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What Is The Best Above Ground Pool Light

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Best Above Ground Pool Lights 2021

What Is The Best Option For Above Ground Pool Lights?
  • Bonbo LED Pool Light Bulb
  • NiteLighter NL50 Halogen Discontinued, White
  • Pentair 2010-Convertible AquaLuminator Aboveground Light
  • Ocean Blue Water Products JetLight
  • Smartpool NL35 NiteLighter Underwater Light
  • SLBSTORES 10-LED RGB Submersible LED Light
  • We are going to breakdown 6 best above ground swimming pool light, feature by feature, so you wont have to. After the detailed discussion, theres also a short buying guide to help you out. So, sit back, relax, and keep on reading.

    Best Features Of Hayward Sp0583l30astrolight

    Face rim

    It has a good range of good looking and smooth face rim. The design of the product is very impressive, with well-polished stainless steel and thermoplastic patterns to avoid erosion.

    Wide range of voltages and wattages

    It is available in different voltages andwattages so that it can satisfy any attachment requirements. Like 12-Volt, 100and 300-Watt, 120-Volt, 300, 400, and 500-Watt models, etc.

    Pentair 98600000 2010 Aboveground Light

    The Pentair 98600000 2010 above ground pool light is considered the best model in the industry today. The good thing with this unit is that it perfectly fits into the regular-sized hole, which most above-ground pools are using. By doing this, you will not void the warranty by utilizing this light. This makes installing the light very easy.

    If you are looking for a pool light that can be attached with ease to your vented return, the pool light uses a halogen bulb that can last up to 3,000 hours. If you want to enhance the look of your pool, you can use the standard white light, or you can choose the one with colored lenses.

    It will only take you less than 20 minutes to complete the installation. For pool owners who are not very handy, this is a good choice. This model is available in blue and green light-changing discs, so you can illuminate the pool with those colors if you want to.

    The lights work off on a 12-voltage current and included in the package is a pre-wired transformer to make it run efficiently. Also included is a 25-foot power cord, and the whole package conforms to all the safety requirements. Because of the ability of the light to brighten even a large pool, the model is recommended for those who want their light for aesthetic appeal.


    • Standard in size and fits perfectly into the water return hole
    • Also available in light-colored discs
    • Easy to install and enhance the aesthetics of any pool


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    What Features Do I Want

    Swimming pool lights are filled with a lot of features now. A lot of homeowners just want to get something that will properly light up the pool, but LED pool lights nowadays can give you so many options. One of the most common features is the color changing lights.

    This might not be the most ideal option for some people, but a lot of homeowners can appreciate multi-color options for occasions. Another feature could be the ability to dim the lights. If you have any specific requirements for colors or brightness, you should check out the extra features on a model before you purchase it.

    Loftek Led Light Ball

    The Best 10 Best Above Ground Pool Lights
    • AMPHIBIOUS LED POOL LIGHTS WITH LARGE: LOFTEK Cordless light-up ball’s excellent waterproof performance allows it to float, which is suitable for pool light, garden light, path light, deck light. Multi-colorful create a tranquil feeling that looks fantastic, it can be also used as a night light, a mood light, or an outdoor decor light, Perfect for meditation, yoga, parties, events, exhibitions, wedding, bars, nurseries, etc.

    Loftek LED Light Balls are so much fun. Theyre big 16-inch glowing balls about the size of beach balls that can be thrown in the pool, lain around the yard, or even used indoors.

    These make great party decor for nighttime while keeping the area lit up for nighttime safety.

    Each ball is rechargeable and comes with its own remote control for changing between various colors and programs. They are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and waterproof so theyre safe for all types of use.

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    Theyre Easy To Install

    You dont have to worry about installing wires or using any power tools. Most lights sold for use in an above ground pool plug right into a standard outdoor outlet and come with power cords that are long enough that you wont have to worry about an extension cord. Believe it or not, there are even some lights that dont need an electrical outlet or power cord at all they connect right to the return outlet of your filter pump and are powered by the force of the water.

    Roleadro Led Color Pool Light

    The next pool light we will feature in this list is another color LED light. Unlike the others, though, it is not a bulb, but a wired light that requires a little more electrical knowledge. It is an IP68 waterproof light that works at 47W.

    Featuring multiple color combinations, you can easily experiment with the 7 static modes, 5 dynamic modes, and impressive 10-speed levels to get set the mood in your pool. The reliable quality features high-grade stainless steel and silica gel casing. It offers excellent sealing materials to ensure it is watertight. For brighter and uniform light, it features branded LED chips.

    This is a light that works at 12V, and quality is guaranteed by the CE ROHS certificate. Keep in mind that for installation, you will need an electronic transformer for 12V. If you have some electrical experience and follow installation instructions carefully, installation shouldnt be a problem.

    There is a 30 days no reason refund and a year guarantee. You will receive 1 LED pool light, a remote control, a 6-foot power cord, and a user manual.

