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How To Warm An Above Ground Pool

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Anyone Have Any Ingenious Ways To Heat Water In An Above Ground

How to heat your above ground pool cheap & easy

bhmhrex said:Hello,I have a Doughboy sink in the ground pool. Sits about 18 inches out of the ground. Anyone have any ingenious ways to heat the pool water up as it goes through the return line? I know I could buy a heater, I am talking a cheap ingenious idea you have done that worked? Maybe wrapping the flex hose in aluminum or something that conducts heat well and transfers it? Any tips would be great!

jblizzle said:It takes 100s and 100s of feet of black plastic pipes to get enough sqft of exposure and BTUs to make much of a difference. It is cheaper and easier to buy a couple solar mats when you look at the $/sqft

What Makes A Pool Too Warm

In thinking about it, there is really only one natural thing that makes pool water too warm and that is too much direct intense sunlight. In the summer, pools that have no shade and get direct sun all day long will warm up and feel like a bath. There is something about the sun beaming down directly onto the pool that causes it to heat up more than you might think. Cloudy days can really help cool the pool water down, but just one of those not-a-cloud-in-the-sky days can warm the pool up to an unrefreshing level.

The only other way a pool gets too warm is if it has a heater and it doesnt turn off at the set temperature or the elders in the household have turned it up. Thats a much easier fix than if the sun is heating up the pool. You can always turn off or bypass a defective heater or threaten your aging parents with shipping them to a nursing home, if they touch the pool heater thermostat again. Just kidding. Mostly.

The 10 Best Above Ground Pool Heaters

Listen, nobody wants to dive into a pool of cold water, am I right? And the crazy thing is that the water doesnt have to be all that cold to feel like an ice bath.

Believe it or not, anything under 78° is enough to make you shiver. Sure, youll get used to it after a few minutes, but who wants to take that plunge?

The best thing you can do for your swimmers, including you, is to install a pool heater that will keep your water at a comfortable level. Not only will you enjoy your pool more, but youll enjoy it longer.

However, there are a lot of options out there, so knowing what to buy is key. Here are our top picks:

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Choosing The Best Pool Heater To Use

Your pool heating requirements highly depends on four factors.

  • Swimming pools overall size
  • Pools location
  • Materials and equipment on your pool
  • Target water temperature

For those looking to heat a kiddie pool, its possible for you to just use an affordable solar cover or low-powered heat pool pump. Of course, this still depends on where you are located, since being in an area that has colder temperatures will force you to use a more powerful pool heater.

Meanwhile, for those with large above ground pools, a combination of pool solar cover or rings and a bigger pool heater connected to your pool pump might be necessary to keep your water warm.

In-ground pool owners who want to enjoy their pool during chilly fall months have the choice of using either a heat pump, gas pool heater, or solar heater.

You also have to answer the following question when choosing the best pool heater for your swimming pool.

How To Choose The Best Option

Best Above Ground Pool Heaters in 2020

When you are deciding on the heating option, a number of factors come into play. You will have to consider the size of the pool, the amount of water in it, how much you want to heat it, and how much the temperature falls in your area. Apart from these factors, initial purchase, installation cost, and monthly running expenses matter a lot. The following scenarios will help you evaluate your position and then choose the best way to heat your pool.

Final Words

Now that we know how to choose the best heating option for your above ground swimming pools, making the final decision wonât be very difficult.

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Gas Heaters For Above Ground Pools

For the quickest heating, and keeping the heat going even as the temperature starts to drop below 50 degrees, you can add a gas-fueled heater to your pool.

GOOD TO KNOW: as these are gas-fueled heater you will need a propane or natural gas source and a gas line, as well as an electric source, running to your heater, which can make installation a bit more involved.

Intex Solar Mat For Above Ground Pools

Another cost-effective solution to heating your Intex pool is using the Intex Solar Mat. The best thing about this product is theres no need for you to use any special equipment. You just have to lay it on your supposed-to-be pool area and set your pool next to it.

According to Intex, their Solar Mat can increase the temperature of your swimming pool by about 5 to 9° F depending on the current weather in your area. One solar mat measures about 4 feet in length by 4 feet in width.

If you have a large Intex Pool, you can get multiple solar mats and just connect them together. Just like the setup you see in the picture here.

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Solar Blankets Or Rings

Much like the solar covers, solar blankets or rings are plastic rings or rectangles that will float on the top of the pool. These products will trap the heat from the sun and use it to keep the pool warm throughout the day or the night.

