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Inground Pool With Tanning Ledge

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Benefits Of Having A Pool Tanning Ledge & Sun Shelf

Rectangle Swimming Pool Kit With Tanning Ledge From Pool Warehouse!

If youve already decided to install a pool tanning ledge, here are some benefits you can enjoy.

  • Safe entry for children. Kids love to splash around and swim a lot, especially during summer. Having a tanning ledge allows you to feel safer knowing that your kids are in a safe spot around your pool, considering the depth of your sun shelf. Moreover, a sloped design pool tanning ledge is excellent for young adults since it provides you an idea of the pools depth.
  • Feel refreshed without plunging into the pool. By spending more time relaxing on your pool sun shelf, youll experience the benefits of swimming with less energy spent. The refreshment of being near the water is incomparable.
  • Tanning. If youre looking for a way to tan without going to the beach, a pool sun shelf is a perfect option for you since youll be able to achieve the tan youve always wanted by just laying down your furniture on your tanning ledge. But, wait! Dont forget to wear your sunscreen.
  • Atmosphere. Bubblers and lights can be installed to make them into a fountain area.
  • Pet friendly. Pet owners have claimed that having a pool sun shelf made their pets pool experiences even more fun since they have a place to hang out without having the need to dip into the depth of the pool.
  • Open shelf. An open frame is a great idea for adults since this could fit roughly 2-3 pieces of furniture with extra tables.
  • Fiberglass Pool Tanning Ledge

    Pros: Fiberglass pools really are as low maintenance as people claim. For example, non-porous surfaces mean you spend less time balancing chemicals and scrubbing the walls.It will also be easier for pool maintenance without having to acid wash it, replace the vinyl lining, or spend a day patching holes in the liner.The fiberglass swimming pool with a tanning ledge allows you to experience the warmth of the sun while staying cool in the refreshing water.

    Cons:A slippery pool surface is one of the biggest complaints that we see. In fact, fiberglass surfaces are so slick that users can slip and fall. This can be a real problem for pool steps, which can lead to serious falls and injuries.

    Benefits Of A Tanning Bench In Your Pool

    Swimming pools in Toronto come with all sorts of features, but one of the most popular customizations swimming pool builders are getting requests for are tanning ledges. A tanning ledge serves as an extension for your pool thats excellent for eating, reading, working, and of course, tanning. Many pool companies in Toronto view tanning ledges as a practical yet aesthetically pleasing feature that makes your swimming pool the centerpiece of your backyard.

    Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of a tanning ledge in your pool.

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    Why Ask Swimming Pool Builders For Tanning Ledge

    Tanning ledges create a multi-purpose space in your swimming pool and make it more versatile. Youre able to have a few light bites, some drinks, read, or even play games on your tanning bench without worrying too much about your belongings getting soaked in the deep end of the pool. When youre designing your new swimming pool, ask your swimming pool builders from Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs about how to add a tanning ledge to your pool.

    Can Hot Tubs Be Covered By Insurance

    Custom Pools

    Coverage for portable and in-ground spas is part of some homeowners insurance plans. Some insurance companies raise premiums for owning a spa, and others do not. Usually, homeowners insurance doesnt protect against physical damage to a hot tub unless your policy has been specially written to include this coverage. Speak with your insurance agent before purchasing or building your spa.

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    How Pool Shapes And Other Factors Affect Sun Shelf Design

    Not every pool or backyard space is made for a sun shelf. When designing the sun shelf for your new backyard retreat, one of our experienced Anthony & Sylvan Design Consultants will consider a variety of factors, including pool shape.

    Some pools can nicely accommodate a small sun shelf that is positioned in the shallow end of the pool. Some pools, however, are better suited to a platform-like sun shelf located in one corner of the pool. A larger platform provides more space to place chairs or can serve as an area for children to play while staying cool.

    Whatever your needs, whatever the size and shape of your backyard or pool, our Design Consultants will help you come up the best solution.

    Disadvantages Of An Indoor Hot Tub

    • The extreme weight of the hot tub may require additional support.
    • This amount of water will create a humid environment, so proper room ventilation is necessary.
    • Dehumidifying equipment can be noisy.
    • Where is the hot tub located? Will guests have to scurry through your living room to reach a changing room?
    • Is the hot tub room itself waterproof?
    • A permanent indoor hot tub will most likely require construction modifications to your home.

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    Vinyl Liner Pool Tanning Ledge Shapes Are Completely Customizable

    Vinyl tanning ledges are crack-proof, offer fast and easy liner replacement, and can be customized to enhance any vinyl liner pool design. The size and shape options are nearly endless, such as end-to-end rectangular ledges or curved ledges that extend from your vinyl pool steps. Get inspired for your pool design by our rectangular, semicircle and freeform vinyl tanning ledge examples below:

    Beyond The Box: Additional Design Ideas

    L Shaped DIY Inground Pool Kit With Tanning Ledge & Bench From Pool Warehouse!

    We have discussed some of the most frequently used approaches to upping the style ante on a rectangle pool shape, but by no means is this review comprehensive.

