed to clean all pool surfaces including the tile and waterline with pinpoint precision. For the first time ever, a consumer robot is equipped with an advanced Gyroscope to deliver precise control and positioning of the robot. When other cleaners fall from the wall, the all-new gyroscope and triple 3,000 RPM DC motors allow Sigma to remain firmly planted against the wall all the way to the top. Sigma Dolphin pool cleaners reaches every square inch of the pool as four high speed spinning brushes handle difficult colonies of bacteria, algae, and biofilm. Sigma reaches deep inside pool corners, so you don’t have to.

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Best Pool Cleaner Robots

These models were obtained after analysis of the market of pool robotic cleaners , and research consumer experience .

You can read more details about each model to know which model is most suitable for you. Or if youre still hesitant about whether you need one, read about the reasons to invest in a pool cleaner.

Also, you should consider that choosing even the best robot does not guarantee you durability and smooth operation if you misuse it. To save you from the risks of poor performance, this article will also tell you how to use a pool robot cleaner.

Dolphin Diy Troubleshooting Tips

Dolphin C4 Robotic Pool Cleaner for Commercial Pools ...

Maytronics Dolphin pool cleaning robots are No. 1 sellers. These top-rated robots make easy work of pool maintenanceand heres proof: If your units behavior seems atypical, you can trust Maytronics to fix the problem. With the Industrys Best robotic pool cleaner warranties and service, our Customer Support and Technical Support teams are here to keep you and your family in the swim.

Yet, what if you like to tinker or think theres a simple poolside fix? You may be right! In this DIY Troubleshooting blog series, well offer detailed tips informed by robotic vacuum and pool owner FAQs. For all you know, theyre quite possibly questions of your own! Each blog will address a different Dolphin automatic pool cleaner issue you can remedy yourself, yet youre always welcome to contact us.

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Top 3 Pool Cleaner Robots: An Engineers Pick

  • Can I swim when there is a robot vacuum cleaner in the pool?
  • If you have tried finding a pool robot, you probably noticed that there are quite a lot of different types of models on the market. The demand for these robots is growing and manufacturers in the competition for the consumer are increasingly expanding their range.

    As a result, you as the owner of the pool can find it difficult to pick the right one for your needs. And when you ask Google for help with your search query which pool cleaning robot is better Google returns a bunch of articles 10/12/15 best pool cleaning robots. It doesnt make it any easier.

    So we asked ourselves the question, which robot will be the most effective? Which robot is the easiest to use? Which one has the best additional functions, and which combines good work and a pleasant price?

    To answer these questions, we held a competition between different pool cleaners and presented you with the models that were among the best. Scroll down to see the results of our research.

    Leaves Wheeled Cleaners In Its Wake

    Water in between the wheels and pool surface make it difficult for the robot to maintain traction. Continual slippage results in lost energy efficiency and reduced performance. The Quantum takes a radical departure from the conventional wheel with continuous rubber tracks. Quantum maintains constant contact even when climbing slippery surfaces. No more slipping.

    No more wasted energy. The rubber track also improves directional control and provides greater force than wheels. Tracked robots also glide smoothly over obstacles like drains and are capable of climbing straight up vertical walls. The Quantumâs traction is further improved with a high grip, water-optimized tread and geometric shape, which minimizes rolling resistance for superior providing superior weight distribution, traction, and wall climbing.

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    How To Set The Weekly Timer

    When the power supply is switched on, you can press the weekly timer button to select one of the following cleaning schedules for the week ahead: One click: The robot will automatically work every day for a full cycle. This cycle will have the robot clean seven times in a week. Two clicks: The robot will automatically work every other day for a full cycle that is four times in a week. Three clicks: The robot will automatically work every three days that is three times in a week. A fourth click will cancel the cleaning schedule program. After selecting one of the schedule options, the robot will start to operate at the next occurrence of the programed start time. If the robot is working in the weekly timer mode, the weekly timer button will constantly blink between cycles. At the end of the week, the power supply will automatically switch off and you will need to reschedule the robot.

