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How To Raise Alkalinity In Hot Tub

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Why Do You Need To Increase The Alkalinity In Your Hot Tub

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Having low alkalinity is bad for your hot tubs. Starting from your hot tubs components, low alkalinity is bad for it.

This may cause the surface of the shell to become pitted i.e. having an indentation or being hollow on the surface. It can be etched as well. It also affects the protecting layer of the shell and makes it peel.

Again, with low alkalinity in your hot tub, any part that was made of metal and comes in contact with this water will immediately wear away. With an issue like this, you will be risking your heaters, pipes, and even your heating elements.

In the long run, calcium scaling might take place, which would become very difficult to keep the plumbing free of scale buildups. It also makes it difficult to keep the surfaces of your hot tub clean.

Increasing the alkalinity in your hot tub until it becomes well balanced is important for creating a healthy and safe hot tub environment. You dont need to continue using a hot tub that its an alkalinity is low. This will be irritating to the eyes, skin, and even throat. Moreover, it can lead to a cloudy hot tub.

To avoid all of these, you need to test your hot tub to know its alkalinity. If the test shows any indication that you need to raise the alkalinity, then it is pertinent you go for it. It doesnt take much from you. Below are the different ways you can achieve this without much stress.

Does Shocking Hot Tub Raise Ph

You know that every once in a while, in order to clear your hot tub of any cloudiness and contaminants, you should shock your water. Lets remind ourselves about the chemical normal levels that should be maintained in your hot tub at all times. Any of those that measure outside of the given range should be fixed.

3.0 5.0

Shocking your hot tub will certainly balance your pH levels and not raise it. Again, all of these chemicals are related and can cause one to raise another. Make sure you perform enough tests before jumping in the hot tub.

How To Raise And Lower Alkalinity In A Hot Tub

Raising and lowering the alkalinity in a hot tub is something you need to be cognisant of when owning a hot tub. There are two ways to increase your hot tub’s alkalinity level: sodium bicarbonate or any type of alkalinity increaser product.

Low total alkalinity is bad for your hot tub’s various components , as the surface of the shell can become etched, pitted, and even the protecting layer of the shell can delaminate. Any part made out of metal that comes into contact with water that has low total alkalinity can corrode, putting your heating elements, pipes, and heaters at risk. Calcium scaling can also occur, making it more difficult to keep surfaces clean and plumbing free of scale buildup. Therefore, you need to raise the alkalinity using a product such as SpaBoss Alka-Rise.

Raising a low alkalinity hot tub isn’t the same as making it more basic or less acidic what we’re talking about is increasing the total concentration of alkaloids within the water. The most common types of alkaloids in hot tub water are carbonates, bicarbonates, hydroxides, and other minor alkaloids. These alkaline substances buffer pH in the water by neutralizing acids. In other words, total alkalinity is a measurement of the waters ability to resist change in pH. Alkalinity increasers are products designed to increase the total concentration of alkaloids in hot tub water.

Here’s how to fix alkalinity levels in a hot tub:

  • Turn off the jets to your hot tub.
  • Take a water test strips.
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    How To Raise Alkalinity In Hot Tubs

    Whether you choose to use baking soda or soda ash, there isnt much of a difference when applying it to your hot tub. The only difference is to ensure you wear protective gear when handling soda ash.

    Even though you can get baking soda at most grocery stores, keeping your pool baking soda separate from your baking soda will help prevent cross-contamination.

    To apply your chosen raising agent:

    Measure And Add Products To Raise Alkalinity

    Top 10 Hot Tub Alkalinity increaser UK  Home &  Garden Store  Signtim

    Once the jets are on, you can add the alkalinity balancing products to your hot tub water. There are two main methods to balance alkaline levels.

    Baking soda method

    Can you use baking soda to increase the alkalinity in your hot tub? Of course, you can! To increase overall alkalinity levels in hot tubs, sodium bicarbonate is the best product to use.

    Baking soda also has the advantage of being a highly safe chemical to use. Most importantly, it will have a minimal effect on the pH level of the water.

    Soda ash method

    To compensate for the low total alkalinity level in hot tubs, you can also use soda ash, often known as sodium carbonate. However, it also acts as a pH increaser. This means it can cause a high pH level in the water.

    Both methods use the same steps, only the chemical differs. Follow these steps to raise alkalinity while using any of the above two methods.

    • Measure the amount of chemicals needed. Ideally, 1000 gallons of water need about one tablespoon of baking soda or soda ash to maintain the ideal alkaline level.
    • Add the required amount to a bucket of water.
    • Stir the mixture with a wooden spoon.
    • Pour the mixture directly into the hot tub, spreading evenly.
    • Let the water circulate for a few hours.

