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What Is The Best Inground Pool Filter

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Hayward S244t Proseries Sand Filter

What Swimming Pool Filter Is BEST For Me?

This sand filter from the Hayward ProSeries features a top-mount design, and it uses an engineered umbrella-fold self-cleaning system to better balance the backwashing process. This lateral system also helps to distribute the water evenly and enhance the overall flow.

To provide it with better durability under various weather conditions, it is made from corrosion-resistant materials. For easier winterizing, it has a large pressure sand and water drain. You can also look at the best pool sand filters and find one fit for you.

What Does A Pool Filter Do

Here’s the gist of how it works: every pool filter is used with your pool pump to circulate water through it and filter out the junk. It keeps your water clear of dirt, oils, debris and algae spores.

All this together is called the filtration system.

Typically, the larger the filter, the better it works, and it’s okay to have a larger tank and a small pump if your pool size doesnt require a large pump.

Just know there are three types: sand, DE , and cartridge.

Hayward C4001575xes Easyclear Filter

From a trusted name in the pool industry comes the Micro StarClear. This little Hayward filter is just right for above ground pools under 24,000 gallons. It offers easy access to the cartridge for changes, and you can rotate the head so the pressure gauge and manual air relief valve are right where you need them.

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What Kind Of Sand Is Needed For A Pool Filter

Nailing the idea of simple nomenclature, most pool filter sand will be labeled Pool Filter Sand, making it relatively easy to find and buy. The actual type of sand most commonly used is silica sand, which is made up of mined ground quartz. We do not recommend using play sand or any other type of sand in your filter that is not labeled pool filter sand.

The Six Settings Of Sand Filters

What Is The Best Filter For My Swimming Pool?

Sand filters always have a six-port valve with different settings. They are as follows:

Filter: This is what your sand filter does 99% of the time, it filters the swimming pool water.

Waste: In this position, the water runs directly out of the filter, bypassing the sand. This is used when the pool is excessively full or needs debris to be vacuumed completely out of the pool. Please note that this setting empties your pool.

Backwash: This is a short cleaning cycle of the sand to improve filtration. It is recommended that you do this once a fortnight in summer and monthly in winter.

Rinse: This setting is used directly after backwashing. Allow the water to run through the filter from top to bottom for 30 seconds. This ensures all the sand is put back in place and that any remaining dirt is drained away and not blown back into the pool.

Circulation: The water runs from the pump directly back to the swimming pool without going through the pool filter. This means the water isn’t filtered.

Closed: All ports are closed. If your pump is still on, make sure to switch it off within seconds as the pressure builds up incredibly fast! This setting is generally used if the pool is below water level and you need to ensure the water is closed to service equipment.

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Hayward Ec50ac Perflex Extended

Type: Diatomaceous Earth Weight: 31 Pounds Dimensions: 15.5 x 32.5 inches

The EC50AC Perflex Extended-Cycle DE Filter is one that is made to handle either an above ground or in-ground pool. It will keep your pool sparklingly clear using diatomaceous earth. And it only requires 5 pounds of DE each time you flush out the system and refill it. This system is covered by the companies 1-year limited warranty. The setup sports a bump handle to knock the DE off the grids and then allows you to add more. One important note is that this system does not come with a pump, you will have to purchase one separately.


  • Check valve prevents back flow when pump isnt energized


  • Does not come with a pump, you will be required to purchase one separately
  • Need to add DE at the offset and occasionally thereafter

Hayward C7030 725 Square Feet Swimclear Reusable Cartridge Filter

Type: Cartridge Weight: 118 Pounds Dimensions: 24 x 52.5 inches

The Hayward C7030 725 Square Feet SwimClear Reusable Cartridge Filter system is another cartridge system, this one giving you a stunning 725 square feet of filtration area. This set up has been designed to deliver longer cleaning cycles that give an extremely high level of water quality but dont require backwashing. While the 725 square feet model is great for an in-ground pool, there are a number of smaller sizes available if you are in need of a filter for an above ground pool. The system is made of reinforced polyester materials. While it will work find during swimming season if you live in a climate that experiences freeze you might want to drain and store the system over the winter.


