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What Is The Best Inground Pool Heater

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How To Find The Right Size Pool Heat Pump

POOL HEATERS: What’s The Best Pool Heater To Buy? | Swim University

Just like a gas heater, heat pump pool heaters are rated by BTU output. However, theyre also rated by horsepower . Standard sizes include 3.5 hp/75,000 BTU, 5 hp/100,000 BTU, and 6 hp/125,000 BTU.

To calculate an approximate heater size for an outdoor swimming pool, follow the same steps as above for finding a gas heater size.

Hayward Hp50ta 50000 Btu Heat Pro Heat Pump

The Hayward HP50TA HeatPro heat pump is a heavy-duty, compact round-design. Its anti-corrosion construction includes stainless steel, poly-screen, Ultra Gold, and injection molded, UV-resilient processes and hardware. Reliability and efficient operation and performance are assured even in the most extreme environments. The HeatPro titanium counterflow heat exchanger also resists deterioration caused by saltwater/coastal conditions.

The HP50TA heat pump is an independent lab certified. It is easily installed on new or existing pools/spas using 2×2½ CPVC common union connectors that also adapt to larger plumbing. Installation must be performed by a licensed and certified NEC and CEC professional. It has durable electronic controls and scroll compressors, a profiled-fan blade, and cover to promote super-quiet operation.


This durable, lightweight heat pump is designed for new and after-market pool/spa installation. Its overall corrosion- and UV-resistant construction makes it well-suited for installation in above/below ground saltwater pools as well as in unforgiving environments A 1-yr. parts and labor warranty and 2-yr. limited compressor warranty are included.

Hayward HP50TA: Check the current price

Heat Pump Pool Heaters

Homeowners looking to extend their pool seasons, while staying cost-efficient and environmentally conscious, are turning to heat pump pool heaters to solve their heating needs. What exactly is a heat pump pool heater, and how does it work?

A heat pump pool heater is an advanced-technology pool-heating solution that maintains efficiency even after years of use. Essentially, the only cost is the compressor and fan motor operation, allowing you to then consume the free heat from the air!

The basic heat pump pool-heater cycle works like this:

  • A fan pulls warm air over the evaporator coil causing the liquid refrigerant inside to heat up and turn into a gas.
  • The warm refrigerant gas enters a compressor which increases the temperature and pressure of the gas.
  • The hot-gas refrigerant exits the compressor and enters the condenser heat exchanger where the heat is transferred to the pool water flowing on the other side.
  • Having lost some heat to the water, the hot gas reverts to a liquid state before exiting the condenser and entering a thermal expansion valve.
  • The thermal expansion valve allows the refrigerant to expand, decreasing its temperature and pressure before starting the cycle again.
  • In simpler terms, heat pump pool heaters transfer heat from the ambient air to the pool water and run on electricity, functioning similarly to a home air conditioner.

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    Pentair 460775 Mastertemp Pool Heater Natural Gas 400000 Btu Asme

    The ultra-compact pool/spa heater is a mobile natural gas model that is ideal for those that need to transport, repair, and replace pool heaters. The sidewall ventilation also helps it to fit into areas as small as 2 x 2. It surpasses DOEs low-NOx emissions standards. This natural gas pool heater operates at 83%-84% efficiency. It also incorporates Versa Flo integrated bypass technology that offers auto actuation and on-call heat. The water can flow through the system without entering the heater, which also increases energy efficiency. The blower-driven, copper-tubed heat exchanger has a hot-surface igniter start-up that guarantees easy start-up.

    The central feature is its flexible, quick-connect installation that readily accommodates Max-E-Therm retrofits. A Versa Plumb sweep elbow reduces the need for any plumbing alterations. It also has a dual thermostat control and six-position control panel with LED readout.

    Pentair: Check the current price

    Hayward Cspaxi11 11kw Electric Spa Heater

    10 Best Solar Pool Heaters Reviewed (2020 Guide)

    The Hayward CSPAXI11 compact, electric, indoor/outdoor pool/spa heater is an upgraded version of the already-reliable C-SPA-X1 model. It may be used on fountains, water heaters, and hot tubs as well as for pools/spas. This 11Kw unit operates on 240v. It has all the amenities and features its larger competitors offer while still being able to fit into tight areas . Its tank and threaded head are durable 304 stainless steel construction. It also has a heating element sensor for safety.

