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The Best Inflatable Hot Tubs: Which One Is Right For You

Incredible Deck With Built in Hot Tub – Full Backyard Makeover Time Lapse

The benefits of soaking in a hot tub are bountiful, from better sleep to enhanced relaxation. However, owning a hot tub and experiencing all its benefits may seem out of reach if youre on a tight budget. Thankfully, inflatable spas are an affordable option. And they even offer the same functions as traditional hot tubs. Dont know which brand and model to choose? Today we put together a comparative guide of the best inflatable hot tubs on the market.

Welcome To Sherman Oaks

Welcome to Lifestyle Outdoor in Sherman Oaks, California! We are located on the busy and well-known Sepulveda Blvd., between Burbank and Oxnard in the same retail center as BevMo! and PetCo. We first opened our doors in 1982 and have had our Sherman Oaks location for over 20 years. We serve as the central hub for our other locations, with dispatch for service technicians and parts. Through our Sherman Oaks location, we have delivered thousands of spas throughout the San Fernando Valley, along with cover replacements and water care products.

Our sales and service area includes Sherman Oaks, along with surrounding communities such as Van Nuys, Valley Green, North Hollywood, Beverly Glen, Bel Air, Encino, and Lake Balboa. Contact us to learn more about our backyard leisure products or to get started today.

People Capacity And Dimensions

To get a hot tub specifically for two people, you need to look at the dimensions. Tubs measuring 71 to 75 inches are great for two people. Others that measure 75 to 77 inches are for 3 to 4 people, and 77 to 85 inches are for more than four people.

Knowing this will enable you to select the right tub for you, indoor tub or not.

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Why A Plug And Play Hot Tub

EASY INSTALL: Almost instant happiness might be a bit of an exaggeration. You do need to fill it, plug it in and heat it up. But thats really it!!

The toughest part of plug and play installation is waiting for the water to heat , and preparing the site prior to delivery.

PORTABILITY: Of course theres a ton of reasons to buy a plug and play hot tub, but for us perhaps the one of the most compelling is that they are portable. Not portable in the sense of an inflatable tub, but portable nonetheless.

They can be re-sited depending on the season, or even brought undercover for the winter months if you prefer.

YEAR ROUND ENJOYMENT: Pretty much all plug and play hot tub models can be used outside year round no matter what the weather conditions.

Lots of folks actually look forward to their winter hot tubbing. To get the very best winter hot tub experience many owners do opt to upgrade power to 240v, but its certainly not a necessity.

PRICE: Plug and play hot tubs can be purchased starting from around $2000.00, so you and your family can all enjoy the invigorating health benefits of a hot tub at a price that wont necessarily make your eyes water.

The lower end budget hot tubs still provide a brilliant hot tub experience.

Lets face it a hot tub is all about soothing warm water, and plenty of stimulating jets. All the lower ticket tubs offer all of that. A few bells and whistles might not be available but jet power and hot water theyve got in abundance.

Visit Our Sherman Oaks Showroom

Hot Tub Reviews and Information For You: Outdoor Hot Tub

Is it time to bring your Sherman Oaks backyard back to life? Visit our team of experts at Lifestyle Outdoor to find the best hot tub, sauna or swim spa for your lifestyle. We can also help you to further maximize and maintain your spa installation with a range of accessories, water care products and so much more. To get started, visit our showroom at 5830 Sepulveda Blvd. in Sherman Oaks today.


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Essential Hot Tubs 20 Jet Plug And Play Hot Tub


The Powerful Essential Hot Tubs 20 Jet Arbor Spa

  • DIMENSIONS: Round tub 80.5 x 80.5 x 34.5 inches.
  • JET COUNT : 20 x Stainless steel jets nicely spaced to give the best hot tub experience for five people
  • PUMP: An energy efficient 2 Peak HP 2-speed pump takes care of the circulation and the jets.
  • SHELL CONSTRUCTION: Rotationally moulded with contour style seating for six.
  • COLOUR OPTIONS: This model comes with three colour choices, the highlighted cobblestone, a really pleasant light sandstone or millstone.
  • FEATURES: Nice tight fitting cover thats tapered from the centre hinge to the edge to stop pooling. Mood lighting installed in the footwell.
  • CAPACITY: Accommodates five adults quite comfortably, six at a push.
  • POWER: 110V 15-20A. Can convert to 220v
  • WARRANTY: Original owners lifetime guarantee on structure and shell and 1 Year Limited on plumbing and equipment. Correct at time of writing.

Why You Should Winterize A Hot Tub

A lot of people wonder whether they need to winterize a hot tub. Our verdict is to winterize a hot tub. Proper winterization prevents your hot tub from being damaged. The water in the pipes freezes if the temperature drops below 32°F, frozen water expands, and when there is no space left, the pipes can crack because of the pressure.

You may have also read that instead of winterizing the tub, it is advised to keep a hot tub running at low speed or in sleep mode. Although it may work, it has a lot of pitfalls.