Type: Sand Weight: 40.9 Pounds Dimensions: 25.5 x 17.63 x 27.13 inches


  • Built in GFCI and safety shut off
  • 6-way valve easily controls use and cleaning features
  • Sand lasts an average of 5 years
  • Includes strainer basket to make cleaning easier


  • Requires 120 pounds of sand, purchased separately

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Im Building A New Poolshould I Choose A Sand Filter Or Cartridge Filter

Once you have made the exciting decision to enhance your lifestyle with the addition of a pool, spa or swim spa, you need to decide what type of filtration is best for you.

The filter and pump are the central system of your pools circulation. The main purpose of the filter is to remove debris from your pool water so you can have a clean, sparkling pool to swim in all year round. Without it your pool water can end up full of debris and bacteria, cloudy and even make you unwell. The pool pump circulates the water and pushes it into the filter where small debris particles are removed through depth or surface filtration, before the clean water travels onto either the heater, or back to the pool.

When it comes to choosing a filter we recommend one of two types- a cartridge filter or sand filter. The good news is that it doesnt matter whether your dream is a fiberglass pool or a concrete pool, both sand and cartridge filters will do the trick. So how do you choose which one is best for you? The main considerations when selecting a filter are efficiency and performance, maintenance, cost and size.

Efficiency and Performance:

If you are looking for a highly efficient solution with the least amount of bacteria and debris left swimming around in your pool, the cartridge filter is your best solution.


One of the biggest reasons people are choosing cartridge filters over sand filters is the upkeep.

To see instructions on how to clean your filter please



How Do You Prime A Pool Pump With Sand Filter

What is the best type of Pool Filter

To prime your pool pump with a sand filter, first, turn your multiport valve to the Recirculate setting and remove any plugs from your swimming pool. If your pump housing is not currently full of water, add water using your garden house or a large pitcher to fill the pump housing up. Once this is done, turn it on. It may take a few seconds to get the water pumping through the system. If turning it on does not work for you, we recommend you turn the filter system off, add more water to the pump housing, close the lid and try turning it on again.

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Detailed Discussion Of Each Filter Type

Sand Pool Filters

A particular grade of sand is used in a pool sand-filter. Commonly #20 silica sand, 0.017 to 0.02 inch diameter grains are used to trap 20 to 100-micron dirt particles. As the water circulates through the filter, debris settles down in the sand. This sediment closes up the gaps between the sand particles and the filter traps even finer dirt particles from the pool water. This explains why the sand filter delivers sparkling clear pool water. The dirt that collects causes the water pressure to increase, when the pressure reaches 8 to 10 psi higher than when it was clean, its time to backwash the filter.

Pool Filter Sand Problems

Pool filter sand often collect small clumps of oily gunk caused by using Biguanide chemicals, such as Soft Swim or Baquacil. It requires an annual cleaning of the pool filter sand with sand filter cleaner to prevent it from gumming-up. High amounts of bather oils can also gum-up a sand bed. Enzyme pool treatments can help control oil problems in pools.

When backwashing, oils and gunk trapped in the top 2 inches of the sand bed can cause the water to rush up the sides without cleaning the sand. Its another form of channeling with almost the same symptoms. The backwash looks clean but the pressure remains high when you start the filter. Sand filter cleaners or enzymes are helpful products to remove the gunk. Replacing just the top 25% of your filter sand with fresh pool filter sand is another solution.

Where Can You Buy A Pool Sand Filter

Swimming Pool Sand Filters can be pretty easily purchased online on websites like Amazon, Leslies Pool Supplies, or The Pool Supplies Superstore. We recommend Amazon due to their often better prices and range of options. If you want to shop in-store, you can often find pool sand filters at Home Depot or Lowes, but the choices may be limited compared to online. No matter where you buy one, a swimming pool sand filter is a great option to keep your pool clean, beautiful and crystal clear!

