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Modern In Ground Hot Tub

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Build A Bench Surrounding Your Hot Tub

Custom Inground Hot Tubs

Photo via Archadeck of Central GA

If the sunken hot tub is too much work , another option is to build a bench around the spa for a nice clean, modern look. For most people, composite materials are more functional to use when constructing an area outdoors or around a hot tub. If you decide to use wood instead, make sure the wood is properly sealed . Your local home improvement store or contractor can assist you in what options fit best for your areas climate.

Raised Platform Hot Tub Design With Horizontal Stainless Steel Cable Railing

When building the new deck, a platform was made to hold the hot tub at a height conducive to regular use. When dining or lounging, the inviting hot tub is just steps away: ready and waiting. Integrate a horizontal stainless steel cable railing to give the design a modern look and feel. Tip provided by Bill Renter, Long Island Hot Tub, New York

How Much Does An Outdoor Spa Cost

The overall cost of buying and installing a hot tub or spa will depend on its location, type, size, and materials. According to HomeAdvisor, above-ground hot tubs average between $2,000 and $35,000 before installation, depending on the material. A $20,000 to $35,000 model typically seats 5 or more people and may include a sound system, a built-in bar, top-of-the-line insulation, and several massage jets.

In-ground spas cost between $15,000 and $20,000 on average. It’s often more cost-effective to build in-ground spas simultaneously with an in-ground pool. Aside from costs, the advantages and disadvantages of portable and in-ground spas vary.

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Modern Hot Tubs: Cozy Minimalist Design

A white acrylic hot tub with black frame is installed on this small deck which looks simply adorable. The white wood fence which surrounds the deck perfectly provides privacy and complements the minimalist style of the area. To make it look more attractive, some colorful flowers and greeneries decorate the deck which also freshen the atmosphere around.

Soothe Yourself To Sleep

Built In Hot Tub: Modern Above

Do you feel like youre not getting enough sleep at night? Youre not alone: according to the CDC, 1 in 3 Americans dont get enough sleep. Daily stress, chronic, insomnia and noise pollution are all contributing factors to this eye-opening statistic.

We betcha already know where were going with thisspas can help you sleep better! Our bodies internal temperature is lower at night than during the day, making it more difficult to lower our heart rate and drift off to dreamland. Soaking in a spa for 30 minutes can improve your blood circulation, raise your body temperature, and make it easier to fall asleep. Just dont fall asleep in your in ground spa.

Speaking of circulation, the miniature waterfall connecting the in ground spa to the rest of the pool provides several uses. First, the mere sound of gently bubbling water is proven to increase relaxation. Second, the moving water creates a sense of movement to an otherwise static environment. A waterfall like this can serve as a centerpiece that pulls people deeper into the luxury of your backyard. Finally, waterfalls are one of the best ways to subtly circulate water throughout the pool. This keeps the temperature balanced and prevents build up of bacteria.

Even the ducks think in ground spas are the pinnacle of relaxation!

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Swimming Pool Companies In Richmond Hill

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Keep It Simple With A Short Multi

Photo via Hometalk

Interject smooth, symmetrical lines in your backyard design with this multi-step short deck, accented with a stone path, pergola, raised bench, and colorful patio umbrella. Large enough to comfortably entertain guests, you can incorporate shrubs, trees, and other vegetation to the area to add shade and privacy.

Key insight:

  • As you design your dream outdoor space, keep cost and maintenance in mind. How much time and money do you want to invest in your backyard? If you can hire a gardener to handle the upkeep, great, but if youre dreading spending hours doing yard work, create an outdoor space that is low maintenance.

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Include A Flowing Fountain Feature To Amplify Peace And Relaxation

Photo via Madison Planting & Design Group

Water features are a wonderful focal point to include in your outdoor design. Plus, by incorporating the four elements into your space, youre involving all your senses and adding value to your property.

Key insights:

  • Add a foot path in your backyard design , install a fire pit of tiki lamps , hang wind chimes , and include a fountain, pool, or hot tub to enhance your outdoor space and reconnect with your senses.

Integrate Dramatic Architectural Lighting Into Your Design

Hot Tub Ideas that fit into your Landscape

By integrating dramatic architectural lighting into a hot tub design scheme you will create a multifunctional entertaining area that can be used as a relaxing spa experience by day and the ultimate party venue by night. Tip provided by Nick Leith-Smith, Architecture and Design, London

Photo via McKay Landscape Lighting

Not only does this add a beautiful lighting design to your deck, but it is also a safety feature that helps keep people from falling down/up your steps. This stunning design uses cascading soft light to enhance the outdoor area.

