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Where Can I Buy Pool Floats

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Intex Canopy Island Inflatable Lounge

How to inflate and deflate your pool floats (with one LIFE HACK)

The Intex pool floats with canopy for adults is a perfect match of luxury and fun in water. This is a great inflatable pool for fun, laying, relaxing and dreaming with friends.

It has Detachable sunshade which protects from sun rays. This feature makes it a super comfortable pool lounge during summer season. It has inbuilt cup holders and 2 air chambers for safety. It has a comfortable back which makes your floating experience incredible.

It is a circle shaped floatie which is good for 2 adults. It is a best quality product ideal for heavy use. It doesnt flip, it is a best balanced float for heavy use.


  • Dimension 78.5 x 59 x 59 inches, 19.8 pounds weight
  • It has a repair patch and assembling is an easy process
  • The canopy is constructed from mesh and also has air flow backing.
  • It can handle 320 lbs weight.
  • Durable and made with quality fabric.
  • A detachable Sunshade gives a beautiful and traditional look.
  • Safe float for aquatic fun
  • Provide protection from harmful rays


Top 10 Best Pool Floats For Heavy Adults 2020

Summer season means the combination of drinks and swimming. Recently, if you spend time on any social media you have definitely seen the craze towards Funny Floaties for Adults. Floats are not just for kids, adults can also enjoy their inner child and make themselves relax on Inflatable Swan Pool Float and unicorn floaties.

Summer pool floats are good for water lovers to have great fun outdoors. If you are looking to buy the Best Pool Floats For Heavy Adults and enjoy yourself on water. Let us discuss some of the Cool Pool Floats for Adults that come with fun design and even more features than ever before.

Floating Recliner Inflatable Lounge

This floating recliner inflatable lounge chair is the same as a normal chair with a bit of magnification. These sitting pool floats provide more comfort and relaxation in the pool. It is uniquely designed to provide comfort to the back and arms.

It is a heavy duty pool float, which is equipped with 2 cup holders, 2 champers and handles which are heavy duty.


  • Inflatable lounger measures 5.5 x 12 x 10.5 inches
  • It is made with 18 gauge vinyl and premium quality material.
  • It provide enough space for relaxation
  • Can handle 250 lbs,
  • This is uniquely designed to provide perfect balance, and can handle heavy duty usage.


  • Durable
  • Able to handle heavy duty usage
  • Made with premium quality material, Balanced recliner
  • Can repair patch if any damage occurs


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Shop Pool Floats & Toys At Big Lots

Have some fun in the sun with this amazing assortment of water toys! Pool toys are a great way for kids of all ages to enjoy the summer. Rest on the water waves or on a pool floaty. Our collection of pool floats come in all shapes and sizes for fun aquatic playtime. Help your baby adapt to water life by purchasing an adorable pool floaty, get kicking with a colorful pool noodle or relax on a cast of character pool floats in the shape of a swan or alligator. Is your child ready to swim all on their own? Big Lots has all you need from pool noodles to training vests to help your little one gain confidence and a new skill. Step up your game by pairing aquatic adventures with neat pool toys such as a volleyball or basketball set. These water toys are perfect for some friendly competition among family members and friends to enjoy throughout the season. Shop Big Lots for great deals on pool floats & toys for the whole family!

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Q: How Should I Store My Pool Float During The Winter

Margaritaville Parrot Head Pool Float With Bluetooth ...

A: Pool floats should be fully deflated and laid out flat to dry before being folded, packed down and tucked away for storage in a cool, dry space.

Hack: consider buying or DIY-ing a pool toy holder. Its relatively simple and quick, and can help you organize and store your various pool floats

Simply tweak the dimensions to fit your specific float.

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How To Choose The Best Pool Lounger Buying Guide

Now that weve taken a look at the best floating pool loungers the market has to offer, its time to pick the right one for you.

As always, choosing from a selection of equally great options can be tricky but rest assured.

Weve compiled a buyers guide to help you take note of the key factors to consider when settling on your next pool float.

Intex Recreation Color Whirl Tube


Inflatable pool tubes are a classic style of float, but theyre notorious for springing leaks and ending up sad and lifeless. If youre looking for a pool tube that you can use all summer long, go for the Color Whirl Tube from Intex. It has two air chambers and heavy-duty handles, and it comes with a repair patch, just in case. Reviewers say its the perfect size for adults, and many confirm that the materials truly are durable.

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Funboy Golf Cart Float

When its too hot to go golfing, bring the experience to your pool with this float. With its oversized design made for two, you can stretch out comfortably against the built-in backrest alongside your best friend. Equipped with a fringe-lined removable mesh sunshade, the construction actively works to protect your skin from the suns bright rays. Plus, two reinforced cup holders on each side let you enjoy your favorite drink all day. This float is recommended for people ages 14 and up.