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    Perfect Balance Total Alkalinity

    When balancing your hot tub water, you always want to balance total alkalinity first. Total alkalinity is the measure of alkalines in the water. And as well as having to be in balance themselves, the alkalines, keeping your total alkalinity in the proper range will also help the pH in the water stay in the proper range. So thats why you want to balance your alkalinity first.

    The ideal range for a hot tub is 80 parts per million to 150 parts per million. Ideally, you want to be right in the middle somewhere. With tablet sanitizers, like chlorine or bromine tablets, they tend to lower the alkalinity over time. So, if youre using that as your sanitizer, you want to keep your alkalinity in the mid-range at least to start off. So a low alkalinity will cause the pH to wander, or pH to bounce between and drift. It will also cause the disinfectants to be ineffective. So chlorine or bromine will act slowly and they just wont be doing their job as well.

    The low alkalinity also will cause the water to be corrosive, and that could be problem for any metal fittings in the hot tub, like your heater or jets. So itll start stripping those metal fittings away as well as damaging that equipment and also putting metals into the water, which can then lead to staining and discoloration of the water.


    How Do I Adjust A Spa’s Alkalinity

    The target range for alkalinity is 80-120 ppm. Adjusting alkalinity varies based on the chemical system your using.

    Some systems such as the Freshwater Water Care System have an alkalinity adjuster built into its pH products. In these cases you will adjust both pH and alkalinity at the same time.

    However, in split systems such as the Brilliance for Spas Water Care System there is a separate product for increasing alkalinity. In either system the pH down product will also lower the alkalinity.

    How to adjust alkalinity in a split system:

  • Start up the hot tubs pumps
  • If you need to lower the alkalinity, add pH decreaser in the amounts shown on the back of the bottle.
  • If you need to increase the alkalinity, add total alkalinity increaser in the amount shown on the back of the bottle.
  • Let the water circulate with the pumps on for 5-10 minutes.
  • Turn off the pumps and let the water settle.
  • Re-check the water with a test strip.
  • Repeat as needed to get your water into the correct range .
  • Pro Tip: If your using an excessively large amount of chemicals to try to balance your alkalinity it may be a sign that the water needs to be drained and refilled.

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    Using Vinegar To Lower Ph

    If your hot tub’s pH gets out of whack, you may be able to temporarily use vinegar to bring the pH back to a healthy level. While not the best long-term solution, using vinegar to lower pH in a hot tub is relatively easy and cost effective.

    To do this, simply add 4 cups of white vinegar to the water and let it sit for a while with the water circulating. The acidity will naturally lower the pH balance.

    It’s important to remember to check the pH levels often to make sure they don’t go too far in either direction.

    What Does Total Alkalinity Mean

    Hot Tub Start Up – How to Fill a Hot Tub

    You came here to learn how to balance the pH in your hot tub, so whats this about total alkalinity? Well, the term technically refers to the ability of a solution to neutralize acidsor buffer them.

    In your hot tub, the importance of measuring total alkalinity is only slightly different. TA acts as a buffer for the pH level in your water, keeping the pH level stable while allowing you to adjust TA without throwing the rest of your hot tub chemistry into chaos.

    Total alkalinity is so important to your water balance, the first step in your water care process will always be measuring and adjusting TA before any other chemicals. The ideal range for TA is 100 parts per million to 150 ppm.

    To adjust alkalinity, add alkalinity increaser in small doses, one at a time. Allow each dose to circulate before testing again. Only after your TA is in the optimal range should you move on to adjusting pH. Achieving the right TA may actually get your pH in the target range.

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    Alkalinity Increaser For Hot Tubs

    When we mention increasing the alkaline levels in the water, we dont imply making it more basic or acidic. Instead, we focus on the concentration of alkaloids in the water. The level of alkaloid concentration is then determined by the number of carbonates, hydroxides, and bicarbonates.

    Alkalinity increasers are products meant to raise the level of alkaloids in the water. Simply put, alkalinity increasers raise the ability of the water to resist drastic pH changes.

    The best alkalinity increase is sodium bicarbonate . Any product you buy to increase alkalinity in the hot tub, make sure it contains sodium bicarbonate.

    Balancing Your Hot Tub Ph Level & Total Alkalinity

    Whether you own a hot tub or are looking into investing in one, its important to learn about balancing your waters chemical levels to ensure that its clean, healthy and safe for bathers to use.

    This guide helps you discover why balancing total alkalinity and pH is essential to keeping your hot tub in top condition and your sanitisers working at their most effective.

    Total Alkalinity is closely related to pH, and managing it is a key factor in maintaining healthy pH levels. When adjusting alkalinity, youre also adjusting the pH levels and vice versa. We recommend getting your Total Alkalinity balance correct first as it acts as a buffer and prevents rapid pH fluctuations plus, high pH levels are much more challenging to adjust.

    So, lets commence.

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    What Is Considered Low Total Alkalinity

    Low total alkalinity is any measurement below 80 ppm. It can be hard to notice at first. But, with low alkalinity, the hot tubs pH level will drop .