Key insights:

  • Lighting should be there to accompany the space. Keep deck lighting low key so it doesnt distract from your outdoor design, but enhances the space instead.

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Create Raised Benches And Tables From Concrete Blocks

Photo by Better Home and Gardens via The Urban Homestead

If youre working on a budget, use cement blocks to create a striking patio design in your backyard. Throw in some colorful pillows and seat cushions to make this a cozy place to sit. Plus, give your ground cover a fun design with these circular foot steps surrounded around gravel. Can you picture how great your hot tub would look sitting in this setting?

Wood Gives Your Outdoor Space Warmth

Photo by Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture via Houzz

Use wood to give the space warmth and rhythm while also distracting the eye from the different window heights. Interest is created by building out off of the existing walls, which have given depth to the space through the use of light-box windows. Tip by Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture, California

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Why Choosing Dell Outdoor For Your Pool:

ï 38 Years of Experience and Knowledgeï High Quality Craftsmanship On-Time and within a Budgetï Cost Effectiveï Complete Turnkey Deliverables By Our Own Personnelï Great Designs and Colorsï Smooth Finishï Certified Supplier Of Best Of Breeds Products âï Professional sales team, architect & engineer on staff, experienced project management on site, all empowered to exceed our customers expectations.ï All pools and spas are fabricated to meet IAPMO and ANSI standards

Embrace The Desert Look

Pin on For the Home

Photo by Kikuchi + Kankel Design Group via Style Motivation

For those who live in a desert climate or wants to eliminate grass from their backyard landscape, rocks and native plants are an excellent idea to create a unique, yet stunning, look.

Key Insights:

  • Add plants to the landscape which are native to the area. Your local garden center or landscaper can advise you which plants would be the best to choose.

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Contemporary Japanese Soaking Tub Roof Deck

Instead of a traditional jacuzzi design, this deck features a spa thats closer to a Japanese soaking tub. It offers higher sides, making it easier to stay submerged while sitting up.

The deck makes accessing this higher tub easier thanks to the steps. While the side is used as a display space, it could also function as a bench, giving this design a bit more versatility.

Overall, this rooftop deck has a contemporary vibe. However, the presence of lap siding also makes it a bit transitional, so it could work with nearly any aesthetic.

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The Size Of The Pergola

When determining the size of the pergola, there are three main options to consider:

  • You can build a small pergola that will only fit your tub. This is the least expensive option that will provide the desired comfort and coziness. Check out our Small Hot Tub Pergola Ideas section.)
  • You can build a larger pergola that will allow for a decking area around your sunken tub to serve as seating and provide space for a built-in bar. See the Hot Tub Pergola with Bar Ideas section for inspirational images.
  • You can build an over-sized pergola that will also house a seating patio area, a grill, and a fire pit, all under its roof.
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    Composite Hot Tub Decks

    Do you love the look of wood, but find the maintenance required a bit tedious? You arent alone. Wood looks beautiful the day its installed. But then it requires regular cleaning, staining, and sealing. Fail to do this, and your wood will fade, splinter, and warp. This will look ugly and be dangerous for people to walk on barefoot.

    An alternative deck material to this is to use composite. It costs about the same or slightly more per square foot than cedar wood decking .

    You gain a lot of advantages for the extra cost. You dont have to sand, seal, stain, or paint it. Just give it a cleaning once or twice a year, and youre done. Composite decking is also stain, insect, and fade resistant, so itll look beautiful for years longer than a natural wood deck. You can expect your natural wood deck to last about 10 to 30 years, while composite can easily outlast that and may last as long as 50 years.

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    Pros And Cons Of Outdoor Hot Tubs

    How We Made Our In Ground Stock Tank Pool and Hot Tub

    Its easier to install and deliver a hot tub in your backyard than in your home. A level concrete pad or a reinforced deck are the most common surfaces where hot tubs are installed. Installing a foundation and making the required outdoor electrical connections is much simpler than moving a wall in your home. Thus, the overall installation cost should be lower than an indoor hot tub. Also, if a hot tub is installed outdoors, theres no need to worry about proper ventilation.