    This streamlined pool/spa heater is easy to install and maintain. Easy-dial On/Off controls and temperature adjustment are easily accessible on the front of the unit. Internal controls are also easily accessible for maintenance and troubleshooting. CSPAXI11 electric pool/spa heater installation must be performed by a licensed professional and include a bonded and grounded 60amp breaker. An external bypass must also be installed if this will serve a spa/hot tub that exceeds 70 gal./min.


    This simple, indoor/outdoor electric pool/spa heater upgrade is well-suited for spas , fountains, water heaters, and small, low-temperature pools . It installs quickly and can be stored in small, concealed areas. A 1-yr. limited manufacturers warranty is included.

    Hayward CSPAXI11: Check the current price

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    The Temperature Of The Pool Water That You Prefer When Swimming

    The temperature of the pool water that you like to swim is a big consideration when purchasing a pool heater. For example, if you are a senior that feels much more comfortable swimming in pool water that is 80° or higher, then your best choices are to choose between natural gas heaters, propane heaters or heat pumps. Solar heating systems supplemented by gas heaters may also be used if you live in extreme southern states with a warmer climate such as Florida or Texas. For pools less than 10,000 gallons, electric pool heaters can also be used to consistently achieve these temperatures.

    Does The Solar Pool Water Heater Really Useful

    You may think that we walk under sunlight, it hasnt that sufficient temperature to make the whole pool water hot. Man, dont underestimate this!!!

    If you place a metallic object and a wooden object under the sunlight, after a while, you even cant touch the metallic parts. Cause it can transmit heat, and the wooden thing is heat resistant.

    Similar way, the air is heat resistant, so it doesnt transmit the heat. So we dont feel it in the environment. But the solar tubes can absorb the entire heat from sunlight and make the water hot.

    But the weather never remains clean every day. So if you install a solar pool heater, additionally, that would be a great solution cause its entirely free for your entire life.

    At the end of the season, it will save you thousands of bugs for sure.

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    Types Of Solar Collectors

    There are three different types of pool solar collectors flat plate collectors, evacuated tube collectors, and batch collectors.

    • Flat-plate collectors: The flat plate collectors are the common solar heating solutions for swimming pools. You can install them on the top of your roof or the ground near your pool. They do a decent job in heating the pool. But the main drawback is that they consume a lot of space.
    • Evacuated tube collectors: The evacuated tube collectors are the most efficient heating solutions. They use vacuum tubes to generate the heat. Even though they consume less space than flat plates, they produce more heat. The evacuated tubes are the ideal option if you have a large pool.
    • Batch collectors: The batch collectors can heat your swimming pool to a high temperature. But they are less efficient than the other two. Besides, it heats the pool more than needed.

    How Much Is A Swimming Pool Heater

    Pool Heater: Best Swimming Pool Heater (Buying Guide)

    Although we were able to find some swimming pool heaters around the $2000 range, the top quality ones were between $3000-$4000. Our #1 pick that we reviewed is on the lower end of that range. If you are a frequent user of your pool, we believe this is definitely a worthwhile investment that should provide comfortable swimming water for many years to come.

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    What Is The Best Pool Heater

    Unless you enjoy doing the polar plunge a pool heater is one of the best ways to make sure you get the most out your pool when you live in a seasonal climate. Depending on the size of your pool it can take days for the water to warm up on its own once the weather outside gets hot. And you will lose some or all of the temperature you gained during the day if the temperatures are cool at night.

    There are several options to choose from when looking at adding a heater to your pool, including natural gas or propane heaters, heat pumps, electric heaters as well as solar panel heating. Here we will give you a little insight into how each of these works and try to help you choose which might be best for you.

    Natural Gas/Propane Heaters

    Natural gas and propane heaters are the most commonly installed heaters on residential swimming pools. This is because they provide the fastest and most controllable heat option. They are not the cheapest nor the most expensive type of heater to initially install, and work for almost anyone who has or can get natural gas or propane service to their home.