Featured Pool Games & Toys

Giant Pool Floats Fit 6 People

Owning a pool has never been more fun than with our selection of inflatable floats, toys, games, and accessories. In this section, youâll find something for everyone including our popular swan floats, poolside basketball nets, and floating recliners.

PillowTop Mattress
Pool Volleyball
Pool Basketball

Did someone say Pool Basketball? Who doesnât love a good old game of pool basketball? You, your kids or anyone can use the basketball hoop to just get some shots up, have a dunk competition or play a competitive game with some friends. This will be a fun way to help keep your kids active over the summer. Shop Swimming Pool Basketball Games Sets.

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Funboy Yacht Pool Float

For full body relaxation, this Drift Chaise Float provides ample stretching room to achieve maximum comfort. Filled with buoyant polystyrene beads covered in quick-drying fabric, this pool float boasts a soft exterior and fluffy interior. And since its made with SunMax and SmartMax fabric, theres no need to worry about stains, fading or mildew. This unsinkable reclining chair supports up to 250 pounds and resists water.

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How To Choose The Best Pool Floats For Adults Buying Guide

While choosing the Funny Floaties for Adults, hundreds of questions arise in mind like which features must need to be considered before buying. Here are some main points you should consider if you are planning to buy the Best Pool Floats for Heavy Adults because picking a Cool Pool Float is easy but it may be low quality if you do not consider the following points.

  • If multiple air chambers are included in floats it means your floats are more safe as compared to single air chambers. Air chambers are mainly used to inflate the floats. If a float has a dual air chamber then it will consume little more time as compared to single air chamber floats.
  • The great benefit of dual chambers is that if one chamber pops in the middle of the lake you can easily rely on another chamber. The other inflated part helps you to reach the shore of the lake. For safety you must look at the air chamber.
  • This is both a luxury and convenience. If you are on float you definitely dont want to hold your drink in your hand all time. The cup holder allows you to keep your favorite beverage just next to you. With this you can enjoy floating and make yourself relax along with your drinks.
  • It doesnt matter that you are a kid or adult every pool floats must be able to provide relaxation to the body. Pool Floats must have an additional pillow and enough space which provide full support as you are going to lie or recline on it.

You May Need To know:

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Swimways Baby Spring Float Activity Center With Canopy


Get little ones in on the summer fun with the SumWays Baby Float Activity Center, which features a variety of built-in toys, plus a removable canopy to shade your toddler from the sun. Its recommended for ages nine months to two years, and young swimmers will love playing with the spinning octopus toy, stacking rings and other accessories as they float around with you.

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Swimline Floating Air Mattress


This Swimline Floating Air Mattress is giving us serious Parent Trap flashbacks in the best way. Because drifting atop the water on an air mattress honestly sounds like a dream for summer 2021. Plus, it includes convenient face-to-face style headrests, so you can comfortably chat and tan at once. A pool float luxury!

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Gofloats Flamingo Pool Float Party Tube


Youd better snatch this adorable float up quickly, because theyre selling faster than hand sanitizer did last summer. People are simply obsessed with these Flamingo Pool Floats, and its easy to understand why. The bright pink tube features an adorable flamingo head, and its spacious 48-inch diameter is the perfect spot to lounge. The float even comes in a kids size so little swimmers can get in on the fun.

Swimline Giant Inflatable Swan Pool Float

A giant inflatable swan pool float is a good quality product which is a trusted product of swimline. This is a beautiful swim float with a unique design. This is basically designed for heavy adults. On this, 2 adults can easily sit and can enjoy a fun ride. A swan pool float is the same as a swan toy it has a wing and tail for armrest and headrest. This float Looks great in the pools. The Swan pool float is very popular world over and is great if this is what you choose to spend time with your partne.


  • Its dimension is 79 x 73 x 45 inches, 5.79 pounds weight
  • Can handle 250 lbs and 325 lbs if 2 adults use it.
  • It is manufactured with vinyl fabric
  • This float is sturdy and doesnt flip until a rigorous jump on it.


  • Big enough for two adults
  • Durable and made with quality product
  • Beautiful looks and unique design


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Aqua Beach Wave Floating Party Mat

Admittedly, the Aqua Beach Wave Floating Party Mat may not be the most affordable pool float out there, but when you break down what it offers and how long itll last, its worth the plunge. Its ideal for taking to the lake, the sea or even a large swimming pool, and reviewers cant stop raving about it. It has replaced all the other water lounging product I have bought, one wrote, while another shares, It was as fun as a water park. This durable floating mat is perfect for lounging or playing , and its an investment thatll last for years to come.

Swimline Solstice Aquasofa Float Raft

How to Float in the Swimming Pool

Stress-free relaxation is the name of the game for summer 2021, and if youre someone whos ever been tempted to drag your pillows out on your pool float with you, you need to check out the Swimline Solstice AquaSofa. As the name suggests, its a waterproof couch with pillows perfect for kicking back with a book or even taking a nap. Caution: You may never want to get out of the pool, so be sure to keep the sunscreen with you so you can easily reapply .