  • Firstly, your hot tub will need to be well looked-after .
  • Secondly, you will have to keep an eye on the water temperature. If the water is not warm enough, it will freeze and lead to damages. This means that you will not be able to travel somewhere for a few weeks. If the outside temperature drops dramatically, the water may freeze. Frozen water will lead to leaks and cracks in pipes.

So, is it worth it? Not really. Its more beneficial and practical to spend several hours to winterize your hot tub properly.

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Coleman Saluspa Havana Air Jet Inflatable Hot Tub


One of the highest rated small inflatable hot tubs on Amazon, the Coleman Saluspa seats two to four people, and sets up with ease. The water heats up to 104 degrees, and the remote control handles everything from temperature to bubble making, meaning you dont have to get out of the hot tub to change anything. The cover clips on for safety and for holding in heat.

Jacuzzi: Best Luxury Hot Tub Company

Portable Wood Fired Hot Tubs – Salty Barrel Kickstarter Video

Considered by many to be the most iconic hot tub brand, Jacuzzi has a range of 26 hot tubs to choose from. Despite its transparent pricing tiers, it is undeniable that youll find buying a Jacuzzi tub a lot easier if you have a larger budget. The brand has only two hot tubs in its most budget range, but five in the luxury range. The brand offers hot tubs in two seater models, but it goes up to nine seaters, which is the best option for those hoping to entertain friends and family in their new hot tub.

Jacuzzi was founded to offer hydrotherapy for those suffering with arthritis, but these tubs also come with an attractive exterior and numerous color options. Although theres no explicitly energy-saving hot tubs, Jacuzzi designs its tubs to preserve the heat from the motor and use this to warm the water. The jet system uses a mix of air and water to provide high-pressure massages, and the jet placement targets key muscles from your neck to your legs.

The Jacuzzi warranty depends on the tub you buy, but they go up to ten years on the shell structure, and five years on the electrical system. Its not the best weve seen, but this is a pretty standard industry coverage.

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Home Spa Or Hot Tub In

Sheryl Geerts is an editor and author who has nearly three decades of writing and editing experience. She enjoys writing about garden, food, and home topics. Her bylines have appeared in Better Homes & Gardens, Allrecipes, Martha Stewart Living, and several other national publications. Sheryl earned her Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication with an emphasis in advertising/public relations and journalism, as well as a minor in business administration from St. Ambrose University. She then also earned a Master of Arts in Mass Communication with an emphasis in integrated marketing communications from Drake University.

Whether you’re planning a backdoor retreat or an indoor getaway, you’ll need to consider a few issues before purchasing and installing a home spa or hot tub. Although less involved than planning for a pool, installing a spa or hot tub isn’t a task to be taken lightly.

Key issues you’ll need to consider before building your home spa include:

  • Should I get a spa or hot tub?
  • Do I want a portable or in-ground unit?
  • Will it be indoors or outside?
  • What level of disruption will the installation entail?
  • What zoning restrictions will I face?
  • How will my insurance be affected?
  • How can I keep my family and guests safe?

Newport 4 Person Plug And Play Hot Tub

The Newport Plug and Play Tub Features

  • DIMENSIONS: 61 x 70 x 29.5 inches.
  • JET COUNT : 14 x stainless steel jets well placed for maximum effect. The lounger has enough dedicated jets for a brilliant relaxing session.
  • PUMP: This plug and play tub runs from a 2 speed 2 peak HP high efficiency pump. It really provides a great invigorating hot tub experience
  • HEATER: A 1Kw/4Kw Balboa all-season stainless steel heater. Balboa equipment is the quality benchmark for hot tub heaters.
  • COLOUR OPTIONS: Three really nice understated options. Variations of beige and grey.
  • CAPACITY: 200 gallons to recommended level. This water capacity heats fast with 110v but switch to 240v and it has it up to temperature in minutes.
  • POWER: Dedicated 110V 15A or can convert to 240v if desired.
  • WARRANTY: Very comprehensive. At the time of writing the spa cabinet and shell surface 5 years. Spa shell 10 years, and plumbing and equipment 1 year.

What Owners Like

  • Fast water temperature build and powerful jets. Once built it holds temperature well too.
  • Nice build quality and plenty of features to enjoy. The mood lighting is especially popular with owners. The cover is well made and a snug fit.
  • Plenty of well placed jets. And a really comfortable tub to sit in. Owners found the two speed pump adjustment useful
  • Amazing price / quality ratio.

What Owners Dont Like So Much

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Best Plug And Play Hot Tub

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A good plug and play hot tub offers a really brilliant solution for anybody looking for a great hot tub experience with the minimum of hassle, mess or disruption.

A plug and play hot tub is delivered to your door and is pretty much ready to fill, heat and enjoy.

This type of hot tub is so popular for its easy convenience. They dominate the market between inflatable tubs and fully built in spas.

