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What Supplies Do I Need For Above Ground Pool

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Benefits Of Investing In An Above Ground Pool Cleaner

How to Vacuum an Above Ground Pool!

Aside from the obvious benefit of not wearing out yourself leaning over the pool scrubbing and vacuuming it, there are actually several more that you may not have known about. If you have invested in a robotic pool cleaner or pressure-side pool cleaner, you will be reducing filter wear on your system drastically.

If you use a cleaner regularly, the load on your skimmer will be drastically lightened, as less debris will go through it while the robot isnt working. This means you will have to clean it less often, and less gunk to clean.

You may not have thought about is, but cleaners do a great job of dispersing heated pool water better and more evenly than the filtration system alone. Plus, if you have a pool cover, and the cleaner doesnt pose any issues with it, you can run it under the pool cover.

The only drawback of an above ground pool vacuum would be the cost of buying one, as they are considerably more expensive than a manual pool vacuum. But the investment is well worth it. Remember, even if you have an above ground pool cleaner, you will still need to collect debris floating on the water. We recommend the following quality pool skimmers;to help you choose one.

Connect Each Bottom Rail

The next step is to connect each rail to its bottom plate. Metal, resin, and resin bottom cuffs connect to the bottom rails in the same manner. Once youve connected the rails to the bottom plates, measure the diameter in several areas to make sure the base is truly round. Once satisfied, you can stake the ring into position.

Quick Tip: For easier installation, lay your bottom rails and bottom plates down along the perimeter of the installation area before connecting them.

Understanding Chlorine Vs Bromine

In most pools, there will be one of these halogens. Chlorine and bromine share several characteristics on the chemical level. Since they have an identical number of valence electrons, they behave similarly. Thus, you can use them in the same applications to produce substantially comparable results.

Chlorine:In most instances, chlorine is the pool sanitizer of choice. Once you add some of this, none of those bacteria can thrive.

Bromine:If you are sensitive to chlorine, then bromine might be an appropriate substitute. Sometimes, people develop rashes when swimming in chlorinated water. If you are in those truths, then try some of this. Typically, it will perform much better.

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How To Choose An Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Now that you know whats available on the market and the different types of cleaners available, its time to choose one that caters to your needs.

Here are several things to consider when purchasing:

  • Above Ground Pool Specific there is a big difference between cleaning equipment for inground and above ground pools, and the same goes for cleaners. The cleaner needs to be made specifically for your type of pool.

Above ground pools are made of more delicate materials that can easily rip or get damaged. Also, they are usually flat, have few obstacles, and have 90-degree angles. All of this requires a particular type of equipment made for them.

There are plenty of tips for buying an above ground pool cleaner, but what it comes down to in the end is what your budget is. This is the type of tool that the more you spend, the better the results you will get, and less time you will spend tending to your pool.

Water Care & General Maintenance


You will want to test your water at least weekly.; There are a variety of different test kits available.; They include strips that you simply dunk in the water to get your water readings, drop kits, and even completely automated systems that will continuously monitor your water and alert you if anything needs to be added.; Some pool retailers will have a water lab that can test your water for you as well. ;

You will want to watch the following 3 readings weekly:; pH, alkalinity and chlorine.; For a chlorine-based pool, you’ll want to maintain your pH reading between 7.2 and 7.8, your alkalinity between 80 120 and your chlorine level at 1.5 3. ; These levels will ensure proper sanitization of your water and should keep it clear and clean.;

On a monthly basis, you will want to test copper , water hardness and cyanuric acid levels, and ensure these are within the appropriate range.;

The most common water issues with above ground pools are green water and/or cloudy water. ;

Green pool water indicates algae, and generally requires the water to be shocked with a high dose of sanitizer . ;

Cloudy water can be caused by many factors commonly we see it after shocking a pool.; The dead algae that is not caught by the filter tends to hang out in the water.; In these cases, you will want to floc the pool.; This process causes the algae or other contaminants that are in suspension in the pool water to sink to the bottom, allowing you the ability to vacuum them out. ;

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Don’t Forget About The Walls

The pool walls need care just as much as the water inside of them. Avoid letting guests sit on the edges or the top rail of the pool, which can cause damage and crease or crack the sides.

Other hazards that could hit the walls of the pool include falling tree branches and kids that are throwing objects or riding bikes around the pool.

  • 04 of 04
  • Safety Cover Tools Storage Bag And A Good Storage Space

    If you need a new safety cover anchor;key, installation;rod, or a heavy duty cover storage;bag, get those on order beforehand. Pick out a nice summer home for your pool cover, preferably an indoor space for summer storage. I speak from experience when I say that mice love chewing holes through safety covers like swiss cheese. Store your safety cover where it wont become a home to a rodent or dinner for insects. Moth Balls and Mint Sachets can provide some protection, but dont leave it outside if possible. Store in the basement, or balanced on the rafters in a garage.