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    Iledlight Led White Spa Light Bulb

    The first product on this list is a white light bulb suitable for pool and spa installations. This 15W LED bulb is proper to replace 100-300W halogen or incandescent bulb. You will immediately notice its high brightness LUMINUS chip feature and be impressed by the power of this small bulb.

    It is straightforward to replace the bulb as it features an E26 base. Simply unscrew the old bulb and replace it with this fantastic LED bulb for added savings. It is designed to replace bulbs for Pentair and Hayward light fixtures.

    Quality is the focus, and the all-aluminum body says it all. It features fast heat dissipation and long-lasting durability with its certified isolated power supply. The highly translucent optical lens allows for ultra-brightness and impressive results. You will enjoy up to 80% more energy savings than with standard pool light bulbs.

    The bulb comes with remote control and 2 years replacement guarantee.


    How Durable Is The Light


    It is no use getting pool lights if they will not last very long. What good is a pool light if it lasts for just a couple of hours? Make sure that you check out the ratings of the LED lights that you are considering and how long they can last. Those that last longer than the others will typically cost a lot more. Ensure that you get a model that will last you a very long time of service.

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    Game 4307 Waterproof Magnetic Led Above Ground Pool Light


    These are the best above ground pool lights that you have been waiting for to bring you safe lighting coupled with fun and excitement whilst in the pool or enjoying the lighted ambience around it. These lights for above ground pools are long lasting and corrosion free. They are good value for money.

    Review Summary GAME 4307 Waterproof Magnetic LED Above Ground Pool Light

    Fun and excitement at its best, is what this above ground pool light delivers to your pool. Especially designed for above ground pools this pool light uses innovative magnetic technology coupled with standard battery operated electrical circuitry. No electrical power supply is required as these best lights for above ground pools employs three AA batteries to generate the power it needs to provide you an experience offered like none other pool lights.


    Pentair Aqualuminator Aboveground Pool Light

    The last one on the list is the Pentair Aqualuminator.

    The Pentairs lighting system uses an energy-efficient halogen light with a 4,000-hour life to light up pools. Its a powerful device that will illuminate the entire pool area.

    The setup process is simple and just requires you to plug-in a 25-foot long cord without needing any extra wiring.

    One downside is that the bulb can be slightly expensive to replace. That said, it will last you years before you have to worry about replacement.

    Its important to note that the package doesnt contain a transformer which you need to get this light to work, so this product is mainly suitable for those who already own the transformer.

    In case anything goes wrong with the product, the company offers a 1-year guarantee.

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    How Much Do Pool Lights Cost

    Hard mounted and wired pool light walls can cost around $350-$1,000 dollars. But once in they can last a lifetime, or at least be retrofit for the bottom end of that price range.

    Magnetic and floating pool lights cost as little as $15-20 each, no installation costs, but might only last a couple of years.

    Smartpool Nitelighter Underwater Pool Light

    The Best Above Ground Pool Lights in 2021 Reviews

    The Smartpool NL35 NiteLighter Underwater Light is a model with some potential, but unfortunately, it doesnt provide enough value to justify its price. It does come with a high-quality, long-lasting halogen bulb, which makes it a good investment in terms of durability. Plus, it comes with a mount which requires it to be hung from a pool rail, so you wont have to spend any time messing with your water return valve, or with magnets. It also comes with a very bright light, capable of illuminating pools that are more than 30 feet in diameter, which may just make it the champion on this list when it comes to brightness.

    However, this model doesnt work with Intex pools. The mount isnt compatible with their system, and theres no other way to set up this light. This model also doesnt come with an on/off switch, which means youll have to leave the pool and physically pull the plug in order to turn it off. Thats a big pain relative to the convenience offered by other lighting systems. Overall, this light isnt as convenient as other lights, so most will be able to get better value with a different model.

    • Doesnt work with Intex pools
    • No on/off switch
    • Poor remote range

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    Why You Want The Lights

    If your objective for pool lights is strictly safety, then you might prefer flush-mount or surface-mount lights that are very strategically placed. You will probably also prefer halogen or LED bulbs to fiber optics.

    But if the purpose for your lights is simply to set a mood, then you can look at some of the more fun options. Floating lights come in all sorts of shapes and colors and can give a pool a whole new ambience.

    Iledlight Pool Led Bulb

    The ILEDlight LED pool light bulb is the right choice for those who are looking to save energy. In fact, this light bulb is capable of replacing up to 200 to 800 Watt halogen bulb or incandescent bulb.

    Because of its brightness, the ILEDlight bulb also serves as a great option for pools that require powerful lumen lighting. Once you install this bad boy, you wont have any trouble swimming around your pool at night.

    Its irritating when you have to wait a while to see things clearly after turning on the light. Thats why I love how this one is bright immediately after you turn on the light, unlike incandescent light that takes time to reach its maximum brightness.

    Plus, this bulbs brighter color will get your pool looking much younger and cooler, making it more visually appealing.

