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Pool Table Dining Room Table

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This table comes with everything you need to play. The additional game boards fit securely on top of the pool table, and the only time-consuming transformation is the foosball table. A feature I really liked about the foosball table is the manual scorers on each side there are never any scoring disputes with this.

Though there are a lot of accessories and decks, you dont have to worry about where to put themsimply store the game boards under the pool table. Now you dont have to worry about losing any extra pieces.

If your family is tired of playing ping pong with you all the time, you can easily distract them with one of these other gamesbriefly, then go straight back to ping pong.

Elegant Game Room Design With Orange Pool Table

Orange poo table with a white wooden frame is popping up in this game room. Glamorous chandeliers right above the pool table. Green plants and zebra cowhides make a tropical atmosphere with the help of the orange color. Armchairs provide a relaxing area next to the window.

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Browse Our Convertible Pool And Dining Tables

Blatt Billiards offers one of the most impressive selections of convertible pool dining tables available anywhere.

Not sure which table is right for your space? Our team is here to help. Contact us at 212.674.8855 for details about any of our convertible billiard dining tables and for more information about customization and pricingor visit one of our showrooms.

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Simba Usa Inc Model Snooker Full Accessories 7 Pool Table

The bold blue felt contrasts beautifully with the deep wood of the frame of this pool table, which makes it a very attractive piece to enjoy in your dining room.

Not only can you easily store all of the pool accessories inside the table when you arent playing, but the cover is light enough that most any member of your family can easily lift it to be able to play a game whenever they want. Youre sure to love the durable surface of the table, as it can stand up to a lot of use without damage.


  • Attractive blue felt is unexpected and is sure to catch the attention of any guest that you have in your home
  • The slightly larger size makes game play feel much more realistic and is sure to inspire you to play


  • At 328 pounds, this table is very heavy, and you will need assistance to move it to a new location in your home, or you will scratch your floor

How To Convert A Pool Table Into A Dining Table

Convertible Dining Pool Table

Converting a pool table into a dining table is incredibly easy and straightforward. Most pool tables with dining tops come with a removable dining surface that drops in around the cushions and rails and slides directly into place over the table. Voila, youll instantly transform your pool table into a highly aesthetic dining table.

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How Wide Is A Pool Table

Pool tables widths range from 50 to 35 inches wide.

6 foot pool tables are between 35 – 37 inches wide.

7 foot pool tables are between 37 – 39 inches wide.

8 foot pool tables are 44 inches wide.

8 ½ foot pool tables are 46 inches wide.

9 foot pool tables are 50 inches wide.

10 foot pool tables are 56 inches wide.

12 foot pool tables are 70 inches wide.

Dining Pool Table Combo

The convertible dining pool tables in our collection masterfully blend form and function. These multi-purpose tables make it easy to transform your game table into a dining surface in minutes.

With a multi-leaf table top design, our convertible billiards tables give you the option of creating a partial or full dining surface.

When you need a full table for family meals or dinner parties, the sections merge seamlessly into one solid piece. The result is a perfectly smooth dining top that is virtually indistinguishable from a traditional table.

And when its game time, our conversion dining pool table combos provide a genuine billiards experience that meet the standards of the Billiard Congress of America.

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Newport Combo Set With Benches Features:

  • Pool table playfield: 74.75L x 36.75W x 3/4 thick MDF with red felt
  • Multi-functional table with reversible 2-piece melamine dining/table tennis top: 84L x 47W x 5/8H
  • Driftwood melamine top rail with 1/2 white inlay sights and chrome-plated corner castings
  • Driftwood melamine side, end and leg panels with independent leg levelers
  • 2 leatherette padded bench seats with dual hydraulic EZ-lifters and built-in lined storage: 67L x 12.625W x 19.75H
  • MDF Top, more stable than solid wood and stands up better to changes in heat and humidity.
  • 1/4 Flat Edge Bumpers
  • Accessories included: two 2-piece 57 pool cues, set of 2.25 pool balls, plastic triangle ball rack, cue chalk, table tennis net and posts, 2 paddles and 2 table tennis balls
  • WARNING: choking hazard contains small parts and a small ball. Not for children under 3 yrs.

Newport Combo Set with Benches Includes:

  • Two 2-piece 57 Pool Cues
  • Set of 2.25 Pool Balls
  • Plastic Triangle Ball Rack
  • Table Tennis Net and Posts
  • 2 Paddles and 2 Table Tennis Balls


  • Free LTL Freight With Curb Side Delivery To Select States!
  • Select Shipping State Above For Freight Options
  • Assembly Required

What Games Do You Love The Most

Pool Table Dining Room Table

For some, the 10-in-1 table may not suit your needsmaybe you dont need a basketball hoop to go with your ping pong table. But if youve been petitioning to get a ping pong table in your house, this could be the bargaining chip you need to make it happen.

