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Jj Outer Banks Hot Tub

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Worst: Points A Gun At Topper

This scene breaks my heart | JJ Outer Banks hot tub

This is another moment when JJ saves John B, though his methods are a little extreme here. When the Pogues throw a party on the beach, John B and Topper end up in a fight with Topper, a Kook dating the Kook princess Sarah Cameron.

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Topper threatens to drown John B in the waves, so JJ points a gun at him. It should be noted that he stole this gun from a dead man’s hotel room , along with a wad of cash.

Best: Stands By Pope After Ruining Topper’s Boat

After Pope is beaten up by Topper and Rafe for no reason, JJ encourages him to get his revenge and helps him damage Topper’s expensive boat. Pope is paranoid afterward, but JJ sticks by his side almost around the clock.

When the Pogues go to a movie, Rafe passes on a threat to the boys via Kiara, who has no idea what happened. Topper, Rafe, and Kelce watch them the whole night, so Pope and JJ aren’t focused on the movie. When Pope needs to go to the bathroom, he’s too scared to leave his seat alone, so JJ goes with him – only to be ambushed by the Kooks, but at least they face it together.

The Show Has Been Out For Quite A While Now And Fans Seem To Be Absolutely Loving It How Has It Been Seeing Their Reactions

Rudy Pankow: The truth is, is that you don’t really get the full dose of how big really is because you’re all quarantined, and the only thing you can see, basically, is social media numbers. Then, here and there, a phone call from Jonas , the show creator, or your agent or manager, being like, “It’s blowing up!” We don’t really see how big it’s getting, but it’s so amazing to see on social media how it’s being taken, and I’m excited to see if this means season two.

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Best: Saves Pope From A Criminal Record

outer banks t shirt jj in hot tub art print by bitchfield in 2020

This is JJ’s shining moment of the series when he proves his loyalty and goodness after displaying some questionable and criminal behavior. After the boat-sinking incident, Topper’s mom decides to press charges. Pope is about to get arrested by police when JJ takes his place. He doesn’t even think too hard about it.

Where Pope has a chance to get into a good college on a scholarship, JJ doesn’t have any prospects. He doesn’t regret his decision once and is very nonchalant about it afterward. Pope, on the other hand, is so grateful that he cries. After this whole debacle, the two are more like brothers than friends.

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Best: Saves His Friends From Security

The Pogues need an underwater camera to explore the Royal Merchant wreck, so they go to the salvage yard to borrow one. Kiara distracts the security guard while the boys go in. Unfortunately, a dog also guards the premises, quickly catching the security guard’s attention.

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The boys have split up after being chased by the dog, which JJ lures away from John B as he finds the equipment they need. JJ hides among the junk where he can’t be seen, but the security guard has his gun ready to shoot. Out of options, JJ raises his hands and tells a compellingly convincing lie that his father made him come. The guard lets him go and JJ walks away, smiling with tears in his eyes.

Jj’s Biggest Scene Is In Episode 7 When He Has The Breakdown In The Hot Tub How Did You Approach That As An Actor

RP: Valerie Weiss was the director for that episode, and I remember talking, specifically, about how I want to do it. “This is my vision, what’s yours?” And she really wanted me just to go and just to let it all out with the text and dialogue, and if something comes naturally, just to do it. I remember there’s definitely some stuff that wasn’t put in there, but there’s a lot of improv stuff near the end there about my dad. By the end I realized that I need to go to where all of this heartbreak and pain is coming from, and there’s some of that written, but I wanted to add a little bit of it in there myself.

There’s a little bit of it in there that I improved, and I was really moved and touched when they kept it in, thanks to the editors and the writers. Getting into that headspace is always challengingespecially when you can’t use your own parentsbecause I was lucky enough to have a father that didn’t beat me, that didn’t abuse me as a child. Every child is disciplined, but not to the extent that JJ was. It was really hard to use my own family and my own dad as somebody to trigger me to get to that place.

