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What Is The Best Vacuum For Intex Pools

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Best Cordless Pool Vacuum

Intex Pool Vacuum Cleaner for $25!?! [Best for Above Ground] to Suck up Algae, Leaves Cheap How To

This article was created with a hope that you will able to find the best cordless pool vacuum, suiting your requirements and we wish that we were able to succeed in our mission to do so. If you are looking for a cheap cordless pool vacuum because you will be making limited use of it, go for the POOL BLASTER Catfish Ultra Rechargeable, Battery-Powered, Pool-Cleaner, Ideal for In-Ground Pools and Above Ground Pools for Cleaning Leaves, Dirt and Sand & Silt. which will give you what you pay for. That being said, dont forget to share the article with your friends and keep visiting for more such informative and reviews articles.

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Suction Side Pool Cleaners

The suction pool cleaners are considerably less expensive, but require you to have a powerful enough filtration system. Plus, they may put your filter to work, thus wearing it out faster and bringing up your electric bill. They rely entirely on your pull pump for suction and movement along the floor of the pool.

They come with a hose that attaches to your skimmer for water-based vacuuming. The benefit is that some may climb up the sides of the pool.

These types of cleaners are actually straightforward to use, however, do put more strain on your filter and system while using up more energy.

Best Pool Vacuum For Intex Pools Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many options to choose from when it comes to your pool vacuum or pool cleaner.

We highly recommend getting a robotic pool vacuum for those with a large-sized Intex pool as its very energy-efficient and can clean your whole pool in less than 2 hours.

For those with average-sized pools or pools with less than 24 feet in diameter, the Polaris Vac-Sweep 65, Zodiac Ranger Automatic Pool Cleaner, or Hayward W3500 Aquabug Pool Vacuum should be enough to properly maintain your Intex pool. Theyre powerful enough to remove the debris in your pools interior.

Finally, for those in a budget or have a smaller-sized pool, the Intex Handheld Rechargeable Vacuum should get the job done and give you a clean and clear pool water to swim on.

Did not find the Intex pool vacuum you were looking for? Try these other options.


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Best Vacuum For Intex Pool 5 Above Ground Pool Vacuums In 2021

Ever thought of changing the old pool filter so that you do not have to use a pool vacuum extensively anymore?

You should check out the new, in-depth pool filter recommendations I have prepared for you. And a word of advice, there are three types of pool filters.

Determine which type suits you the best, first and then pick your desired pool filter from the desired type of yours.

Check now, Best pool filters

Intex pool installation is ever on the rise in present times and with the rising demand for this above-ground pool, vacuum cleaners for Intex pools are now in high demand.

To fix this situation for you, I have researched for hours and have gone through the web, print, audio, and visual media and every possible document.

I even tried many of them personally and came out with the best vacuum for Intex pool to suggest to you.

So, stay tuned and make your summer splash more charming and less hectic with no manual involvement with our shortlisted vacuums.

Pentair K50600 Kreepy Krauly Above Pool Cleaner

The Best Intex Pool Vacuums

The next cleaner on this list is another one operational moving part cleaner that is designed for vacuuming power and speed. It doesnt have any gears or wheels that require servicing, only a free skimming valve to regulate proper water flow. This ensures quality cleaning and speed while skimming the pool and vacuuming.

It cleans in a random pattern for added coverage, ensuring that the whole pool is thoroughly cleaned. The vacuum is suitable for all above ground pools regardless if they are flat bottomed or dished out. Simply hook it up to the skimmer line and the power of your pump and filter power it.

It comes with a 32-foot hose, but additional segments are available. Your pump must be smaller than 3\4 hp. It is effortless to set up and use. Expect it to go beyond the pool floor and cover the pool walls as well.


  • Skimming valve to regulate water flow and speed
  • Random pattern cleaning for more coverage
  • Suitable for flat or dished out pool bottoms


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Hayward 900 Wanda The Whale Suction Above

Regardless of the size of the debris and pool size or shape, this vacuum cleaner with its special design ensures top-notch cleaning of every corner of your pool.