Unlike the solar covers, these rings or blankets do not cover the entire surface of the pool. This causes heat to escape. This is a heating method best used in the summer months when the nights are still warm.

You can also combine this method with a Solar cover or additional blankets or rings to cover the surface of your pool.

Below is a video that has additional options to heat your pool.

How To Choose The Best Intex Pool Heater

Heat Your Above Ground or Intex Pool

All of the options above are excellent choices for heating your above ground pool, but the best choice will depend a lot on your priorities, pool size, budget, weather and temperature expectations.

If you want fast heating for your larger sized pool and want all year round warm water and can afford higher heating costs, gas is the way to go.

But if you only want to extend the swimming season by 1-3 months at the, a solar heating system or a heat pump will work well.

For a quick and portable system, try a solar pool heating mat or ground mounted solar heating.

For small pools like kiddie pools, try an electric immersion pool heater.

The best universal advice is to use a solar pool cover with any of your heating efforts to maximise the efficiency and heat retention.

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Determine The Best Product For Your Budget

After youve decided on the heating option that best suits your budget, youll need to figure out the best product.

Deciding a pool budget is hard enough without having to figure out which products work best for you. This is why you should find this comparative list of the best pool heaters of 2020 helpful.

Install Your Above Ground Pool Heater

Its easy to install a liquid heat blanket, solar ring, or floating solar blanket on your own. You simply need to put it in the pool or on the pools surface. Solid solar blankets require professional installation, but you will be able to operate the blanket on your own afterward.

Above ground pool heaters and heat pumps should also be professionally installed. Depending on where you live and how its installed, you may need a city permit and the help of an pool-water-heaterian to place the tanks and set up the wires. After installation, you will need to ensure that the propane and natural gas tanks remain filled.

Pro Tip: Its okay to keep solar rings or a solar blanket on your pool all the time. But you dont want to leave your pool heater on unless you need it. Youll waste propane, natural gas, or pool-water-heaterity. Instead, plan to turn it on a few hours before you need it.

Every pool will have different heating needs, based on where your home is located and its size. Overall, pool heaters are the most effective and expensive. Fortunately, there are more affordable options that might be just right for your pool, especially if you live in a warmer climate.

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If Using A Pool Heater Also Use A Solar Cover To Help Retain Heat In The Pool

When using a pool heater, it’s important to supplement its heating power with a solar cover. Running a pool heater without a solar cover is like running your furnace with the windows open the heat and your money will escape quickly! Installing a solar cover with any pool heater retains the heat inside your pool for longer periods of time. This allows for a more efficient heating experience that saves you money, helping you enjoy your pool even more.

How Does An Above

The Best Solar Pool Heaters Reviews 2020
  • 5.1 Parting Words
  • The mechanism of an above ground solar pool heater is pretty simple because it works like solar photovoltaic panels. There is a collector to store the solar energy, and it is placed on the roof or high enough from the ground.

    Then water is pumped from the pool to the solar energy collector. It should go through a filter. The solar collectors consist of hollow tubes throughout the inside of the panel.

    When the water goes through these tubes, it absorbs the heat from the panel. The circulation takes the water back to the pool. Then you can enjoy the warm water. On top of that, the process is environment friendly. It does not even cost as much as the digital heating machines for the pool.

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    Solar Pool Heating Ground Mounted System

    If you dont have a south-facing roof, the right angle of roof, or if you have shadows cast by neighboring homes, chimneys or trees etc., then solar ground mats or a solar ground mounted system might be right to heat your Intex pool.

    Solar pool heating mats or or solar pool heating ground systems are placed on the ground in your yard. They are usually less effective than solar heating roof systems.

    They are essentially black colored mats of panels with tubing in them. The sun heats up the panels, like when you leave a garden hose in the hot sun, the pool water then passes through them and picks up the suns energy heating the water.

    Your pool will likely be 4-18°F versus a non-heated pool.

    Pentair Matertemp Propane Gas Heater

    Heat your pool water fast with this 125,000 BTU propane heater. It boasts some of the same features of a much larger unit in a smaller size.

    This heater has a rotating digital display with temperature controls and service indicator lights. But best of all, its compact, lightweight, and quiet.

    Youll love how efficiently this little unit works without taking up much space!