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Worst: Steals From A Crime Scene

In the series introduction, John B’s narration describes JJ as a “mild kleptomaniac”. He steals a lot of inconsequential items here and there, but more seriously, he steals from crime scenes – more than once.

The Pogues go fishing after the hurricane sweeps through the Outer Banks, only to find a sunken boat. John B gleans a set of keys from the wreck, which leads the crew to a motel room where John B and JJ find a safe containing stacks of cash and a gun – JJ takes some cash, the gun, and one of the patron’s personal items just before the cops show up to investigate. Later in the season, JJ steals $25,000 from a drug dealer. Both of these incidents result in long-term repercussions for JJ – both from his friends and legally.

Jj Outer Banks Hot Tub Picture

Hot Tub Scene | Outer Banks 2×04


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The Final Scene When The Parents Comfort The Pogues Was Heartbreaking Since Jj Didn’t Have Anyone There Pope’s Father Who Looked Down On Jj The Entire Season Embraces Jj And Sort Of Brings Him Into His Family Do You Think That Might Be Possible For Season Two

RP: Yeah, I do think so. I’m hoping because I loved working with Hayward and he’s an amazing actor. We loved playing that scene and really embracing each other in that scene. It was really amazing because I just felt so accepted. For season two, it would be amazing and funny to see Pope and JJ rooming together, or something. I think that’d be hilarious because it’d be opposites living amongst each other. I think there’s a lot of comedy that could play into that, but I don’t know yet.

What Has Been The Biggest Lesson You’ve Learned Playing Jj

RP: JJ is so self-sufficient, and I think I am as well. Paying attention to others and how you affect them is something that I learned as JJ. It was like, “Oh, you can’t just always be doing your own thing or else you hurt people when you only do your own thing.” But then, there’s a certain balance to it because if you only are out there seeing how you’re affecting others, you’re really not focused on how you affect yourself. JJ taught me how to balance both worlds of not only acting as JJ, but also balancing work and not work. If it’s cherishing your family time or being in a relationship at some point, there’s a balance to everything.

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Stream It Or Skip It: ‘national Treasure: Edge Of History’ On Disney+ An Expansion Of The Film Franchise Where A Young Treasure Hunter Unveils Family Secrets

With the second season of Outer Banks in full swing, the show has already given viewers all they could ask for and more. And by more, I mean more Rudy Pankow, who we know better as JJ Maybank, the loose cannon of the Pogues. This season did not fall short of giving us plenty of JJ content, and most importantly, an entire scene that established him as the best Pogue.

For those unaware, JJ is the quick-witted, sarcastically humored, and feisty best friend of John B and the rest of the Pogues. We often find him grappling with societys expectation of him living up to be a mere repetition of his criminal and abusive father. And, of course, we cant forget the time he stole $25,000 from a drug dealer to pay off his restitution but instead spent it on a hot tub in the first season. So if JJ so easily flies off the rails when his emotions become too much to handle, why is he the best of them all? If you were on the fence before, allow me to point out Season 2, Episode 5.

Of course, as stated before, his plan is asinine. JJ tells John B to fake appendicitis so that his cousin, whos an EMT, will show up to take him to the hospital, thus completing what he calls Operation Liberation. Of course, we all know Outer Banks well enough to know that nothing, and I mean nothing, goes according to plan. However, we see how far JJ was willing to go and how far he actually went for his friend, and not to mention how good he looked doing it.

The Importance Of The Hut Tub Scene


The hot tub scene with JJ is one of my favorite scenes in any show or movie Ive ever seen, and I want to explain why.

JJ through the whole season to this point has had a major ego issue, where he feels that he always needs to be a tough guy. He pulls guns, throws punches, and anything else that will show everyone around him that he’s tough. It’s not until we meet his dad that we ever really understand why his dad is the worst. Now, we get to the scene where Kiara and Pope find JJ sitting in the middle of a hottub that he spent all of the money on. At first it just seems like JJ is a little drunk, but you start to feel really tense, and can tell something is off about him. The characters seem to notice too, and keep asking him about everything. So why did JJ spend all that money on this stuff? He said it himself, he did it for his friends.

