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What Can Be Done With An Unused Inground Pool

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Problem : Lacking The Proper Equipment And Tools And Experience To Use Them

How To Replace An Inground Pool Liner

When it comes to DIY pool removal, many times, homeowners dont have the proper tools and equipment to get the job done. The solution to this is renting the tools and equipment to get the job done, but if you arent used to using the heavy-duty equipment needed, you put yourself at risk for major accidents.

Additionally, when youre working on your own DIY pool demolition, its easy to get caught up in the process and forget that you need to be careful with heavy machinery on your yard. You could easily crush your plumbing pipes, destroy your sprinkler lines, damage your septic tank, or worse. A professional pool removal company will be comfortable with the equipment and experienced to watch out for danger zones.

Turn Your Pool Into A Deck

You dont have to bring in the jackhammers and dirt to fill in your pool if you transform it into a deck. A deck is a great idea if you would to like use the space for outdoor gatherings or a peaceful area to sit back and enjoy the outdoors.

The process includes using composite decking to cover the pool area. The cost of a deckover can vary depending on several factors:

  • Your pools surface area
  • Your pools shape curved pools are more difficult
  • Your vision of extras, like benches or levels
  • Your choice of materials to use on the deck

You can call a local contractor for an estimate on cost, but most deckovers require a $10,000 to $12,000 investment. In most cases, you can have a usable outdoor area within a week.

Investing in a deck-over for your pool depends on the area and your needs. Whats great about this as a solution is you can use the area under the deck as storage. If you arent sure about losing your pool forever, you can remove the deck and use the pool again in the future.

Do You Need A Permit To Fill In A Pool

That depends on your local government, but in many cases, a permit is required.

The cost of a permit can be anywhere from free to several hundred dollars depending on your local municipality.

Many local governments have rules regarding how a pool must be removed. Some may have zoning ordinances or codes stating that a pool must be completely removed, not just filled in. If partial pool demolition and removal is allowed, there may be specific protocols on how the pool must be filled in

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Problem : Not Properly Draining The Swimming Pool Before Removal

You may think that water is just water and you can just pump it out of the pool and let it go where it goes and be done with it, but that would be a mistake. Chlorine can damage the water system, go into nearby streams and rivers and kill aquatic life, or damage greenery and vegetation. You will need to know where you can drain the pool safely and legally, not just how to do it.

Problem : Not Securing Gas And Electrical Lines

Empty pool © Bill Nicholls :: Geograph Britain and Ireland

Theres a chance that while you are working on your DIY pool removal, you could hit gas and/or electrical lines and be in a major dilemma. Unless you know the lines are there, you usually wont discover them until its too late.

An experienced pool removal company will know what to look for, where to look, and how to secure these lines before an accident can happen.

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Convert To Garden Space

If the space is destined to become a garden plot, removal of the pool itself may not be necessary, but its not as simple as filling the pool with soil. Holes must be drilled in the bottom of the pool to allow for drainage. The soil required can be costly and should be effectively compacted to keep your garden plot for sinking over time. To visually eliminate evidence of the pool, the decking and top few feet of the pool itself may be removed and buried. Check and see if permits are required before undertaking this conversion and consider professional assistance. Although the pool may become an unseen memory, expect to disclose its presence when selling the property.

Top Ideas For What You Can Do With Your Unwanted Swimming Pool

by poolex1_admin | Apr 10, 2021 | Uncategorized

Do you have a swimming pool in your backyard that is sitting largely undisturbed? Are you dreading the maintenance required with keeping it up and running this summer, or is your pool simply looking a littlesketchy? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it might be time to retire your pool. But what are the choices for getting rid of it? Here are four ideas for your unused, unloved pool:

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What To Do With An Unused Pool In Californiaaugust 10 2015 1: 18 Am Subscribe

  • Do pools harm or help resale value?
  • Can a pool be filled and the space reused in such a way as to maintain the integrity of the pool for future excavation and reuse?
  • Or if pools generally more of an expense/loss than value, how to best remove the pool?

Turn Your Pool Into A Garden

How Much Do Inground Pools Cost? (Pricing, Budget, etc.)

If you love plant life, would like a plot for vegetables, or a butterfly/hummingbird garden, transforming your old pool into a garden is a fairly easy process. Drill some holes in the bottom of the pool for drainage, and then replace the soil, either the old fashioned way or with an earthmoving equipment.