    How To Maintain A Maytronics Dolphin Cleaner

    How a Dolphin Pool Cleaner Works

    This guide will help you to learn how easy a Maytronics Dolphin Cleaner is to operate.The Dolphin Advantage Robotic Pool Cleaner is self-contained and fully automatic. Just drop it in your pool, turn it on and leave it for about 5 hours. It computes a path to maximize cleaning and even climbs the walls to scrub and vacuum the entire pool floor, walls and waterline.

    1. One of your first steps in operating a Dolphin Pool Cleaner is to set the diagonal handle. This handle must be changed at the beginning of each cleaning cycle to optimize cleaning and minimize twist in the cable. There are four possible handle positions that control the programmed motion of the pool cleaner. If the handle was on position 1 or 2 on your last cleaning cycle, change the handle position to 3 or 4 for this cleaning cycle. If the last cleaning cycle was set at 3 or 4 , set the handle at 1 or 2. To set the handle, press down on handle clip and position the end of handle in one of the four slots shown at left. Repeat on other side to position the handle diagonally across the top.

    2. Position 1 – fast waterline sideways movement left.

    3. Position 2 – slow waterline sideways movement left.

    4. Position 3 – slow waterline sideways movement right.

    5. Position 4 – fast waterline sideways movement right.

    6. The blue Power cord is stored coiled. If the cord is twisted from storage or previous use, take the twist out of the cord for best operation.

    11. Let the Dolphin Cleaner settle to the bottom of the pool.

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    How Long Can I Leave My Dolphin In The Pool

    We recommend taking your Dolphin out of the pool after each use to empty and rinse the filters and to rinse off any excess chemicals. It is ideal to keep your Dolphin out of the pool and stored away when not in use. If your Dolphin has a weekly scheduler, you can keep it in your pool for a week, but you will need to make sure the filter is cleaned.

    Is It Worth Buying

    Pool robots are generally not a low-cost purchase and that is why customers have to think twice before investing in one. Here are the main reasons why it will be useful for you. If these reasons resonate with you, you will not regret your purchase.

    A pool robot vacuum cleaner would be a great deal for you:

    • If you are tired of cleaning the pool

    Perhaps youve always had to connect the hose to the skimmer and start working, or youve cleaned the pool with brushes and nets. These are labor-intensive and time-consuming ways to clean the pool, so its no wonder that you want an easier solution. Pool robots will only require you to start them up and after they have cleaned, you have to clean the filter.

    • If you want to have a clean pool all the time

    Pool robots remove large and small debris, they even remove the dirt that you usually do not notice. Many robots will also climb the walls of the pool to clean all the algae and dirt and clean the waterline. Some robots also have a programming function for cleaning that helps keep your pool clean regularly. Regular cleaning will increase the lifetime of your pool pump and pool heater.

    • If youre worried that cleaning is difficult
    • If you want smaller electricity bills
    • If you want to save time

    If you want to spend more time relaxing , the robot cleaner will do most of the work for you. Besides, all the robots that entered the top of the best have a trash can, not a bag. This nuance makes cleaning of the filter very fast.

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    Dolphin Nautilus Cc Plus

    Good cleaning at an affordable price

    Note that for pools with low step risers, the robot can sometimes get stuck, and youll have to pull it out.

    Nautilus CC Plus has many positive features at an affordable price. Models similar in functionality, at other manufacturers, usually cost 300-500 dollars more. And, what is particularly rewarding is that Dolphin is continually striving to improve its products. For example, a later version of the Nautilus CC Plus left black marks on the pool. The company has reviewed this problem and fixed it.


    The description says that this machine works with smart cleaning technology. However, in reality, it moves randomly but covers 90% of the pool every time it is cleaned, which I think is excellent. If you want something close to smart cleaning, then consider the Polaris F9550.

    The Nautilus CC Plus handles are perfect for climbing almost anywhere. This allows it to effectively clean not only the floor but also the ledge, steps, walls, and the waterline. However, during climbing, it can sometimes get stuck in inconvenient places.

    The CC Plus comes with two sets of filters :

    • The first set is for large debris, which is ideal for use when youve just opened a swimming pool or when your pool is near trees, and theres large debris in it.
    • The second set picks up smaller debris, ideal for regular cleaning when its essential for the robot to remove even the most minor garbage.

    After cleaning

    Dolphin Universal Caddy

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