    Depending on your budget and style preference, your pool builder may suggest additional concepts to enhance the flair and character of your rectangle pool.

    Among them: a swim-up bar, swim-up table with seats, benches/loveseats, a bold contrasting coping color, fountain shelf enclosures, upgrade colors of interior pool finish, deluxe glass tile, pool-floor mosaics and accent tiles, and integrated landscape boxes.

    Your builder can also produce an appealing poolscape with an inventive patio deck design that brings attention to the pool with interesting materials, color, or pattern. Hardscape features like fire pits and built-in patio seating can also help draw in the eye to the poolscape.

    For more inspiration about designing outside the box, speak with your pool contractor. A seasoned builder will help you develop a plan that creates some wow factor to a rectangle layout.

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    Fiberglass Tanning Ledge Shape Options

    Fiberglass Gel Coated tanning ledges come in a variety of pre-engineered shapes and sizes to seamlessly integrate into any new or existing pool design. Our selection of rectangular and freeform tanning ledges shapes can be added to any inground pool, whether you have a fiberglass, vinyl liner or any other type of pool.

    What Is The Point Of A Tanning Ledge

    You already know that tanning ledges make a beautiful addition to your swimming pool . However, tanning ledges are more than just attractive decorations they also add functionality to your fiberglass or vinyl liner pool!

    Also known as sun shelves or Baja shelves, tanning ledges offer a spot to lounge and soak up some extra rays without having to leave the water. They can also be used as benches, making them perfect for pool parties, entertaining, or any occasion where you need some extra pool seating. Plus, their placement gives you a fun spot in the center of the action not from a distance on your deck. Whether you want to enjoy a cocktail, a book, a nap, or a party, tanning ledges help you get more mileage out of any pool size or design.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Have A Tanning Ledge

    It is not necessarily expensive to build a tanning ledge for your pool, depending on the size and materials you choose. Below are the most common materials used for tanning ledges depending on the type of pool you have.

  • Concrete. Concrete sun shelves naturally cost a few dollars. It could vary from $50-$200with building crew charges.
  • Vinyl. Its possible to install a Tanning Ledge on an inground vinyl swimming pool. Also known as a Baja Shelf or Sun Lounge, it replaces the standard drop-in white thermoplastic steps. Vinyl pool liners are usually only priced by a professional. Consulting is always a better idea since it allows professionals to estimate the price and the time to be consumed.
  • Fiberglass. Installing a fiberglass sun shelf with a built-in ledge might cost you around $5,000-$15,000 and an extra $370 for installation. If you disregard costs and prices, these three materials have various pros and cons that willmake you reconsider your choice.
  • Details You Will Appreciate

    A stunning modern pool with stone accents, sun shelf tanning ledge and ...

    The following equipment included with all pool kits!

    • 2 Pool Main Drains
    • Your Pick Of Any 20 Mil Pool Liner
    • 1.5 HP Pool Pump
    • 6 Bags of Sand For Your Filter
  • Safety Rope Kit & Rope Eye
  • Stainless Steel Step Handrail
  • With Polymer Anchors & Decorative Escutcheons
  • Stainless Steel Deep Entry Pool Ladder
  • With Polymer Anchors & Decorative Escutcheons
  • Powder Coated Aluminum Coping
  • 1 Bundle Of Rebar For Panels
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    Pool With Raised Perimeter

    Raised perimeter-overflow spas are becoming increasingly popular in pool and spa combinations.

    To create this unique design effect, the walls of the spa are set lower than the water level so that the water spills over the entire perimeter of the spa and into the pool. In reality, a small containment vessel captures the water and recirculates it back into the spa.

    A raised perimeter-overflow spa can be integrated with the pool or attached. When the spa is integrated with the pool, it can appear as though the spa was lifted out of the pool and is floating on top of the water.

    Raised perimeter-overflow spas are typically finished in tile to enhance the reflective quality of the water as it flows over and down the spa walls. The use of multicolored, iridescent glass tiles creates one of the most elegant visual displays, as the tiles glisten when the sunlight meets the water.

    The dark blue tiles on the perimeter-overflow spa provide a beautiful contrast against the pools aqua interior.

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    Tanning Ledges & Wading Areas That Suit All Ages

    Usually less than a foot deep, tanning ledges let you stay cool while you bask in the sun without being fully submerged in the water. Its the perfect place to read, enjoy a cocktail, or splash around with small children. Deeper than tanning ledges, wading areas are a great option for small children who want to play in the water but arent quite ready for the pools deep end.

    A bubbler is an attractive modern pool water feature you can add to these more shallow areas of an inground pool. They are entertaining for kids and relaxing for adults, offering up the best of both worlds.

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    Is A Tanning Ledge Worth It

    Our best advice is to include a tanning ledge in the plan of your new pool. The ledge’s price is worth the benefits, especially for frequent visitors, children, and water-loving pets.

    While we love the perks of a ledge, they are not cost-effective or easy to build into an existing pool. If you cannot shake the idea, we suggest sharing your thoughts with an established professional. They will help you create the pool of your dreams in the most reasonable manner possible.