If you are not interested in manual cleaning, Hayward Wanda is something that can save you with its high suction power and excellent cleaning compatibility. It has 4 wheel technology that maximizes the covering area regardless of any obstacles.

This cleaner is extremely easy to install. As it is totally automatic, any member of your family can use this vacuum cleaner no need to put in any manual effort.

Types Of Pool Cleaners

There are a few different types of pool cleaners that are all great options depending on what your budget is and what you are looking for specifically in your new pool cleaner. If you’re just looking for an above ground pool cleaner recommendation, we have that here.

Automatic/Robotic Pool CleanersAn automatic pool cleaner is super convenient and requires minimal labor. They do require their own power source and they move independently along the bottom of the pool to make it sparkling and clean. These pool cleaners tend to be at the highest end of the price range.

Suction VacuumsThis type of pool vacuum also moves independently and automatically to clean your pool but it uses your pool pump for its power source instead of requiring an independent one. These cleaners typically have the “barracuda” style, or creepy-crawly style, which has a round rubber flange that moves throughout your pool to clean it. In general, automatic suction vacuums are lower maintenance due to less moving parts that might need repair when compared to robotic pool cleaners.

Manual Pool VacuumsThese are typically the lower end of the price range for pool cleaners. While they are hand-held and require manual labor to clean your pool, they are a great option if you want to save some cash and you don’t mind doing the cleaning yourself to ensure premium cleanliness.

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Why Do You Need An Intex Aboveground Pool Vacuum

Several reasons spring to mind when this question comes up.

Cleaning any pool is quite a difficult task, more so an Intex aboveground pool. A pool vacuum would save you from the stress and effort of manually cleaning out the debris from your aboveground pool.

A pool vacuum is also more efficient than any other cleaning. Some pool cleaning robot vacuums not only get rid of the debris but also scrub the walls gently to remove stuck-on dirt.

Apart from benefitting from a pool vacuums efficiency, you will also get to save a lot of time when you are cleaning the pool. The vacuum will be a fast cleaner that wont need you to work for long to clean the pool.

There are so many things a pool vacuum would save you from. Therefore, if you can get one, then, by all means, do it.

Poolmaster 28300 Big Sucker Vacuum

The Best Way to Vacuum an Intex Pool!

Thefantastic Poolmaster Big Sucker Leaf Vac for Swimming Pools highlights eighthigh-pressure planes and two reusable leaf sacks so you can deal with hardcorecleaning employments effortlessly.

The head iscreated from solid ABS with a rubber treated border that will never defacefloors or dividers. Incorporated wheels guarantee simplicity of development andreplaceable brushes clean green growth and solidify gunk free so yourfiltration framework can deal with it. Hose and post sold independently.

About Robelle Industries Since 1973, Robelle Industries has been giving predominant, trustworthy, and moderate pool items.

They have meticulously assembled a line of value pool items that incorporate synthetic pool concoctions, pool frill, and everything in the middle.

In addition,the Robelle is devoted to finding new item plans that satisfy unrivaledguidelines of pool synthetic adequacy and item solidness, so your pool isprotected, perfectly clear, and sound.

If you arelooking for a cheap, at the same time, a high-performing pool vacuum to removealgae and leaf, then it can be a great solution for you.

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Manual Or Automatic Vacuums

Intex pool vacuums vary in design, and you can be sure to find manual and automatic vacuums. You will pick one of these designs, but you want your pool size to inform your choice. If you want to clean a small Intex pool, a manual vacuum cleaner works just fine.

But if your Intex pool is large and you want to reduce the cleaning time significantly, an automatic pool vacuum will be your best option. These two designs work excellently, and your pool size should be the only deciding factor.

Filtration Rate Of Your Pool Cleaner

Finding out the filtration rate of your above ground pool cleaner is quite important. The filtration rate is the key to ensuring a better quality of the water. A good filtration rate is necessary for making sure it has got an excellent and proper cleaning as you have intended. So do check out the filtration rate whenever you are going to buy a pool cleaner. Ideally, it should be able to filter a minimum of 70 gallons of water per minute.