If your significant other wants a pool table, but you want a ping pong table, get the Hathaway Spartan 6-Ft Pool & Table Tennis Multi Game Table. It has a classic look that will fit in with any decor, and it satisfies everyones needs.

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Reno 7 Pool Table With Dining Top Included

If you are looking for a pool and dining table that will be the centerpiece of your dining room, then this table is a great option. The attractive wood grain on this table has been attractively highlighted, thanks to the stain, and the durable legs ensure that your table will not wobble while you are playing. Because this table has been made from solid wood, it is very heavy, and you will likely need help from a few friends moving it, but once it is in its permanent location in your home, it will be a great addition to your space.


  • Just as functional as a larger pool table, but able to fit into a smaller space
  • Includes the basic accessories that you need to play a game of pool


  • Some users do not like the color of the felt and how it contrasts with the wood frame of the table

Rio Grande Slate Pool Table

Rustic and beautiful, the Rio Grande is just as beautiful as it is sturdy. Strong post and beam legs support a 3-piece slate and rubber cushions for superior playability. Choose from two different custom finishes, and a choice of twenty-five felt colors for a billiards table that is truly exceptional. This premium slate pool table is also available at 8 if youre interested in a slightly larger table.

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Professionally Installed Pool Tables

We have been selling and servicing all makes of pool tables for over 25 years. This has given us first-hand knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of the different construction features used in the many different brands of pool tables. We have put this knowledge to use in selecting which brands of new pool tables to sell. Buy a pool table from the pool table experts.

How can we sell you a $4199 pool table for only $2899? How do we operate with such low pool table sale prices?

We order our pool tables directly from the manufacturer effectively cutting out the middle man. We also focus on ordering only a few of the most popular types of pool tables in very large quantities allowing us to negotiate heavily discounted pricing. As we sell directly from our website we are able to run a streamlined operation with much lower overhead than a traditional billiard business. It is our mandate not to trade off quality of materials or workmanship to reduce the price. We are proud of the products that we have selected to sell to our customers. Save money by purchasing your pool table at the discounted wholesale price instead of paying full retail price.

Quickly Switch Between Sports

The Spartan Rollover Pool Table

The table tennis top is solidly made . This mimics a traditional table closer than any other multi-game table. Thenet is custom-made to fit the table perfectly, and the sturdy posts will keep it taught. Theres nothing worse than a droopy net.

The high-quality materials on this conversion tables billiard side give you the most out of your shots. It features a poly-sealed playing surface with blended felt and well-made rubber cushions.

The player package includes everything you need to get the ball rolling: 1 ping pong table, 2 paddles, 2 balls, 1 net, 2 posts, 1 pool table, 2 cues, a complete set of pool balls, and even a racking triangle.

Although this is a bit smaller than a traditional ping pong table, the quality overshadows that. Being this small just means you can use it in more spaces where a regulation ping pong table wouldnt fit.

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Playcraft Yukon River Slate Pool Table With Dining Top

Best Rustic Pool Dining Table


8 Pool Table with Dining Top: 101 L x 57 W x 33 H/ 850 lbs.


  • Manufactured to BCA standards
  • 1-year warranty

Finally, Playcraft offers another incredible pool-dining table combo with the Yukon River Slate Pool Table. This pool table features a hand-crafted weathered hardwood frame and optional dining top in a Northern Drift or Weathered Fieldstone finish. Add on a couple of matching chairs, and you have a contemporary dining table set that combines rustic with modern elements for a truly unique design.

This pool dining table also includes a soft 21oz blended wool available in 25 different colors, k55 profile rubber gum cushioning, and appointed rails with inlaid sights. Customers can trust in the quality theyre receiving, as this table is made to BCA standards and backed by a 1-year limited warranty.

As a result, this pool table offers a unique and stylish pool table and dining table combo that will transform any dining room into a fun game room for friends to enjoy.

“The pool table is gorgeous! But buyers beware , get a professional to put this together! It cost me an additional 500 to have someone come to my home. It’s very very heavy!” – Faith Verified Buyer

Starting at $4,995

Advantages Of A Convertible Pool/dining Table

Transformable design A convertible pool dining table is essentially two pieces of furniture in one. Its an ideal space-saving solution for smaller apartments and homes, game rooms, and office suites. Its also ideal for homes with kids and petsthe convertible tabletop protects the delicate felt surface against dirty hands . Aesthetic flexibility A well-constructed billiards table is an artistic piece of furniture, but its not appropriate for every situation. A convertible table can be transformed into a dining or conference table in minutes to support a client meeting, luncheon, or romantic dinner. Affordability The two-in-one design of a convertible billiards table provides exceptional value, eliminating the need to invest in separate furniture pieces. To create an instant gaming table, simply remove the table leaves and slide the matching chairs/bench seats aside or under the table.

