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What Size Cartridge Filter For 20000 Gallon Pool

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Adjust The Filter Area And Rate

What Size Pool Filter Do I Need?

Pool Filter Rate may be regulated in certain locations. Maximum filter rates are set by the National Sanitation Foundation to ensure effective and efficient filtration. Filter Rate regulations are typically imposed with commercial pool installations, but you can compensate by selecting a filter with a larger filter area.

Detailed Discussion Of Each Filter Type

Sand Pool Filters

A particular grade of sand is used in a pool sand-filter. Commonly #20 silica sand, 0.017 to 0.02 inch diameter grains are used to trap 20 to 100-micron dirt particles. As the water circulates through the filter, debris settles down in the sand. This sediment closes up the gaps between the sand particles and the filter traps even finer dirt particles from the pool water. This explains why the sand filter delivers sparkling clear pool water. The dirt that collects causes the water pressure to increase, when the pressure reaches 8 to 10 psi higher than when it was clean, its time to backwash the filter.

Pool Filter Sand Problems

Pool filter sand often collect small clumps of oily gunk caused by using Biguanide chemicals, such as Soft Swim or Baquacil. It requires an annual cleaning of the pool filter sand with sand filter cleaner to prevent it from gumming-up. High amounts of bather oils can also gum-up a sand bed. Enzyme pool treatments can help control oil problems in pools.

When backwashing, oils and gunk trapped in the top 2 inches of the sand bed can cause the water to rush up the sides without cleaning the sand. Its another form of channeling with almost the same symptoms. The backwash looks clean but the pressure remains high when you start the filter. Sand filter cleaners or enzymes are helpful products to remove the gunk. Replacing just the top 25% of your filter sand with fresh pool filter sand is another solution.

Swimming Pool Filters 101


There are three main swimming pool filter types that you will find in just about in every region of the World. A pool will have either a D.E. Filter, a Cartridge Filter or a Sand Filter. Depending on your region one of these three filter types will be the most common. I will touch on all three filter types in this article and go over the pros and cons of each.

D.E. Filters are the most common filter type in my area so I will touch on these filters first. D.E. Filters or Diatomaceous Earth Filters offer the best filtration of the three types. They use a set of grids or cartridges depending on the filter type and a coating of D.E. Powder . The D.E. coats the grids and acts as a barrier trapping dirt, debris, algae, and organic particles. This allows a D.E. Filter to filter down to an amazingly low 3 microns.

A little about what a micron is for you:

A “micron” is an abbreviated term for “micrometer”, or a millionth of a meter . This is about .00004 inches. For Size comparison, a human red blood cell is about 5 microns across. A human hair is about 75 microns across .

So a micron is a very small measurement and a D.E. Filter will give you the best water quality of the three filter types.

So those are the three filter types and as you can see I prefer D.E. Filters as my first choice, the Cartridge and last Sand Filters unless it is a Commercial Account or a small Above Ground Pool.

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Which Pool Types Work Best With Sand Filters

All inground pools can function using a sand filter, including fiberglass, concrete, vinyl liner, and other prefab pools like container pools. Above ground pool owners also commonly use sand filter systems.

In the end, the pool type won’t affect what kind of filtration system that you can have or how effective it can be as long as the filter size is matched to the size of the pool. Be sure to factor in the number of hours that you plan to run your filter every day to calculate an accurate turnover rate.

Pro tip: Check the filter’s “Turnover Capacity in Gallons” on the spec sheet before you buy.

Filter Sizing And Flow Rates

Hayward 48 Sq. Ft. D.E. Pro

There are three common pool filter typessand, cartridge and Diatomaceous Earth . All three of these pool filter types will keep your pool and spa clean, but you should consider the needs of your specific application, your other equipment and plumbing size before making a selection.

When choosing a filter type and size, we recommend enlisting the help of a pool professional to ensure the proper products are selected for your pool. Our pool pros will take into consideration the weather conditions in your area, the types of debris that can land in your pool, and they will also evaluate your entire application how many gallons your pool has, your plumbing size and the needs of and types of other pool equipment you have.

Tip: An undersized pool filter will render it ineffective and lessen its life the larger the filter, the longer the time between cleanings.

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What Size Above Ground Pool Pump Do I Need

Swimming pool pumps are essential for keeping your pool water fresh and clean. To make sure youre swimming in the highest quality water possible, you need to use the right pump. Some think that upgrading to a larger pump will mean cleaner water, but thats not always the case. Sometimes, a larger pump is less effective and can end up costing a lot more in operating costs. If youre wondering What size above ground pool pump do I need?, youve come to the right place.

Below well explain everything you need to know to choose the right size above ground pool pump.