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Paxcess Cordless Automatic Pool Cleaner: Best Automatic Cordless

The Paxcess cordless has a sleek robotic touch for a fully automatic cleaning of Intex pools. Turns out, you can clean up to 100 sqm pool area for 90 mins straight. Also, having a waterproof design gives you an upper hand against water splitting from the blue. The best part is, the vacuum cleaner is just 12 pounds with a floating hand, easy hacking carried to all areas.

Key Features

  • Fully automatic cleaning with cordless mobility.
  • A 5000 mah lithium-ion battery for easy working hours.
  • No installation, no booster pump, or suction line required.
  • The vacuum can climb on 15-degree slopes on any pool type.
  • It stops by itself after the cleaning cycle is over.

What customers are saying

Users of this pool vacuum for Intex pools gave a 4.4 positive review in all its cleaning features. Sometimes, the battery charging can take up to 4 hours to charge. But once done, you will have smooth and effortless work hours. The powerful sucking can suck out any debris, especially in between the nooks and crannies. You can enjoy some quality time doing what you like best while the robot vacuum does its magic.

Our experience

No working stress

The robot overlords are coming. Haha. Just kidding. The vacuum has the latest auto cleaning feature, and so you dont have to take any cleaning stress. You can have a cup of coffee or talk with your loved ones as the machine does the cleaning for you.

Spotless performance

No extra maintenance

How To Choose The Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum For Intex:

Top 6 Best Vacuum For Intex Pool  Reviews &  Buying Guide!

The following points are needed to be considered before buying a pool vacuum.

  • Suction Power
  • When you look to buy a pool cleaner, suction power is a non-negotiable feature. Suction power plays the most important role in cleaning the pool. More powerful it will have suction power, better cleaning it will provide.

  • Filtration System
  • The pool vacuum you want to purchase must have superior filtering capabilities. It must be able to take out all the dirt, debris, and leaves out of the filtration system.

  • Maneuverability
  • How easily and how swiftly a pool vacuum moves across the pool determines how much ease it is going to provide you while cleaning. Vacuum with greater maneuverability reaches around the corner and other tight spots very easily. And also, users have to put less physical effort into cleaning the pool.

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    What`s The Best Vacuum For Intex Pools

    We heartily congratulate you on your purchase of the Intex pool! Now that you have Intex, you can enjoy swimming, even on the hottest day. However, if you want your joy and pleasure to last as long as possible, you need to take care of the regular pool maintenance, and first of all, of its cleaning.

    Today, there are many different vacuum cleaners specially designed for pools and maintenance of water and reservoir safety. The brand itself produces such kind of appliance, which knows how to clean an Intex pool. However, vacs of the other manufacturers can also cope with the task pretty well. Lets have a look at three best vacuums and brands for Intex pools.

    Pentair K50600 Kreepy Krauley E-ZSuction-Side Above Ground Pool Cleaner

    The Pentair company has been producing a wide range of well-known pool equipment like swimming pools, pumps, filters, as well as excellent pool vacuum cleaners. The K50600 model features some nice characteristics, which make it suitable for various pool brands, including Intex.

    First of all, the model greatly differs from other vacs by its captivating appearance. Here we see classic features and functions, which are expressed through unique shape. The circle membrane of the cleaner and its wavy pattern provide high suction, thorough dirt collecting, and no clogs. It applies the hydraulic suction mechanism. The whole construction of the vacuum is aimed at flat surfaces, so it works with the pool bottom and broad steps.

    Intex Auto Pool Cleaner 28001

    Zodiac Ranger Suction Side Vacuum Cleaner Most Long

    Introducing The Zodiac Ranger, a high performing pool vacuum cleaner that will leave your Intex pool spotless with its powerful cleaning suction.

    Key Features:

    • Flow keeper valve to maintain consistent flow rate
    • Insta-skim self-adjusting valve
    • Feed hose of 32 feet

    This pool cleaner has only one moving part, which is great because it eliminates any infuriating flapper or hammer noise for a quieter and quicker operation.

    The machine is equipped with a strong deflector wheel that ensures it does not get caught on corners, ladders, and steps during cleaning.