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    Guideline On Building An Above

    • First, youll need to measure the size of the pool, just in case you forget. Keep in mind that you should get the accurate size of the diameter or length x height . The measurement of the width is also needed.
    • Second, using this data record of the pool size, determine the size of the deck you want to build. Remember, the deck shouldnt be attached to the perimeter of the pool. Make a gap around 1-2 inches between the edge of the pool and the deck.
    • Third, go to the nearest local building department and consult with the expert, visualize your plan, and after all sets, you will buy the needed materials.
    • Fourth, lay your deck plan using some stakes planted to the ground, and then connect them using a string.
    • In choosing the material, remember to choose an anti-slip material for the surface. You dont want your kids to slip and fall. A rubber-based or wood material would be perfect, but if you prefer an aluminum or a tile, make sure you choose the one that has a textured surface.
    • Remember, there is a building code in each area. The building code in one state may be different than in other states due to the ground and environment condition. Always ask your local expert regarding the building code in your area. This will keep your building safe and durable.

    For the more comprehensive step-by-step guide in building an above-ground pool with deck, read this article by WikiHow: Building A Deck

    What Do You Need For An Intex Pool

    How to level the ground for an above ground pool

    Intex Recreation Corp. provides consumers with a variety of above-ground swimming pools options. Intex pools range from 8 feet to 32 feet in diameter, with more accessories — such as a pool ladder, filter, pump, ground tarp and debris cover — included with the larger-sized pools. A DVD showing how to properly set up and maintain an Intex swimming pool is included with all pool packages.

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    Above Ground Pool Heater

    Why let cooler temperatures keep you out of your above ground swimming pool? A pool heater will keep your water warm and inviting, all year round!

    New to swimming pool heaters? Wondering which heater is right for your above-ground swimming pool? Heres a quick guide to the types of heaters you can choose from:

    • Electric Heater. If youre looking for a low priced option, consider an electric swimming pool heater. Electric heaters are easy to install , low-maintenance, and they work well in just about any climate. The two biggest drawbacks? Electric heaters can be slow to heat the water , and they can drive up your energy costs a bit.
    • Solar Heater. If you live in a warm, sunny climate, a solar heater might be just the thing. Solar heaters will cost a little more to purchase, but they make up for the higher initial cost with their ultra-cheap operating costs and long lifespan. Keep in mind that you need plenty of sunlight and lots of space for the equipment .
    • Gas Heater. A natural gas pool heater is wallet-friendly and it can heat your pool up more quickly than electric and solar heaters. You connect your gas pool heater directly to your existing gas line , or you can use propane. One thing to consider before taking the plunge: Gas heaters tend to have shorter lifespans than other types of above ground pool heaters.

    Know the Lingo

    If You Have A Lot Of Calcium In The Water Use A Water Softener

    Water becomes hard when there are too many free-floating calcium ions. These can leave scale on the walls of your pipes. Thus, creating maintenance problems. To soften your water, use a water softener.

    We hope our guide and tips going over what chemicals you need for your above ground pool and also how to put chemicals in your swimming pool for the first time have been helpful to you.

    Whenever you are about to add a new chemical to your swimming pool, we always recommend reading the chemicals instructions carefully and making exact measurements.

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    Install A Sump Pump In Your House

    This tip isnt so much for your pool as it is for your house, but its an important one. Chuck Naish, founder of City Residential Foundation Repair, says many people neglect to install a sump pump in their basement when they buy an above ground pool. If any leak were to spring, a sump pump would prevent all kinds of water damage and hazardous mold and mildew growth, he explains.

    Pool Opening Checklist: 15 Pool Supplies To Have On Hand

    Guide to Pool Closing Chemicals

    Spring. Time for The Big Reveal.;Every spring, a pool owner stands at the edge of the pool deck looking down at the curtain of mystery that is their pool cover, and wonders if all the time and effort that went into closing their pool for the winter mattered at all. I wonder what color the algae will be this year? Maybe Ill actually be able to see the bottom this time? I hope theres STILL water in the pool!

    These are just some of the thoughts that a pool owner has when its time to take off the pool cover and get to work on opening their pool. Whether this is your first season as a pool owner or your 20th, it can be easy to misplace, forget, or simply not be aware of all the essentials any pool owner needs to open their pool like a pro. Thats why weve put together this handy;Pool Opening Supply Checklist.;Lets dive right in, shall we?