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Why Should I Buy A Pool Table Dining Table Combo

You can tell if you need or want a pool table dining table combo by looking at your existing inventory. You probably dont need it and should reconsider buying it. If you cant get go of the old one, you could sell it and use the proceeds to buy the new one.This is a fun and easy approach to finish your task.

Final Thoughts

Lets face it, we all want to feel good about our purchases. But there are so many! How can you know which is best? You need not be concerned because has your back. Our trained staff is here to help you find what works for you. Before making a final decision, you can take advantage of our free consultations.

Pool Table Room Design With Houndstooth Patterned Rug

Designer Billiards Spartan Rollover Pool Dining Table

Beige billiard table with dark wooden frame on the houndstooth patterned rug. The bronze chandelier hanging on the ceiling tiles between the gorgeous wooden beams. Television placed right above the wooden buffet. The standard pool table dimensions are 3.5 x 7 which means your room should be at least x 17 x 14. That, in my view, is minimum.

ID# 117306 | Credit |

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Is There A Size

Yes, and interestingly, it’s not just about pool table-to-room size ratio.

Remember, you have to take your shots with the long, 58″ pool cue. So, you need adequate space around the pool table to maneuver the cue, manage the backhand stroke effectively, and take a winning shot.

So, how do you accommodate all these considerations while deciding on the pool table size for your room?

The rule of the thumb is – leave about 64″ on all the sides of the pool table for a comfortable playing field. This will give you an adequate elbow room while taking a shot. Hence, for instance, if you want to purchase a standard 7′ pool table with 42″ width, your gaming area will be 12 ¼’ x 8 ¾’ x 12 ¼’ x 8 ¾’. Add to this the optimum floor space for the pool cue rack, sitting arrangement, and movement space.

The math becomes a bit overwhelming, right? That’s’ why we have simplified it for you in the below ready reckoner.

Standard pool tables’ dimensions Ideal game-room plan

7′ 17 ½’ x 14′

8′ 18 ½’ x 14 ¾’

9′ 20′ x 15 ¼’

Why Choose A Pool Dining Table

For most of you, a dual-purpose table is the only way to persuade your skeptical other-half to allow you to purchase a pool table for your home. In either case, you’ve made a fantastic decision, as fusion pool dining tables are an excellent feature for your home and efficient use of spaceforget about a separate pool room.

We’ve covered a few of the most important factors to consider when picking a pool dining table in this piece.

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Stunning Looks & Highly Versatile

The 3-in-1 design for pool and table tennis, with a versatile tabletop, makes it perfect for game night, but also everything youd want in a charming table. It features durable distressed oak melamine, antique metal accent pieces, and sturdy trestle legs. The legs are also fitted with levelers to ensure a fair playing surface.

Its user-friendly design makes it great for the game room, home office, or dining room. It also comes with built-in storage through two comfortable, soft padded benches. This fantastic feature means you can store all your gear easily and when not in use.

Rockford is an excellent option for those who want to make the most out of an empty space in their home. When its set as a table, you can barely tell that a ping pong and billiard table reside underneath.

It comes with 2 ping pong balls, 2 paddles, 1 net, 2 posts, 6 trusted protection pads, and a complete set of billiard equipment, including a table brush, rail brush, and two pieces of chalk.

Customize Your Slate Pool Table

Dining Room Pool Table Combo : Awesome Pool Table Dining Table Combo ...

If youve been looking for pool tables online thatll enhance your space, youre going to love the Hunter 7 & 8-Foot Slate Pool Table by Nixon Billiards. Its the perfect addition to any dining room or game room, and it includes your choice of felt color and a premium billiard accessory kit. You can start playing right away! The Hunter also includes free curbside delivery with liftgate service. We recommend using a professional installer, and we can refer you to one in your area!

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Accessories To Add To Your Multi

Youre probably tired of hearing this, but I suggest using your own paddle with these table tennis games. The ones included are flimsy and provide little to no grip. Its also tough to get any spin on your shots with the rubbers provided.

Add a paddle to your multi-game table so when you switch to regulation size, your practice will have paid off.

For the pool players out there, its probably best to use your own cue as well. Some of these are shorter to fit in tight spaces. The length will affect the overall weight and easily throw your whole game off.

Our Final Verdict: Whats The Best

So, thats a look at our top five picks for the best Pool table dining table. Our top pick would be the Playcraft Wolf Creek. This table is solid and robust with an excellent build. While the industrial design wont be to everyones liking, we think its pretty striking.

Whether its used for a game of Pool or a family meal, this table is an excellent high-quality package. Its easy and quick to assemble and even comes with a one-year warranty. The Atomic Hampton Combination Table is our best budget pick, and you can even use it to play table tennis.

While the design of this table is a little more basic, and the benches could use some extra padding, its still a fine choice. The table is very versatile, and switching between its multiple functions is quick and easy.

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