We dont know a lot about JJ’s dad but what we do know is that he loves money, and talks about it all the time. We see him get extremely upset about losing it, and overjoyed about gaining it. JJ knows that the only time his father seemingly loves him is when he brings him money, or otherwise makes himself useful. This carries over to JJ’s friendships. JJ desperately wants to be loved by someone. He puts effort into providing something in his friendships because he cant imagine that someone could love him just for being him. So he spends all this money on the hottub because he wants his friends to love him.

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Outer Banks Netflix Jj Hot Tub Scene

The scene where JJ was in the hot tub, talking about buying it for his family and him being so proud and then seeing his bruises afterhe stood up broke my heart. He’s been through so much sh*t and he still tries to give his friends everything, not to forget when he took the blame for destroying the boat. But this hot tub scene… idk, it did something to me. It made me think so much and when Kie got in and hugged him and Pope followed, that was such a great moment. I’d say it’s definitely one of the best scenes of the whole show so far.

Rudy Pankow Says He Improvised Jjs Hot Tub Scene

JJ reporting for duty


After the fight with his father, JJ went on a spending spree. He purchased an expensive hot tub and delivered a drunken speech to Kiara and Pope about why he spent the money. He became emotional and explained that he wanted to do something nice for his family, but soon admitted that he could no longer take his fathers abuse.

Pankow revealed to Seventeen that director Valerie Weiss permitted him to improvise during the scene, so he did.

She really wanted me just to go and just to let it all out with the text and dialogue, and if something comes naturally, just to do it. I remember theres definitely some stuff that wasnt put in there. But theres a lot of improv stuff near the end there about my dad, he explained. By the end, I realized that I need to go to where all of this heartbreak and pain is coming from, and theres some of that written, but I wanted to add a little bit of it in there myself.

Pankow continued to explain that he knew how important it was to take the scene seriously.

I think the scary part is that its real. Theres a lot of people out there that are abused by their parents, and I need to take it very seriously. I just dont want to make it feel like it isnt real, he added.

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Outer Banks: 5 Best Things Jj Does

JJ is one of the main characters on Netflix’s Outer Banks, living quite a complicated life. Let’s take a look at his best and worst actions so far.

Outer Banks was released on Netflix on April 15th to mixed but generally favorable reviews from critics, and overwhelming fan response. The series quickly climbed the streaming platform’s rankings to become the number one streamed program on Netflix.

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The first season follows John B and his friends, the Pogues, who are working-class kids except for Kiara, whose parents are wealthy – she chooses to be a Pogue with John B, Pope, and JJ. JJ lives with an abusive, neglectful father and works a part-time job when he’s not hanging out with his friends. Let’s find out the best and worst things he’s done so far.

Best: Saves John B From Dcs

Kie punches JJ’s dad | Outer Banks 2×08

JJ and John B have been best friends since childhood. Though all of the Pogues have a special bond, this pairing is unique. They’re known to disagree and get into physical fights, but they always support each other at heart.

The show’s first season centers around the disappearance and presumed death of John B’s father, and without any other carers present, Child Services are on his case. But John B is happy with his life as it is, and only the Sheriff is on his side. On one of the multiple occasions when DCS sneaks into his house to take him away, JJ happens to be outside, waiting for John B to arrive. He saves his friend from being taken to the mainland to a foster home.

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Have You Been Getting A Lot Of Fan Reactions Over That Scene Especially Since Many Teens Are Also Facing The Stuff That Jj Went Through

RP: I think this is why that scene’s so beautifuleverybody feels a little bit of abandonment in their life. I think everybody, to a certain extent, can relate with that. I have yet to find a story and I would be touched and moved if I had impacted somebody that had that happen to them. I will definitely take it very seriously to heart.

I posted a photo of me in the hot tub a couple of days ago, and people were like, “One of my favorite scenes, it’s so good.” I was really appreciative of it. I think the scary part is that it’s real. There’s a lot of people out there that are abused by their parents, and I need to take it very seriously. I just don’t want to make it feel like it isn’t real.

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