    Geometric Swimming Pools Complement Your Homes Modern Architecture

    How To Build An Open Pour Top Swimming Pool Kit Tanning Ledge And Step

    If your home has sharp lines and strong architecture, a geometric swimming pool may be perfect for you. Clean lines and elegant design make our geometric custom pools a timeless way to refresh, entertain and unwind. Premier Pools geometric swimming pools are not standard, or cookie-cutter, pools. We will design a geometric pool to fit your unique property and imagination, incorporating a raised spa or cascading waterfall. There are no limitations your geometric pool design can be as unique as you wish.

    Especially perfect for your large, open spaces, a geometric swimming pool will stand out and stand strong, while still being the perfect place for your family to enjoy fun and relaxation. One type of geometric pool, a zero edge or vanishing edge, is used to highlight a view beyond the property line, such as a lake, ocean, or panoramic hillside. At Premier Pools and Spas, we have designed and built many beautiful geometric swimming pools.

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    What Are My Options For A Fiberglass Pool With A Tanning Ledge

    There are several ways to incorporate a tanning ledge into your backyard pool design, based on your priorities and how you plan to use your pool.

    • Get the maximum tanning ledge space. Many fiberglass pool designs such as the Wellspring, Aspen, Cathedral LX and Lil Bob LX make the tanning ledge part of the main pool basin. The ledge does take up the area that could otherwise be swim space, but it gives you the maximum amount of space for lounging, with ample room for swimmers to enter and exit the pool.
    • Consider a wet deck or wading pool. If you choose a fiberglass pool design without a built-in tanning ledge like the Goliath or Monolith, you can add a wet deckor a wading pool to the end or side of those designs. This gives you the benefits of a fiberglass pool with a tanning ledge without losing swim space. These additions can also be raised so that they spill over into the main pool basin, creating a dramatic effect and a wonderful eye-catching water feature.

    Should You Get A Fiberglass Pool With A Spa

    Having a pool in your backyard can be a luxurious experience on its own. Add a spa to that and youve got an outdoor resort.

    If youre thinking about a fiberglass pool with a spa for your home, youre in luck.We at River Pools have been manufacturing and installing fiberglass pools and spas for years, and our experts are happy to break down your FAQs here to help you decide if a fiberglass pool with a built-in spa is right for you.

    Lets start by explaining the pros and cons of choosing a pool model with a spa, and then well go over some frequently asked questions.

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    Can A Vinyl Pool Have A Tanning Ledge

    Not only can tanning ledges be added to vinyl pools in fact, vinyl liner pools offer some of the most flexible style and customization options available! Thats just one of the many benefits that vinyl swimming pools have to offer, not to mention their impressive durability and lower up-front costs when compared to fiberglass models.

    With vinyl liner pools, tanning ledges are generally installed in place of drop-in steps, making them integrated into the pools design. For people with mobility issues, such as elderly swimmers, tanning ledges can help make pool access safer and easier than needing to navigate a set of stairs.

    Can I Add A Tanning Ledge To My Pool

    Tanning Ledge Add

    Maybe youre concerned that your pool is too small, too shallow, or too asymmetrically-shaped to install a tanning ledge. But dont worry as long as you plan for a few factors first, a sun shelf can be added to almost any type of pool, especially a vinyl liner swimming pool designed by Latham!

    For instance, youll need to think about the ideal length, shape, and even color for the ledge, along with your budget and how it might impact your choice of construction materials. Youll also need to consider how many tanning ledges you want, along with the size and location of other pool features like fountains, steps, spillover spas, or waterfalls.

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    Led Lights For Enchanted Nighttime Swims

    Whether going for a solo evening swim or hosting nighttime outdoor gatherings, use LED lights to show off your pools water features such as a fountain or to light up stairs for safe entrances and exits. And for added entertainment, change colors with a simple tap of your phone.

    LED lights within your pool naturally help extend its use past when the sun goes down. While more cost-effective and eco-friendly compared to incandescent lights, LED alternatives are also more bright and intense .

    Why Are Tanning Ledges Questionable On Vinyl Liner Pools

    With a vinyl liner pool, the vinyl covers the tanning ledge as the floor surface.

    Vinyl liners are extremely thin. Theyre usually 2030 mils thick, about 810 sheets of paper stacked together. Thats little protection against the up-close-and-personal forces of dog claws and chair legs.

    Dogs and vinyl liners typically dont go together very well. If you have eight inches of water and a medium-to-large dog walking on the tanning ledge, it will most likely puncture the liner, and youll have to either patch or replace it.

    Lounge chairs are also abrasive. Over time, the friction will wear the liner out. If the chair has been set on the concrete or another rough surface and the bottom of the plastic is scratched up, the rough surface could damage the liner as well. More drastically, if you sit down and the chair moves too far too fast, it could tear the liner.

    Kids wont generally hurt the liner. But one incidentjust oneand youre either trying to patch it up, which may or may not last, or youre spending $4500 to replace the liner. No thanks.

    For this reason, we dont recommend adding tanning ledges to vinyl liner pools.

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