Pentair Quad De Pool Filters

  • Pentair QUAD 60 60 sq.ft. up to 32,400 gallon pool.
  • Pentair QUAD 80 with 80 sq.ft. up to 43,200 gallon pool
  • Pentair QUAD 100 with 100 sq.ft. up to 54,000 gallon pool
  • Quad D.E. filter provides the finest filtration available.


    • Four large-capacity cartridges provide maximum filter surface area for greater dirt-trapping capacity and longer periods between cleanings
    • Unique internal flow path ensures optimum filtration and backwashing efficiency
    • Chemical resistant, fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene tank for exceptional strength and long life
    • Three cleaning options: backwash and recharge like a traditional D.E. filter, remove and rinse off the cartridges, or simply remove the lid, leave the cartridges in place, open the drain plug and rinse.
    • Water flows through the Quad D.E. Cartridge Style Filters so efficiently that your pump will use less energy.
    • Fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene tank for long lifewill not corrode
    • 2 plumbing connections for maximum flow
    • 1 ½ drain for easy and efficient cleanout and 100% draining

    View or download the MANUAL and the BROCHURE for the Pentair Quad D.E. pool filter.


    The backwash control valve kit is not supplied with the filter and must be purchased separately. You can choose between a seven-position control valve and the push-pull backwash valve.

    The fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene tank is pool chemical resistant, it will last a lifetime. The cartridge elements are easy to remove for effortless maintenance.

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    Limit The Filter Rate And Adjust The Filter Area

    Filter rates on pools are regulated in many locations. The National Sanitation Foundation sets maximum filter rates to ensure effective filtration because the faster the water passes through the medium, the less effectively it is cleaned.

    Filter rate ceilings are imposed most often for commercial facilities. If this is the case where you live, you may have to compensate by selecting a model with a larger filter area. By doing so, you can achieve the same flow rate without exceeding the maximum filter rate.

    What Is The Flow Rate

    Choosing The Correct Size Sand Filter For Your Pool, Things To Consider

    Flow Rate is defined as the volume of water flowing through a given point during a specific time frame, typically in gallons per minute or per gallon . If you want to set up a pool filtration system that has an 8-hour turnover rate, you would need to calculate the flow rate to achieve that turnover rate/time. So, how is this done? Easy!

    Flow Rate formula: Pool Capacity / Turnover Time = Flow Rate.

    Example calculation: 30,000 / 8 = 3,750 GPH Flow Rate.

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    Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump For Above Ground Pools

    • Pump flow Rate: 12100 GPH. System flow Rate: 1, 600 GPH
    • 6 function control – enables pool owner to filter, backwash, rinse, recirculate, drain & close system
    • 24 hour automatic timer Maximum pool size : 12,800 gal
    • Strainer basket – easy cleaning, prolongs life of sand

    Last but not least, we recommend this Rx Clear Radiant Sand Filter System pump and filtration system. It uses a one-piece tank, universal base, and top-mount six-position multi-port valve. This system is appropriate for pools up to 16,000 gallons and comes with a three-year limited warranty. This filter is designed to handle the filtration needs of many of todays pools. It provides an efficient, easy to use, simple to install and operate system that will keep pool water clean and sparkling. The core of these systems is the one-piece blow-molded tank that sits atop a universal base that accepts most pumps. Includes a top mount, 6-position multi-port valve and has a high capacity sand bed to catch more debris and extends filter cycles.

    Easy to use operating system.
    Best above ground pool pumps and filters

    Sand Filter Pros And Cons


    • Sand can last 5-7 years without needing to be replaced, but it will most likely last 3.
    • Replacement sand is relatively cheap.
    • Sand filters are easy to maintain.
    • Sand filters are commonly used and easily serviced.


    • The pressure from a sand filter can be dangerous. For safety reasons, always follow your pool’s filter instruction manual.
    • The water clarity is poorer as sand filters can’t remove particles as small as cartridge and D.E. filters can.
    • The laterals in the sand filter can break, causing sand to make its way into the pool.

    We hope that this has helped you decide if a sand filter is a good option for your swimming pool. Before you go, we want to leave you with a few words of wisdom that apply to every pool owner: Don’t fall behind on your pool maintenance chores. The better you maintain your pool and sand filter, the better they will look and function in the long-run.

    The Greek philosopher Aristotle said it best:”We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

    Questions or comments? Leave them for us below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    At River Pools, we manufacture world-class fiberglass pools for customers across North America. If you are interested in getting a fiberglass inground pool for your home, you can browse our pool models to explore your fiberglass pool shape options, or request custom pricing using the button below. For a fast estimate, try out our free pool pricing calculator today!

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    Pool Filter Installation Cost

    Having a pool filter installed is something that should always be done by a professional. There are DIY filtration solutions available for above-ground pools, but the initial installation is always best done by a professional. They will know how to make sure that everything is properly connected and will have the tools to do the job right. Depending on your pool, you may also need to have a pump and/or a hydraulic system installed if you havent already.