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How Long Do Pool Filters Last

Pool filter tanks can last for decades, but the filter media and other internal parts will wear out sooner. DE filter grids last the longest, perhaps 10 years. Filter cartridges will usually last for 3-5 seasons and filter sand can last for 5-7 years, both depending on how large the filter is in relation to the pool. In-ground pool filters on the larger side tend to have fewer problems and last longer than smaller, undersized pool filters.

Hayward W3s270t Proseries Sand Filter 27

Buying Guide

as of February 27, 2022 8:23 pm


  • BALANCED FLOW & BACKWASHING: The Hayward ProSeries 27-Inch Top-Mount Filter features efficient, multilateral underdrain assembly with 360° self-cleaning slotted laterals
  • MAXIMUM FILTRATION: Integral top diffuser ensures even distribution of water over the entire sand bed for optimal use of filtration area
  • ALL-WEATHER PERFORMANCE: Unitized, corrosion-proof filter tank is molded from rugged polymeric material, delivering dependable performance in any weather
  • EASY OPERATION: 6-position Hayward VariFlo control valve with easy-to-use lever-action handle lets you quickly dial in the right valve/filter function
  • RAPID WINTERIZING: Large pressure sand/water drain is always ready for quick winterizing or servicing

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Best Pool Filter Type: De Sand Or Cartridge

A properly sized swimming pool filter is the first and most important step to maintaining clean and clear pool water. Pool filters remove dirt and debris, which allows chlorine, bromine or other sanitizer to focus on destroying bacteria.

Check sizing recommendations on whichever filter type you choose and always go bigger if you can afford it an undersized filter will just not be effective. It is always better to buy a larger filter than you need, especially if you are on the fence between two sizes.

There are three kinds of pool filters: sand, cartridge and DE . All three are capable of properly maintaining the water. There is no one best pool filter for all applications, but many owners have a preference for one over the other. This will help you decide which pool filter type is best for you.

Maintenance And Cleaning Of Pool Filters

A properly maintained pool filter ensures clean pool water. It is thus of the utmost importance that your pool filter is cleaned regularly.

The thing is a filter that works properly filters your pool water and collects any debris. After a while, however, this debris gets caught up in the filter and clogs it up. It also tends to increase your water pressure. This results in a reduced water flow, cloudy water, bad water circulation, and excessive wear and tear on your pool equipment.

The frequency at which cleaning is needed depends on the pool size, filter, and situation of the pool. For example, a pool that gets leaves blown into it regularly may need more frequent cleaning of the filter. So while some people may need to clean their filters once a season, others may need to do so on a weekly basis.

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Features Of The Intex Krystal Saltwater System

  • 6 Way Filter Valve: With the presence of the 6 way valve the cleaning of the pool becomes very rapid and functions 6 things like filtering, cleaning, backwashing, rinsing, draining, winterizing etc at a time.
  • Copper Ionization: The distinct feature of this saltwater system is the presence of copper ions that acts as a disinfectant and attack on the harmful algae as well as other unwanted particles present in the pool quite aggressively. This feature makes it all the more powerful as compared to other chlorine pool cleaners.
  • 24 Hour Auto Clock Cycle Check: With the output of 11 grams per hour the saltwater system has the auto clock facility of checking the flow of chlorine from the water at every hour.
  • Filter Pump With A Flow Rate Of 2650 GPH: The filter pump is having a huge capacity of eradicating the water pump with a maximum flow rate of 2650 GPH.

Swimming Pool Horizontal Sand Filters

What Is The Best Pool Filter?