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    How To Detect A Pool Leak Location

    How to find a leak in an above ground pool. If you suspect your pool is leaking, there are several ways to check. Here are three different approaches to pinpoint your pool leak: The bad news is, locating a leak in an above ground pool is extremely difficult.

    Run the filter, run the vacuum, skim the top, and brush the bottom and walls. If your above ground pool leaks, finding the leak may not be an easy task. Follow these steps to find out if you have a leak.

    Before you start implementing tips and ideas to detect a leakage spot, we suggest you to first check the pool equipment.when you are trying to find a leakage spot in an above ground pool, the most difficult place will be in the vinyl liner. Position it so it’s only a few inches out of the water. Large leaks, especially in the liner, are often readily visible, making it easy to spot and relatively easy to repair.

    Finding a leak in an above ground pool is easy. This might take time, since the dye will not immediately move towards the hole or tear in your pool. Instead, only attempt to find a leak in a pool when you know it has a leak.

    Sometimes pool owners mistake normal evaporation for a leak in the liner. To find the leak in your above ground pool liner: How to fix a leak in a pool:

    If the dye seems to be stationary, it means you likely have the wrong area. Mark the water level of the pool at the skimmer. A leak will either be in the liner or in the skimmer, return fittings, pump, filter and associated hoses.

    Above Ground Pools Are Easily Heated With A Solar Heater

    Cheap above ground pool heater setup

    Solar heaters for above ground pools can achieve the same kind of heating power as other heater types without causing harm to the pool. Above ground pools may be easily and safely heated using a combination of a solar heater and a solar cover, keeping your costs down and your family in the pool.

    So there you have it! There are a number of ways to extend swimming time and increase the length of your pool season. If you have any questions about the pros and cons of the different options available, and aren’t sure which one’s right for your pool, we can help. Call or stop by your local Leslie’s store today to speak with one of our friendly, knowledgeable pool professionals.

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    Cover And Place Pool Pillow

    After youve taken care of all the plumbing needs, its time to cover your pool. Before you do this, youll want to place a pool pillow in the center of the water. The pillow will absorb the pressure if there is any chance of freezing. Remember not to overinflate your pool pillow only fill to about fifty percent. This will keep it from popping.

    Then its time to place your cover. We recommend getting a durable tarp that is four feet greater in length and width from your pool. This way, you can secure the edges with a two-foot overlap, preventing your tarp from being blown off in high winds.

    Ways To Heat Up Your Above Ground Pool

    If I cease searching, then, woe is me, I am lost. That is how I look at it keep going, keep going come what may. Quoting Van Gogh, a famous artist, we lose when we stop searching for answers or ways to satisfy our needs.

    So to not lose out, we will explore three ways on how to heat an above-ground pool: gas heater, heat pump, and solar heatereach pool heater with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

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    Guide On How To Heat A Kiddie Pool

    Most kiddie pools are like your typical above ground pools, but are way smaller and can only accommodate about 300 gallons of water at most.

    A good example is the Beach Wave Swim Center Pool manufactured by one of the most trusted above ground pool brands, Intex. It can fit up to 330 gallons of water that needs about 56 square feet of ground space.

    To heat a kiddie pool is much more affordable than any other pool type and can be done without consulting a pool professional. Due to the size of most kiddie pools, the usage of pool heat pumps and pool heaters is not recommended.

    How To Heat An Above Ground Pool Fast

    How To Heat an Above Ground Pool Fast

    In addition to extending the pool season, heating an above ground pool can allow more pool usage at night. For pools located in areas that experience mild winters, pool heating can allow usage throughout the year.

    In this article, we will focus on showing you how to heat an above ground pool. By helping you choose the best way to heat above ground pool, we hope to make your swim sessions more comfortable while helping you keep the heating costs and energy bills as low as possible.

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    How To Winterize An Intex Above Ground Pool Upgraded Home

    Intex pools are unique. Their lightweight structure makes them fast and affordable. However, there are a few differences from other above ground pools when winterizing your Intex pool. As long as you do the research and store your pool properly, you should have no issues using your Intex pool for years to come.

    Fully drain and store Intex pools that are in freezing climates. If your Intex pool is in a warmer location, it can remain assembled and full of water. In this case, you can winterize your Intex as you would any other above ground pool. Freezing temperatures can damage Intex pools dont procrastinate if the weather is getting cold.

    Read on for an in-depth guide on the nuances of winterizing your Intex pool. We will cover both warm and cold climate winterization.

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