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    Make Your Spa Truly Unique

    While aboveground pre-made hot tubs may have some options for customization, an inground spa offers nearly limitless design possibilities. You can include features such as colored lights, jets, bubblers, fountains, a Pebble Tec finish, and more. We can help you design the perfect spa for you, down to the smallest detail.

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    Modern Hot Tub: Cozy Swim Spa

    If you want to use your hot tub more than just for a relaxing spot, a swim spa is a good alternative that you can consider. It offers a more spacious area so you can do an endless swimming exercise besides massaging your body. This idea shws a swim spa which is surrounded by concrete construction. The design of the frame with the exposed brick style makes it perfect for you who love vintage rustic decorating style.

    This one is basically a small deck with a canopy which is the additional area in a spacious backyard. With a big hit tub installed, the deck becomes a simple outdoor living space which looks and feels so inviting to enjoy. The natural finish of the deck blends with the outdoor surrounding in a very beautiful way.

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    Connect Your Hot Tub With Your Pool

    Photo via Gib San Pools

    What is impressive about this kind of design is that you can create a spillway between the hot tub and pool. If you live in a cooler climate and will be unable to use your pool during the winter months, keeping your hot tub seperate from your pool is probably your best option.

    Ensure Your Structure Can Support A Hot Tub

    Modern Above Ground Hot Tub : Rickyhil Outdoor Ideas

    Photo by Better Homes and Gardens

    For saving sight lines around small spaces, sinking the hot tub in the deck area is an excellent idea. When recessing your hot tub into a deck, leave about 16-18 rise above the deck to allow for the cover to fit over the hot tub when not in use. Keeping your hot tub covered when not in use will save energy, prolong the life on the spa and avoid unnecessary hot tub maintenance.

    Key insights:

    • Sunken decks, if not structured correctly, can create additional stress you dont want. When installing a hot tub in your deck, ensure the structure is stable to support the weight of a completely filled hot tub safely without shifting.

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    Call A Professional If Needed

    Hot tubs are complex pieces of machinery, and sometimes they need to be serviced by a professional. If you are having any problems with your hot tub, or if you just want peace of mind, call a hot tub service company to have your hot tub serviced.

    Here are five Spa and Hot tub care tips that will serve you in handling 95% of tasks:

    • Test and adjust your spa water balance 24 times per week.
    • Clean the spa filter every 12 weeks, and replace annually.
    • Keep the spa clean drain and refill every 34 months.
    • Air out the spa cover twice per week.
    • Add water as needed to keep the spa full.

    Thats all there is to it! If you have any questions about the order of hot tub care activities, or if youre seeking for more advice on how to maintain a hot tub correctly, check out Leslies Hot Tub Maintenance Checklist for more information.

    How Much Will The In

    Make sure to not only consider upfront investment costs when calculating your budget, but also monthly operating costs. You will see these operational costs primarily in your energy and utility bills as well as monthly maintenance and servicing fees. Keep in mind that you can cut costs on regular maintenance by doing it yourself.

    Find Local Hot Tub Pros

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    Modern Hot Tubs Designed To Soak In

    Little Glass House by JGS Designs

    Rejuvenate at the end of the day in one of these 10 modern hot tubs.

    Modern hot tubs can be a stylish addition to any garden, big or small. Not only are they a great way to help you relax and nurture your wellbeing, they can enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor space.

    Modern Hot Tub: Simply Gorgeous Decor


    An acrylic hot tub with roto-molded frame is installed on a small paved area which becomes the main attention grabber around this backyard. Some greeneries also decorate the area which enhances its attractiveness in a very natural way. Its definitely an inspiring idea that you can try for you who have a backyard with limited space.

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    The Ultimate Guide To Luxury In Ground Spas

    It goes without saying, but well say it anyway: no pool is complete without an in ground spa. You can have your beach balls and swim laps, well be sliding down into our heated in ground spa and letting out a satisfied Ahhhh.

    As we design and build luxury backyards, the focus is often on the pool before the spa. Its understandable, the pool is typically four or more times larger in size and hot Florida days are on the forefront of our minds than chilly winter nights. Still, we have a soft spot for in ground spasjust like those massaging jets hit that soft spot on our lower back juussst right.

    Give Your Guests A Getaway Of Their Own In A Sunken Stone Lounge

    Photo via Garden Shop of Homewood

    Sunken lounges are all the rage right now, so why not include them in your outdoor space? This stone patio with an inground spa is perfect for leisure and relaxation. Include greenery for some privacy, as well as lamps and other decor features to make the space pop.

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