Using rented equipment can not only save you time, but also prevent unnecessary strain in the hot summer sun. Just be sure to follow proper safety protocol for your equipment and ask the dealer any questions you may have about operating it. Once you get it on-site, compact the soil into the pool to prevent your garden from sinking over time.

Once filled in, find your hoe, rake, and favorite plant starters to create your dream garden.

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Turn Your Pool Into A Pond

Maybe you like water but want to reduce the amount of necessary maintenance for a pool. If this is the case, transform your pool into a peaceful pond and create a relaxing area to lounge. Theres nothing quite so peaceful as fish in a pond.

Pool-to-pond makeovers are not as difficult as you might think. Youll need to make some changes to your pools basic structure and add a filtration system. You can choose the plants and animals youd like to add to customize your pond. If you would like to swim and enjoy a pond, consult a professional contractor about creating a water feature that is eco-friendly.

Not Using Your Inground Swimming Pool Anymore A Pool Deckover Saves Money & Gives You Back Usable Space

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  • Save

With a swimming pool Deckover, you can utilize all of that valuable space in your backyard thats currently being consumed by the pool any way you want to!

A Deckover is the process of placing composite decking over an existing swimming pool, giving you usable living space while protecting your pool until the time comes that you either want to use it again or sell your property.

Thats right, a Deckover pool cover can be completely removed so the swimming pool can be filled with water and used again without any damage to the pool itself.

Deckover, a Phoenix pool & spa retirement company, covered Wrights pool with composite material decking. It cost him $6,000 but the move isnt permanent. The space underneath can be used as storage and its completely reversible.

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Option : Complete Pool Removal

How It’s Done:

The pool is drained, and all materials, like concrete/gunite, fiberglass, liner, re-bar, etc., are removed and hauled away.

The area is then filled with soil and/or gravel and compacted .

Pros of Complete Pool Removal:

  • Although you will have to disclose that you fully removed a pool that was once on the property, it should have little to no impact on your home’s value.
  • With no concrete buried in the old pool, the risk of sinkage and seepage is greatly reduced, even eliminated.

Cons of Complete Pool Removal:

  • A majority of cities consider the area of the former pool to be non-buildable, meaning no additions or dwellings can exist there. However, the area is still suitable for sheds, concrete, landscaping, trees, etc.
  • This option is more expensive than partial removal.

Think Twice About Draining

How Long Can You Leave A Pool Empty?

Not only are pool drains time consuming, but theyre also expensive. Add in the potential damage that can occur when the pool is empty, and theres a strong case to be made for doing a drain only if its absolutely necessary.

Many problems that people drain their pools for can actually be fixed while the swimming pool is still full of water.

There may be a situation where the pool water goes haywire and requires dilution to bring it back into balance, but youll only have to partially drain it to dilute it.

Likewise, acid washing the pool walls and floor can be done by letting the pH level become acidic to the point where the water will eat away at the grime and stains.

Its really only when major repairs, resurfacing, or replacing of a liner are needed that you should consider draining your pool.

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Genius New Uses For An Old Swimming Pool

Swimming pools have many virtues, especially during scorching summers. But they can easily become eyesores not to mention money pits especially if they leak or have other functional issues.

Instead of going through the costly process of bringing an old swimming pool up to date, why not turn it into an entirely new, seriously cool feature that sets your home apart?

From a detached, lower-level studio space to a fully realized aquaponic farm, here are six smart ideas to convert your old swimming pool into something useful, beautiful, or both!

1. The sunken patio

Though part of a rooftop lounge in Midtown Manhattan, this patio retrofitted within a rooftop pool by Future Green Studio holds a lesson for homeowners work with the site rather than against it. The final dining area maintains the pool steps, depth indicators, handrails, and even a retooled version of the pool lights, telling the story of the spaces origins beautifully.

2. The practical deck

A simple but elegant solution for an unwanted pool? Drain it and build a deck over the top. Work with a landscape pro to design a deck that blends perfectly with the original pools shape and structure. Not only will it add valuable entertaining square footage to the backyard, but itll also boost your homes value over time.

3. The detached studio

4. The peaceful pond

5. The water-wise garden

6. The food-producing farm

Transforming Old Swimming Pools Into Ecosystems

Imagine an entire neighborhood of older homes with old in-ground swimming pools, many of which are scarcely if ever used once the kids have moved away. Now imagine many of those eye-sores of old swimming pools transformed into a vibrant, living ecosystem of plants, flowers, birds and other pollinators.