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Take A Quick Look At Pool Floats For 400 Pounds

Our team of experts review hundreds of the floats and pick the 10 unique floaties for you.

  • Floating Recliner Inflatable Lounge
  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 12 x 10.5 inches
  • Weight: 3.3 pounds
  • Dimensions: 2 x 9 x 13.5 inches
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 2 x 20 x 21 inches
  • Weight: 3.3 pounds
  • Dimensions: 19 x 19 x 1.3 inches
  • Weight: 2.43 pounds
  • Swimline Giant Inflatable Swan Pool Float
  • Dimensions: 79 x 73 x 45 inches
  • Weight: 6 pounds

How Will You Use It

This is the first question you must always ask yourself before making any purchase!

Inflatable lounge chairs are quite versatile objects they can be used for any number of activities, whether solo or group.

Going for a smaller, single-sized pool lounger doesnt mean you have to float alone either many include tethers and grommets for linking multiple floats together.

If youd rather invest in a single-sized float but still want the option of group play, consider models like the Lazy Buoy Lounge Chair or the AIRHEAD Chaise Lounge.

However, if you prefer to float in company, you should invest in a lounger with multiple seats which can support you and a partner at the same time.

If this is the case, go for a durable model with a high weight capacity, such as the Bestway Inflatable Lounge.

On the other hand, if travel is your priority and youd like to test your pool float out in different bodies of water, you should make sure it is lightweight and folds down easily.

Opt for easy-storage models like the SwimWays Float Recliner or the Intex Inflatable Lounge.

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Intex Giant Gator Ride

This is one of the best pool float for kid and also for adults who want to enjoy their inner child. It is manufactured with high quality vinyl which protects the float from UV rays.

It has 2 air chambers. If one get popped second will still work until you get out. It is a safe float.


  • Its dimension 8.87 x 9.87 x 18.62 inches, 3 pounds weight/li>
  • Gator comes with four grab handles
  • It can handle 200+ pounds weight
  • Made with 12 gauge vinyl
  • Patch repair kit come with it


  • Great looks and safe Gator
  • Good space for 2 kids


Frontgate Dog Pool Float And Lounger

Inflatable pool float Inflatable Pool Toy Green Sea Turtle ...


Some dogs love playing on pool floats alongside the family, but chances are theyll rip a hole in any standard option with their nails. Thats why this dog pool float, made from puncture-resistant woven mesh, is a good investment for folks who like to relax in the water with their pups. The floats come in several bright hues and three different sizes, and they even stay cool when wet, making them the perfect poolside lounging spot for your faithful companion.

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Frontgate Floating Mesh Pool Chair


Finding a sturdy pool float effectively angled for reading can be difficult, but this Floating Mesh Pool Chair does just that. Filled with buoyant polystyrene beads, this mesh floating chair has built in armrests and an attached floating ottoman that offer full-body support. Its available in three colors: aqua, blue and flamingo pink. If youre on the fence about it, reviewers appreciate how versatile the chair is for reading, sleeping and lounging.

Bigmouth Inc Gigantic Donut Pool Float

It looks like a Donut and seems good to eat. It has a unique design which seems like someone took a bite from the float. It is constructed with high quality and multi color vinyl and also includes a patch kit.

Its exciting design makes it unique from other floaties when each is on the water. These floats are safety tasted and certified.


  • Its dimension 48 x 12 x 48 inches, 1.54 pounds weight.
  • Exciting design with many colors
  • It is easy to wipe down, inflate & deflate
  • It can be stored without any trouble


  • Beautiful design catches the eye
  • Safe swim float

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Croatia Thrilled At Summer Season Success Despite Covid

Summer means saying hello to sunblock, fun days at the beach, trendy bathing suits and of course, your favorite pool floats.

These days, you cant go on social media from Memorial Day to Labor Day without spotting at least a handful of your friends posing with a decorative pool float.

So if you havent yet gotten your chance to snag an iconic pool float , summer 2021 is definitely your moment!

Ahead find more than 10 different places you can get your hands on the best pool floats on the market. Theres options for adults, teens, kids and babies at a variety of different price points to make sure everyone has fun in the sun this season.

Retailers include Frontgate, Amazon, Urban Outfitters, FUNBOY, Pottery Barn and more.

Funboy Rainbow Cloud Daybed Pool Raft & Float


Now that youve officially fallen in love with the Jasonwell Inflatable Rainbow Cloud Drink Holder, we present youFUNBOYs Rainbow Cloud Daybed, AKA the human-size version of said cooler. While this adorable multi-person float wont keep your drinks cold like the other, it offers 50 square feet of lounge space, which is actually the largest piece in the brands collection.

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