    The installation of pool filters is typically performed by a pool installation technician or a plumber. Electricians may be needed to assist with any wiring required, but usually, the work can be done without them. Labor is typically charged at an hourly rate. Plumbers will charge between $45 and $200 per hour, while pool technicians will charge a rate of approximately $35 to $55 per hour for simple filter installations. If you need to hire an electrician, they typically cost about $40-$100 per hour. The entire project should take one to three hours to complete.

    Which Is Really The Best Pool Filter Type

    NEW FOR 2016 GAME Complete 0.75HP Replacement Pool Sand ...

    Depending on what you need for your pool, any type of filter system can be the best. Most professionals will recommend cartridge filters to pool owners, as they are great filters for small particles and large debris, and they dont require backwashing of your system like the sand filters do.

    However, if you simply want a cheap system and youre not concerned with filtering out the smallest particles, a sand filter is probably a fine option for you. If you want the clearest water of all, a DE system is your best choice.

    Additionally, you have to consider what the right pool filter is for above ground pools versus in-ground pools because it makes a big difference what kind of system you get for your pool then.

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    Hayward Cc15093s Xstream Filter

    This cartridge filtering system from Hayward is great for a lot of larger above ground pools. Its well designed to stand up to the different elements that are to effect an outdoor, above ground pool filter.

    The Xstream filter is reinforced with glass, so its non-corrosive and sturdy enough to last for a long time before you will have to replace it.

    The 1.5 HP motor is strong enough to keep the pump running well for its entire lifetime. Hookups in and out of the filter allow for a large variety of pumps and other plumbing to be attached to it, making it easily compatible with other brands as well as devices from the same brand.

    According to the manufacturer, this pool filter work for above ground pools as large as 57,000 gallons because of its large filtering capacity. This larger size is a great feature if you want a faster water turnover time or if you own a large or extra-large above ground pool.

    Best features:

    Types Of Pool Filters

    Three types of filters are commercially available, the sand filter, pleated cartridges, and D.E. filters that have grids coated with diatomaceous earth powder. But which type of pool filter is the best for inground pools?

    Sand is a good filter medium, and its been around for many years. When dirt builds up in a sand filter, the pressure inside the filter rises. When this happens, the filter must be backwashed. Which means the water flow direction is reversed to wash out the contaminants. The backwash water is dirty and contains chemicals, so its wasted.

    The filter sand should be replaced every 7 to 10 years, and normally its the only times you open the tank. Sand replacements that are promised to perform even better are available, and its something worth considering if you wish to improve your current sand filter. We will discuss all the filter maintenance issues in detail after reviewing the best pool filters for inground pools. For now, you should keep in mind that sand was long considered the best pool filter.

    Diatomaceous Earth | Hayward DE4820 ProGrid D.E.

    Engineered with high-impact grid elements.

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    Additional Considerations And Costs

    • In some cases, you may be able to install your own pool filter or replace a filtration system without professional assistance. If that is the case, you will only incur charges for the filter or equipment that you purchase. This could save you a lot of money on labor costs and service charges.
    • It is important to get at least 3-5 estimates before you hire a plumber, electrician, or pool contractor to assist with your filter installation or replacement. Not every technician will offer the same services or pricing, so you will want to compare not only what you are paying, but what you are getting for the money.
    • Many pool technicians and plumbers will have service call fees or trip charges in addition to their labor costs. Make sure that you ask about this prior to hiring someone. Service calls range from $65-$75 per visit, while trip charges may range from $50-$100 per trip if they are traveling from a distance.

    Hayward Ec50ac Perflex De Filter

    How To: Size A Pool Pump

    Unlike the previously mentioned Hayward DE pool filter, this filter can be used for both above round and in-ground pools of different sizes. There are 3 different models of this filter system available: the EC40AC, EC50AC, and the EC75A. Each model is a different size to be used in smaller or larger pools, according to your pool filter measurements.

    This filter works very well to remove tiny particles from your pool water and give you the most beautifully clear water possible. In addition to small particles and debris, this filter system also works to catch algae. It generally manages to catch particles on the first pass through the filter without allowing many to pass by and go back into the pool itself.

    The Perflex filter systems uses less resistance so that the use of your water and electricity is more efficient. Its efficient and dependable with reliable cleaning power that will make your pool much cleaner than many other types of filter systems. This is a comparable system to other DE filters available from other brands.

    Best features:

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    How Big Of A Filter Do I Need For An Oval Pool

    For oval pools, change the multiplier from 7.5 to 5.9. Filter manufacturers size all three systems in accordance with the National Sanitation Foundation Standard 50 Circulation System Components for Swimming Pool. High-rate sand Max flow rate 25 GPM per square foot of surface area, normally sized between 15 and 20 GPM per sq. ft.

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