    With this acidic water, surfaces and metallic elements are at risk of damage. For example, you might notice wear on the hot tub walls. Or some rust is appearing on the metal piping feeding into the tub.

    You may feel the effects of low alkalinity on your skin as the acidic water comes into your more pH-basic skin. Your skin, eyes, or throat could become irritated with contact.

    Hot Tub Things Ph And Alkalinity Up

    Total Alkalinity Increaser

    Hot Tub Things is a reputable brand in the hot tub market producing spare parts and other products. This alkalinity increaser comes with instructions that are easy to follow making it ideal for first time hot tub owners.

    This product also works instantly and you dont have to use too much to achieve the desired results. You, therefore, get value for your money which is what every hot tub owner wishes for.

    • Some clients complain of receiving half-filled bottles

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    How To Raise Ph And Alkalinity In A Pool

    Being a pool owner comes with a lot of responsibility regarding its maintenance and keeping the pools chemistry properly balanced. Pool chemistry can be difficult to master, but with the right sources, wrapping your head around how to balance your pools chemicals can become so much easier.

    If your pool water appears cloudy, the plumbing has begun to erode or swimmers feel itchy skin or burning eyes after being in the pool, these are some signs that you may have improper chemical levels, which greatly affect the measure of acidity, also known as the pH level, of your pool.

    How Long Does It Take To Raise Hot Tub Alkalinity

    Unfortunately, theres no definite answer to how long it takes to raise alkalinity. It all depends on how much you need to increase the ppm and the size of the hot tub.

    How much lower your hot tubs total alkalinity is outside its normal range will affect how long it will take to raise it. As a result, it will most likely need several baking soda/soda ash applications, with each application needing at least 6 hours of circulation.

    The size of your hot tub is the other major deciding factor. Understandably, the smaller it will lessen the length of time to raise alkalinity. Whereas it could take much longer in a bigger hot tub as there is more water to circulate.

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    Two Ways To Raise Alkalinity In A Hot Tub

    Before adjusting the total alkalinity , make sure you know the capacity of your hot tub so you can calculate the required dosage.

    The ideal total alkalinity is between 80-150 parts per million . Ensure that the TA is in the optimal range before moving on to the pH. In some cases, achieving the right TA level may get your pH in the correct range.

    Importance Of Increasing The Alkalinity In Your Hot Tub

    How to Clean Hot Tub Filters

    Both low calcium hardness and low pH levels can cause huge damage to the hot tub the same applies to having a low alkalinity level. In reality, this low-level might not be easily noticeable on the surface of the hot tub equipment. But, it will have a significant effect on the pH level of the hot tub because it will drive it way too low.

    Of course, the resultant effect increased the acidity of the water. And with water of this nature, it will be bad for the skin and might cause an irritated eye or itchy dry skin. Hence, you need to keep the alkalinity in your hot tub safe and balanced so that you can enjoy the following:

    • There will be no cracking, pitting, or etching on surfaces.
    • No issue of wearing out of the hot tub.
    • You wouldnt have the issues of stained hot tub walls.
    • You would enjoy seeing your surfaces very smooth without issues of corrosion of any metal surfaces.
    • The pump seals, heating elements, pipes, and gas fire heaters in or around the hot tub would be in a better shape.
    • With the balanced alkalinity level of your hot tub, you will need fewer hot tub sanitizers, since the alkalinity will be more effective for hot tub usage.
    • There will be less pH bounce this means that you will not be experiencing quick fluctuation of pH level.

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    How To Raise Alkalinity Without Raising Ph In Hot Tub

    If youve tested the water in your hot tub and have come to the conclusion that you do in fact need to raise the alkalinity, there are a few things you can do.

    The first thing would be to increase your hot tubs alkalinity level using sodium bicarbonate, otherwise known as baking soda.

    Typically, one tablespoon of baking soda per one hundred gallons of water in your hot tub should do the trick.

    Obviously the bigger the hot tub, the more baking soda youre going to need. Once youve added the baking soda in, let it sit and soak up before you test it again.

    You also have the option of using an alkalinity increaser product to help raise the alkalinity in your hot tub. If you do go this route, however, be sure that the products main ingredient is sodium bicarbonate.

    There isnt really much of a difference between the two other than the name.

    What Happens When You Have Low Alkalinity in Your Hot Tub?

    Having a low alkalinity in your tub can be extremely damaging and its effects might not be immediately noticeable.

    However, a low alkalinity level in your hot tub will often drive the pH level in the hot tub down, which in turn makes the hot tub water more acidic.

    When dealing with acidic water, youll see the effects on your body such as itchy dry skin and irritated eyes.

    Other common issues associated with having low alkalinity in your hot tub include the pitting, etching, cracking, and delamination of the walls and surfaces of said hot tub.

    Lowering the Alkalinity

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