    You should also make sure to use a solar blanket or liquid solar cover to prevent heat loss. Some people find it inconvenient to use a solar blanket so they are not truly enjoying the benefit of it. Liquid solar blanket is also quite effective, you can read more about it in this article.

    Heat Pumps

    Electric Heaters

    Solar Heating

    Natural Gas Or Liquid Propane

    One of the most critical questions you need to consider when buying a water heating device for your pool is the type of gas you want to use.

    The most important things to consider here are availability and cost. If your home comes with a natural gas line, it is better than buying propane which is usually harder to find and more expensive, and requires frequent deliveries. However, additional considerations should be made:

    Environmental damage

    We all know that fossil fuels damage the environment. Natural gas has a damaging nature regarding the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Even when the device comes with a low NOx standard, a natural gas heater will be a lot more damaging in the long term. That’s why propane is a better choice if you can afford it, as it has a lower impact on the environment.


    The density of the fuel will tell you how efficient it will be in the long run. The more density the fuel has, the longer it lasts and the more powerful it is. Propane, in this case, is always the best choice, as it is denser and much more long-lasting. A pound of propane produces more than double the energy that a natural gas pound does but is more expensive.


    Swimming pool water heaters using propane are 60% costlier than natural gas pool heaters. When you consider availability, the price will go even higher in places where propane is not easy to find. However, due to density and efficiency, it may be almost as efficient in the long run.

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    Pentair 460737 Mastertemp: Best Propane Pool Heater

    Reasons to avoid

    This propane gas pool heater heats up quickly so you wont have to wait around for hours before taking the plunge. Its certified for low NOx emission and outperforms industry standards. It has a rotating digital display so its easy to view, and user-friendly indicator lights help make it easy to both operate and monitor performance.

    The tough, rustproof exterior is designed to withstand all weathers, extending its longevity. The compact design and quiet operation mean you can swim in peace it hardly makes a sound, so it wont intrude on your poolside enjoyment.

    Estimating Heat Pump Pool Heater Costs And Savings

    Poolmaster Slim Line Above

    For an outdoor pool, use the following tables to help estimate your annual heat pump pool heater costs and savings compared to using an electric resistance or a gas pool heater.

    Table 1 estimates annual heat pump pool heating costs by location, by water temperature, and with or without using a pool cover.

    Table 1. Costs by Location of Heating Outdoor Pools with a Heat Pump*

    $200 $800

    *Based on an electric resistance heated pool, which costs $1,000 per year at an electric cost of $.1301/kwh, and using a gas pool heater with a 55% efficiency at a cost of $1.09/therm. A seasonal average COP of 5.0 was used to determine heat pump savings.

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    Factors To Consider When Choosing A Pool Heater

    Sizing-The most important factor to consider when choosing a swimming pool heater is the sizing. When sizing a pool heater, you should take into consideration the surface area of the pool and average air temperatures. You should also look at the type of pool. An in-ground pool requires more heating than above the ground pools. For heat pumps, they are rated by Btu output and horsepower . The common output sizes are 75,000 Btu, 100,000 Btu and 125,000 Btu.

    Costs of installation and running You should consider the cost of buying and installation a heat pump. Bear in mind that the cost of some in units can cost as much as 4,000 dollars while some can go as low as 400 dollars. You should shop around depending on your budget and requirements. In addition to installation cost, the running cost of an electric pool heater will depend on where you are and season. The energy cost of an electric pool heater on average can be around $500.

    Solar Pool Heaters -Solar heater- Another option when it comes to swimming pool heater is installing a solar heater. A solar heater is made up of solar collectors, filters, pumps and control valves. Basically, they use the suns energy to warm the swimming pool. A solar pool cover works as a regular pool cover for keeping algae and debris out in addition to that, the solar cover heats the water and helps to reduce evaporation.