Approx. Rs 1.75 Lakh / Piece

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
  • Usage/Application: Commercial
  • Flow Rate: 337500 Ltrs. / hr.
  • Shape: Cylindrical
  • Warranty: 5 yrs.
  • Country of Origin: Made in India

LYXAR “H” Series Swimming Pool Horizontal Sand Filters is constructed by the latest Engineering Technology. The improvement of flow ability provides an Ultra-pure water filtration. It is manufactured in a combined method of “bobbin winding” laminated.A special Gel Coat smooth finished with strong winding has extra strength and resistance to chemical and corrosives, which is the most recommendable equipment for the application of commercial pools, diving pools, water park and industrial water treatment.

Features & Advantages:

  • 100% factory test according to NSF50 standard and global standard.
  • Man-hole in front for easy access and smaller footprint.
  • 3″, 4″, 6″, 8″ Flanged connection.
  • Materials used are dependable and are suitable for all-weather performance.
  • UV resistance surface allows the filter to work under direct sunlight.
  • 5-10 years life-time.
  • Delivery within 45 days, after receiving the payment.

Additional Information:

  • Pay Mode Terms: T/T
  • Delivery Time: immediate

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Hayward Ecx270861 Boxed Pressure Gauge Replacement For Select Hayward Sand And De Filter

$ as of February 27, 2022 8:23 pm


  • Boxed pressure gauge replacement
  • Fits micro-clear vertical grid, perflex extended-cycle d.e. filter and sand filter models ec30, ec40, ec40ac, i_pfppts, s160t, s200, s240, s245t, s190t
  • Also fits hayward pro series sand filter models s210s, s244s, s310s, s140t, s144t, s180t, s210t, s220t, s220t2, s230t, s244t, s244t2, s270t, s164t, s166t
  • Weight 18-pound

How To Add New De To The Filter

After youve cleaned your filter, rather than adding D.E. powder directly to the grids, youll get much better coverage if you add it through the pools skimmer.

  • Mix the D.E with enough water to make a slurry, which will look like a thin, creamy solution.
  • Make sure the pool pump is running.
  • Slowly pour the solution directly into the skimmer.

As the D.E. passes through the filter, it will evenly distribute over the grids. Youll need to wait a while before swimming to give the mixture time to fully integrate with the filter, so you may want to do this in the evening, and then run your pump overnight.

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Why Is My Pool Filter Blowing Out Sand

Generally speaking, sand coming from out of your pool filter is the tell-tale sign of a broken component somewhere within your pool sand filter. The two most common causes of this that we saw are a cracked lateral or a crack in your filters standpipe. If both of these components are in good shape with no damage, there is a possibility you could have a seal that is worn or broken somewhere within your filter.

Pentair Usa Top Mount Sand Filter

XtremepowerUS 425 sq ft InGround Pool Cartridge Filter In ...

Product Details:

  • Vessel Diameter: 600-800 mm, 800-1000 mm, 400-600 mm
  • Material: FRP
  • Flow Rate : > 10–40
  • Valve Size: 2
  • Vessel Diameter : 400—1200 MM
  • Valve Size : 50 MM 63 MM 75 MM
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 2.5 KG
  • Body Material: FRP
  • Flow Rate : 10–50 M3
  • Working Pressure : 2.5 KG
  • Product Type: FRP
  • Pipe Size : 50 MM,63 MM,75 MM
  • Mounting Type: TOP & SIDE
  • Valve Type: MULTIPORT
  • Warranty: 1 YEAR

Top- Mount Sand Filters: Constructed by the latest engineering technology, A PENTAIR USA SERIES Series Bobbin Winding Fiberglass Top- Mount Sand Filters gives improved ability of flow. This technology provides an ultra-pure water filtration. The fiberglass winding design allows the filter to have extra strength and resistance to chemical and corrosives. This range of fiberglass sand filters is highly recommendable equipment for the application of swimming pool, aquiculture and industrial water treatment. Points of Qualities & Usage:- Multiport valve, easy-to-use, let you select any of the valve/filter operation with a simple lever- action UV- resistance surface allows the filter to work under direct sunlight Sand required: 0.8- 1.0mm granule Materials used are suitable for all weather performance. It has a life of 5-10 years.


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