Some of the best plug and play hot tubs need not be super expensive either, if you are looking for a tub full of extra features they are available, but obviously at a premium.

Waterfalls, light shows, ozonators, water softeners etc are built in to some tubs, and options on others.

Theyre all pretty nice to have, but they dont really add much to the stimulating, rejuvenating experience of a hot tub.

Jet count, pump pressure and heater power and great insulation are what we are looking when we choose a hot tub.

Our experts have curated this years best plug and play hot tub options. Theyve looked at on board equipment, build quality, visual impact , user experience and price / quality ratio.

Which Hot Tubs Have The Best Warranty

New Two 2 Person Hydrotherapy Bathtub Hot Bath Tub Whirlpool Heated ...

Investing in a hot tub for your home will bring boundless fun and relaxation into your home, but how can you feel reassured about your purchase for years to come? A sturdy warranty will give you peace of mind when it comes to your tub, and mean that theres help on hand if you run into a range of issues.

In the top-rated brands we looked at, warranties can stretch from one year to 35 years and often, the type of warranty attached to a tub will depend on how high-end it is. For example, a luxury range of tubs within the PDC brand has a 35-year warranty to back it up, so that you can feel reassured when splashing the cash that theres a hefty guarantee to back your purchase up. Other brands offer a blanket warranty on all of their models, such as ThermoSpas, which will provide cover for ten years after purchase.

Taking the plunge and installing a hot tub is a major financial decision, so its well worth factoring in a good warranty for your purchase. Be sure to look at the small print of any guarantee too and suss out whether it covers the shell, plumbing parts, or the whole model.

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Have You Found The One

There are many inflatable spas to choose from, and many of them come with amazing features. But the best way to know which is best for you is to compare models and consider what you want from an inflatable hot tub.

Once youve purchased the perfect inflatable spa, dont forget maintenance essentials like chlorine and bromine . Check out the iopool shop for everything you need to keep your hot tub water clean and ready for a soak.

Customize Your Experience With Accessories

Marquis manufactures our own line of heavy-duty hot tub accessories called Environments. Add convenience and beauty to your hot tub area with matching entry steps and benches, some of which feature extra storage. Designed to match your hot tub , and sharing the same high-quality, all-weather materials used in our spas. A variety of other options and accessories are also available. Browse Accessories

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How Big Should A Hot Tub Be

Make sure you choose the right hot tub size by considering, firstly, how many people will be using it, and secondly, the space you have available. Small hot tubs will fit two-three people larger hot tubs can fit eight or more. Most hot tub manufacturers websites list both the dimensions of each hot tub and how many people can sit comfortably within the tub, so you can be sure you’re picking the right size.

Best 2 Person Hot Tub For Great Hydrotherapy Experiences

Hot Tub Ideas that fit into your Landscape

2 Person hot tubs are the best option for mixing relaxation, hydrotherapy, and solitude. You get to soak and relax by yourself or with the person you love after a long day. We’ve curated a list of the best two-person hot tubs so that you can choose the best 2 person hot tub for you.

Hot tubs are great at soothing sore muscles and offloading the stress of the day. You can get into your two-person hot tub after exercise or when you want to relax. You can use two-person hot tubs for intimate settings or platonic settings. The world is your oyster. Let’s have a look at some of the best hot tubs in the market.

What’s On This Page?

This best 2 person hot tub is high-functioning in its performance and large and roomy enough to accommodate two adults very comfortably. With 20 stainless steel jets that deliver an amazing experience, you can enjoy this two-person hot tub with your loved one anytime. The impact-resistant and tough polyethylene shell is enduring and will last you a long time.

Measuring 80 x 68 x 31 inches, this two-person hot tub is barrier-free has state-of-the-art digital controls that allow you to operate the hot tub as you enjoy yourself comfortably. The dual-zone air controls direct the water where you need it most. The arctic full foam insulation means that your water will retain its heat and temperature longer. There’s also an efficient heat recovery system that ensures your water remains hot.

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A Hot Tub House You Can Enjoy In Winter

In addition, the polycarbonate walls add privacy and ambiance to create your own relaxing oasis. However, the upper windows and top skylight allow natural light through during the day.

Although this outdoor structure has walls on all sides, it is large enough to feel spacious inside. With most 6-7 person hot tubs measuring about 7 feet square, this enclosed area provides plenty of room to move around.

Plus, the 9.5 foot high ceiling, upper windows and skylight prevent you from feeling confined. Rather, this outdoor living space feels very comfortable, cozy and relaxing.

In fact, one wall of the enclosure consists of mostly windows. Open the doors and enjoy a refreshing view of the outdoors while being completely protected from weather.

Plug And Play Hot Tubs

Plug & Play hot tubs are hot tubs with a power cord included. They are usually made with an acrylic interior and a wood, metal or plastic exterior. These portable spas are self-contained and have everything they need to operate. They use about 110 volts, making them quick and easy to use. Simply plug them directly into an electrical outlet.

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