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    Above Ground Pool Pump & Filter Price

    Your above ground pool pump & sand filter will be the next component of the pricing and will depend on the size of pump and filter needed.; You will find that both 1 speed and 2 speed pumps can be used, with 2 speed pumps being the more expensive option.; The 2 speed pump simply allows for the flexibility of a high and low setting, allowing the pump to remain on 24 hours / day on low, and generates some energy efficiency.; Additionally, you will see 0.5 hp pumps up to 2 hp pumps being offered.;

    The sand filter size will be based on the size of your pool common sizes in the industry are 100#, 300# and 400# sand filters. Some above ground pool retailers choose cartridge filters in place of sand filters and their size is calculated as the filter surface area.

    Your pool retailer will generally have a standard option of pump that is put with their pool kit, but you can always ask to upgrade if you would like a different pump for your pool.; There is no upgrade to the sand filter it is strictly based on the size of your pool.;

    Product Guide: Above Ground Pool Accessories

    Pool ownership is also about choosing the right equipment to keep your pool surfaces spotless and your pool water healthy and sparkly clean. Its also about choosing accessories that will protect your pool and ensure a safe experience for swimmers.

    New to pool ownership? Not sure what you need for your above ground pool? In this guide, well take a deep dive into the must haves accessories for every above ground pool owner.

    In general, most above ground pool accessories fall into three basic categories:

    • Pool maintenance: This includes items like automatic pool cleaners/vacuums, skimmers, and other items that help keep your above ground pool free of dirt and debris.
    • Water circulation: To keep your water clean and healthy, youll need a system that includes items like a filter to remove impurities, a heater to maintain the proper temperature , and a skimmer to help remove debris.
    • Safety needs: Part of being a responsible pool owner is making sure that you have the equipment necessary to keep swimmers safe. Items like ladders and swimming pool covers will help ensure that your above ground pool is a safe, fun place.
    Cost: $$
    Why You Need It:

    A pool cover keeps out debris and contaminants. It also prevents people and animals from falling into your pool.

    What To Look for:

    Look for a sturdy, well-made cover. For cold weather, find one that can withstand snow, ice, and extreme temperatures. To keep your pool warm, consider a solar cover .

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    Above Ground Pool Liner Price

    Above ground pool liners will range in pricing depending on their thickness and how they attach to the pool wall.; Common liner thicknesses are 18 – 25 mil, and the liner will either overlap the pool wall or will attach to the top track of the pool . ;

    Pricing for the pool liner ranges from $100 – $1,000 depending on thickness, type , and the size of your pool.; Entry level liners will be a plain blue overlap style.; Next will be printed bottom overlap liner, and then a full print overlap liner. Finally, you have beaded liners which fluctuate in price simply based on their thickness, as they come in full print options only.

    Our Favorite Pool Chemicals And Water Testing Supplies

    How to Change Sand in your Above Ground Pool Filter!

    Its hard to practice good pool maintenance if you dont have the tools to accomplish it. Stock up on a few essentials, and then build from there. Theres no point in owning a pool if its all drudgery. Having the right tools at hand will make your life a lot easier, and allow you to enjoy your pool much more.

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    Next Day Delivery Details

    Dohenys is pleased to offer free next day delivery at no additional charge for orders over $100 to most of the US for all Doheny’s brand chemicals and many of our most popular swimming pool supplies. Next Day Delivery Service does not mean Next Day Air, but simply that your qualifying products will be shipped from the warehouse closest to you resulting in delivery the next day. We do have a shipping charge of only $9.99 for orders under $100.00.

    Some details regarding this service:Other than for Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, not all products are stocked at all locations and therefore not available for next day delivery. Only those items with a Next Day Delivery designation on the product page can be expected to arrive the next day and orders must be placed by 4 PM CT .

    If you reside in the next day delivery area served by our Pleasant Prairie facility, order in-stock products and place your order by 4 PM CT you should receive your order the next day . This applies to products even if they do not have a Next Day Delivery designation.

    Because next day delivery is not guaranteed for standard service and residential deliveries are made only Monday through Saturday though Saturday delivery is not guaranteed, there is a chance that our product will not arrive the next day. While we try our best, unexpected demand can cause products to occasionally be out of stock or create a warehouse backlog that also can prevent shipment the day of the order.

    What Our Customers Are Saying

    At Pool Supplies Canada, we offer the widest selection of Canadian made pools in the industry. That’s because Canadian made products not only support our local economy, which is important to our team, they are also made of high quality materials that can withstand our harsh Canadian climate. Our products meet Canadian certifications and safety standards and come backed with Canadian manufacturer warranties for use in Canada. Some products even have exclusive extended warranties that are only available through Pool Supplies Canada.

    At Pool Supplies Canada, we take our customers feedback very seriously, and pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service – from the moment you first place your order, to after your pool is installed. Below are just a few of the kind words we’ve received from our thousands of above ground pool customers over the years – to see more, visit our or Customer Reviews page. It’s no coincidence that we are Canada’s number one above ground pool supplier!

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