    The Zodiac Ranger is fitted with an AG disc, which is great because it enables the unit to glide smoothly around steps and along the bottom of your Intex pool.

    The pool vacuum comes with an insta-skim valve that is self-adjusting, regulating the water flow rate automatically to maintain optimum performance.

    You will really appreciate the fact that it comes pre-assembled, making the installation much easier since you only have the feed hose to set up.

    Another great feature is its compatibility with most sand filter pumps. So, it should work just fine with either a 1hp or 1.5hp sand filter pumps.

    But beware, you can easily receive a model with missing parts, which will not run as expected.



    • May receive a Zodiac Ranger with missing parts
    • Some models may have a poor quality AG disc

    The Zodiac Ranger is a great Intex pool cleaner as long as it is moving. So, make sure you get a model that comes with all the parts.

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    Pentair 360100 Kreepy Krauly Lil Shark Above Ground Pool Cleaner

    Pentair 360100 Kreepy Krauly model comes with dual-band of bristles that help to scrub debris while providing dominant vacuuming power. The two features combine to ensure that all the dirt is collected within minutes to make your pool ready for swimming.

    You can easily program the device to provide better coverage that cannot be achieved by most vacuum cleaners on the market today. It is a model that gives you peace of mind and ensures that nothing is left behind after a cleaning session.

    What I found to be more interesting is the ability of the cleaner to clean up to 10 inches at a go and clean thoroughly. It also comes with a simple design that ensures less parts are moving.


    • Minimal moving parts for durability
    • Covers every corner of your pool


    • A bit expensive

    Hayward 900 Wanda The Whale Suction

    Intex Vacuum for Intex, Coleman, Summer Waves and Bestway pools

    If you are looking for a pool cleaner that is fun and easy to use, the Hayward 900 Wand is a good choice. This vacuum cleaner has a whale-like design which makes cleaning exciting and provides a different experience.

    It does not matter how big or small your pool is, Hayward 9000 can get rid of dirt and debris. The cleaner has a unique Hayward SmartDrive program so it will not miss any spot. With regards to price, it is a bit expensive as compared to others. This vacuum cleaner performs well and is worth buying if you can afford it.

    The device is known to operate with ease and trouble-free. Your cleaning task will not be interrupted by the need to empty or replace the debris bags. And since it works well with your filtration system, it does not require extra energy though it requires a booster pump. Installing it will only take you ten minutes or less including the hoses.

    Hayward improves water circulation as it serves as a moving main drain that pulls the water from the bottom. This means as the water circulates, your pool remains cleaner without the need of using too many chemical sanitizers. If you are getting tired of cleaning your Intex pool manually Hayward Wanda is the best alternative to keep your pool clean all the time.


    • Very reliable and safe to use


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    Intex Pool Cleaner Buying Guide

    Some of the important features to look out for when purchasing a vacuum cleaner for Intex pool include:

    Ease of use

    Life is complicated already. Chores are too. And theres really no point buying a piece of equipment pool vacuum cleaners in this case thats complicated to use. No matter how great, compact and nimble its performance is. Reading reviews on the setup, use and cons of the vacuum is a wise step before buying.

    Suction power

    The suction pump is non-negotiable when on the lookout to buy a vacuum cleaner. Be it for a manual or automatic pool. The suction power determines how detailed your pool vacuum cleaner will be about vacuuming dirt and debris from your floor.

    For a clean, clear, kenspeckle pool, your suction power game has to be upstream. It is important to note that the higher the suction power, the more likely youd get a thorough job from your pool cleaner.

    For specificity, 180-200 AW is great for an upright, 80-100 AW is a good fit for a cordless and 300+ for example in a canister. Although there are numerous benefits to utilizing high suction power units in your pool, there are cons as well.

    These cons are a result of the powerful motor and extensive use that result in higher power consumption. Suction power units could be very noisy ear-deafening kind of noise and are likely to wear out to high-temperature variation.


    Filtration System

    There are two types of pool systems the bagged pool system and the bagless pool system.


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