    Raypak Digital Low Nox Natural Gas 399000 Btu Pool Heater : Best Efficient Natural Gas Pool Heater

    Do you want the best cheap pool heater for an inground pool? Then Raypak digital low NOx natural gas pool heater is an ideal option to buy. It has energy-efficient designs and is eco-friendly. This has low NOx, so it doesnt affect the environment. Besides that, it delivers the 3,99,000 BTU heating power to be perfect for heating extended pools.

    Like other models of the Raypak, you get the services diagnostic and operational status feature. With this, you get quick alerts about the services time and easily detect the fault. Besides that, it is highly compatible with almost all kinds of swimming pool control.

    It has remote system compatibility, so you can efficiently operate it without hassles. Moreover, it has an LCD digital control panel that provides accurate temperature.

    Its pagoda design makes it more energy-efficient and allows it to resist the wind. Due to this, it can provide maximum performance without consuming much energy.

    As it runs on natural gas, it wont harm the environment. It has an electrical ignitor which helps to light up easily. If you need an energy-efficient pool heater, it is worthier to have as it delivers maximum performance.


    • Quick services notification is great for tracking services time
    • The LCD control panel is excellent for monitoring temperature
    • Remote system compatibility for easy operation
    • Heating power is great for heating the large pool
    • Rust-resistant design for long-lasting performance


    • It consumes time to heat the pool

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    Best Solar Heater For Inground Pool

    A pleasant swimming session is sometimes all we need to relax and enjoy ourselves. To add to the pleasure, a heating system can be used to keep the temperature of the water balanced at all times. Pool heaters help keep up the fun by preventing the temperatures from getting icy cold and keeping the water cool , and refreshing at all times.

    Solar pool heaters are environmentally friendly and cost-effective compared to other pool heaters. Finding out the best solar heater for your pool can, more often than not, be an excruciating job since the market is flooded with solar pool heaters of all kinds. Here is a list of some of the most sought-after solar pool heaters for inground pools to help you figure out the best one for your pool. However, before you go through this list, we would recommend reading our article Complete Guide To Solar Pool Heaterto help you a choose a good solar pool heater.

    This solar pool heater offers a cost-effective solution for heating your pool to a temperature ranging from six to ten degrees. It is highly effective for inground pools and can be installed either on the ground or the fence. Its meshed cover is suitable for trapping even the smallest debris and ensures a clean and contamination-free swimming pool.










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    Easy To Operate Pool Heaters

    Pool Heaters | Which is The Best & Why | Chlorine King

    So you want a swimming pool heater that is simple to operate? Maybe one that offers easy care of the heating needs of your swimming pool? That is fully understandable. No one wants to have to do any more maintenance on their swimming pool than they already must do. Well here is good news. Most swimming pool heaters are very easy to operate and maintain. Gas pool heaters, heat pumps, and electric heaters just need to be set to a certain temperature and then will function on their own. Even solar heating systems can be made so they automatically turn on and off.

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    Hayward W3h400fdn Universal H

    Hayward W3H400FDN is a perfect pool heater for inground a pool having a surface area of up to 12000 ft. The source of energy is natural gas, so it doesnt cause any harm to the environment and makes it ideal for the spa zones and pools where low NOx is needed.

    The Universal H-series pool heater delivers 4,00,000 BTU, sufficient for a heating extra large pool. Since it is protected from corrosion and unbalanced water chemistry, it will offer long-lasting performance. Apart from this, the Universal H-series pool heater for the inground pool is extremely easy to use.

    It comes with an intuitive front control panel with which you can control the operation of the pool easily. Moreover, its services and maintenance are easy, so you dont need to worry about repairing hassles. Its industry-leading design is helpful to reduce the circulation run time which further allows you to save energy.

    It features a forced draft combustion system that continually moves air through its combustion chamber. This will further help eliminate the weather variables which affect the heating efficiency. So, it would be worth investing to extend the swimming season.


    • Energy-efficient and forced draft combustion system
    • Excellent hydraulic performance to save maximum energy
    • Long-lasting performance and withstand for a longer time in unbalanced water pH level
    • 4,00,000 BTU for excellent heating


    • Hardware is not so weatherproof

    Do Pool Heaters Consume a Lot of Energy?

  • Type of Pool Heater
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