    The company provides a solid guarantee. If theres anything wrong with the LED bulb, you can return it for a hassle-free refund.

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    Ezlight Led Pool Light

    This efficient pool light comes with an angled reflector which helps in illuminating your pool with even light across it. It comes with a 16 ft power cord which is significantly long to plug it for a distant power socket. This high intensity LED comes with a bright 1000 lumen.

    It comes with life-long operation assurance with its built-in heat sink. Made from durable plastic, this light is free from corrosion, UV protected and weather-resistant to ensure extended life. It cuts on your power bills with its cETL and ETL low voltage power supply.

    Quiet easy to install, you do not require any professional assistance.


    • Few customers complaints that this light is not as long-lasting as expected

    Are Above Ground Pool Lights Necessary

    Above Ground Pool Lights: Essential Above Ground Pool Buyers Guide

    It might surprise you, but pool lights are not always necessary for an above ground pool. Most lighting is for aesthetics or safety, so if you have a well-lighted location that lets you see the pool clearly at night, you may not need to make this investment. Otherwise underwater lighting or lights that work above the pool may be necessary for your safe enjoyment.

    Underwater lighting has become a standard item for pools since regulations and standards for this type of lighting were established in 1968. Most bulbs will light for at least 1,000 hours before needing a replacement, so they are a reasonably affordable investment. Yet because water and electricity dont mix well when youre sitting in a pool, you need to use a product that is safe for everyone.

    This is where the above ground pool lights offer some unique features. Some models affix to your liner and replicate the look of in-ground pool lighting. Others may clip to the side or the frame of your pool.

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    Minger Rgb Led Strip Lights

    If youre looking for a pool lighting option thats more suitable for decorative purposes, you might consider the Minger RGB LED strip light.

    While these strip lights are not as waterproof as some of the previously mentioned pool lights, they still come with a water-resistant capability to withstand some contact with water and will hold up just fine when it rains outside.

    The 16 extra color options will allow you to mix different colors together to create a beautiful combination of colors that will light up your pool.

    Like most high-quality lights weve reviewed in this article, these strip lights are also ETL certified and use a low-voltage power supply for safety.

    The installation process is straightforward. You just need to set up the lights using adhesives and support clips that come with the package, and they are good to go.

    Plus, youll also get a remote controller for ease of use.

    You cant go wrong with the LED strip light if you are serious about improving your pool aesthetics.

    The Best Above Ground Pool Light

    It is fantastic to own an above ground pool, but it is more exciting to have a lit facility that glows when darkness comes calling. There is a need to install the best above ground pool light to enjoy that.

    Not only do lights make your pool beautiful, but they enhance safety, which is critical if you often host pool parties at night. There are hundreds of pool lights that you can choose from, making it hard to find the best for your pool.

    Dont worry! Today I have answered the question, What is the best above ground pool light on the market?

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    How Long Do Led Pool Lights Last

    Many suppliers will say that LED pool lights last on average for around 50,000 hours compared to around 1,000 hours for an incandescent pool light and around 5,000 hours for a halogen pool light.

    Whilst its true that the actual LED will last that long, the issue is the electronics and casing of the light is very unlikely to last anywhere near that. In reality, an LED pool light will last from 2 to 15 years depending on the quality of the light.

    Magnetic and floating pool lights might last as little as 1-3 years. But, then again, theyre cheap to replace, and the replacements will come with newer technology.

    Replacement Led Color Changing Bulb

    Ocean Blue

    If all you are doing is replacing your current bulb and youre looking for a quality color changing bulb, this is the one for you. This multicolor LED pool light bulb is a suitable replacement on a Pentair or Hayward light fixture.

    You dont need to be an electrician, theres no need to deal with cables and electricity. Simply screw the light bulb on, and youre set.

    This led light bulb works at 120V and features color memory, and remote control. It has an impressive 15 color modes: 7 static and 8 animation modes including color jump, color changing, color fade, and color transition.

    Positive Customer Feedback

    • Easy install wireless bulb doesnt require electrical knowledge.
    • Reasonably priced.

    Common Concerns

    • The remote control does not work well if the light is deeper than 3 feet under water.
    • The red light appears to be weak.

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    Esuper Solar Led Inflatable Pool Ball

    This is a favorite for the kids and anyone looking to give their pool that extra spunk. Though not a pool light to illuminate your pool fully, this decorative light will be the talk of the party. Its an inexpensive 14-inch inflatable vinyl ball that is recharged by the sun to light up at night.

    Simply keep the LED inflatable ball to charge in the sun during the day, and it will glow up to 6 to 8 hours at night. There are no batteries, no cables, and no worries about electricity or installation. Just inflate the ball, enjoy it during the day, and let it brighten your nights.

    Your pool will never be boring again with the continuously changing 4 LED colors of the ball. The best part is it is made of durable vinyl material and is IP68 waterproof. So its definitely not a delicate pool light to be careful with, but rather an addition to the fun.


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