It all starts with a pond. Sometimes the pond is in the deep end of a pool, sometimes the ponds are free-made koi ponds, or sometimes we dig em.~Dennis McClung, founder Garden Pool NPO

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Pros Of Removing A Pool

  • You save time and money on swimming pool maintenance.
  • If you sell your house, it may increase the number of potential buyers and make your home easier to sell.
  • You no longer have the additional hazards and liabilities that come with pool ownership.
  • You have more yard space for other activities or landscaping opportunities.
  • If you have young children, removing your pool eliminates the potential safety hazards associated with pool ownership.

Filling In A Pool With Dirt

How to Drain Water From an In-Ground Pool With a Drain at the Bottom : Pool Maintenance

Before picking up your first shovelful of dirt, determine the cubic volume of your pool by measuring the length, width, and depth of the pool in feet, then multiplying each of them by 27, which is the amount of cubic feet in a yard. This is the total cubic yardage of your pool and the amount of fill dirt you will need to finish the job. It is also important to obtain any permits that might be necessary before beginning. Working without a permit could result in fines and a delayed project.

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How Long Can You Leave A Pool Empty

  • |January 22, 2021

At various points in their lifespan , swimming pools need to be pumped and drained.

This could be necessary to swap out water that can no longer stay sanitary, acid wash the interior walls, perform repairs or resurfacing on the pool on the pool, or all three.

But the answer to the question of how long can you leave a pool empty is this: not very long at all.

Heres why

Not Opening The Pool This Year

Image Courtesy of Thomas Pool Service Pinckney, Mi

Another swimming pool season is inching closer and closer which means the time to open up your pool is soon approaching. Normally, this occasion is met with great celebration as the birds chirp, the snow shovels are tossed into a lost corner of the shed, and the marching band fires up to announce the arrival of summer!

But not this year. Maybe you plan to travel a lot more than normal, or perhaps the house is not occupied, or the pool needs a major renovation, or for financial reasons youve decided the pool shall stayed closed for the summer. OK, what now? You know what to do to close a pool and to open it again, but what do you do to keep a pool covered and closed?

Below are some tips when it comes to not opening a pool for summer.

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What To Do With An Old Inground Pool

23 August, 2018

Inground pools provide seasonal fun for many people. However, some families may move into a house with an old, existing swimming pool and learn it’s been damaged. Other families may not have the time or inclination to deal with regular maintenance and upkeep. Fortunately, you have options. Don’t let your old swimming pool become an eyesore. Depending on budget and ambition, dealing with an old pool is a matter of a few minor repairs or a major backyard overhaul.

Turn Your Pool Into A Greenhouse

Even though a concrete wall inground pool with vinyl liner ...

Have you ever dreamed of growing your own fresh produce all year? If so, transforming your old pool into a greenhouse can make that dream come true. A pool-to-greenhouse makeover is an inexpensive way to use your pool area and save money. Youll see savings not only on pool upkeep but also on your grocery bill.

Temperatures below ground provide stable temperatures for growing plants in an environment you can control. If youre interested in garden-fresh veggies all year, talk to a contractor to decide if your pool can be successfully converted into an underground greenhouse.

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Convert Your Pool Into A Garden Plot

The good news is that you dont have to completely remove the pool in order to convert it into a garden space.

However, keep in mind that its also not as simple as filling in the pool with dirt, and thats it. Its important to drain your pool and drill holes in the bottom for adequate drainage. Its also crucial that you purchase the right type of garden soil and it is compacted well so that your garden plot does not sink over time.

If your pool was surrounded by decking, this must be removed or buried beforehand, too. When filling in a swimming pool with dirt, remember that you still have to disclose its existence when selling your home.

I Not Everyone Wants A Pool In Their Backyard

At first, having your very own beautiful private swimming pool in your backyard seems like a dream. You and your family will have a ball. But after the kids are grown, or the expenses become too much for comfort, the pool is less of a ball and more of a ball and chain. Maybe it has been there so long it has begun to crumble. Repairs are expensive. You may even be ready to sell the house but your real estate agent told you that homes with pools are harder to sell, especially pools that are old and ugly. Or maybe you are thinking of buying a house with a pool already there you love the house but hate the pool. What can you do?

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